The Voice 2017 Keisha Renee - Top 10: "All By Myself"

  • Published on Dec 5, 2017
  • Keisha Renee sings Celine Dion's "All By Myself" during the live Top 10 performances.
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    The Voice 2017 Keisha Renee - Top 10: "All By Myself"
    The Voice
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Comments • 1 395

  • Clemsonshawty
    Clemsonshawty 12 days ago

    I don't get the dress tho.... would have been nice to see the train flowing as she moved

  • George Hobson
    George Hobson 16 days ago

    This is Eric Carmen's song not Celine Dion's.

  • neyda carina reynoso cabrera

    Keisha is the best singer of the voice finally

  • dede frimarda
    dede frimarda Month ago

    she’s amazing! but don’t forget the back ups too! their note at the end 😱😱😱 it’s killin’ !!!

    DOPE TIZZLE 2 months ago

    Her voice is flawless! Go ahead sista!

  • steelerfan77777
    steelerfan77777 3 months ago

    Okay performance.. Good job. After this I have to listen Celine Dion!

  • neyda carina reynoso cabrera

    The best son of thats girl

  • Kole Amogelang
    Kole Amogelang 3 months ago


  • Marco Marques
    Marco Marques 4 months ago +1

    She has musicianship for days! The way she phrases and resolves each phrase is so tasteful!

  • Isabelle Lourenco
    Isabelle Lourenco 4 months ago +1


    • Isabelle Lourenco
      Isabelle Lourenco 4 months ago +1

      Emotional and crying now because I don’t want to be by myself.

  • Daryl Dixon
    Daryl Dixon 6 months ago +1


  • Joseph Igot
    Joseph Igot 6 months ago

    1:17 The girl playing the violin looks like Spensha.

    AMANDEEP SINGH 6 months ago

    LOL she cant hit those notes :P

  • Lytonya
    Lytonya 6 months ago


  • Gurmen Badyal
    Gurmen Badyal 6 months ago


  • Mark Lester Martin
    Mark Lester Martin 7 months ago

    Similar to charice’s version. 👏👏👏

  • Severe Fedner
    Severe Fedner 7 months ago

    MetGala Dress 2018

  • klw all-star
    klw all-star 7 months ago


  • Gabe Segura
    Gabe Segura 7 months ago

    I miss u my queen

  • Kerrian Miller
    Kerrian Miller 7 months ago


  • madman
    madman 7 months ago

    Sort of depressing to realize her most successful performance was the one week she stepped away from country...

  • MANUEL Aguilar
    MANUEL Aguilar 7 months ago

    The voice russia takes it and its a guy

  • andy10515
    andy10515 7 months ago

    I love all singers but I never heard anyone sing All By Myself the way Dimash Kudaibergen, from The Singer 2017 sang it, he will blow you away.

  • J.R.
    J.R. 7 months ago


  • MusickL0veher
    MusickL0veher 8 months ago

    Love this song and what she did with it. I feel like she's having a conversation fabulous job of storytelling #SING (These verses)
    And the bgv's on that last anymore sheesh that soprano!!!!!!!

  • Michelle Manaog
    Michelle Manaog 8 months ago

    she nailed it!

  • Leon Pont
    Leon Pont 8 months ago

    I would've liked the long notes a little higher

  • atulwey hat
    atulwey hat 8 months ago

    i want to buy ur album keisha. i really love ur voice that make me feel so calm. 😢

  • Jarome Henry
    Jarome Henry 8 months ago


  • Rhonda LeClair
    Rhonda LeClair 9 months ago

    WOW!!!! Amazing!!

  • Crystal Boven
    Crystal Boven 9 months ago

    Wow what a voice 😱

  • HD M. Carvalho
    HD M. Carvalho 9 months ago

    every second of the song is out of pitch!!!! Never a pitch perfect! Dislike

  • Tiago Soares
    Tiago Soares 9 months ago

    Melhor temporada ❤

  • tbay1959
    tbay1959 9 months ago

    This song was actually first done by Eric Carmen way back in 1975.

  • Isabelle Lourenco
    Isabelle Lourenco 9 months ago


  • Miharu chan
    Miharu chan 10 months ago

    Just beautiful... Lord I repeat this daily

  • zead sear
    zead sear 10 months ago

    She the best

  • Nursulyan Urkunbaev
    Nursulyan Urkunbaev 10 months ago

    Its woman?

  • Ndahiro Shemsa
    Ndahiro Shemsa 10 months ago

    I just got chills . OMG she's so damn good

  • old youtube
    old youtube 10 months ago

    1 month later and i'm still shook

  • James Brown
    James Brown 10 months ago

    When she hit that high note. I got goosebumps.

  • Cherry Ottley
    Cherry Ottley 11 months ago

    Great song choices all season

    • Jason Andolina
      Jason Andolina 11 months ago

      Cherry Ottley yea and the season overall was really good.

  • ridzuan505
    ridzuan505 11 months ago

    Watch and hear this malaysian

  • Hudson Medela
    Hudson Medela 11 months ago

    Uma das mais maravilhosas😭❤

  • Lileia Juarez
    Lileia Juarez 11 months ago


  • Katie Kruppa
    Katie Kruppa 11 months ago

    Can't believe she want home

    • Jason Andolina
      Jason Andolina 4 months ago

      yeah she should've been in the finale over Red.

  • Fakhrul Radzi Ridzwan
    Fakhrul Radzi Ridzwan 11 months ago

    She sounds like Beyonce.

  • D G
    D G 11 months ago +1

    She deserved to win smh tf the show is called the voice and she had the best one this season !!!

  • Shelia W
    Shelia W 11 months ago

    Awesome awesome job!! Better than the original ...

  • Carlos Oliveira
    Carlos Oliveira 11 months ago

    Superb! Amazing!

  • Isabelle Lourenco
    Isabelle Lourenco 11 months ago +1

    Emotional right now. Teary. Can relate. Don't want to be in the room all by myself sometimes.

  • Bozee - Snakes & More
    Bozee - Snakes & More 11 months ago

    WHY DIDNT SHE WIN!!!!!!!!

  • Suely Araujo
    Suely Araujo 11 months ago

    Que controle vocal..., Sempre impecável...😍😍😍

  • Sam Paul
    Sam Paul 11 months ago

    That dress is absolutely gorgeous . Her voice is incredibly perfect . But the end of the song was amazing .

  • Barker Landar
    Barker Landar 11 months ago

    She's the winner in my book!

  • Chance Aguon
    Chance Aguon 11 months ago


    • Jason Andolina
      Jason Andolina 11 months ago +1

      Chance Aguon yea she deserved it more then Red

  • Paulo Ricardo
    Paulo Ricardo 11 months ago

    Ela saiu do The Voice? :( Como pode isso gentem

  • katrin alexander
    katrin alexander 11 months ago

    Sorry, but can't listen to any version of all by myself except Dimash. Check

  • Baby Conch
    Baby Conch 11 months ago

    She wins she wins she wins she wins she wins

  • Vitor Gomez
    Vitor Gomez 11 months ago

    Merecia ganhar, pra mim foi a melhor

  • Junior Carvalho
    Junior Carvalho 11 months ago

    Emocionante. ❤👏🙌

  • Mark Thelmsley
    Mark Thelmsley 11 months ago +1

    Fun Fact: Keisha Renee was a backup singer for Nicki Minaj😍 true talent

  • Los Alvarado Sanchez
    Los Alvarado Sanchez 11 months ago


  • Ashley Daw
    Ashley Daw 11 months ago

    Do she makes it to the finale?

  • Niquillia Vinson
    Niquillia Vinson Year ago

    Elegantly done! #SheWillBeTheWinner!!

  • mojarean X
    mojarean X Year ago

    Please check Aisyah version all by myself.

  • Michelle Guerrero

    Solidity, Power, Range, Gripping...take what's yours, not going down without a fight, she already won in her rise, she doesn't have to be "the winner of the voice"

  • Lucinda norman
    Lucinda norman Year ago

    The Winner😎😎

  • donna cargile
    donna cargile Year ago

    I'm so sad she didn't make it, but she's still my girl and I know Blake better help make it in Nashville. We need her. Love you Keisha

  • Josephine Cindy
    Josephine Cindy Year ago

    i just luv u renee

  • Indra Sanjaya
    Indra Sanjaya Year ago

    must be good brooke singing this song must be extraordinary

  • Jo Vodka
    Jo Vodka Year ago

    Hear that voice babe!!!that’s what i mean about giving a voice!!

  • NeNe G
    NeNe G Year ago +1


  • chs hps
    chs hps Year ago

    This will be a very hard season to pick one champion from so many good contestants

  • Ricardo Domingos
    Ricardo Domingos Year ago

    Gorgeous , congrats from Portugal 🇵🇹

  • James Brown
    James Brown Year ago +1

    This woman deserves a record deal. She is an amazing find.

  • C. KRUSE
    C. KRUSE Year ago

    Go Broadway Keisha- and lose the hat which hides your natural class and beauty.

  • Leedea Harrison
    Leedea Harrison Year ago

    Yes!!!!!! Awesome performance. Such a beautiful voice.

  • bowie tian
    bowie tian Year ago

    EPIC!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Delibels Siregar
    Delibels Siregar Year ago


  • Lyndal Anthony
    Lyndal Anthony Year ago +1

    Her runs makes me want to get in shape

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Year ago

    Janice unfortunately got eliminated somehow, so I’m now rooting for Keisha.

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy Year ago

      michael CARROLL Wow... honestly didn’t expect Red to make it. But it’s funny, Miley let go of Addison and look at where she is now! But in all honesty, I think Brooke’s got this.
      Btw, thanks for the info!!

    • michael CARROLL
      michael CARROLL Year ago

      Random Guy She got eliminated last night. Noah left as well. The finale four are: Brooke, Chloe, red, Addison😊

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy Year ago

      michael CARROL Keisha didn’t get eliminated, she’s in the semis. Unless you know who’s in the finals. (I have a lot of school and also sports, so I wouldn’t know)

    • michael CARROLL
      michael CARROLL Year ago

      Random Guy she just got elimented too

  • S Kirk
    S Kirk Year ago

    She's really good. She deserves a career.

  • cremedelacrem
    cremedelacrem Year ago

    Really hard this season to pick a winner!! Ridiculous Range!!

  • Patrick Rice
    Patrick Rice Year ago

    a bit nasally but impressive

  • Bituin A.
    Bituin A. Year ago +1

    The colors, the stage, the setup, the gown, the orchestra, the singer -- this performance is perfect.

  • Cristian R. Brarda

    WOW! So heartfelt! A little pitchy at the beginning of the clímax bit that at the end of the big higher note she nailed it! Epic ending! 😍

  • saada ziad
    saada ziad Year ago

    this song just reminds me of chandler and joey, anyone ?

  • MrBlactye
    MrBlactye Year ago +1

    Technically the best singer on The Voice. I tune every week just to see what she do. Keisha is my favorite. If we want Keisha to win we know what we need to do so that can happen.

  • G R A C E
    G R A C E Year ago

    She NAILED It !!!
    best cover ever... the way she overtone her voice is so incredible .
    nice choice !

  • ClavisRa
    ClavisRa Year ago

    She's surpassed Brooke, by a country mile ;) as the best power singer. Hope Shi'an watched and took notes on how to do perfectly musical and tasteful runs!

  • ChinaEyez
    ChinaEyez Year ago

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Week, after week, after week....she never disappoints us

  • Whitney Andrea
    Whitney Andrea Year ago

    She is amazingggggg!

  • Lakiesha Tucker
    Lakiesha Tucker Year ago

    Beautiful voice and I LOVE her attire!

  • Sharon Baughman
    Sharon Baughman Year ago

    Holy cow.....she can sing!

  • Harbuana Syahputra

    I give you 100% suport

  • Keyora King
    Keyora King Year ago +1

    Anybody else cry ✋🏼

  • Andrew Lucas
    Andrew Lucas Year ago


  • Dee Greenleaf
    Dee Greenleaf Year ago +1

    Her whole outfit and stage presence was magnificent and she sounded Amazing! I pray she gets to the finale.. She deserves it!! Bravoooooo.. ❤❤