Gangstalking Sheriff vs Local Police

  • Published on Mar 24, 2014
  • Putting aside my long-standing assertion that gangstalking is primarily perpetrated by members of law enforcement, I have some questions about this clip. First, why does the Benton County sheriff require a fleet of vehicles with "mystery tags" that have even the local cops scratching their heads?
    Second, each Chevy Silverado costs roughly $35,000, and a commercial fleet consists of at least 10 vehicles, probably more. So, overall $350,000, plus maintainence, fuel, and insurance, so lets make it the better part of half a million at an absolute minimum. All this, in some podunk county in Arkansas with less than 250,000 residents?
    Lastly, is the county receiving a grant from Homeland Security or other federal agency? If yes, what is the purpose of that grant? Surely it can not be investigative in nature, as it is hard to imagine a vehicle that sticks out more than a big black pickup with blacked out, possibly illegal, windows. Such vehicles would tend to intimidate, rather than blend in.
    Were I a private investigator in Arkansas, assisting a client with a harassment case, I would imagine my job would be damn near impossible if I identified a suspect vehicle only to have the tag come back as "untracable". But, perhaps that is the intended effect? Food for thought.
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  • LeatherCladVegan

    The way those cops both walk backwards, not wanting to turn their back on another LEO, is scary as shit.

  • Zenophobia 1111
    Zenophobia 1111 Day ago

    There are ALL ASSHOLES. Why do White people ( Europeans ) have an OVERBLOWN sense of self-importance?

  • Thomas Williams
    Thomas Williams Day ago

    This cop did a great job πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—this is the only way to give a lot of πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    That was great.

  • Shirley Greer
    Shirley Greer Day ago

    Whistle Dixie bitch!!!

  • Shirley Greer
    Shirley Greer Day ago

    And he had a break light out!!!

  • Chuck Iringtwice
    Chuck Iringtwice 4 days ago

    Around here in Alabama the Sheriff is the biggest cock on the farm and messing with them can turn your life to shit in a heartbeat. Most city cops would simply say sorry to have stopped you sir and have a nice day.

  • nayte way
    nayte way 6 days ago

    what a good ol' boy that sheriff was eh?

  • nayte way
    nayte way 6 days ago

    They wanna drive nice trucks give them a break who cares tax payer paying not coming out of there pockets they got to look good while doing it. kudos to the local cop for not being afraid like most people coming across this man would be

  • Va HOSS
    Va HOSS 14 days ago

    The young cop is an absolute asshole. First he said he recognized the sheriff....but then tried to act like he didn't know who he was

  • Ashley grant
    Ashley grant 14 days ago

    This cop is taking his job a little too seriously. After he identifies the sheriff, why not cut him loose.

  • troll proof
    troll proof 14 days ago

    Turn your damb blinker off will ya!

  • Austin Carlson
    Austin Carlson 14 days ago

    No insurance who f****** cares it's a f****** ploy to steal people's money I could care less about broken windshields car insurance jaywalking public opinion and over achieving police officers to all women apply in person who share the same values LOL so let's get drunk

  • boboss top shelf
    boboss top shelf 15 days ago

    We see corruption in later year cops due to the fact 10, 20, 30 years in a job not learning new laws or conduct leaves said veteran cops lacking education and tools to be a good cop.

  • Rafael Reyes
    Rafael Reyes 16 days ago

    That sheriff is an entitled little priss. He needs to remember he is at work. He has bosses. The cops did right by stopping him and running his tags.

  • KamoKreature 12
    KamoKreature 12 17 days ago

    I swear every single department in arkansas is corrupt and unlawful

    THE DIRTY BLUE LINE 18 days ago

    This is the exact reason why all Police departments need privately ran agencies that have authority over the Police to investigate them, also the agency’s should Police the Police, keep sociopaths like this off the force or in check at the very minimum!

  • austin Dupont
    austin Dupont 18 days ago

    Bet that cop was fired or seriously dealt with that's why his supervisor asked if he was recording

  • Dungeons Dragons
    Dungeons Dragons 20 days ago

    I bet it's one of the sheriff deputies from Montgomery county sheriff's office in christiansburg va. Their dirty they got caught covering for meth dealers Beth patsel and janet mayo of elliston Virginia that were also running meth labs

  • James Culberson
    James Culberson 21 day ago

    What was the point of this video ?

  • TRUTH research
    TRUTH research 21 day ago

    So. What I get from this is that an average citizen would get handcuffed and a trip to the police station until it's fully investigated and resolved and this guy get a thank you sir and have a nice day

  • ctsllcky
    ctsllcky 21 day ago

    Sheriff or not, law enforcement or not, If We the People are required to carry registration and proof of insurance inside the vehicle whenever on public highways, so are they! Does law enforcement think they are above the law? I THINK NOT, IT IS TIME THAT WE THE PEOPLE START HOLDING LAW ENFORCEMENT AND POLITICIANS ACCOUNTABLE!!!

    SQUEEZEBEATS 22 days ago

    Those uniformed officers did a superb job identifying the sheriff as they should because he could be anyone pretending to be the sheriff.

  • Erick Clemmson
    Erick Clemmson 22 days ago

    ...well...a police offer cannot arrest THE Sheriff. The officer should have just walked away.

  • ned mcpherson
    ned mcpherson 24 days ago +1

    Should have yanked him out and Tazed his Rude ASS.

  • Monte Jones
    Monte Jones 24 days ago

    They are fucking with him intenially not to mention the tag is for narcotics survellance it is intetionally supposed to be unfounded so that paid off cops cant get info for criminals this cop hate cop its ridiculous

  • Brett Massie
    Brett Massie 24 days ago

    They're in Clinton's payroll...that's why...

  • Tony P
    Tony P 24 days ago

    Stupid Cops having a pissing match... Watching him and backing up like he's a common criminal! Total disrespect for fellow law enforcement.

  • Alfonso Zarate
    Alfonso Zarate 25 days ago

    if is not white white ain't right folks "BELIVE ME"! DJT πŸ‘†

  • Jack Mundo
    Jack Mundo 27 days ago

    Frankly, I think the old Sheriff is more trustworthy than the cops that stopped him even if he is taking advantage of his office. It’s the young cops that are so trigger happy and gung ho to unnecessarily ruin lives with a smile. But in end - fuck β€˜em all.

  • Steven Winn
    Steven Winn 28 days ago

    He was not being outrageous lol love how this cop is blowing this up from nothing to this big ordeal

  • Ruben Cordova
    Ruben Cordova 28 days ago

    I like this kind of things. Cops stopping Cops.. What a shame.. Yupbee?

  • Bev Scully
    Bev Scully 28 days ago

    This cops a f****** liar!! Just because the guys upset for being pulled over doesn't mean he's being uncooperative!! This cops are f****** piece of s***!! Even to his own people!! What a f****** low-life waste of skin!! His parents must be real f****** proud of him!! What a f****** loser!!

  • hectorfr91
    hectorfr91 Month ago

    Those are so good officers dealing with a corrupt old school system.

  • AZ Homes
    AZ Homes Month ago +1

    Shows you how the sheriff does not believe the law applies to them...

  • Carlos Aguilar
    Carlos Aguilar Month ago

    Perfect example of Dog eating Dog , there Egos are to big for one another so they are seeing who can be the bigger asshole .

  • Alonzo Malauulu
    Alonzo Malauulu Month ago

    Had he been
    Black shot dead

  • Alonzo Malauulu
    Alonzo Malauulu Month ago

    They scary Lol

  • Jack Sheridan
    Jack Sheridan Month ago

    im pretty certain this is walmart's home office parking lot

  • Libertine Rising
    Libertine Rising Month ago +2

    He reminds me of Buford T Justice !!!!.......hahahahah

  • gary glackin
    gary glackin Month ago

    That's the problem some always think they're above the law! Idiot! Those two officers are just doing their job!

  • alex x
    alex x Month ago +1

    They think they fucking heroes

  • Chosen1 Ras
    Chosen1 Ras Month ago +1

    And all that time real crimes are happening, robberies , rapes and other more dangerous issues but here we are officer vs officer.

  • Chosen1 Ras
    Chosen1 Ras Month ago +1

    Very poor police performance, obviously his superior officer knows without even coming to the scene that he should have treated a senior officer with a little more respect, having the other officer come up on him then backing away as if he would shoot them. This is a young quick to shoot thug with a badge. The entire state of Florida allow police to take home their police cars which they use to go to the store pick up kids from school or whatever so him having a vehicle is not an issue. He should have had proof of insurance and his registration so he is wrong for that part. But with a little professional courtesy a lot of time could have been saved. This is like the rookie police that arrested the fireman who was in the process of a rescue, for not moving the fire truck from the roadway??? Most young police are nothing but bullies with badges and this is coming from a retired GA officer.

  • Renzo Sim Racing
    Renzo Sim Racing Month ago

    Oh you pathetic americans lol. you guys are paranoid of the light around you lol

  • M Down
    M Down Month ago

    Wow at first I was thinking why they bugging this guy in the pickup truck but as soon as the police officer tells the driver that he's free to go, the truck driver turns into this nasty goof! He was simply doing his job & the guy in the truck thought he was probably being let go just because he himself is a cop too. That's probably why he was getting so brave & lippy with the officer just as he was told that he was free to go.

  • Jory Scott
    Jory Scott Month ago

    Fuck the both of them for real!

  • Chuck E Cheese
    Chuck E Cheese Month ago

    The sun shines on a dogs azz every once and awhile, I know what that means!

  • Windy Hicks
    Windy Hicks Month ago

    I see you take care of your own just like the Democrats. Well that's going to backfire on you one day. May take a while but it will

  • Windy Hicks
    Windy Hicks Month ago

    Right that Buzzard a ticket

  • Alejandro Huerta
    Alejandro Huerta Month ago

    Fui fuifuifui🎼🎼🎼🎼lalalala hahahaha hi was yes o yea i

  • Just Me
    Just Me Month ago

    Freaking Buford t Justice is who i am lmao for the younger people watch smokey and the bandit you will understand

  • MysticDro
    MysticDro Month ago

    That Sheriff should've gotten a fat ass ticket.

  • Moo Cow
    Moo Cow Month ago

    Some, NOT ALL, but some elected officials are very difficult to work for. You're dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. These are the type of people that would have a difficult time working under a legitimate LEO agency.

  • salvador Dali
    salvador Dali Month ago

    Probably leftovers from the Clintons

  • jamie fister
    jamie fister Month ago

    This btw is what happens when corrupt status quo cops meet cops that operate under the law. They get pissed and act like it's not right. That sheriff should be fired.

  • jamie fister
    jamie fister Month ago

    So this whole sheriff is pissed to find out that the law applies to him too? Local PD don't answer to CONTRACT services like the sheriff yet he keeps acting like he's above the law...

  • Rick Raven Rumney
    Rick Raven Rumney Month ago

    When tags come back to nothing they are undercover vehicles. My brother has them on his car. The cop was wrong arguing with the guys who pulled him over..he was could have been resolved with one phone call..asshole Massachusetts calls them Anonymous Plates. I'm sure other states have the same thing. It prevents criminals from tracking UC cars.

  • GTO AL
    GTO AL Month ago

    Cops always cover for each other

  • Don Francisco
    Don Francisco Month ago

    Gang stalking

  • Don Francisco
    Don Francisco Month ago


    TRIPLE SIX Month ago +1


  • Paul Fisher
    Paul Fisher Month ago

    that sheriff's an ignorant piece of shit!!

  • Alex Sage
    Alex Sage Month ago

    if it was a civilian they would issue a citation!

  • Charles Harrington Jr.

    Very commendable officers. Let him go and everything, unlike you would for John Q. Public. However, I still H-A-T-E pigs.

  • John Chase
    John Chase Month ago

    Arkansas huh. He probably works for the Clintons.

  • TBI Firefighter
    TBI Firefighter Month ago

    Rookies looking to get fired eh?

  • David
    David Month ago

    It's very common for Police Departments to have vehicles with undercover tags that come back to nothing. All Police vehicles are insured by the city, county or state.

  • Mike Beasley
    Mike Beasley Month ago

    That "sheriff" needs to be fired.

  • Mike Beasley
    Mike Beasley Month ago

    Awsome young cop😎

  • victoria & Johnny rodriguez


  • Jeff Mederos
    Jeff Mederos Month ago

    Stupid cop...UC (thats undercover for you idiot cops) tags return with no information. These tags are applied for and granted by the state. Not a bad Stop, but it should've been done over after sheriff identified himself (not because hes the sheriff but because its legitimate)...seen these type of officer's before. They Like getting gangster with folks that arent a threat to them (other cops and soccer moms) but act like punks when dealing with thugs.

  • Guess Who
    Guess Who Month ago

    Bitches ass lying pig

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    Dumb asses Most cops and county tags come back empty This Sherrff had every right to be Mad

  • Claude Beauchamp
    Claude Beauchamp Month ago

    That's amazing that a corrupt sheriff would file a complaint against some honest police officers they should have removed him from the vehicle ticket him for the violation and towed his truck away to in pound ,never respect that thin blue line when dealing with a criminal police officers because it's your honesty that will keep you from being disrespected by the public that you serve.

  • Randy Copeland
    Randy Copeland Month ago

    Buford T Justice.......south noun an

  • James Harback
    James Harback Month ago

    Probably got the money through Civil Forfeiture, the legal theft of property from tax paying citizens.

  • Kelley Manning
    Kelley Manning Month ago +2

    Apparently, there is no such thing as a "bad tag" when you're driving a vehicle that is registered as a county, city, or state vehicle...and we all know that is his personal vehicle, so the taxpayers are paying for his vehicle and his gas for him to go to "Walmart". We know where our money is being wasted...but nobody in power will do anything about it, because their wives take Limos to do their shopping too, and again, we pay for it.

  • Alan J
    Alan J Month ago

    So 42 years as a cop entitles one to act like a douchebag dickhead and be immune to all rules, regulations and protocol used during those 42 years if one desires?

  • Alan J
    Alan J Month ago

    The 1880’s Wild West called,
    they want their Sheriff back.
    What a fucking asshole. The young cop was SO polite and SO patient and the old dickhead still gave him a hard time.

  • Dallas Tex
    Dallas Tex Month ago

    WHAT?? Not interested in issuing a citation?? WTF... I take back what I said earlier in the video! This is bull shit! and I wanted a shootout Fuck!

  • Dallas Tex
    Dallas Tex Month ago

    Is his tail light out?!?!? (Passenger side)

  • Dallas Tex
    Dallas Tex Month ago +1

    Wow! I actually kinda like this cop who made the stop!!!! Definitely need more like him!! This is how good little piggy’s should do their job!! Start with their own, and weed out the bad (98%) and the remaining 2% can hire and train the new cops to act the way we pay them to act!

  • Dallas Tex
    Dallas Tex Month ago +1

    Good! These criminals with a badge think they are above the law! It’s great seeing them put into reality.. I hope it escalated into a shoot out, and the cop in the truck gets gravely injured!!!!! I’m only 1:30 seconds in.. i hope it happens πŸ€—

  • Colin Griffin
    Colin Griffin Month ago

    There's another cop letting somebody off the hook just because he's a cop that's

  • Dirk Winchester
    Dirk Winchester Month ago

    Dick measuring contest occur even among law enforcement. Bet that they'd all stick together if one of them had shot an unarmed civilian.

  • William McGee
    William McGee 2 months ago

    Sounds like a visit to Department of Motor Vehicles to find out what is going on ? If he is doing something unlawful, time to call a Tow Truck and impound vehicle. LOL Do one to one as you would to others.

  • jrb37300
    jrb37300 2 months ago

    This's a case of a law enforcement officer who's been on the job too long, vs. one who hasn't been on long enough.

  • Tony
    Tony 2 months ago

    Uh didn’t the cop say he recognized him at the beginning and then suddenly he doesn’t know who he is.

  • k Gio
    k Gio 2 months ago

    Cops are strange

  • jim miller
    jim miller 2 months ago

    the cop was a jerkoff

  • bryanbeam
    bryanbeam 2 months ago

    Ohh a sheriff ?? Your free to go then. Bunch of horse shit.

  • girlmastergeneral
    girlmastergeneral 2 months ago

    These are called "Shielded Tags" straight forward they protect the identity and address of the driver from anyone. They are issued to State Attorneys, Prosecutors, Judges, Police Officers of LT or higher, and County Sheriff SGT or higher.

  • David Walker
    David Walker 2 months ago

    I don't know about the sheriff's lack of proof of insurance or his unusual license plates. He may have cleared it up with them. Do not presume he's guilty. The one thing I observed watching this video is that the police officer grossly and untruthfully exaggerated the sheriff's attitude. The Sheriff was not uncooperative as the police officer said. The Sheriff complied. I think the police owed that Sheriff a little more respect.

  • Precarious Proletariat
    Precarious Proletariat 2 months ago

    right brake light out also

  • Damien Lusk
    Damien Lusk 2 months ago

    That Sheriff is driving those nice trucks using tax payer money to cover gas and all. What a blatant waste of taxpayers money and the Sheriff is rubbing it in everyone's face. Straight bullshit!!!

  • Dan MacDonald
    Dan MacDonald 2 months ago

    Fucking stupid both cops are dump & most likely they beat their wives , waste of taxpayer money, dont forget the meth dealers just drove by,

  • Jon Landwer
    Jon Landwer 2 months ago

    Ego mis alignment. Good afternoon, officer Fishdicks here, reason I stopped you...oh Hey Sheriff. (The highest constitutionally appointed Law enforcement position in the land) Hey Sheriff, the reason I stopped you is when I ran thr tags they came back to nothing) now I see it's you, it is probably CI info or mix up at DMV with the dept vehicle, have a nice day. 2 minutes, no dick waving contest, as the Sheriff's phone call or in person visit to the chief is going to blow right past any paper officer fishdicks is going to write or addendum the Sgt. Is going to write. Pick the hill you want to die on. Not going to be this one if I was in officer Fishdicks shoes.

  • Kevin Nicks
    Kevin Nicks 2 months ago

    No you cop was being sarcastic

  • Robert Woodcock
    Robert Woodcock 2 months ago

    The sheriff was a dick! When a law enforcement officer feels that entitled he should retire!!

  • Joshua Bagby
    Joshua Bagby 2 months ago

    Dirty cops you can smell them a mile away