Gangstalking Sheriff vs Local Police

  • Published on Mar 24, 2014
  • Putting aside my long-standing assertion that gangstalking is primarily perpetrated by members of law enforcement, I have some questions about this clip. First, why does the Benton County sheriff require a fleet of vehicles with "mystery tags" that have even the local cops scratching their heads?
    Second, each Chevy Silverado costs roughly $35,000, and a commercial fleet consists of at least 10 vehicles, probably more. So, overall $350,000, plus maintainence, fuel, and insurance, so lets make it the better part of half a million at an absolute minimum. All this, in some podunk county in Arkansas with less than 250,000 residents?
    Lastly, is the county receiving a grant from Homeland Security or other federal agency? If yes, what is the purpose of that grant? Surely it can not be investigative in nature, as it is hard to imagine a vehicle that sticks out more than a big black pickup with blacked out, possibly illegal, windows. Such vehicles would tend to intimidate, rather than blend in.
    Were I a private investigator in Arkansas, assisting a client with a harassment case, I would imagine my job would be damn near impossible if I identified a suspect vehicle only to have the tag come back as "untracable". But, perhaps that is the intended effect? Food for thought.
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  • STEVE Lynch
    STEVE Lynch Month ago +36

    ROGERS (KFSM) -- Former Benton County Sheriff Kelley Cradduck was arrested Sunday (Aug. 12) on a misdemeanor third-degree assault charge, according to the Benton County Sheriff's Office.

    • phil gary
      phil gary 10 days ago

      +Josh Bryant

    • MBB
      MBB 14 days ago

      Yes!!! Payback....
      Dear Mr. Cradduck,
      I was raised to believe: if it walks like a Cradduck, and quacks like a Cradduck, then it must be a corrupt cop calling himself a sheriff.
      You think you are something don’t you Mr. Crapduck! Well, one day, you will be giving an account for your life... to your superior... His name is Jesus of Nazareth. I recommend you get right by him if you aren’t already. By your actions and conduct play the time of this video... that demonstrates you aren’t right with Him. You aren’t so big Mr. Crapduck... you will be on bended knee .. And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment..
      I encourage you to prepare yourself.

    • JB GTO
      JB GTO 24 days ago

      +Lyndon Johnson HORSESHIT. You dont know what the hell you're talking about. Corner is the only one that can arrest the sheriff? You're A MORON!!

    • Blake Peacock
      Blake Peacock 25 days ago

      +Polo Pat The sheriff has a rather high power in most counties especially in the soyth.

    • Alan Fay
      Alan Fay 27 days ago +1

      Only in America_!

  • Perusing Person
    Perusing Person Day ago

    So what just happened?

  • RJ RJ
    RJ RJ Day ago

    Lol pigs being pigs

  • skeetskeet scoot
    skeetskeet scoot 2 days ago

    Blue privilege ought to be a felony.

  • chop stix
    chop stix 6 days ago

    Cops let him go after that? I'd be missing teeth and have my head banged on the car as I get hauled off to jail

  • Amanda Poore
    Amanda Poore 8 days ago


  • Susan Rosa
    Susan Rosa 8 days ago

    Once again cops don’t need to obey the rules/laws....BULLSHIT

  • rampage760
    rampage760 8 days ago

    That was the best walk of shame whistle I ever heard hahaha trying to do your job to damn hard and pulled over the wrong one..
    how you gone be a local cop and think you're gonna mess with the sheriff

    OSCAR BADILLO 9 days ago +1

    Best part of the video starts@ 10:18. You can thank me later

  • nick grandinetti
    nick grandinetti 9 days ago

    The responding officer initially stated that he recognized him or the vehicle, but then justifies the stop by changing his initial statement, now he DOESN'T know who he is, and thats why they've stopped him for identification?

  • Poppa Wheely
    Poppa Wheely 9 days ago

    LOL Who's chasing who?

  • derick13420 0
    derick13420 0 9 days ago

    He was right he didn't break the law they held him up strictly to try and show they had bigger dicks

  • waynes world
    waynes world 9 days ago

    I'd be willing to bet them 2 uniform pigs cut corners and slide by things also, was the battle of the ego right there in that parking lot and we all know the sheriff will talk to the chief and if they are friends that patrolman will get a shit shift on day or night while on duty just for a little pay back lol, its just the way shit goes down lol

  • Georgia Bowhunter
    Georgia Bowhunter 9 days ago

    Dumbass sheriff needs to obey the law like everyone else.

  • dorian james
    dorian james 9 days ago

    Light shines on a dogs ass 😂

  • Topher
    Topher 9 days ago

    What did that sheriff say about kiss a dogs asshole in the sunshine or some country gibberish..

  • Kimberly Thomas
    Kimberly Thomas 10 days ago

    The cop in the truck is a DICK. Charge him.

  • Danny
    Danny 10 days ago

    0:16 and 0:19 did you notice that both cops placed their hands on the break lights to mark their fingertips, they can identify the truck with the fingerprints if he decided to run ...😎 very smart and clever. At least they were well trained 👌

  • Adolpho Villanueva
    Adolpho Villanueva 10 days ago

    So he knows hes the sheriff and he knows the cars legit? Why not just let the guy go on his way. Ego is why im in charge we do it my way.

  • sosaboy sosa
    sosaboy sosa 10 days ago

    Police pulling their own over???? They do not like it 🤯👌

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith 10 days ago

    What crime did he do for you to stop him

  • Cars &Watches
    Cars &Watches 11 days ago

    He wouldn't have a cop that actually enforces the law regardless of who you are? Arrogant fuck

  • cp reilly
    cp reilly 12 days ago

    What's 10-19. I guess it means in route.

  • Damian Vigorito
    Damian Vigorito 14 days ago

    Definitely a reason to stop he said ok we good then

  • Damian Vigorito
    Damian Vigorito 14 days ago

    Maybe there's a scam here the cops stumbled on or were sent

  • Damian Vigorito
    Damian Vigorito 14 days ago

    When fucking with a man u might die and he might get away with it.

  • Damian Vigorito
    Damian Vigorito 14 days ago

    They're afraid of him he might accidently back up and run them.down then kill them in self d

  • snail5341
    snail5341 14 days ago

    Remember that the sheriff is the top cop in his county. The cop is a typical cop they hire today

  • John A
    John A 14 days ago

    He has to run the sheriff for warrants? And backpedal like the sheriff is gonna come out shootings? These fucking robo-cops need to calm down.

  • G.O.D No G.O.D
    G.O.D No G.O.D 14 days ago

    They should've just shot each other!

  • gary Of the family fitzpatrick

    Sheriff Roscoe P Coltrane , Hazzard county

  • fidias familiarr
    fidias familiarr 15 days ago

    I hope , sheriff catch you all in his place,then you'll be fucked

  • Johnny s
    Johnny s 15 days ago

    Really strange. He recognized him as the sherrif then says he's being rude and uncooperative lol the sherrif told him who he was and that it was a county vehicle lol. Why are they so concerned? That was ridiculous in my opinion. Must be some department rivalry.

  • hackptui
    hackptui 16 days ago

    Remember kids: in America, no-one is above the law.

  • Clintopoulos Grizworld

    This is what it’s like when two total assholes argue with each other.

  • Ewan Black
    Ewan Black 16 days ago

    So let me get this right!. Cops stopped a vehicle that did not have any valid tags. The driver identified himself as being a police officer, and showed a drivers license but could not produce any other documentation - and the officers supervisor just let him go!. The car could have been stolen - the fact that he id'd as a police officer means nothing. The supervisor buckled and let him go - and actually got a mouthful of shit from the driver as thanks. What should have happened was the driver should have been arrested on suspicion of operating an illegal or stolen vehicle, without proof of ownership or insurance, and the vehicle should have been impounded until checks were carried out.

  • the new paul revere
    the new paul revere 17 days ago

    if the sheriff gets into an accident in that vehicle and it's his fault, then what? sorry, but the vehicle doesn't exist?

  • the new paul revere
    the new paul revere 17 days ago

    i am very concerned, and some what frightened by the fact that the sheriffs plate or tags are untraceable. what the hell is really going on? what did the officers discover?

  • Chuck Toffey
    Chuck Toffey 17 days ago

    How about Hey sheriff I didn't recognize the vehicle but now that I see its you, your tags are not coming back as anything. I'm sorry to bother you, but you better look into that. Have a nice day...
    At least the shift supervisor had some fucken common sense.
    Yeah now you whistle and sing like it doesn't bother you you know your ass holes puckered up because you look like a fool now.

  • robe rey
    robe rey 17 days ago

    they should given him a rodney king, for going to Walmart in a taxpayers vehicle.

  • pakicker1
    pakicker1 19 days ago

    By State & Federal Law Unmarked & uncovered police vehicles may have so called mystery tags that will not come back because when law enforcement are following or staking people out the tags would not give them away because gangs & drug dealers have bought off police before. Like the ones that pulled him over could have been on the take or anyone listen with a police scanner could hear

  • Joe Youkhanis
    Joe Youkhanis 20 days ago

    FUCK you asshole!! now you know how it feels getting pulled over for bullshit but we don't have the luxury of having a badge to get out of a ticket.

  • Dale Fry
    Dale Fry 20 days ago +1

    The sheriff was undercover. They had a big row over hidden registration vehicles in my state a few years back or the general public wouldn't even know they exist. Seems like there were dozens of such 'secret' vehicles, including the one used to haul the governor around at 90 mph driven by the number three man in the state police.

      COINTELPRO101  20 days ago

      "Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry." -- Thomas Jefferson.

  • Loïc Herry
    Loïc Herry 21 day ago

    I'm not excited, YOU'RE the one excited.

  • Gord Rubio
    Gord Rubio 21 day ago

    That chicken shit cop was just trying to test that sherrif, maybe he was trying to play good cop, or maybe trying to impress his chief but when he called the plates in he was trying tell his superiors that the sherrif was be rude and uncooperative lol so basically he was crying and now the sherrif wants to play who has the bigger balls the cop is worried

  • Rocky305MS
    Rocky305MS 21 day ago

    It's funny how cops are exempt from have their windows tinted so dark that you cant see into the vehicle.Thats why some think the rules dont apply to them.

  • mike b
    mike b 21 day ago

    weird how they walked backwards

  • Barrett Holt
    Barrett Holt 25 days ago

    Show a little RESPECT to the Chief bro

  • gobbler 1234
    gobbler 1234 25 days ago

    Young cop should said sorry when he saw who it was. Kids these days have no brains. Take him off road and put him in the property room. That young cop will just get into trouble on the road. Rule # 1. If you have to call your supervisor 99% of the time you screwed up or are a moron or both.

  • Trum pet
    Trum pet 25 days ago

    Every single one of them has committed an infraction which as persons whom are servants of the people are subject to their own rules we are not unless you contract. Why the hell would you voluntarily agree to be subject to such stupidity.

  • TheTruth
    TheTruth 25 days ago

    both sides are f'd up in this power struggle

  • Raymond Domingo
    Raymond Domingo 26 days ago

    Yeah,I am pretty sure it is not department policy to take drug sting cars, that are usually from police impound and unregistered and uninsured,on personal errands off duty.

  • flexiblematthew
    flexiblematthew 26 days ago +1


  • Jim Boerner
    Jim Boerner 26 days ago

    Wtf was he saying??

  • Dawan Enonlee
    Dawan Enonlee 26 days ago

    Fuck those two rookie cops

  • Delight Santos
    Delight Santos 28 days ago

    How’s it feel to have two assholes pull u over, ASSHOLE?

  • silver watcher
    silver watcher 29 days ago

    Scary part. These guys share the same space and are supposed to be protecting us. Proof there just there to find tickets and taxable finds. Get a life.

  • silver watcher
    silver watcher 29 days ago

    Going to Walmart lol

  • silver watcher
    silver watcher 29 days ago

    Even the police hate the police. 🧐

  • 1EVILZ06
    1EVILZ06 Month ago

    As soon as he walks up and sees it’s the sheriff. He should have simply said my mistake, you have a nice day Sheriff.....

  • Anthony Luisi
    Anthony Luisi Month ago +7

    Looks like bad blood between the sheriffs office and the local PD ... the plates come back to nothing ... MEANS ITS A CONFIDENTIAL LICENSE PLATE !!!

  • lorenzo lohman
    lorenzo lohman Month ago

    Sounds like a southern town by the sheriff's accent

  • ray jay
    ray jay Month ago

    The sheriff thought he was above the law and i think he should be reprimanded are fired

  • Graeme Williams
    Graeme Williams Month ago

    Sheriff sounds like Johnny Cash.

  • delton davis
    delton davis Month ago

    Just a matter of time before the dogs start eating themselves

  • Tj Bish0p
    Tj Bish0p Month ago

    Stupid cops do stupid things.

  • Tom Mayrand
    Tom Mayrand Month ago

    The blue line

  • Tim Lowe
    Tim Lowe Month ago

    Yeah, they dont even trust their own.. see how they both touch the taillights on his truck? That's to leave their fingerprints incase the confrontation goes sideways. They did everything correct.

  • j887276
    j887276 Month ago

    Seafoam should fix the problem, just add it to the oil and gas. It fixes everything even bad sheriffs driving a Chevy.

  • Neds Tuson
    Neds Tuson Month ago

    Why do cops always touch the back break lights of the cars they pull over what is that about ???

  • Jeremiah Mann
    Jeremiah Mann Month ago

    Punk cops with no respect for a Sheriff who probably rid their city of way more criminals than these punk ass meter maids

  • David Stevens
    David Stevens Month ago

    This was handled bad by both cops. And the walking backwards was bullshit. The pull over cop must have no clue what undercover work entails. The old codger was a bit too much and high and mighty and the pull over cop was way way too black and white to survive in this world. Interesting dynamics at play.

  • Benjamin Astormiscomin

    Just leave the old timer alone. Poor bugger. Do some real police work. Pull over some black dude and blow his brain over the dash board in front of his children. Sorry everyone I’m having a bad day. I now cum blood after getting kicked in the balls at work by a kangaroo. Yeah I’m Aussie.

    • Mr James
      Mr James Month ago

      Damn! Those bastards are mean! He knew what he was doing!

  • Jerry Cain
    Jerry Cain Month ago

    Here is the real deal. Undercover vehicles have blacked out tags . This is common. They usually carry no identifying papers in the vehicle.again,common. If you look, they all have dark tint. There is a reason, if you can’t figure it out, I can’t help you. A city officer with more experience would know this. When a tag comes back as blacked out , it is always for security reasons. I have a friend who is a dr. In the fed. Prison system, tag blacked out. Security. Put on your thinking caps. The sherif had a bad attitude. But the officer was a dumbass. Doing a traffic stop for a blacked out tag was stupid. He is supposed to know.

  • Raymond Garlick
    Raymond Garlick Month ago

    Not carrying the information??? Proof of insurance is required.
    Registration is required.
    Badges are not above the law.

  • Guitarzan
    Guitarzan Month ago

    The reality is the local wet behind the ears cop made the situation a lot more difficult than it needed to be. He acknowledged he recognized the Sheriff. Exchange pleasantries and go on your way. Anything further is a huge waste of time and taxpayer dollars.

  • Big Boy 314
    Big Boy 314 Month ago

    Why was he running the tag from the jump?

  • Cody Procak
    Cody Procak Month ago

    U got ure camera I got my camera bunch of pussys anymore recording everything

  • mikemb123
    mikemb123 Month ago

    He's working for the "shadow government".

  • Country Thug
    Country Thug Month ago +1

    42 yrs of being in law still a dumbass with no common sense..They we're just doin they're jobs... TYPICAL.. DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM BULLSHIT

  • Annette Johnson
    Annette Johnson Month ago +2

    Are we witnessing a power struggle here? Oh my..........

  • Rigo Trillo
    Rigo Trillo Month ago +1

    Those pricks they now know he's a sheriff and they still walk backwards, pussies hahahaha

    LUREDADDY52 Month ago

    Why do they both touch the truck as they walk by?

  • Connor Downing
    Connor Downing Month ago +1

    the senior cop there explains the no trace tags for CI's....but theres no way your meeting a CI in that fucking thing

      COINTELPRO101  Month ago

      You are one of the very few to pick up on that point.

  • A S
    A S Month ago

    Well the feds have 250 mil to fight drug trafficking. They probably have their hand in that pot.

  • Eddie b
    Eddie b Month ago

    The local police officer should just show some professional courtesy to the sheriff and have him go on his way

  • dimitrius sergivius

    why did they walk backwards to their car? lol

  • allen D
    allen D Month ago

    Money & power and pussy corrupt. I mean it truly does. At what age does a female realize she has pussy power?

  • fleetwoodray
    fleetwoodray Month ago

    The bullshit is the Sheriff not informing local PD they are running tags without a paper trail, so, when a PD searches the tag and it comes back unregistered, it will be identified as a County Sheriff's vehicle. Problem solved. Bad communication.

  • bryan fowler
    bryan fowler Month ago

    what a arsehole cop this one is, a real smart arse.thinks this sheriff is going to make him famous.

  • details78
    details78 Month ago

    Old prick. The interior of that Silverado probably smells like Ben Gay and beef jerky farts.

  • Gabriel Brymer
    Gabriel Brymer Month ago

    Candy cakes

  • steven martin
    steven martin Month ago

    Whistle while you work

  • JC LI
    JC LI Month ago

    He also has a taillight out

  • Lily & Hanny Martinez

    All I heard was blah, blah blah. It’s the same shit I hear from every cop recording (just a different a-hole), “you know who I am?”, “I’ve been in the force for (such many) years.”, and the list goes on and on....on. 😂

  • Todd Clouse
    Todd Clouse Month ago

    Stupid city cops dont know squat!! The plates dont come back for a reason!! Its a Law Enforcement Vehicle!!!!!!

  • Ronny Northington
    Ronny Northington Month ago

    The good sheriff is a raging asshole who believes he is ABOVE the law...

  • Ronny Northington
    Ronny Northington Month ago

    More proof cops and most especially "The Sheriff" are above the law...

  • AV8R BRI
    AV8R BRI Month ago

    Hilarious... I love that deep SLOW suth'n brogue he has, adds to the entertainment!!

  • jadehelm288 0
    jadehelm288 0 Month ago

    Both parties are dumb