Can Hanging Upside Down Kill You?

  • Published on Mar 7, 2017
  • When you were a kid, did anyone ever tell you that your head would explode if you hung upside down for too long? Well... they might have been on to something.
    Hosted by: Olivia Gordon
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  • V3 Playz
    V3 Playz 7 days ago

    God dang it, 28 hours!

  • ramyiahb 07
    ramyiahb 07 16 days ago

    Who would hang upside down for a few hours?

  • Think outside #the box

    I don't believe a thing

  • Jan Rosovic
    Jan Rosovic 23 days ago

    Pls change intro song

  • Phobepotatoegirl Pretty
    Phobepotatoegirl Pretty 23 days ago +1

    All the hair gurus got bashed

  • ANEW
    ANEW 23 days ago

    With the use of an body inverter for 5 to 10 minutes; your spine is supposedly decompressed. Any health benafits?

  • arodreth
    arodreth 25 days ago

    YAY OLIVIA!!! <3<3 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Shane Kirby
    Shane Kirby 27 days ago

    Olivia is hot


    “Brain bleeding from upside down deaths” who else pictures that scene in Stranger Things season 1 where Eleven makes all the ‘bad people’s brains explode

  • princess yuji
    princess yuji Month ago

    will spider-man be ok?

  • Kim Chu
    Kim Chu Month ago

    Hey SciShow, real question here!
    I like to invert (hang upside down with gravity boots and a bar) to stretch out my back, do deep breathing, and some sit-ups and other exercises, but I don't go for more than 5 minutes, 10 at the most. Is this still healthy? I do not experience any eye pressure or heart stress. Just the sensation of blood going to the head, but that's it. Plus my back feels pretty awesome afterwards. What is the science behind short term inversion like this? Is it the kind of thing where it is healthy in low doses like 5 minutes a day?

  • AnimeBanz
    AnimeBanz Month ago

    For a species that used to be arboreal (still quite adept at climbing trees) and has the grip to support their own weight at birth, that's very unimpressive.

  • Twisted Bacon
    Twisted Bacon Month ago

    Prob because the demogorgon trapped Will and Will almost died?

  • Hazel Ault
    Hazel Ault Month ago

    does that make inversion tables dangerous

  • MrAdminus
    MrAdminus Month ago

    Great! Been wondering about this for a long time..

  • Quintix
    Quintix Month ago

    I have a fear of falling
    gg self I win

  • Vanessa gymnast
    Vanessa gymnast Month ago

    I am homeschooled and I use this channel for my science. Best science work ever! lol

  • Kendal K.
    Kendal K. Month ago

    But why does she have to bounce up and down so much and move her hands so sporadically?? I can only listen to these videos, not watch, because it's just so distracting.

  • King Le
    King Le Month ago +1

    This video increased stress in body

  • funmod gaming
    funmod gaming Month ago +1

    you look like harry potter after a sex change please stop ruining these videos im sure you a nice person but im not here for your personality its all visual and it hurts please stop immediatly

  • Neko Neko
    Neko Neko Month ago

    The vein(s) above your hair are not made to go up against gravity unlike vein(s) below your heart so it will be harder for the blood to go back to the heart which leads to too much blood in the brain. *THIS IS MY OWN HYPOTHESIS AND IF YOU THINK IT'S WRONG PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CORRECT ME*

  • Esther Majek
    Esther Majek Month ago

    My son watched this while upsidedown

  • ღмιиʝσσ кιм 민주ღ

    That girl's style is so cute. Those glasses and the braids ❤

  • ღмιиʝσσ кιм 민주ღ

    I get so paranoid when I watch these videos but they are so addictive

  • Alex Couch
    Alex Couch 2 months ago

    I think its a good exercise for them to learn how to compete which helps with survive. Searching for mates, jobs, homes, and friends which youll need to compete for

  • Matthew Farrelly
    Matthew Farrelly 2 months ago +1

    Euuuuuuughhhahhahhhhhhhhahhhhaaaaaaa, something about this s so cringey

  • Vincy Mais
    Vincy Mais 2 months ago


  • Derek S
    Derek S 2 months ago

    I've knocked myself out before hanging upside down before, I've never heard of anyone dying before. interesting

  • Sunny Wu
    Sunny Wu 2 months ago

    Wouldn't this be similar to what astronauts experience in space? More blood going to the brain, and the heart working harder... Can't be that bad.

  • William Palkow
    William Palkow 3 months ago

    That girl from Recess would be dead in reality.

  • TF Skeleton
    TF Skeleton 3 months ago

    St. Peter died from being upside down. Yes he was crucified, but he was upside down.

  • Kaleb Macias
    Kaleb Macias 3 months ago

    I just found a new method of killing myself

  • gumballwolf
    gumballwolf 3 months ago

    Did anyone else watch this upside down

  • Ancient languages and history

    It can't kill you because the earth is actually hollow

  • Molten Madness
    Molten Madness 3 months ago

    Doesn't this happen to fighter pilots when they pull negative G's

  • JACson
    JACson 3 months ago

    Why do things have aftertastes

  • Girl ThatIsAGirl
    Girl ThatIsAGirl 3 months ago

    Its weird to think how whenever you move around your organs are all just jiggling around inside you

  • Jeffrey [Equine Sanctuary]

    How does a bullet to the head does damage to the brain?

  • Lego Bego
    Lego Bego 4 months ago

    Is it just me or does this girl's face look like a man?

  • Hy Jinx
    Hy Jinx 4 months ago

    Why does she bounce so much?

  • Ryan Noonan
    Ryan Noonan 4 months ago


  • Zac Dean
    Zac Dean 4 months ago

    This girl moves her hands and bounces WAYYY too much. It's hard to watch her videos.

  • Ëñçrÿptįøń
    Ëñçrÿptįøń 4 months ago

    Die lol

  • Liam Cullen
    Liam Cullen 4 months ago

    Did anyone else find that bleeding animation at 1:34 unnerving?

  • Sinjin Van Cliff
    Sinjin Van Cliff 4 months ago


  • LongLostWraith
    LongLostWraith 5 months ago

    It's simple, guys. Olivia wears big thick glasses, has a less than interesting face and wears plain sluggish cloths. In short, she's "ugly". Yet she's famous because of SciShow.
    I bet that the vast majority of people complaining fall into two categories:
    *) The guys who just can't stand ugly gals and will think of any reason to hate them
    *) Entitled bitches who can't stand that she's so ugly yet so famous. I believe this category is the majority.

  • Switch the Ghost
    Switch the Ghost 5 months ago

    why does everyone hate Olivia?

  • Weekend Randomizer
    Weekend Randomizer 5 months ago +1

    ive hung upside down for 2 whole days...
    get your facts right

  • kanishq ruhil
    kanishq ruhil 5 months ago

    Ask the upside down girl from recess

  • hedwig hammy
    hedwig hammy 6 months ago

    1K people liked this so much they risk the health of their phone/computer by hanging it upside down just to like the video again

  • George Henery
    George Henery 6 months ago

    Does anyone else have a problem with constantly ramping up contrast in their videos or is it just me?

  • Amanda Curry
    Amanda Curry 6 months ago

    But... what about yoga <_<

  • Robert's Take
    Robert's Take 6 months ago

    what about using a teeter hang ups for a bad back ?

  • VictorKane115
    VictorKane115 6 months ago

    Man, we are super easy to kill in simple ways.

  • BrklynBlackbelt
    BrklynBlackbelt 7 months ago

    Question... why don't babies in the womb who are upside down have any problems?

  • Wanda Thomas
    Wanda Thomas 7 months ago

    Her hand movements are giving me serious vertigo...

  • Sebastian Hernandez
    Sebastian Hernandez 7 months ago

    Pffffftttt..... Screw gravity

  • Mahmoud Jimmy
    Mahmoud Jimmy 7 months ago

    she just mooooves a lot while talking. However, very helpful.

  • vgman94
    vgman94 8 months ago

    Once I held my breath for over a minute as a kid and felt a sharp pain right before I probably was going to begin fainting. Hurt like hell, did not feel normal for the rest of the day and did not attempt that again, ever.

  • Overlord Productions
    Overlord Productions 8 months ago

    It's funny how I'm watching this video upside down as well as making this comment. LOL

  • Moepowerplant
    Moepowerplant 8 months ago

    How did Ms. Gordon become an issue, people come here to know something new. I really find her great, tbh.

  • Pepper Conchobhar
    Pepper Conchobhar 8 months ago

    One of her better videos.

  • Eric Taylor
    Eric Taylor 8 months ago

    It must be safer hanging up-side-down than right side up. I mean, look at the number of people who have died hanging right side up! It's not an uncommon suicide method and had been used as a form of execution and "mob murder" for thousands of years.

  • Dominick Aldrich
    Dominick Aldrich 8 months ago

    but why would I wanna do it for 28 hours???? I'd do it to straighten out my back for 20 minutes. you should have brought up the fact that short time spent upside down can be good for your back.

  • Monsoonjr99 Mapping
    Monsoonjr99 Mapping 8 months ago

    Astronauts in 0G have health problems, and -1G can kill you. So does 3G take just as long as -1G to kill you, being the same difference?

  • TheSoloGamer
    TheSoloGamer 8 months ago

    You get strokes when you hang upside down for a few hours.... sometimes many minutes too

  • Meadow.Starr
    Meadow.Starr 8 months ago

    i watched 1000 ways to die and i saw this one where a man was robbing a house and somhow got hung upside down and died

  • Alexander Labis
    Alexander Labis 8 months ago

    what if u Just Hang a second or to many times??

  • grfgg Baseball
    grfgg Baseball 8 months ago

    what happens when you eat when you're upside-down?

  • Jazzy Jose
    Jazzy Jose 8 months ago

    I do this everyday for 4 minutes on my bed lmaooo that's probably why my eyesight is shit

  • miloradvlaovic
    miloradvlaovic 8 months ago

    DOesn't seem to bother the Australians tho, and they live upside down. Than again, everything is wrong in that isle, even the water plummets down the drains spinning in the wrong direction and otherwise harmless genuses of animals are deadly there...

  • WatercoloredSilver
    WatercoloredSilver 9 months ago

    Short Answer: Yes, if for long enough.

  • Nick Dubois
    Nick Dubois 9 months ago +1

    I did it for a minute I stoped

  • Pdot The Deterimed Pines

    It could take more work to get to your legs. it basically shuts down vein flow to your legs and when it's at your head it stays there slowly loosing all it's oxygen. your legs could give out and you would fall but other than that the rest of your body wouldn't get the blood that it needs shutting down vital organs and eventually the brain and the brain stem

  • June Lemon Girl
    June Lemon Girl 9 months ago

    Hi Scishow, I would like to know if inversion table is actually bad for your health. After watching this video I'm not sure if my family should use it anymore. Thank you.

    • Firaro
      Firaro 9 months ago

      since they said it takes hours i wouldnt worry unless they use it for hours at a time. no issues other than death seem to be permanent and if death were common we'd be hearing about all these cases of inversion table deaths. so long as they have a way to right themselves and dont try to go for hours they'll be perfectly fine

  • nosuchthing8
    nosuchthing8 9 months ago

    good video

  • Andrew P
    Andrew P 9 months ago

    Curious about this question after reading Shigurui. I guess I got the answer (Kind of).

  • Vatra
    Vatra 9 months ago

    How she bounces for emphasis is so freaking cute.

  • Lala pirpara
    Lala pirpara 9 months ago

    Thanks for telling us I could of died

  • Lala pirpara
    Lala pirpara 9 months ago

    But I like hanging upside down

  • Claudia
    Claudia 9 months ago

    girl..get that ring out of your nose cause of looks like a snot.

  • Jessica Sanchez
    Jessica Sanchez 9 months ago

    Well that was sufficiently frightening. :-D

  • Eek the Fireuser
    Eek the Fireuser 9 months ago

    Those poor Australians, not only the animals there want to kill them, but so does their orientation :(

  • Yangven
    Yangven 9 months ago

    Most forms of hangings can kill you

  • DDaddySupreme
    DDaddySupreme 9 months ago

    Is the sound only playing out of one ear for anyone else? This happens for me on a lot of scishow videos and I'm really getting tired of it

  • GraceAndGlory
    GraceAndGlory 9 months ago

    My record is 2 hours

  • HappyHime
    HappyHime 9 months ago

    Why can you taste things again if you burp?

  • The First Of All 52
    The First Of All 52 9 months ago

    Was that nerd look on purpose ?

  • Followmybliss2013
    Followmybliss2013 10 months ago

    I wish I was like SR Foxley and could afford to give my money away to this worthy cause.

  • catherine birch
    catherine birch 10 months ago

    I used to hang upside down from the monkey bars in the playground when I was a kid, & it did me no harm.

  • Idman Q
    Idman Q 10 months ago

    I used to do this when I was kid.

  • mian  fazle razik
    mian fazle razik 10 months ago +1

    Hmm I've been fine but with slight headache

  • SpookyWatcher
    SpookyWatcher 10 months ago

    Stop hopping while talking!!

  • Observing Rogue
    Observing Rogue 10 months ago

    This makes me think about what effects high G forces have on the body, and how to strengthen the body for high if someone races extreme vehicles.

  • Reindeer Urf
    Reindeer Urf 10 months ago

    why cant I drink alcohol after drinking my medications?

  • M Tolbert
    M Tolbert 10 months ago


  • M Tolbert
    M Tolbert 10 months ago

    ...which is called heart failure 😐

  • Morgenstern
    Morgenstern 10 months ago

    Those hands made me hate this chicken

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash 10 months ago

    hey, I remember camp lazlo that hanging upside down could make you super smart!~