• Published on Nov 6, 2019
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Comments • 2 091

  • Jason Nash
    Jason Nash  29 days ago +2444

    Jeff with the tie!?!??

    • Jessica
      Jessica 2 days ago

      Litterally said "Nah" a millisecond before you did. So... Nah.

    • Jose Deleon
      Jose Deleon 4 days ago

      I like how Zane the only one David hasn’t bought a car for haha

    • KRōck
      KRōck 10 days ago


    • Sitty Omelhaya
      Sitty Omelhaya 10 days ago

      He's so fckng attractive 🥵

    • Sydney Kong
      Sydney Kong 14 days ago


  • Kirsty McAuley
    Kirsty McAuley 6 hours ago

    Touche John. Touche.

  • Trav Hodges
    Trav Hodges Day ago

    Jonah looks like Jack Blacks younger cousin

  • Michelle
    Michelle Day ago

    No tie Jeff!!! (For next time.)

  • Bailey Hackle
    Bailey Hackle Day ago

    Ngl hate Natalies hat

  • Tiffany Welcome
    Tiffany Welcome 2 days ago

    No tie

  • Liav Grinberg
    Liav Grinberg 2 days ago

    I love how chill Jason's vlogs are. David's vlogs are like highlight reels of the week while Jason posts the extended cut.

  • Francisca Caviedes
    Francisca Caviedes 2 days ago

    jeff no tie and unbotton top two buttons, simple silver necklace/chain

  • Jessica Plage
    Jessica Plage 2 days ago +1

    Jonah looks like Alan from the hangover 😂

  • Unknown Sandwich
    Unknown Sandwich 2 days ago

    Is Jeff still single... asking for a friend

  • Audrey Madden
    Audrey Madden 3 days ago

    Awww. You can tell Jeff is getting annoyed and sad when people bring up the whole jail thing. 😔

  • Harriet-Jane Waller
    Harriet-Jane Waller 3 days ago

    I like Jeff

  • desperado73397
    desperado73397 4 days ago

    Love that green suit

  • John Thompson
    John Thompson 4 days ago

    U sure Wyatt isn’t David’s kid

  • Nijwm Brahma
    Nijwm Brahma 5 days ago

    I need jonah to earn so much money and make natalie realize how wrong was she always degrading his presence

  • power puff
    power puff 5 days ago

    Jeff is to attractive

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark 5 days ago +1

    12:20 those lights in the car are going insane!!

  • Michael Robins
    Michael Robins 6 days ago +2

    Jeff is a perfect male specimen 👌

  • XxKazxX XxxX
    XxKazxX XxxX 6 days ago

    Omfg Jeff looks like a bond villain, like ridiculously hot and he knows he can get away with anything... Jonah needs to loose the hat and my God fix that hair if he shaved he would look 10X better...

  • Weekendswithheather
    Weekendswithheather 7 days ago +1

    Jason's vlogs are so underrated, give the man a like

  • Frida Olmos
    Frida Olmos 7 days ago

    Not gonna lie but Jason looks hot af in a suit omfg

  • lola ً
    lola ً 7 days ago

    I just realized that Jonah seeks validation from the vlog squad and it hurts my soul because every time they roast him I could just feel his energy shift and feel him start to get insecure and I would feel like that all the time when I would get bullied at school

  • Summer Day
    Summer Day 7 days ago

    Jeff look great,also a mafia boss

  • Levi Levi
    Levi Levi 7 days ago

    I feel really bad for Jonah

  • Deema Awad
    Deema Awad 7 days ago

    charlie seat belt !!

  • Adda Ridzduan
    Adda Ridzduan 8 days ago

    Why dehell Jeff's face so intense at 2:55 - 3:00 and Josh just smiling doing it HAHAHA

  • Jeffrey Powell
    Jeffrey Powell 9 days ago

    What is the brand of the hoodie Jason is wearing in the car with Zane?

  • Britanny Deshommes
    Britanny Deshommes 10 days ago +1

    Jeff does look good with the tie on

  • KRōck
    KRōck 10 days ago +2

    What are we going to do with all these luggage’s?

  • Joshua Cuza
    Joshua Cuza 11 days ago

    Yo Jason u needed to record a bit more with the lambos

  • Yuni Lee
    Yuni Lee 12 days ago

    5:32 ...ehm,let’s not talk about it shall we? :)

  • Sai Ta Ma
    Sai Ta Ma 12 days ago

    1:00 I thought I got a text

  • Colin McDerDer
    Colin McDerDer 12 days ago

    somehow im a half asian 22 year old jason, we even have the same phone case

  • K B
    K B 14 days ago

    Bet you anything David knew we went to the moon in 1969 because of the Even Stevens sing-a-long episode lol

    SUPER SQUAAA 14 days ago

    looks like the guy from jumaji

  • Sydney Kong
    Sydney Kong 14 days ago

    "this car is all i have" what about his kids. HAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHHAHA

  • Sydney Kong
    Sydney Kong 14 days ago


  • Sydney Kong
    Sydney Kong 14 days ago +5

    i'm still dead at the fact that jason and jeff both said jonah "looked like a christmas ornament" AHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAAHHAHAAHAHHAAHAHA I'M DED. I CAN'T

  • Sydney Kong
    Sydney Kong 14 days ago +30

    "look at david and his trophy wife" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Nicole Bremner
    Nicole Bremner 14 days ago

    I think the fat jokes should stop ik Nick laughs but it could really upset him

  • Sarah Carey
    Sarah Carey 15 days ago +1

    Jonna looks like the guy from Jumanji 🚫🧢😂

  • Robert Schuch
    Robert Schuch 15 days ago

    All these luggage’s killed me

  • Byanca Narro
    Byanca Narro 16 days ago

    I just realized Zane has a San Marcos, TX t-shirt!!!!

  • Ebony Faith
    Ebony Faith 16 days ago +7

    Why does David ALWAYS have the goofiest looking smile on his face in every single thumbnail?

  • Alisia Magallanes
    Alisia Magallanes 16 days ago

    Okay but Jonah looked adorable

  • Jman Fo
    Jman Fo 16 days ago

    What a life

  • Soo Nuel Park
    Soo Nuel Park 16 days ago

    Jeff 🤩🤩

  • kady ann
    kady ann 17 days ago +1

    i really need yall to graduate from nashtato heads to nashed potatoes

  • itsbansheebish
    itsbansheebish 18 days ago

    Ilya with the wig is now Ilyannah 😂😂😂👌🏻

  • BratzDollBella
    BratzDollBella 19 days ago +1

    the way jeff looks at natalie though...🥰

  • Emily Gunnells
    Emily Gunnells 20 days ago


  • Dane J
    Dane J 21 day ago

    I like that laugh "hahahahahhah" its sick

  • Kellie McCann't
    Kellie McCann't 22 days ago

    the dramatic scene in the car sent me

  • Ceara Bostick
    Ceara Bostick 22 days ago +1

    Okay I've been on a whole VS binge and I swear in the past few weeks almost every video is David and Natalie SOMETHING in every video. I use to think eh they aren't together but now, NOW I am completely convinced something's going on. 😅

  • k pal
    k pal 22 days ago

    Jason lost a lot weight! Good for him !

  • Ducki O
    Ducki O 23 days ago

    Jason and Jonah both look really really suave.
    Jeff looks pretty cute but Jason/Jonah cleaned up looking smooth af.

  • Michael Hittu
    Michael Hittu 23 days ago

    Jason, I knew who you were way before I knew who David was.

  • Mon Forster
    Mon Forster 23 days ago +1

    I don’t think Jeff was offended about it being a jail joke. As someone pointed out, he still makes those jokes himself on his channel. I think he just didn’t smile because it was more of a backhanded compliment rather than a joke

  • Cassatee
    Cassatee 23 days ago +1

    GUYS I seriously thought his outro song sang “david I need you” “when will you be over” but then I looked up the real song and was totally wrong 😂😂

  • JOE knows
    JOE knows 23 days ago

    I'm glad u made something out of yourself you were two steps away from being a pedophile sleeping in a shopping cart under a bridge somewhere. I still think ur a joke and u try way too hard and its creepy how you hang around the young kids and u flirt and touch and drool. Ur ex Trisha looks like a dog as well. But shes atleast ur age. Like pink floyd once said LEAVE THEM KIDS ALONE