Movie Scenes That Nearly Killed Tom Cruise


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  • Looper
    Looper  9 months ago +166

    Besides Losin' It, what's your favorite Tom Cruise film?

  • Barney Schubert
    Barney Schubert 2 hours ago

    He's really fucking crazy seriously

  • Simran Kaur
    Simran Kaur 2 days ago

    Hez real u

  • Andrew Lup
    Andrew Lup 3 days ago

    I swear, man... this guy's gonna attempt some crazy stunt and end up getting himself killed someday

  • Milo Hajek
    Milo Hajek 4 days ago

    thats because Jamie Fox is a pu$$y

  • THett
    THett 7 days ago

    Is this man immortal

  • Wade
    Wade 8 days ago

    So basically he almost died in all his movies.

  • Shadow-master 38
    Shadow-master 38 10 days ago

    This Guy is Crazy, but he makes great movies.

  • AbnormalInfant
    AbnormalInfant 10 days ago

    Thanos'd have to snap twice to kill Tom Cruise.

  • Mystery Youth World
    Mystery Youth World 13 days ago +1

    Legend For A Reason

  • GCTFilter snake
    GCTFilter snake 15 days ago

    So wait... They weren't using prop swords in the last samurai? Type of attempted murder is going on during the set and filming?... Someone really thought using real sharp swords was okay

  • ashish negi
    ashish negi 16 days ago

    Well I need to join Scientology now

  • Melissa Miller
    Melissa Miller 18 days ago

    Guys got balls of steel.

  • Pushups 100 Club
    Pushups 100 Club 18 days ago

    real shame that the cost of one man's fame was another man's life

  • b07rivera
    b07rivera 19 days ago

    That horse at the end is such a troll at the end haha 🤣

  • Suraj Sharma
    Suraj Sharma 19 days ago

    i like tom and srk

  • victoryvision
    victoryvision 20 days ago

    Is this dex?

  • ETHN Salinas-PLT
    ETHN Salinas-PLT 24 days ago


  • 1 Bad Jesus
    1 Bad Jesus 24 days ago

    DIDN'T HE ALMOST DROWN in last Mission flick in scene when he really held his breath OVER 2-3min or was that just rumor🤔? Regardless..The Dude gets allota bad press re: "Xenu Stuff" BUT I can't recall Tom bein "MeToo'ed", involved in a Hollywood bar fight, accused of inappropriate behavior on set (if anything he's said to be cheerful to EVERYONE)..nor even is he rumored to be a bad tipper! if ANYTHING the opposite: cordial, kind, patient and professional. SNAP! didn't he also save some lives like 2 different times? Once jumpin in water durin a boating accident and provided resuscitation to someone? Jesus could you imagine that?!? lol wake up on deck of a boat an there's TOM MaddaF'n CRUISE standin over ya askin "if you're alright?" after goin mouth to mouth so as to pump somma his OWN oxygen into your lungs hence saving yo LIFE!?!?? HaHa! ME? before I said one syllable I'd grab an empty water bottle and EXHALE into it...tell Tom "thanks" and put that bottle on eBay subject title: AUTHENTIC TOM CRUISE OXYGEN Starting Bid: $130.
    lol but really Tom is freaking AMAZING! ..I'd just like to see him take roles aside from the Summer Tent Pole Fair and try somethin ala The Revenant or another Villain ala Collateral (my fav of his roles)...or parts which not only showcase his actin chops but goes against the grain of his normal choices and give him an opportunity to FINALLY earn one of those golden statues! I was hoping he would be in the next Quentin Tarantino film but it looks like that's not going to happen😕..tho' it'd be cool if QT got him in there somewhere...even for a cameo alá Tropic Thunder.

  • Blair McAuley
    Blair McAuley 25 days ago +1

    Tom is immortal

  • Brian The Explorer
    Brian The Explorer 27 days ago

    Tom Cruise is the man, I can’t wait to see his upcoming Mission Impossible movie 🎥.

  • MarCor
    MarCor 27 days ago +1

    Damn, and just think some stunt guys die during one movie take!

  • Faisal Hassan
    Faisal Hassan 28 days ago

    You forgot one of the best and most daring scenes ever. The Burj Khalifa scene in Ghost Protocol. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • MonkeyDoop G
    MonkeyDoop G 28 days ago

    I always wanted a movie of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Tom to play as Snake.

    ONL PLATFORM Month ago

    True actor

    FATHIMA THASNI N Month ago +1

    super movie coming soon super sir

  • Co:op-6
    Co:op-6 Month ago

    And hes in his 50’s!?!?! WHAT!?!?!

  • Mr Magnificent
    Mr Magnificent Month ago

    Man Tom Cruise is a Legend

  • rohit nautiyal
    rohit nautiyal Month ago

    Tom cruise is the best actor because he actually gets into the scene almost to a point that he takes on the identity of the role itself.

  • Habib Masum
    Habib Masum Month ago

    I love Tom.

  • Karianne Merritt
    Karianne Merritt Month ago

    Super talented and not bad looking at all 😂

  • Okugo Nwafor
    Okugo Nwafor Month ago

    Born to be a daredevil

  • Dan Robinson
    Dan Robinson Month ago

    Next time...Movie Scenes That Nearly Killed Jackie Chan... Part 1 of ? Runtime undetermined.

  • Harrison Irby
    Harrison Irby Month ago +1

    Wish he would’ve died he’s crazy

    • A Google User
      A Google User 25 days ago

      Blair McAuley fk you

    • Blair McAuley
      Blair McAuley 25 days ago


    • Harrison Irby
      Harrison Irby Month ago +1

      A Google User Nah I meant bc he’s a Scientologist, not bc he does his own stunts. I think that’s pretty cool (that he does his own stunts)

    • A Google User
      A Google User Month ago

      Harrison Irby fk you he has got balls you haven't

  • Adarsh kumar
    Adarsh kumar Month ago

    Isn't he looking like wolverine and captain American🙄

  • Gray G
    Gray G Month ago +1

    But unfortunately didn't 🙁

  • Arjun Kumar
    Arjun Kumar Month ago

    real super star

  • midhun kumar
    midhun kumar Month ago

    And then there is Johnny depp who steals the show with his performance rather than dangerous stunts.

  • Sushil Medani
    Sushil Medani Month ago

    My favorite movie is the last samurai awesome one, ready to watch a 100 times also again... 😂😊😍👍👌

  • John Koster
    John Koster Month ago

    Must be the scientology! Cruise is a cultist and he does so much harm to so many people!

  • Ismaeel Buhari
    Ismaeel Buhari Month ago

    Y tf would they use real swords 😑

  • Ismaeel Buhari
    Ismaeel Buhari Month ago +1

    So basically every movie

  • Log Fire
    Log Fire Month ago

    "Tom Cruise has his own idea of a good time." ... Scientology? 🤨

  • jx592
    jx592 Month ago

    Almost killing Tom Cruise is just....
    Another day in L.A

  • DJBooks1
    DJBooks1 Month ago

    A good actor but a Jackie Chan, he's not.

  • b.j. stoner
    b.j. stoner Month ago

    Tom said in making Mission Impossible 2 he does all his stunts because as a producer he can. Including the rock climbing with only 1 cable hooked to him! Crazy🥀

  • Dennis Slungard
    Dennis Slungard Month ago

    That first scene in Rouge Nation when he hangs of the plane is real??? damn... i allways thaught that was just good CGI.


    I never miss any of his movies ..there is no actor like him in this world .. No fear am also like that..
    Tom nobody can replace him ..

  • john James
    john James Month ago

    He is just the best

  • Order in Chaos
    Order in Chaos Month ago

    SHUT THE FUCK UP! My ears hurt! You're so annoying watta watta it's Water dipshit looper.

  • Gayle Larabie
    Gayle Larabie Month ago

    Oh Tom Cruise , your Momma must pray a lot.

  • Redeemer Nigoohaem
    Redeemer Nigoohaem Month ago +1

    Stop comparing cruise to jackie
    Cruise s stunts r not even dangerous compared to jackie
    When cruise does stunts , all kind of safety harnesses n tech is involved .
    Don t be silly .

  • Redeemer Nigoohaem
    Redeemer Nigoohaem Month ago +1

    Most of these r bs

  • Blueberry Fairy tail
    Blueberry Fairy tail Month ago +1

    So tom cruise has 10 lives......
    ok then

  • Elena Maes
    Elena Maes Month ago

    Negative level raise used inside nominee busy light.

  • Mexican Hitman
    Mexican Hitman Month ago

    Nearly oll if his movies tom cruise nearly died the crazy if fucking crazy

    This is why he’s one my top actors

  • Lotus Sutra
    Lotus Sutra Month ago

    Tom Cruise is hands down the greatest actor of all time -- even if you hate his religion. And his religion is still better than the Christian or Muslim ones.....

  • Jason B
    Jason B Month ago


  • Elliot J Vidal
    Elliot J Vidal Month ago

    1 Minute of Silence for that Guy kicked straight to his Nuts by a Horse

    ARSOZ 2 months ago

    Paul walket rip

  • Vicky Burnett
    Vicky Burnett 2 months ago


  • Photo Nerd
    Photo Nerd 2 months ago

    A shame they did not kill him. He is a fucking nutjob and we could of saved so many peoples lifes from him and his scientology terrorist organization.

  • Vishal Batman
    Vishal Batman 2 months ago

    Tom Cruise is real hero

  • Lee Kazuya
    Lee Kazuya 2 months ago

    love him or hate him. this motherfucker is insane lol

  • Joy Hsiu Yin Kwa
    Joy Hsiu Yin Kwa 2 months ago

    Stop making movies that are dangerous....steven spill berg please......comedy's are much better......with anne hathaway.....amma watson.....jimmmy fallon show....

  • Mc Lovin
    Mc Lovin 2 months ago +1


  • Herbert Siegl
    Herbert Siegl 2 months ago

    Tom cruise is a slave of Scientology

  • Fails Funny
    Fails Funny 2 months ago

    Risk taker.........

  • RoachDoggJr
    RoachDoggJr 2 months ago +1

    My man Tom Cruise!
    Lives a crazy life with the Scientology shit but goddamn is he in good movies....
    Vanilla sky is one of my absolute favorite films of *ALL TIME!*
    Not just one of my favorite Tom Cruise films but just one of my favorite films period.

  • Dubai4ever
    Dubai4ever 2 months ago

    while shooting Ghost protocol in Dubai the caravan which was used by Cruise for his naps burned , but luckily he was not sleeping in it . ask him and he will tell you the story

  • majiin Vegetä
    majiin Vegetä 2 months ago

    That's why he's TOM CRUISE!!!

  • Svein Grimstad
    Svein Grimstad 2 months ago

    He must had at least one guardian angel following him through his career.

  • Zachary Barchard
    Zachary Barchard 2 months ago

    What a guy

  • v icky
    v icky 2 months ago

    When u compared to Jackie chan fights and wounds these r nothing

  • Ed Berger
    Ed Berger 2 months ago

    Cruise is the biggest wanker!

  • Film Moor
    Film Moor 2 months ago

    Only he is the one. Who can do that's.................................

  • Rafael Alfaro
    Rafael Alfaro 3 months ago

    what da hell is he doing? ... I find it best no to look...LOL!! Simon Pegg is awesome, this looks sick!!! can't wait to see it

  • I Like MC Chicken
    I Like MC Chicken 3 months ago

    cancer voice

  • Jeff B.
    Jeff B. 3 months ago

    4th coming sequel to Top Gun?? Hey Looper - where is # 2 & # 3??

  • Average Thinking
    Average Thinking 3 months ago

    Newfound respect

  • Captain Chips Ahoy
    Captain Chips Ahoy 3 months ago

    Tom cruise went to my school

  • SwordMasterTala
    SwordMasterTala 3 months ago

    this guy could have a SHORT career :D

  • Muhd Khairul
    Muhd Khairul 3 months ago

    American Jackie Chan

  • tony blaze
    tony blaze 3 months ago

    ohhh my God..tom ur a hell machine...god bless u

  • manjinder singh
    manjinder singh 3 months ago

    all time favorite tom cruise....great actor with great stories.....:)

  • delon a
    delon a 3 months ago

    One crazy mother fucker , a star above all others !!

  • RetroMochi
    RetroMochi 3 months ago

    Alot of these weren't really "almost died".. just "Injured"

  • RetroMochi
    RetroMochi 3 months ago

    Why the fuck is Dex in like, every Looper video? Does he own Looper?

  • Michael
    Michael 3 months ago

    Is this Dexter Manning talking???

  • Julian Belkin
    Julian Belkin 3 months ago

    Actually a badass...

  • Austin Bernard
    Austin Bernard 3 months ago

    I swear one day he’s not gonna be that lucky, I hope that day never comes but you never know what’s gonna happen, he’s one lucky son of a gun

  • BoingTarash1960s
    BoingTarash1960s 3 months ago

    Gotta give him credit. The Burj Khalifa stunt is the stuff of legends.

  • Sips of Hell
    Sips of Hell 3 months ago

    whats the life insurance rate on a stuntman?

  • Higasha
    Higasha 3 months ago

    This Is one lucky man.

  • Cien De Jesus
    Cien De Jesus 3 months ago


  • Dr. Grey
    Dr. Grey 3 months ago

    Illuminati confirmed

  • Thomas Michael
    Thomas Michael 3 months ago

    Bring him to the MARVEL/DC World Hero... :D :D :D

  • king khan tips &triks
    king khan tips &triks 3 months ago

    what is the thumb movie name

  • John Cyrus
    John Cyrus 3 months ago +2

    What, is that him, I would have stay when Moira Dela Torre shared to Tom Cruise's astoundings but she loves him.

  • lucky star KNPP represent

    Another Jackie chan? Lol