Equifax: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Oct 16, 2017
  • John Oliver discusses the massive impact of the cybersecurity breach at Equifax and their massively misguided attempts to mitigate the damage.
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Comments • 5 930

  • Brody James
    Brody James 12 hours ago


  • Nichole
    Nichole 3 days ago +1

    He should’ve just said “Equifax’s CEO, another old, bald white guy...”

  • Milena Anđić
    Milena Anđić 5 days ago

    This country is literally a hell on Earth. I cannot believe how much material John Oliver even has for his show. I could not imagine living in the US and facing this shitshow every single goddamn day.

  • ThatGuy67
    ThatGuy67 8 days ago +1

    Wario porn (real)

  • Leslie B
    Leslie B 9 days ago

    I just have to know because it just seems so impossible that the level of corruption in the US is probably worse that it is in Russia. This whole aqua fax business where people are going to be screwed for the longest time I did I don't even know why they're still in business and if their principal shareholders were selling stocks before the news came out to the public and that is also fraud and nobody's doing anything about that either. How is it possible that the American dollar stable with all the corruption stealing lying and information manipulation that is going on there? I'm no economist but something isn't isn't right there. What's even worse is all the other countries in the world's currency sit on the strength of the US dollar which I don't even trust anymore. And I have started to sell my US funds because I'm just waiting for the day that it will all crash. This comedian who was reporting the news is probably one of the few people actually explain what's going on in detail. And as funny as he is how completely screwed we all are because aqua fax is not only in the US but it's also in Canada.

  • Josef Saknikent
    Josef Saknikent 9 days ago

    I would totally use his ss# as my password pin

  • Dean Spilker
    Dean Spilker 10 days ago

    This is how many people got breached

  • Utat Rhonkar
    Utat Rhonkar 12 days ago

    I'm mostly wondering what's the point of this stupid Java code in the equifax picture in the show

  • Haley Fucking Halcyon - Gaming Channel

    Can you not void and reissue your social security number? I mean, that's what happens with lost credit cards; it would be irresponsible for that not to happen upstream.

  • james cooper
    james cooper 13 days ago +1

    They actually linked to a Rickroll. Jesus Christ on a pogo stick.

  • soham das
    soham das 15 days ago

    Ron Swanson way of life is what you guys need to survive from equifax

  • Av63PNT0
    Av63PNT0 20 days ago

    I wish John Oliver would really stop trying to be funny. His “jokes” are NOT funny unless your a 6 year old child, the only reason why people watch this show is because of the interesting topics he speaks about.

  • Sal Wolffs
    Sal Wolffs 23 days ago

    How has Equifax not been sued out of existence?

  • Justin Kamperveen
    Justin Kamperveen 26 days ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if Equifax purposely dropped the ball so that they could set up a security system that makes them even more money. Nothing sells quite like fear.

  • A.M.
    A.M. Month ago

    Ahhh, THIS is the Fraggle episode! I was looking for this. :)

  • Todd Downing
    Todd Downing Month ago +1

    C'mon John. I'm a Todd who needs his sex toys.

  • Totally Nameless
    Totally Nameless Month ago +1

    Hey, don't bring Lindsey Lohawn into this, she didn't do anything wrong.

  • only me
    only me Month ago

    Exquifax is a joke

  • Lucas Cottica Silveira

    Why the hell is it possible to do all these things with just that one immutable number? Who came up with this colossally stupid system?

  • purplekittywuman
    purplekittywuman Month ago +1

    The fraud website they made is still there XD

  • Erveything- random
    Erveything- random 2 months ago

    (8 :@; decode that

  • Tovarisch Urrraaa
    Tovarisch Urrraaa 2 months ago


  • kasa
    kasa 2 months ago

    Most interesting thing about US is how easy it is for business to get away with pretty much everything. Granted they haven't already lobbed regulation in their favor. I mean you hear about people suing whatever all the time, but fundamental issues still are not addressed. Business may have to pay million there or here but it's just a parking ticket.
    It's really not big surprise though, people in government are totally hooked on business money. They are either ex executives of big firms, they are getting active "support" from those said firms and when they retire, they become lobbyists or go back working for those businesses. And funnily enough, higher you go more involved politicians seems to be in some bigger company.

  • midnight
    midnight 2 months ago +1

    i mean as long as they dont know about my fetish porn

  • Otherworldlytwo2nine
    Otherworldlytwo2nine 2 months ago +4

    If someone steals my identity, they'll proudly give it back upon running my credit and criminal history

  • William Hazelwood
    William Hazelwood 2 months ago +1

    If they tried to do anything credit related with my info, the business/company would just laugh at them. How do I know that? They laugh at me.😂😂😂😂😂
    Oh yeah and also, about taxes....yea, good luck with that. They will tell you that you owe in.

  • Kristen Lange
    Kristen Lange 2 months ago

    frasier reruns are some of the spicest takes on TV today. change my mind.

  • Gus's Shack
    Gus's Shack 3 months ago

    Good news you can change your social security number pretty easily

  • N Marrs
    N Marrs 3 months ago +1

    Years later and companies still use these credit reports as if they were reliable.

  • seekr696
    seekr696 3 months ago

    6:20 hmm.. brb im trying to wrap my head around that
    Edit: WHAT THE F***!!! Mr Oliver please do a segment on how you can check you credit online and they volunteer to send you 299 more credit reports, BY MAIL.., THIS NEEDS INVESTIGATED..

  • eddiequest4
    eddiequest4 3 months ago

    I was one of the 2.4 million who got fucked. I'll be paying for this forever. Freezes are in place. But the damage is done.

  • Paul J. Morton
    Paul J. Morton 3 months ago

    I don't get the point about the domain names. What sould Equifax have done? Pre-emptively buy every single possibly imaginable relevant domain name that anyone could ever come up with? Wouldn't people still come up with more and more similar sounding scammy domain names?

  • Memes_but_better 420
    Memes_but_better 420 3 months ago

    *he bought the fucking company*

  • HorrorMistress98
    HorrorMistress98 3 months ago

    9:42 Dan vs Equifax

  • Imre Bertalan
    Imre Bertalan 3 months ago

    6:41 - Why the hell she printed them out? F*ck trees :D

  • Shenlee 23
    Shenlee 23 3 months ago +5

    John: *Is father*

    Also John: 2:45

  • owl lego stop motion
    owl lego stop motion 3 months ago

    If you need wario porn just search "wario rule 34"

  • CloudsGirl7
    CloudsGirl7 3 months ago +2

    Well, I imagine "the farts" can cause you to *be* alone...

  • Ali Epstein
    Ali Epstein 3 months ago

    “Locks *oof* freeze *WeEeEe*”

  • milkteaaddict
    milkteaaddict 3 months ago +1

    I thought it was a company that takes an animal from a shelter that needs a good home, lets it come to your house to lick peanut butter off your dick, and then immediately returns it to the shelter.

  • Thomas
    Thomas 3 months ago

    data collection without proper representation . . how these agencies are allowed to operate was a wonder, until you factor in government laziness to reign them in. Even if you use the site to get all three reports, they can lie and say all the question hoops you jumped through isn't enough, send them photocopies of very serious details about yourself thru snailmail and trust them to not add more misery. Or buy there credit boosting . . . pay to win . . . packages yet they are the reason for the scores . . . why don't we just buy the graduation degree from college instead of attend... level of bull.

  • Eh, An old account
    Eh, An old account 3 months ago

    Wario joke hit hard

  • Breezy Breezy
    Breezy Breezy 4 months ago

    They also fish for your months subscription when you only want one time report

  • Breezy Breezy
    Breezy Breezy 4 months ago

    ...but we never gave them consent to collect our data!!!!!

    • Sal Wolffs
      Sal Wolffs 3 months ago

      Sometimes, I'm very glad to live in the EU. GDPR is a very big stick, intentionally made impossible to ignore or shrug off.

  • Wupme
    Wupme 4 months ago

    I never understood that Social Security number thing in the USA anyway. Its messed up in my opinion.

  • Harmoo Khanna
    Harmoo Khanna 4 months ago

    Did anyone else notice the guy in a top hat and white moustache at 13:18?

  • Euro Guy 85
    Euro Guy 85 4 months ago

    What’s the name of that company that sells safety on your social security and info? I think they have a hand in this issue to get people to buy their services

  • The Silence
    The Silence 4 months ago

    lmao looking at the equifax thumbnail some of the code is just a simple java variable swapping thing

  • DowskiVision MagicalOracle

    John Oliver cucked out and failed to mention that this was caused by feminist bullshit. Namely that the job of Cyber Security Director before this breach happened was given to a diversity hire with a background in women's studies and music composition. A pile of qualified men with backgrounds in IT security were turned down in favor of this incompetent twat ... because vagina, of course!

  • Jason Mullings
    Jason Mullings 4 months ago

    Dont gotta worry about this if you've ruined your credit already.

  • SadTransHedgehogs
    SadTransHedgehogs 4 months ago

    Why is this episode relevant again in 2019??

    • Tatiana Nicole
      Tatiana Nicole 4 months ago

      Because Equifax just released news about a class action settlement, and, more importantly, a way to find out if you are affected by the breach.

  • me
    me 4 months ago

    John Oliver...always ahead of the curve

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith 4 months ago +1

    If you care about this stuff and want to seriously fight back against these assholes, VOTE FOR ELIZABETH WARREN IN 2020!! She has been fighting these bastards for decades, and they are SCARED of her. Alternately, vote for Kamala Harris, who would hopefully make Warren Secretary of the Treasury.

  • trogdorstrngbd
    trogdorstrngbd 4 months ago

    Overall a very informative piece. But I must point out that being able to register www.equifaxfraudprevention.com is not really Equifax's fault. Generally speaking, you cannot tell a domain name registrar "I want to buy every domain name containing 'equifax' in existence." Now, in a way it is their fault for letting it stay up, but it does require legal resources to dispute it. Well whatever, I don't really feel like defending them. EDIT: Nonetheless, there is absolutely no excuse for the "Tweeting the fraudulent links and deciding in the first place not to just put the damn service on the Equifax main site."

  • thetruephoenixful
    thetruephoenixful 4 months ago

    How the FUCK did Equifax get to control anything after this? How are they still allowed to be in business

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 4 months ago +1

    Nobody is taking out a car loan or a credit card in my name lol if anyone stole MY identity they'd be BEGGING for me to take it back!
    I wouldn't be surprised if they showed it after getting pulled over and got arrested because I'm so likely to have a warrant sometimes hahaha
    And if someone is spying on me for the government or whatever they have the most BORING job on the planet and have probably considered suicide multiple times now!

  • Elton Ellie
    Elton Ellie 4 months ago

    Farm animal talking sense 😂😂

  • G Walsh
    G Walsh 5 months ago

    That guy from equifax looks like deadpool if Ryan Reynolds stayed in that universe as a patient with terminal cancer

  • Akalilly
    Akalilly 5 months ago

    ...you can get your social security number changed...

  • Trevor Solina
    Trevor Solina 5 months ago

    So anytime I get denied for something as I’m trying to rebuild my credit, I’ll show them this.