Gangstalking Sheriff vs Local Police

  • Published on Mar 24, 2014
  • Putting aside my long-standing assertion that gangstalking is primarily perpetrated by members of law enforcement, I have some questions about this clip. First, why does the Benton County sheriff require a fleet of vehicles with "mystery tags" that have even the local cops scratching their heads?
    Second, each Chevy Silverado costs roughly $35,000, and a commercial fleet consists of at least 10 vehicles, probably more. So, overall $350,000, plus maintainence, fuel, and insurance, so lets make it the better part of half a million at an absolute minimum. All this, in some podunk county in Arkansas with less than 250,000 residents?
    Lastly, is the county receiving a grant from Homeland Security or other federal agency? If yes, what is the purpose of that grant? Surely it can not be investigative in nature, as it is hard to imagine a vehicle that sticks out more than a big black pickup with blacked out, possibly illegal, windows. Such vehicles would tend to intimidate, rather than blend in.
    Were I a private investigator in Arkansas, assisting a client with a harassment case, I would imagine my job would be damn near impossible if I identified a suspect vehicle only to have the tag come back as "untracable". But, perhaps that is the intended effect? Food for thought.
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  • STEVE Lynch
    STEVE Lynch 3 months ago +51

    ROGERS (KFSM) -- Former Benton County Sheriff Kelley Cradduck was arrested Sunday (Aug. 12) on a misdemeanor third-degree assault charge, according to the Benton County Sheriff's Office.

    • Anti Antifa terrier
      Anti Antifa terrier 5 days ago

      Josh Bryant no reason to blow your lid fruitcake

    • Little Foot
      Little Foot 13 days ago

      Rob Lambert exactly

    • Little Foot
      Little Foot 13 days ago

      Molon Labe the sheriff is in charge of all local police in his county.

    • Little Foot
      Little Foot 13 days ago

      Polo Pat the sheriff

    • Little Foot
      Little Foot 13 days ago

      STEVE Lynch why? There was no assault.

  • BlueGypsyDoll
    BlueGypsyDoll 8 hours ago

    "The sun don't shine on every dogs ass every day." Quoted the sheriff..

  • Swamp Ape
    Swamp Ape 12 hours ago

    Small town sheriffs are 9 times out of 10, total douchebags. They're used to running things the way they want, so when a situation like this occurs, they get their panties in a bundle because the cops wouldn't release him the moment he said he was a sheriff. I live in a small town, and the sheriff's around here are total twats, They'll give you a speeding ticket if you're doing 3 miles an hour over the posted limit. And god forbid you do anything that makes them not like you, then you'll end up being harassed any time they cross paths with you.

  • Leo Lima
    Leo Lima 15 hours ago

    Fuck's sake !!!
    I came here to see a bully sheriff get arrested !!!
    You got me baited... lol

  • billy pilgrim
    billy pilgrim Day ago

    don't waste your time

  • Fcuk Jones
    Fcuk Jones 2 days ago

    Ever dog. Ever dog. The sun don't shine up ever dog's ass ever day.

  • Imwatchin
    Imwatchin 3 days ago

    I love the typical "do you know who I am" bullshit. No registration, no insurance. Mr. asshole. He acts this way to cops, how the hell do you think he treats the public at large. We used to have some like that back in the day late 70's, early 80's. They both got the shit beaten out of them in town and their guns taken away. They pretty much resigned after that. They were just bad all the way around. Crooked as hell too.

  • d m
    d m 4 days ago +1

    He's but hurt thinks he's above the law, why didn't he get a ticket for no insurance like the public would, do your job, y'all make me sick

  • Brian Ellinger
    Brian Ellinger 4 days ago

    U "know"
    Who I am now.

  • Curt Haigm lb d
    Curt Haigm lb d 6 days ago

    It's the suburban version of we had robbery take place and you fit the description. And now the cops are trying to see who's Dicks is bigger .

  • sumerbc
    sumerbc 10 days ago

    disgusting. The Sheriff should be rude and confrontational, he is ok to be doing what he's doing, you are just a asshole cop, plain and simple...

    • Robert Hershey
      Robert Hershey Day ago

      O yea sure its ok . no paper work in the vehicle at all. Rude cuz he's THE sheriff. Yea he's the best...

  • Larry Bailey
    Larry Bailey 11 days ago

    So he pulls over the Sheriff and did all of that? Wow was he a rookie? As soon as he told him who he was he should of cut him loose.

  • Little Foot
    Little Foot 13 days ago

    The sheriff is the boss of all the local pd in his county so I don’t know why this sheriff didn’t get them in trouble. The pig who pulled him over said he recognized him as the sheriff then he claimed he didn’t recognize him. Then he tells dispatch that the sheriff has been uncooperative and this and that when the sheriff did exactly what they asked but they didn’t know what’s what just like usual.

    • Mike S
      Mike S 13 days ago +1

      Little Foot lol. That’s not how it works. The sheriff is only in charge of the deputies. Local pd are employed by the county, city, or municipality.

  • Little Foot
    Little Foot 13 days ago

    A pig is a pig is a pig is a pig.

  • jim kung
    jim kung 16 days ago

    Police harassment is real !

  • Casey Frederick
    Casey Frederick 16 days ago

    No my dick is way bigger than yours.
    Nuh uhh mine is biggest!

  • Ryan Jonas
    Ryan Jonas 17 days ago +2

    Thats some hot pig on pig action.

  • EJ Einloth
    EJ Einloth 20 days ago

    Boo hoo, a cop doesn't like getting pulled over.

  • Billy Lewis
    Billy Lewis 20 days ago

    And all along I thought police were supposed to attempt to deescalate confrontations. Neither one read that part of their manual. lol I’m sure his report was written up with zero lies too. Both power hungry policemen. I could go on for days but got other things to do today.

  • shannon ohanlon
    shannon ohanlon 20 days ago

    He must've left his white privilege back at the office too 😂

  • Lake Cooper
    Lake Cooper 21 day ago

    What a dickhead.

  • Jenny Sutherland
    Jenny Sutherland 22 days ago

    Blah blah blah..just arrest that prick & be on your way..glad to know there are sum cops who won't tolerate bullshit talk from another cop

  • Kevin Do bs
    Kevin Do bs 22 days ago +1

    The cop did say he knew he he was so yes the cop new who he was before he pulled him over, the cop stated he knew who he was when he spoke to the driver first thing.. nice to see the cops harass one of there own!

  • rrhone
    rrhone 22 days ago

    Sheriff's an idiot.

  • Doggin BeBe
    Doggin BeBe 22 days ago

    Let me rephrase this entire scenerio,,,
    Police: My Dick is big that's why I pulled you over
    Deputy: Oh yea well I'm a big Dick deputy
    Police: Oh I recognized your Big Dick but wanted to see if my big dick was bigger than your big dick.
    Deputy: My dick is bigger because when I'm tired and I just want to lean forward for a while I use my big dick for a kickstand.
    Police:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well my truck is bigger than yours.

  • Charles Nester
    Charles Nester 23 days ago

    I’m sorry. How do the police have the power to make a car tag come back and say nothing? That seriously needs to be addressed. There is no such thing as a confidential car tag.

      COINTELPRO101  22 days ago

      The tag registry system is controlled by the state DMV, which answers to and is controlled by law enforcement. Ask any cop and he will confirm this.

  • Sofa King Original
    Sofa King Original 24 days ago

    40 plus year Sherriff and this suprises anyone?? You're new here, aintcha?

  • payasofeo69
    payasofeo69 24 days ago

    What’s the point of having a sheriff AND local police?

  • alex neil
    alex neil 24 days ago

    who gives a damn who you think you are, you did something wrong that is why i am here.

  • Derek lacey
    Derek lacey 25 days ago

    Good ol boy.

  • Campbell73
    Campbell73 25 days ago +1

    You don’t know who the hell I am!... ?????☝️☝️...most all are damn big headed damn jerks! Give them a badge and they become GOD almighty!

  • Chris Kellerman
    Chris Kellerman 25 days ago

    Who gives a fuck about you redneck motherfuckers. Spit tobacco on yourself while jerking each other off while your at it. Pussys

  • Sage Oldmann
    Sage Oldmann 25 days ago

    I bet a paycheck there’s a double shotgun rack inside that truck 😂

  • jonathan bell
    jonathan bell 26 days ago

    They're walking backwards, they must really not trust this fucker.

  • Michael Godwin
    Michael Godwin 26 days ago

    B why even put this on video this is lame he got pulled over and set free there's nothing to watch.?

  • Terry k
    Terry k 27 days ago

    Gotta touch the taillights lmao

  • James Green
    James Green 27 days ago

    I’m surprised the cop was asking the sheriff so many questions about the tags & insurance on a county vehicle after finding out he was the sheriff. Anything that has to do with registering or insuring county vehicles wouldn’t even be the sheriffs problem, it would be the county’s. I feel sure that’s why the cop didn’t write him a ticket for improper registration or no insurance info with him, you would be in county court trying to charge the county with the fine for the ticket. Lol. That’s why the sheriff was pissed and thought the cop was an idiot.

  • J R
    J R 27 days ago +1

    Sheriff is correct those cops should find something real to do.

  • Lisa Calabretta
    Lisa Calabretta 27 days ago

    Sry.. doing their job - the sherif was an ass

  • Kathy DeAtley
    Kathy DeAtley 27 days ago

    Letting him go mskes them bad cops too

  • Kathy DeAtley
    Kathy DeAtley 27 days ago

    Time for good cops to put a stop to bad cops

  • Kathy DeAtley
    Kathy DeAtley 27 days ago

    Lol stupid cop thinks hes all that

  • Enrico Gallegos
    Enrico Gallegos 27 days ago +3

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that Hector is gonna be running 3 Honda Civic's with spoon engines. On top of that he just came into Harry's and ordered 3 t66 turbo's with NOS's and a Motec System Exhaust.

  • charles l
    charles l 27 days ago

    Hicks being hicks.. Funny amd sad .. Fucking low cards

    BAMA TIME 28 days ago

    All you pussy motherfucking crybabies saying the sherriff dont have to abide by the law like us whaa whaa..well its an undercover vehicle meant to be concealed from the publuc and gangs..yall are just some liberal snowflake bitches..listen to yourselves saying oohh he dont have his insurance he was MEAN he thinks he is above the law...yall suck dick

  • densch123
    densch123 28 days ago

    honestly I don't really get what's even going on here. can someone explain?
    and what is this gangstalking?
    I only see one truck there, isn't it?

  • Anna Hall
    Anna Hall 29 days ago

    They immediately recognized who he was.
    Why did they walk backwards away from the truck like the sheriff might want to shoot them?

  • Mac Yah
    Mac Yah 29 days ago

    Once you see it's a sheriff vehicle and he shows creds. Have a good day. This new officer was wack. Prob 17 other cars drove by that needed to be stopped.

  • Airik1111
    Airik1111 Month ago

    What the $@# is going on in this county and why do cops get to drive around in unverified vehicles with no papers. The more evidence I see in these vids is adding to the bad cop list which I try to keep an open mind about. This video is creepy as creepy can get and also why is Walmart such a place of interest .....All of them have cop towers with cameras on them plus the store itself has more cameras than the freaking Pentagon , don't believe me just take a look next time you're there. My local Walmart has about 20 video cameras out front alone not counting the door entrance, something is VERY off with Walmart and also this sheriff.

  • Josh Edwards
    Josh Edwards Month ago

    They rookies you can tell

  • Bill B
    Bill B Month ago

    You or I would already be in cuffs.

  • Bill B
    Bill B Month ago

    Felcher on felcher action. Disgusting.

  • Bill B
    Bill B Month ago

    Were do I get a confidential license plate?

  • Daryl Owen
    Daryl Owen Month ago

    The Sheriff is elected by the people not Appointed by the Mayor. The highest Law in the Land and you are impeding him from travelling freely on the highways and byways because your little poorer didn't tell you 'good little slave' You are a dumbass. No probable cause to pull him over. Unlawful detainment. No injury, no damage no crime. The only crime was perpetrated by the Peace Officer who wanted to see who has the bigger dick.

  • Mr. Chandler
    Mr. Chandler Month ago

    If you listen closely you will hear his partner going okay what now he's like keep an eye on him he's like for what he's a cop when I tell you ego driven police this is what you get

  • Nolan Burkhart
    Nolan Burkhart Month ago

    Sheriffs are the most powerful authority in any county. If that guy was a deputy then maybe go along with the cops "investigation". If he is the actual Sheriff, he doesnt have to listen to them. Our local Sheriffs, when properly informed can supercede feds.

  • Alta California
    Alta California Month ago

    stupid rookie cops bunch of odiots

  • JJ Johnson
    JJ Johnson Month ago

    Not being difficult, or confrontational, evasive yes, all states require oroof Ins + registration, suspective, but not appearing offensive so far in 5mins, maybe a little rude at the end, hard to understand, glad all went well.

  • peted709
    peted709 Month ago

    Wonder if I'd get away with the whole " I dont carry them with me" talking about registration and insurance. Dont think I'd make a clean get away on that, how about you guys?

  • JeevesReturns
    JeevesReturns Month ago

    OMG! A cop that thinks he’s above the law?! Oh... that would be all of them.

  • shawn phillips
    shawn phillips Month ago

    Sheriff just thinks he’s above the law and is the biggest dickhead in this video and the officer did his job and done it correct so sheriff didn’t have to be an asshat but I guess that’s 42 years of being an ass!

  • Georgie Boy71
    Georgie Boy71 Month ago

    That would be a first class asshole. Don’t get any better than that. “Don’t you know who I am”?
    I hate big bullies like this. And these are the types of fucks that hold positions of power?

  • Blu Crystl
    Blu Crystl Month ago +1

    A whole 'nother level of psychopath gangsters endorsed by psychopaths in government.

  • Виктор Рамазанов

    I've been a sheriff for 42 years I'm God I can drive without a registration and insurance, what the fuck is wrong with that arrogant piece of shit asshole disrespecting other law enforcement officers? They should of responded your were not given a badge to break the law, it was given to enforce the law and be a role model.

  • J W
    J W Month ago

    Above the law

  • Daniel Rivera
    Daniel Rivera Month ago

    Why are police officers allowed to run license plates without probable cause? Where's our constitutional right to be secure in our papers,and property?

  • Shawn Brown
    Shawn Brown Month ago

    You no its bad when other cops dont respect other cops good old America for you.

  • Paul Warwick
    Paul Warwick Month ago

    Thinks he’s a big wheel .60 grand a year and thinks he has power.40 years a sherif 4 would have been long enough. Like the orange idiot.

  • Dennis Dockery
    Dennis Dockery Month ago

    Leave him alone guys you have to understand he's the brother of Buford T Justice in his mind he still chasing the Bandit

  • Robert Lussier
    Robert Lussier Month ago

    Sheriff had a brake light out

  • Woody Hayes
    Woody Hayes Month ago +3

    I was waiting for alleged Sheriff to say: "Listen here Boy, your city is in my County now let me go" then spits a wad of redman on ground and departs.

    • Steven Phillips
      Steven Phillips 2 days ago

      Woody Hayes
      Don’t doubt it. Many states have it in the constitution that each county sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of his or her county. All tickets go through the sheriff’s office. Even state law enforcement doesn’t have power over a sheriff.

  • Brent Taylor Art
    Brent Taylor Art Month ago

    I think somebody needs a time out.

  • Celtic Warrior
    Celtic Warrior Month ago

    Cops hating on cops love it.. they all have such a power trip even on themselves... lol losers

  • Perusing Person
    Perusing Person 2 months ago

    So what just happened?

  • RJ RJ
    RJ RJ 2 months ago

    Lol pigs being pigs

  • skeetskeet scoot
    skeetskeet scoot 2 months ago

    Blue privilege ought to be a felony.

  • chop stix
    chop stix 2 months ago

    Cops let him go after that? I'd be missing teeth and have my head banged on the car as I get hauled off to jail

  • Amanda Poore
    Amanda Poore 2 months ago


  • Susan Rosa
    Susan Rosa 2 months ago

    Once again cops don’t need to obey the rules/laws....BULLSHIT

  • rampage760
    rampage760 2 months ago

    That was the best walk of shame whistle I ever heard hahaha trying to do your job to damn hard and pulled over the wrong one..
    how you gone be a local cop and think you're gonna mess with the sheriff

    OSCAR BADILLO 2 months ago +3

    Best part of the video starts@ 10:18. You can thank me later

  • nick grandinetti
    nick grandinetti 2 months ago

    The responding officer initially stated that he recognized him or the vehicle, but then justifies the stop by changing his initial statement, now he DOESN'T know who he is, and thats why they've stopped him for identification?

  • Poppa Wheely
    Poppa Wheely 2 months ago

    LOL Who's chasing who?

  • derick13420 0
    derick13420 0 2 months ago

    He was right he didn't break the law they held him up strictly to try and show they had bigger dicks

  • waynes world
    waynes world 2 months ago

    I'd be willing to bet them 2 uniform pigs cut corners and slide by things also, was the battle of the ego right there in that parking lot and we all know the sheriff will talk to the chief and if they are friends that patrolman will get a shit shift on day or night while on duty just for a little pay back lol, its just the way shit goes down lol

    GLOCKOHOLIC S 2 months ago

    Dumbass sheriff needs to obey the law like everyone else.

  • dorian james
    dorian james 2 months ago

    Light shines on a dogs ass 😂

  • Topher
    Topher 2 months ago

    What did that sheriff say about kiss a dogs asshole in the sunshine or some country gibberish..

  • Kimberly Thomas
    Kimberly Thomas 2 months ago

    The cop in the truck is a DICK. Charge him.

  • Danny
    Danny 2 months ago

    0:16 and 0:19 did you notice that both cops placed their hands on the break lights to mark their fingertips, they can identify the truck with the fingerprints if he decided to run ...😎 very smart and clever. At least they were well trained 👌

  • Adolpho Villanueva
    Adolpho Villanueva 2 months ago

    So he knows hes the sheriff and he knows the cars legit? Why not just let the guy go on his way. Ego is why im in charge we do it my way.

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith 2 months ago

    What crime did he do for you to stop him

  • Cars &Watches
    Cars &Watches 2 months ago

    He wouldn't have a cop that actually enforces the law regardless of who you are? Arrogant fuck

  • cp reilly
    cp reilly 2 months ago

    What's 10-19. I guess it means in route.

  • Damian Vigorito
    Damian Vigorito 2 months ago

    Definitely a reason to stop he said ok we good then

  • Damian Vigorito
    Damian Vigorito 2 months ago

    Maybe there's a scam here the cops stumbled on or were sent

  • Damian Vigorito
    Damian Vigorito 2 months ago

    When fucking with a man u might die and he might get away with it.

  • Damian Vigorito
    Damian Vigorito 2 months ago

    They're afraid of him he might accidently back up and run them.down then kill them in self d

  • snail5341
    snail5341 2 months ago

    Remember that the sheriff is the top cop in his county. The cop is a typical cop they hire today

  • John A
    John A 2 months ago

    He has to run the sheriff for warrants? And backpedal like the sheriff is gonna come out shootings? These fucking robo-cops need to calm down.