Fortnite just ENDED... (Fortnite THE END Event Reaction - Chapter 2)

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
  • Fortnite just SHUT DOWN... (Fortnite THE END Event - Chapter 2)
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    Fortnite just SHUT DOWN... (Fortnite THE END Event - Chapter 2) I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments Gameplay video! Today, we go into Fortnite The End and react to the END event Chapter 2
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Comments • 2 839

  • Kiwiz
    Kiwiz  29 days ago +2384

    fortnite is over... drop a like to bring it back

  • 1000 Subs with No Vids Challenge?? ?

    The black hole piano music was emotional 😥

  • Sacred V3nom
    Sacred V3nom 11 days ago

    Nicks: imagine were here for like three hrs
    Fortnite: hahahahaha nope more like 4 days

  • sudeiys bandari
    sudeiys bandari 11 days ago

    Ooh no. now the 9year old are going to go to mincraft

  • Anthony Rango
    Anthony Rango 22 days ago

    All the people that’s spent thousands of dollars on fortnite are gonna cry

  • AlphaWolfCreations
    AlphaWolfCreations 22 days ago

    There’s an article about this on The Week newspaper

    • Smokeskreen Gaming
      Smokeskreen Gaming 22 days ago

      AlphaWolfCreations yeah! What is your favorite season of Fortnite?

  • pablo rodriguez
    pablo rodriguez 22 days ago

    yay fortnite is shutdown and play fortnite cheaper 2

    • Smokeskreen Gaming
      Smokeskreen Gaming 22 days ago

      pablo rodriguez nice! What do you think is the best season of Fortnite?

  • Game Crosser
    Game Crosser 23 days ago

    "Imagine it goes down for 3 hours"
    Epic Games: ima end this mans whole career
    Epic Games: *Puts servers down for 2 days*

    • Smokeskreen Gaming
      Smokeskreen Gaming 22 days ago

      Crossed Gamer 😂. What is your favorite season of Fortnite?

  • Benjamin Ziemke
    Benjamin Ziemke 23 days ago +1

    I’m glad fortnite is no more, yell at me if you want

  • Dovah Hunter
    Dovah Hunter 24 days ago

    Happiest day of my fucking life.. goodbye fortnite..

  • I have horrible sence of humor

    The only hole virgins will see.

  • KoofaTroofa
    KoofaTroofa 24 days ago

    it was the fault of the minecraft players

  • Joe Lawerance
    Joe Lawerance 25 days ago

    I would like to think the money i put into the founders packs went to this one moment. They abandoned the main game for this side project and then ended it all. RIP my money.

  • Biji Kuda
    Biji Kuda 25 days ago

    Club penguin: *First time?*

  • Loathe Skies
    Loathe Skies 25 days ago

    I can’t wait to watch 9 year olds cry, while me, laughing.

  • Cory Elliott
    Cory Elliott 25 days ago +1

    I have always hated fortnight and tbh I'm really happy it's over this reminds me of avengers endgame

  • ghostgamer23
    ghostgamer23 25 days ago

    We did it Mr.Stark..... we did it. Fortinte, is no more.

  • Itriyum
    Itriyum 26 days ago

    Omg can you stop screaming like a little bitch jesus

  • ComentAndDoment
    ComentAndDoment 26 days ago

    Actually it is a good publicity stunt. I mean they are forcing players to have a break from their game for an enteire week. Or more??

  • King Newton The Ruler of the Land

    Finally, inner peace.

  • Nade Nedeva
    Nade Nedeva 26 days ago +1

    i bet all the little kids who played are now crying in some corner with a nose they cant clean because they wasted too much money for the game and now dont even have money for a tissue.
    1 like - one more Minecraft fan passing by my comment.

  • Johnathan gomez
    Johnathan gomez 26 days ago

    Minecraft is god

  • Christian Sarmiento
    Christian Sarmiento 26 days ago

    The new map is actually real life. So the purge is happening.

  • GamingWithR9
    GamingWithR9 26 days ago

    Fortnite is coming back .You're gonna go and miss all of your vbuks

  • GamingWithR9
    GamingWithR9 26 days ago

    It's coming new maps and new skins. It's happend to me.

  • Arem Salaatin
    Arem Salaatin 26 days ago

    Great video

  • Sterling Robertson
    Sterling Robertson 26 days ago

    nice it is finally shutting down

  • Kendall Keith
    Kendall Keith 26 days ago


  • Ro4r FN
    Ro4r FN 26 days ago


  • Me and the bois Dectective

    No one
    Litterlay no one

    Black hole destroys fortnghite map

  • Angelina Eikamp
    Angelina Eikamp 26 days ago


  • John Qualls
    John Qualls 26 days ago

    I got fortnite 2 so go download it

  • Mayra Garcia
    Mayra Garcia 26 days ago


  • eliut garcia
    eliut garcia 27 days ago

    Yeah boi fortnite is fuck yeah boi fuck fortnite

  • Markus Henanger
    Markus Henanger 27 days ago


  • Lol Wot?
    Lol Wot? 27 days ago

    yay fortnite is gone now!

  • AuRa___ Shadow
    AuRa___ Shadow 27 days ago

    The sad part 7:03 they send u away then they make u look at it for 1 last time before a new map its really kinda sad

  • FlamesStudiosXZ !
    FlamesStudiosXZ ! 27 days ago


  • BlackRainIsWet
    BlackRainIsWet 27 days ago

    the meteor was minecraft😂

  • pessimismo
    pessimismo 27 days ago

    dude stop yelling

  • Eduardo Romero
    Eduardo Romero 27 days ago

    Reason because fortnite is shutting down is because it's a addiction it's proven that this addiction even tho is not a drug has the same results as a cocaine addict wanting coke every second and this is a fact IAM glad the game shut down

  • TheCroatianGamingChannel

    What if Like the sky. I feel like ... Like.. Never clicked faster off a video

  • tvillingerne nielsen
    tvillingerne nielsen 27 days ago

    Like too Safe fortnite😭

  • Sean Brown
    Sean Brown 27 days ago

    Damn virgins

  • Octo8BIT
    Octo8BIT 27 days ago

    thats why splatoon good.

  • CharbzHarbz
    CharbzHarbz 27 days ago


  • Real Kerekter
    Real Kerekter 27 days ago +1

    Finally, victory!!!!!

  • Clark Pines
    Clark Pines 27 days ago

    then fortnite 2 comes out...

  • Sunny Skaloni
    Sunny Skaloni 27 days ago +1

    Well boys we did it,fortnite is no more

  • Just4kl
    Just4kl 27 days ago

    I am happy this mess is over... These kids jumping around stoped screaming. So nice.

  • Tony Bones
    Tony Bones 27 days ago

    You guys need to look at the bigger picture. This is just another form of illuminati mind preparation for their upcoming agenda. In particular NASA'S project blue beam where they ARE going to use advanced technology and ginormous satellites and projectors placed across the globe for a world wide HOLOGRAPHIC false flag alien event. At the very same time this technological and visionary display will be used to usher in the new world order and their new world religion...the antichrist. The illuminati owned media have been preparing you ever since you were born you just dont know it

  • YourAverageYoutuber
    YourAverageYoutuber 27 days ago

    You were on my news program last night congrats

  • George Edgar
    George Edgar 27 days ago

    map 2019-2019

  • I Love Its Audrey!
    I Love Its Audrey! 27 days ago +2

    Who else is happy fortnite shutdown?

    • Bemu
      Bemu 27 days ago

      T H A N O S yay

  • YouWantMyPancake
    YouWantMyPancake 27 days ago

    yay its over :hype:

  • GoldenLegacy
    GoldenLegacy 27 days ago

    My friend told me gta5 is gonna shut down now I got to laugh at his face 👉😂😂

  • crop41
    crop41 27 days ago

    I got 2 adds within 2 minutes..

  • Lillian Bam
    Lillian Bam 27 days ago


  • Jacob Bellamy
    Jacob Bellamy 27 days ago

    Now you have to get a life

  • MVS Cancer
    MVS Cancer 27 days ago +1

    Fortnite just robbed everyone who bought something