Movie Scenes That Nearly Killed Tom Cruise


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  • Looper
    Looper  11 months ago +292

    Besides Losin' It, what's your favorite Tom Cruise film?

    • Addie Morrison
      Addie Morrison 4 days ago +1


      I’m sorry....

    • Tahsin Hasan
      Tahsin Hasan 5 days ago +1

      Looper Collateral is my favourite one!

      GAMER PERSON 6 days ago +1

      Mission impossible 6 is my favorite so far

      FREE SUBS 6 days ago +1

      Jack Reacher

    • Tracey Mills
      Tracey Mills 7 days ago +1

      Top Gun

  • Andrew Zhu
    Andrew Zhu 42 minutes ago

    what about the plane scene and helicopter scene in Mission Impossible:Fallout which i watched today?

  • Gina
    Gina 20 hours ago

    why would they use real weapons in a movie? why wouldn't they make fake ones????

  • Bleach
    Bleach Day ago +1

    How is he still alive?

  • Pickle Boi
    Pickle Boi 3 days ago

    I guess scientology does give you super powers

  • Bruineca
    Bruineca 3 days ago

    HAHAHAHAHA ! That poor extra getting it from a horse ! I bet he felt he didn't get paid enough that day !

  • Chris1111116
    Chris1111116 4 days ago +1

    He’s a decent actor - doesn’t make his private life any better.
    Supporting Scientology is like admiring Hitler - if you know what it is, it’s just disgusting!

  • Neferene
    Neferene 4 days ago

    My favorite movie is Edge of Tomorrow. It was brilliant!

  • storm pooper
    storm pooper 5 days ago


  • Shu Sasaki
    Shu Sasaki 5 days ago

    half of the things on this list aren't "Near Death".

  • Kai Wang
    Kai Wang 6 days ago

    Is this narration in Scottish?

  • Pranav Jamkhindikar
    Pranav Jamkhindikar 6 days ago

    Is tom cruise the real ghost rider ???

  • Edward Kenway
    Edward Kenway 6 days ago

    Tom Cruise is the BEST!

  • Joshua Hetherton
    Joshua Hetherton 7 days ago

    You guys missed the opening of MI2

  • Zach Hodge
    Zach Hodge 7 days ago

    Ive Been Told This Channel Is Terrible

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton 8 days ago

    Cruise is an odd guy outside of his acting career but as an actor he's an all time great. Cruise has made more hit movies than any actor I can think of steadily since I was a child and I'm turning 43 next month.

  • Khushboo Gupta
    Khushboo Gupta 8 days ago

    My god

  • matthew grant
    matthew grant 9 days ago

    Shame he survived

  • M Chaney
    M Chaney 9 days ago

    Collateral was awesome.

  • Johnny Johnson
    Johnny Johnson 9 days ago

    My fav movie of Tom Cruise is Mission Imposibble Series

  • Zaahir Azhar
    Zaahir Azhar 10 days ago

    *I want to see Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan in a film. Best stunt movie ever?*

  • thenaturalboxer
    thenaturalboxer 10 days ago

    Hahahahahahahahahaha! Tom is, far and away, his own favorite person.

  • Superhero ABC
    Superhero ABC 10 days ago

    Actor and stuntman

  • Winklez
    Winklez 11 days ago

    this was uploaded on my b day!

  • Jono
    Jono 11 days ago

    Jackie Chan and Tom Cruise acting in...

    Lucky Motherfuckers

  • Collin Hanlin
    Collin Hanlin 11 days ago

    Tom cruise is fuckin bad ass

  • Sue Burgess
    Sue Burgess 11 days ago

    He is very LUCKY to be alive. He should STOP pushing his luck.

  • Opt_ 1000
    Opt_ 1000 11 days ago +28

    His leg during mission impossible fallout was a rubber eraser when he nearly broke it

  • July 24 Pictures
    July 24 Pictures 12 days ago +12

    Fallout was badass

  • éléphants lions rhinocéros ext reine lion

    Collatéral avec jaimie fox ******

  • predator66621 mc manus

    Lol mission impossible 6

  • Jolange Liu
    Jolange Liu 12 days ago

    He is tempting fate and that is not good. His ego is the culprit. That is why they make CGI and have specialty stunt men.

  • zjapp
    zjapp 12 days ago

    0:14 they were filming, he was acting

  • Manijeh Binesh
    Manijeh Binesh 13 days ago

    I've never seen his movies but he seems like a crazy person

    Not a bad thing tho

  • Tarik Silajdzic
    Tarik Silajdzic 13 days ago

    or in other words - every goddamn movie he filmed! Defying death with every project

  • Mr Big
    Mr Big 13 days ago

    Fuck! turn down the god-damn compression on the vocals!!! I hate the audio on these type of videos!! Fuck me!

  • akram qwerty
    akram qwerty 14 days ago

    Underrated tom cruise~

  • Feroze Khan
    Feroze Khan 14 days ago +1

    In the new Mission Impossible movie, he falls from a helicopter and then had to grab the bottom of the payload under the helicopter thousands of feet above ground.

  • Mark Edwards
    Mark Edwards 14 days ago

    He is my fave!

  • Wipsplash
    Wipsplash 14 days ago

    I think Cruise's real life almost runs like his movies. He's a psycho badass. I mean that in the nicest way.

  • sofritopapi
    sofritopapi 14 days ago

    He still ain't got shit on Jackie Chan.

  • Italian Squirrel
    Italian Squirrel 14 days ago

    Holy shit its the genderless child!!!

  • Gary Looper
    Gary Looper 15 days ago

    I guess if it doesn't kill him....I'll just continue to be disapointed!

  • Magdalena Huber
    Magdalena Huber 15 days ago

    Lot replacement button trick acid result which maximum him chest.

  • Jana Wimmer
    Jana Wimmer 15 days ago

    promotion play abroad late bombing oral part crash.

  • lightThatcherry
    lightThatcherry 15 days ago

    Keep his personal life out this guy is a fucking beast. He can act, he does his stunts himself, he is good looking as fuck and is in pretty good shape. My personal favorite roles played by him were Vincent in Collateral and Less Grossman Tropic Thunder

  • Vertron Vlogz
    Vertron Vlogz 15 days ago

    If undertale was realistic guy for sure

  • Md. Mushfiqur Rahman
    Md. Mushfiqur Rahman 15 days ago

    Don't compare Tom Cruise with Jackie Chan. Both of them are different. Jackie Chan does his things naturally and Tom Cruise takes calculative risks with preparations. Tom Cruise is full of courage to do things he has done, but Jackie Chan just do stunts without thinking of courage. Jackie is natural and Tom has the courage to do risky stunts.

  • bho1
    bho1 15 days ago

    i can't imagine how much his insurance is...

  • M M
    M M 15 days ago

    tom cruise is the best!

  • - TBL Productions -
    - TBL Productions - 15 days ago

    What’s the summary of oblivion? Cuz he has a future look’n motorcycle.

  • RFP244
    RFP244 16 days ago

    i saw the news, he broke his ankle during the filming MI : Fallout

  • Tom e bowers
    Tom e bowers 16 days ago


  • Brett Stanton
    Brett Stanton 16 days ago

    Just a matter of time ....

  • abhishek singh
    abhishek singh 16 days ago

    Tom cruise the greatest actor ever fact 🔝👑

  • Arsh Faraz
    Arsh Faraz 16 days ago

    He's old but I still love him😅❤️

  • Josiah Peck
    Josiah Peck 16 days ago

    Protest refer fight prnxmn behavior primary eastern frequency lead once teenage life these.

  • Chiggy
    Chiggy 16 days ago

    I don’t exactly think anything will kill Tom. Not even time

  • dharmendra Singh
    dharmendra Singh 16 days ago

    Tom curse I love

  • J B Philli
    J B Philli 16 days ago

    fake news, all i have to say.... 1:08 Boo

  • agweterndg
    agweterndg 16 days ago

    Love Tom Cruise!

  • Angela B
    Angela B 16 days ago

    I dont wish it upon anyone but one day all these stunts could end his life. When you have a dangerous job, intentional or not, it will catch up to you.

  • Simone Semteng
    Simone Semteng 16 days ago

    My mom likes him and is worried and to be honest I‘m worried too😳🤨

  • Flash Allen
    Flash Allen 17 days ago

    this channel is getting worst, just blocked it.

  • Colleen Presser
    Colleen Presser 17 days ago

    Awww, poor baby. He's so full of himself. I used to like him, when I was younger but I got tired of him saying, in not so many words, that people don't need to take pills for OLD or depression or anxiety. He has no right to put people down, if they do have to take them. Goodie for him, if he doesn't have to take them but everyone is different.

    • denniszenanywhere
      denniszenanywhere Day ago +1

      Colleen Presser many Asian parents think this way about not taking any pill. But nobody knows about this outside of family. I remember not taking any type of medication if it’s only a headache.

  • vxy357
    vxy357 17 days ago

    What his insurance rates must be like! Probably through the roof and up in the sky

  • Liz Gara
    Liz Gara 17 days ago

    Ohh God 🙈🙈🙈😥😭😭😭😭no no he should stop doing this

  • MT-Nate Wolf
    MT-Nate Wolf 17 days ago

    Is that the voice actor from smash bits?

  • Zack T.
    Zack T. 17 days ago

    Every stunt from Mission Impossible Fallout nearly killed Tom Cruise...

  • Florpzor Son of Zorpmoon

    Too bad the asshole didn't die!

  • Claudia Perez
    Claudia Perez 17 days ago

    He may have some nutty ideas in real life but you gotta respect him for his dedication to his quality of work

  • Johnny Mundo
    Johnny Mundo 17 days ago

    I wish Tom and Jackie Chan work together 1 day

  • phaniraj patel
    phaniraj patel 17 days ago +1

    His scientology stunt was the best of all 😁

  • Its-Ellena.S.
    Its-Ellena.S. 17 days ago

    Damm.. compared to top gun.. tom cruise is getting old now.

  • shape shifter
    shape shifter 17 days ago

    What a bs. Hollywood would risk the life of a million dollar selling machine.

  • Marksmocs&more
    Marksmocs&more 17 days ago

    Tom cruise : "there is no substitute"

  • Tyrant
    Tyrant 18 days ago

    Fools, you can't kill Tom Cruise.

  • Deadpool I LIKE GUNS
    Deadpool I LIKE GUNS 18 days ago


  • Wild Eye
    Wild Eye 18 days ago

    Please please please release a video entitled "The movies scene that really did kill Tom Cruise." Do it truthfully, tomorrow, please.

  • Luciano Conte
    Luciano Conte 18 days ago

    bad ass

  • Gelo Reyes
    Gelo Reyes 18 days ago

    I bet Tom Cruise's life insurance premium is really high.

  • Boogey Man
    Boogey Man 18 days ago

    You can just say that they were fails

  • IB60 Gaming
    IB60 Gaming 19 days ago

    rip tom

  • Emily & Jared
    Emily & Jared 19 days ago

    Wait. You mean to tell me that Tom actually hung off the side of a plane while it took off...

  • HasHasDre
    HasHasDre 19 days ago

    Wow, Immortal Dude

  • Arnold Strong Numero Uno

    Oh damn. Scary

  • basiclana ღ
    basiclana ღ 19 days ago

    How is Tom cruise so lucky

  • Dane
    Dane 19 days ago

    my respect to him. he is showing he really doesn't want any cgi of himself xD

  • Sanjay Patidar
    Sanjay Patidar 19 days ago

    great hero

  • Carl Seddon
    Carl Seddon 19 days ago

    He is a action man Tommy boy

  • SuperEpicTimmy
    SuperEpicTimmy 19 days ago

    Tommys got a guardian angel

    Nvrm hes a scientologist probably doesn't believe in them

  • Kurt Baechler Jr
    Kurt Baechler Jr 19 days ago

    Dude Tom Cruise has got something or someone looking over him very closely to come that close to death so many times

  • Andrew Valov
    Andrew Valov 19 days ago

    Do you really expect any intelligent person to believe that any prop weapon in The Last Samurai would actually be sharp enough to take a mans head off? Please...

  • Andrew Valov
    Andrew Valov 19 days ago

    Limping is far from near death, Looper is a channel of tools.

  • Fuck all U
    Fuck all U 19 days ago

    From actor to brainwashed religion , from brainwashed religion back to a actor. Bad luck , you are already in history. People don’t like to see your face anymore in any of your movies. Go and pray to god, maybe you can see him.

  • Jon Huniak
    Jon Huniak 20 days ago

    Wish he would have kicked the bucked.....its a dream of mine....then we would be better off haha no joke

  • jamesthemaniac
    jamesthemaniac 20 days ago

    So...what you're saying is that a man who's been tricked into joining an insane cult might actually be insane when it comes to stunts? what are the odds?

  • Setuju Bro
    Setuju Bro 20 days ago

    do movie scanes that nearly killed paul walker

  • Blueberry
    Blueberry 20 days ago

    Little stone > Tom Cruise.

  • Ave ver the 3rd
    Ave ver the 3rd 20 days ago

    What a fucking LEGEND