King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword - Movie Review

  • Published on May 10, 2017
  • King Arthur gets a retelling via Guy Richie! Does the mashing of these two unlikely worlds work? Here's my review of "King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword"!
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  • Keiana Sanders
    Keiana Sanders 20 days ago

    Wish it didn’t flop because I wanted a sequel

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 20 days ago

    Dude Jax aka Charlie hunnam was fantastic in sons of anarchy like everybody else in that show. Freakin awesome. my favorite show of all time besides justified

  • CrystalHydra 257
    CrystalHydra 257 Month ago

    Dis movie is da best

  • Collin Gray
    Collin Gray 2 months ago +1

    I really liked this movie

  • Luis Z
    Luis Z 2 months ago

    This movie was great screw the critics another thing maybe it’s just me but did anyone think Jude Law looked a lot like King Foltest from the Witcher 2

  • Giannis Konto
    Giannis Konto 3 months ago

    I really like the motivation of Arthur. In contrary to mainstream hero motivation suck as for the greater good or to claim his king place, this version of Arthur just wanna kill the bad king for revenge. He wants to cut king head for his own personal reason. I am cool with that. MORE HUMANIST HERO HOLLIWOOD

  • BetuliaLiberata
    BetuliaLiberata 3 months ago

    Just watched it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL....absolutely loved it...

  • Blake Jones
    Blake Jones 4 months ago

    Dayum! Is Arther a lost Uchia? He straight up Marada'd a whole regiment! Brilliant editting n amazing sound track

  • D Dcass
    D Dcass 6 months ago

    Terribly terrible.

  • Juan Manuel Sande
    Juan Manuel Sande 6 months ago

    Best movie to watch while high on LSD or Shrooms. The visuals are astonishing, and the pacing and shit it's really exciting. Drop two tabs and go watch it, it'll be fucking amazing, i've done it.

  • Crestfire
    Crestfire 7 months ago

    I really enjoyed this movie

  • Uzumaki Naruto MalaysianFan

    If they make longest how arthur control his power it will be good.. it like we skip what the most importing in this movie..

  • AJA Ryan1994
    AJA Ryan1994 8 months ago

    I find it funny the way everyone seems to hate Ed Sheran’s GOT cameo yet no one cares about David Beckham’s cameo in this, which is probably weirder.

  • niefali
    niefali 8 months ago

    The old "Excalibur" certanly hold a trashy cult place, for the effects I still like "dragonslayer".

  • Kyle Campbell
    Kyle Campbell 9 months ago

    Now let's see how Guy Richie will deal with ALADDIN

  • eddie smith
    eddie smith 9 months ago

    Loved this movie

  • Tiara J Williams
    Tiara J Williams 9 months ago

    Did anybody else push the phone back when he came towards the camera all weird

  • Tiara J Williams
    Tiara J Williams 9 months ago

    Did anybody else push the phone back when he came towards the camera all weird

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 10 months ago

    This movie reviewer is beyond annoying. I stopped watching. Stop trying so hard!!
    This movie was beyond awful. To say otherwise only makes you look like a fool.

  • alice s
    alice s 11 months ago

    it was boring

  • Mark Arandjus
    Mark Arandjus 11 months ago

    This is a really okay movie, it's one of those great 'caught it on TV by accident films', which I did.
    Problems is that in the middle it stops being King Arthur and sort of turns into Robin Hood. But hey was enjoyable, some really cool montages and a SUPERB score.

  • piotr montowski
    piotr montowski Year ago

    It is a boring movie. I did not like this movie.

  • puneet gulati
    puneet gulati Year ago

    really enjoyed it ... if only it was more aptly edited....guy ritchie's made a stale story feel fresh

  • FZ_DracoHart
    FZ_DracoHart Year ago

    If only I wasn't such a medieval era freak, Arthurian legends armchair researcher and a nitpicker for sensible fantasy, I might've been able to finish this movie. But nope nope nope, dropped it like hot potato in the middle--but actually I might've been strong enough to endure the underwhelming plot that completely dodged my expectation. But the soundtrack....THE FUCKING SOUNDTRACK was too out of place that my eyes were twitching in cringe.
    If this had been a King Arthur rehash but in something like...say...cyberpunk? Steampunk? Modern setting? I probably would've loved it in a heartbeat. The choppy weird shifts, the soundtrack and overstylized scenes and plot will make better--if not marvelous--mesh with those genres. BUt no, no,no, not with supposedly classical medieval style Arthur rehash.
    TL;DR Maybe I'm too much of an Arthurian purist that I found this movie is...really distasteful (This comes from someone who loves Mad Max and doesn't give a fuck about Thor or any Marvel superhero flicks)

  • Melson Macon
    Melson Macon Year ago

    I did not like it too much happening at once so i did not understand the characters nor did i care for em cause it was too fast

  • Ginanjar Putu Wijaya

    Rotten Tomatoes sucks hard.

  • mercia van der Vyver


  • Backstage Bum
    Backstage Bum Year ago

    Man this movie was shit. Also it had nothing to do with the Arthur legend. Might as well just called it something else.

    • The Cavalier Panda
      The Cavalier Panda 11 months ago

      Life and soul of the party you guys are

    • Joker Snipez
      Joker Snipez Year ago

      Didn't like it either. Gave it 1/10 straight up after watching it. Luckily i didn't spend money to watch it in the cinema.

  • manav bhalla
    manav bhalla Year ago

    Is it me or the cinematography was extremely shitty and garbage and a pain to the eyes?

  • Ares.tàicho
    Ares.tàicho Year ago


  • Supafly Official
    Supafly Official Year ago

    I honestly thought this movie was gonna be a piece of shit from the trailers

  • Tharun Reddy
    Tharun Reddy Year ago

    hey great video, i enjoy your movie reviews, i would like to see a collab of you with chris stuckmann u guyz have a pretty much similar entertaining review's

  • Bihag Dave
    Bihag Dave Year ago

    I loved this movie. So entertaining. It literally never stops.

  • Attila Kolcza
    Attila Kolcza Year ago

    myyyyyyyy goooooood you are annoying maaaannnnn....stooop

  • george
    george Year ago

    Fuck you dropped the ball on this one.

  • george
    george Year ago

    Ffs this film is a fucking joke

  • Grafiction
    Grafiction Year ago

    My favorite fantasy epic? Why it's excalibur. The only good adaptation of the myth.

  • Aki79
    Aki79 Year ago

    This should have been an HBO mini series instead. It would have been better paced.

  • Shaunté Wooodard

    The reason why this movie was so much of a flop is because the knowledge of his original origins. Historically King Arthur was a black Hebrew. There is a lot of evidence that state this, if this movie would’ve came out in 1999 this movie would’ve been a record setting hit because of all the kids that watch the cartoon every Sunday morning (excalibur be my strength!). The people who made this movie understand this as they was doing research themselves. However just like Spiderman homecoming, Exodus: Gods and Kings, Gods of Egypt, and many more Hollywood continues to keep what was as supposed to be a colored hero into the color sidekick.

  • Patrick Todd
    Patrick Todd Year ago

    This movie is so underrated. This is an awesome movie to watch with the family on a Friday night.

  • TrueLifeAdventures

    The African War Elephants were amazing! The Matrix style fight scene with Arthur and the Blacklegs did not work for me though. That was by far the weakest CGI in the movie, which is funny considering that's also what I think about that scene with Neo and all the Smiths. But overall, I was thoroughly entertained by this movie!

  • Mary Miller
    Mary Miller Year ago

    I don't get the hate for this film. I thought it was entertaining and fun. I enjoyed it and dialogue was snappy and funny


    I really enjoyed this movie!

  • Colabuss
    Colabuss Year ago

    Best videogame movie I ever saw

  • Adolfo Zayas
    Adolfo Zayas Year ago

    Saw it...loved it. Will be buying it

  • Bree Pietro
    Bree Pietro Year ago

    I'm a late but I must say... I watched this movie 4 times in one day. Yeah I loved this movie lol

  • GamingInTheDark
    GamingInTheDark Year ago

    I went into this movie not knowing what to expect. No reviews, nothing. Watched it, the magic felt super cool which is something I enjoyed. The music also worked really well. What brought this movie down for me was the choppiness of scenes. It wasn’t just the fun dialogue part in the beginning, it lasted nearly all throughout the movie. It was too much to keep up with, I’m sure I missed some details along the way. Wouldn’t hurt to give it another watch though. If it was three hours I definitely would’ve stuck around

  • CannoliCrusaderTV

    Just saw this....I loved it!

  • Deviant
    Deviant Year ago


  • SignifyTerra
    SignifyTerra Year ago

    I really just want more. more guy Richie in the king Arthur universe. MORE MAGIC more everything!!!! I just more I'm sorry.

  • Minarose
    Minarose Year ago

    Why does he stab his own daughter though? Anyone....

    • JoIjIoL
      JoIjIoL Year ago

      To sacrifice her, so he can become the Nemesis, the tall guy with the flaming cape and sickle.

  • Blitz Nimbus
    Blitz Nimbus Year ago

    Is this a DC movie...?

  • Rainbowhawk1993
    Rainbowhawk1993 Year ago

    That intro...

  • John Eaves
    John Eaves Year ago

    Tolkien inspired. Just like dragon age franchise. The oversized creatures were preposterous.

  • airanator1212
    airanator1212 Year ago +2

    I thought this movie was absolutely perfectly executed in its most important aspect: the sword. From the time he gets the sword, to unlocking its full potential was masterfully done. And I've also never seen a movie represent the destruction and power of magic so well other than Warcraft surprisingly which was also an amazing movie that I didn't expect.

    • SMM Gooz
      SMM Gooz Year ago

      yes and yes...but unfortunately we will not to see sequels :(

  • Larry Singleton
    Larry Singleton Year ago

    "extended cut" Ditto on that.
    I'm waiting for "virtual reality" technology to get to a point where they can reproduce "new" Columbo episodes or old movies with Cary Grant and other "classic" stars looking, talking and acting exactly like they did in their movies. Movies with the same look and plot where you can't tell the difference between the original or new version. Or"new" "Episode such and such" after the series ended.
    Even a home version of those "glasses" with a total submersion VR would be nice.
    I'm waiting for a "total submersion" type of virtual reality to come out.....where everything is absolutely real. Even "walking" or "running" through the virtual reality environment. Or a jet "trainer" you can use at home that bounces up and down and all around. Or stand or sit there and carry on a conversation with some movie star or character from the past like he's actually sitting there talking to you.
    I'm sixty years old but I've been way, way ahead of this techno stuff since reading Future Shock by Alvin Toffler when I was sixteen. I got on that "BBS"? when the Internet used the telephone. (What a bitter disappointment the Internet has become) I grew up reading Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov and all the other science fiction writers. As a matter of fact I saw Ray at one of his last appearances in Riverside shortly before he passed away.

  • ZeroSumJ1
    ZeroSumJ1 Year ago

    I’m watching this movie right now and my buddy is on a bathroom break. I am loving it so far.

  • 714RockStarJohnny04

    loved this movie

  • Ryan Wesley
    Ryan Wesley Year ago

    Now I want to see that movie.

  • Martin Simard
    Martin Simard Year ago +1

    that movie suuuucked. didn t have to be king Arthur. it s just like any generic fantasy movie with knights and magic. there s your title.

  • Emily B
    Emily B Year ago +1

    Really disliked this movie, couldn't even finish it. The editing and montages took me out of it completely and I ended up feeling bored - plus I felt like a lot of the acting was weak at best. Guess I'm just not a guy ritchie fan

  • Watch WWE
    Watch WWE Year ago

    like hahahahhahaah 4:3

  • Master Baiter
    Master Baiter Year ago

    That movie was really good. I rarely watch movies twice but this one deserves it.

  • Ziarah
    Ziarah Year ago +1

    One of the best ever made. I loved the whole idea of it, the cgi was great, the setup was great. It's a shame it flopped because it was meant to be a 6 part movie franchise which would be a million times more awesome than the played out superhero franchise bullshit. I stick to comics on that

  • TimeLord1984
    TimeLord1984 Year ago

    He-Man movie planned for 2019. That’ll be interesting to see how it turns out!

  • Redleaf Boomer
    Redleaf Boomer Year ago

    Everyone probably has a favorite of this story mine is the merlin mini series from the late 90s (I think)

  • John von Shepard
    John von Shepard Year ago

    The movie is so bad!

  • Tendai Ball
    Tendai Ball Year ago

    Aight this movie (assuming the special effects and music stay the same) would have been the most amazing show, they would have had so much time to insert actual dialogue and story

  • ShadowlessFist
    ShadowlessFist Year ago


  • Jonny Bravo
    Jonny Bravo Year ago

    All scene in camelot is awesome. The wood scene is boring, the whole sword into another world scene boring. The ending is pretty much cgi not that I'm complaining. I just wish the movie have more guy Ritchie dialogue scene. That part is cool af

  • cattus stroffic
    cattus stroffic Year ago

    After the start, editing of the film constantly broke my emersion throughout was hard to enjoy

  • David Smith
    David Smith Year ago

    good movie

  • J. Matiyas
    J. Matiyas Year ago

    I just watched this and enjoyed it. Very entertaining despite its flaws.

  • Jesse Palmateer
    Jesse Palmateer Year ago

    Finally saw it and I regret not watching it in theaters. This movie was fantastic. Visuals, dialogue, soundtrack, casting, acting, fight scenes, the lot. I’m gonna go buy it on blu-ray now because it’s Awesometacular

  • Larry Singleton
    Larry Singleton Year ago

    Movies 9-23-17
    King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword - Movie Review
    JDSCT 4 months ago:
    “Just saw the movie.... really enjoyed it!!! Unfortunately, it seems to be crashing hard at the box office. It's too bad. Those who have seen it seem to like it... just not enough people going to see it. Boooo"
    I think part of the drop at cinemas is the liberal takeover of Hollywood that's bleeding into the movies; See the Oscars and Emmys; And the fact that movies are just too damned expensive. Going to movies is a L-U-X-U-R-Y.
    Every aspect of our lives is either taxed, fined, levied or otherwise over-regulated and all our basic necessities are.....luxuries.
    It's getting almost too expensive to f-ing BREATH, let alone shell out 20 to 50 bucks just to go to a show. And again the liberalism permeating movies today is scaring away movie fans. And I'm one of these guys usually easy to please and usually leave my brain, (and my politics), at the door when I watch movies. After raising political hell online all day I like to watch a movie, do a Homer Simpson, and just go; Duh.
    I was thinking....I got reaquainted with an old girlfriend. Her mother loved movies so every month we ended up doing this “movie night” until her mom, who was in a wheelchair, passed away. I'm telling you, the money I shelled out was a huge hit every month that I could feeeel. “Put a hurt on me” “made me feel the pain”, however you wanted to put it. The cost sure took away a lot of the enjoyment of going to the movies.
    I remember when we had double features as a kid. Then our old theater was sold to Pussycat Theater which showed porn movies....right on Main Street. The same “E” Street we used to cruise on as kids in San Bernardino California. Anybody remember cruising?
    I like movies from the 30,s, 40's and 50's and some from the sixties. THOSE were movies.
    Also I'm hard of hearing. Every movie, every documentary seems to have this obligatory LOUD "dramatic" "music" soundtrack that goes from the beginning to the end almost without pause and most often drowns out the dialogue of the actors whom you can't understand anyway because it's like none of them have been properly trained to Speak To An Audience. “Elucidate”? Is that the word? “Articulate? I know there's an “actor” word for this.
    It's like they're mumbling most of the time, and again, in addition to the godawful "music" blasting throughout the movie most of the time I can never understand what in the hell they're saying. Movies today aren't geared, At All, to the older generation. Of course they've got these hi-falootin' gadgets you can wear that'll add subtitles to the movies...What a world.
    Why is it that I can understand every word of movies made in the good ole days even with music but I need subtitles for every movie I watch today even without “music”? Even when they “stage whisper” you can understand what the actor is saying in these old movies. Even in British movies. When I see a movie made today with British actors I don't even waste my time checking it out.
    I'm not into these “blogs”, but I wonder if this issue has ever been discussed before? I've gone ahead and committed this comment to a document on my laptop for future reference because I find myself, like today, bringing this subject up so often.
    While I'm here I'll post my Audie Murphy letter:
    "Jack Elam" Why can't I ever remember this guys name? He's one of my favorites. Elam was a genuinely nice guy and a close personal friend of Audie Murphy. And one of the best “bad guys” in the business.
    Audie Murphy (Jack Elam) Story
    Audie Murphy was the real deal. There's a story by Jack Elam, who was a good friend of Murphys, about when they were up in Idyllwild near where I live. Getting a drink in some bar. Three guys came in one of them started hassling Elam. Pulled him by the back of his hair and said he needed a hair cut. "Audie spun around and hit him and never said a word" He mentions that Audie was short and that these guys were big. They took one look at Audie Murphy, picked up their friend and got the hell out of the bar.
    I've got an article with a picture: He picked this guy up who was walking in a rain storm. The guy stuck a gun in his side and slapped him in the mouth. Tells him he's going to steal his car. When they pull into a gas station Audie decides to fight. This guy is like six feet six inches tall. Both the cop and Audie in the picture are staring UP at this guy who is a frigging Mess. Audie beat the holy crap out of him. The caption in the article mentions Audie looks like he's ready to go to a movie premier. He ends up escaping but Audie and this cop overpower him as he's wrestling with some woman he's trying to steal clothes from. . I had the same thing happen to me once except I was doing a part time job as a security guard. This guy came up to my desk with his hand in his shirt saying he had a gun and would kill me if I didn't open the pharmacy in this medical building I was watching. This ended up almost the same way accept this “hero” ended up puking his guts out in front of a bunch of nurses after I had dragged him into the adjoining hospital. Broke my damn glasses when he sucker punched me.
    8-22-17 Here's a coincidence: I ordered a rare and obscure book online after reading about it in an article; Gods, Graves and Scholars by C.W. Ceram. A book about the history of archaeology. (A TERRIFIC book) I'm about halfway through it when I'm watching the movie Brotherhood of the Rose with Robert Mitchum. And at about twenty three minutes into the movie Gods, Graves and Scholars is used a code breaker in the movie. What are the chances...?
    Dante's Inferno - Clair Trevor, Spencer Tracy 1935
    This is the first time I've seen this movie. And I've watched a lot of old movies.
    When I was 14 or 15, almost fifty years ago, I was at Lake Tahoe. I was with my parents on a trip to visit old friends and decided to walk into town. I met this weird character who was about twenty or so. And he had me panhandling on the street with him. He would shout out "she walks, she talks she crawls on her belly like a reptile". And cracked "Watch this man step in front of a fast moving automobile". Like one of those "barkers". I had never heard anybody say anything like that again until I heard Spencer say "they crawl upon their bellies" and I couldn't help wondering if the man I met had gotten “crawl on her belly” from this movie. (At the 14 minute mark)

  • aingeru perez eguiguren


  • Drewster
    Drewster Year ago

    I can't get behind this so much;
    The story and plot was sub decent,
    The characters were not defined, distinguishable or special,
    It started to drag on after a while because you aren't interested in the central conflict and you don't care about the characters goals.
    But the acting was good, the action was decent and the visuals are great.
    At the very least it is an epic spectacle.

  • keriezy
    keriezy Year ago

    I don't know what movie I watched but it sure wasn't the one you're talking about. This movie was such a mess. The dialogue was awful and out of sync with the world they created. The jump cuts gave me a headache. The inconsistent storytelling was annoying as well as redundant (how many times must we flash to the dock?). It was a hard movie to watch.

  • Tryingto Begood
    Tryingto Begood Year ago

    this movie was bad ass!!!!!!!!!!!!...I want more more more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Machiavelli-ThatGuyIsMe

    BraveHeart will be my all time favorite medieval movie. I like realism but I do like CH so I will find the time to watch King Arthur. I may get some Hate but I find Game of thrones a Bit boring.

  • steven meyers
    steven meyers Year ago

    I absolutely loved the film. One of the coolest twist I've seen to the sword in the stone stories. It's a shame that it most likely will not get a sequel due to its poor box office outcome.

  • Katrina Grigg
    Katrina Grigg Year ago +1

    This movie sucks

  • Victor M
    Victor M Year ago

    As a whole, this movie is decent. It takes a lot of license and is overall dumb but in a good way. It was well acted and had cool action.

  • TheUnMaskedTroll
    TheUnMaskedTroll Year ago

    My cousin is in this movie

  • XMG3
    XMG3 Year ago +1

    felt like this was the worst movie i've seen this year, almost felt asleep, do not connect with any of the characters...

  • drzennAvian
    drzennAvian Year ago

    Ugh. This film feels like Guy Richie accepted this project because he had bills to pay. I agree that this would have been a spectacle IF it had far more time to better explore the characters and the scenario giving it some depth and dimension, HOWEVER it did not. It seems like if you're between the ages of 8 and 12 years old and had never seen any other fantasy film, you would have throughly enjoyed yourself.

  • undercurrent
    undercurrent Year ago

    i actually really liked the section in the middle on the island. We get that time passes, and stuff happens, that made me believe he underwent change. I also thought it was pretty unique.

  • G.H.ChristoFascist


  • Annie Moses
    Annie Moses Year ago

    I actually loved this film

  • Tye May
    Tye May Year ago

    I did not like this film. Except for the score, it was pretty exciting and badass at times. But everything else, ugh. The BAD cgi, the montage editing (which works for a lot of films, but not this one) was just horrid in my opinion. No, I'm not just some cardboard dude with no personality and a stick up my ass, I'm pretty charismatic truth be told. I'm actually a very passionate aspiring filmmaker, so I'm naturally critical with films. So no offense to those who enjoyed it.

  • Your Average Frank
    Your Average Frank Year ago +1

    Reminded me of The Lion King when I watched it, the comparison is almost identical.

  • Rich 91
    Rich 91 Year ago

    charlie hunman doesnt sell movies
    tom hardy/leonardo di caprico/jason statham etc all sell movies

  • Timliu92
    Timliu92 Year ago

    This movie does not deserve the hate from critics IMO. It was epic and self-aware in every respect. I actually thought a "Good Time, No Alcohol Required" rating is the best for this film.

  • Mary Miller
    Mary Miller Year ago

    Just watched it...I enjoyed it🤷🏾‍♀️

  • RT Solo
    RT Solo Year ago

    I had no desire to see this movie cuz I heard it sucks. Son and I watched it last night. Best movie I've seen in awhile. Fucking professional reviewers. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • R K
    R K Year ago

    The movie is lit and epic
    A must watch everyone

  • Joey Mason
    Joey Mason Year ago

    this movie is bad ass!!!

  • IcemanJaymz
    IcemanJaymz Year ago

    Best reviewer out there; good stuff

  • Isabela Hart
    Isabela Hart Year ago

    I loved this movie sad it flopped

  • ReviewAss PapaTech

    Oh my god what a terrible ugly movie to watch ! So boring and generic and the music is downright lame , they screwed up the entire Mythos with hard rock music and compressed CGI crap ! And the best part is the SJW bullshit , a black man as the commander of the 13th century british army Lol! Yeah right haha !!