The Ending Of 'Joker' Explained

  • Published on Oct 4, 2019
  • SPOILERS AHEAD: “Joker,” starring Joaquin Phoenix, tells the origin story of the infamous Batman villain. It concludes with a surprising twist. We break down what the ending means, and the many hints to it throughout the movie.
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    The Ending Of 'Joker' Explained
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Comments • 2 137

  • DruTube The TubeBunny

    This movie was legit Taxi driver🔥😂I loved it💞

  • R 092
    R 092 3 days ago

    The movie didn't made me uncomfortable... in fact, i watch it when I'm down and feeling like shit. I feel a bit of satisfaction when Joker killed Murray and when riot went over the city, yes evil as it may seem. makes me wanna make people get what they deserve lol (not in a violent way, more on like it makes me feel like wanting to prove people that made me feel bad wrong by trying to be a better version of myself)

  • Abdul Baykir
    Abdul Baykir 4 days ago +1

    "Maybe I'm just an invisible man but in the end I'm gonna rise up against cruel society"

  • Abdul Baykir
    Abdul Baykir 4 days ago +1

    Another legend born

  • Joshua Morales
    Joshua Morales 5 days ago

    What a confusing ass video.

  • Cyprius
    Cyprius 6 days ago +1

    I feel like Arthur has Schizophrenia.. I don’t know why though.

  • Meta
    Meta 7 days ago

    Murray actually called him "Joker" earlier in the film.

  • Pollito Popping
    Pollito Popping 7 days ago

    Get out of my swamp!!!!
    - Joker

  • Pope 777
    Pope 777 8 days ago


  • tesla cybertruck
    tesla cybertruck 9 days ago

    bananana each day were getting older

  • Master Nett
    Master Nett 9 days ago

    Thanks for making me more confused

  • lucky ME
    lucky ME 10 days ago

    there is no true ending

  • RobM
    RobM 10 days ago

    he thinks his Mum isn't his Mum so he kills his real Mum :(

  • raju thapa
    raju thapa 10 days ago

    Please explain about
    Why this movie end?

    VEERESH BANDI 11 days ago

    You are the people decide what's funny ...or not...

  • Khatuna KT
    Khatuna KT 11 days ago

    This is such a powerful film.

  • Kristine Rodrigo
    Kristine Rodrigo 12 days ago +5

    "If it was me dying on the sidewalk you'd pass right through me."

  • adam zarbon
    adam zarbon 12 days ago

    I'd say the movie was mostly real as the film does make some sort of indication on what was and wasn't.

  • selin lee
    selin lee 13 days ago +2

    it made me so sad that the whole relationship with sophie wasn’t real :(

  • Phillip Edmonson
    Phillip Edmonson 13 days ago

    The fact that at the end he was handcuffed says alot. They dont cuff you in a mental institution while talking to a SW. They would only cuff you if you're criminally insane.

  • Cosmic Storm Camper
    Cosmic Storm Camper 14 days ago +1

    Maybe he killed *Sophie* because there was a siren in the background when he returned in his apartment... The part were his laughing while sitting on the couch naked...

  • md Anik
    md Anik 15 days ago


  • Chase The Vase
    Chase The Vase 15 days ago

    This video pointed out so much that I hadn't considered 😭😭😭 But I want to mention something...mental disorders are generally hereditary, and Arthur's mother is described as having very similar symptoms to his own. For that reason, I don't think he was adopted. As for everything else, your guess is as good as mine.

    Edit: There is also the possibility of head trauma though, so my theory can be completely disregarded now lol

  • shruti maan
    shruti maan 16 days ago +1

    Wtf i just watched it
    And it's the most overrated movie ever

  • Nicole Anne Collet
    Nicole Anne Collet 16 days ago

    I loved the film. If I may add a small correction to this video, Murray did refer to Arthur as a joker.

  • Hani Alaa
    Hani Alaa 16 days ago

    It’s not possible that all this was in his head and he was just telling this story to the psychiatrist ( some scenes yes they were in his head because Todd Philips showed us that they were ). However, he tells her “ you don’t listen, do you “. Therefore it’s unlikely he was telling a story to someone who is not listening!

  • Greebo
    Greebo 16 days ago +1

    None of this 'analysis' or commentary matters at all. Joker is almost perfect as it is. Why try to deconstruct it?

  • penda
    penda 16 days ago +1

    Is it weird that i was laughing when he was laughing

  • Loay Fraih
    Loay Fraih 16 days ago

    Joaquin Phoenix way better then Heather ledger joker
    But both are great

  • Young Mula
    Young Mula 16 days ago

    This movie was incredible in the theatres

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 17 days ago

    The fact that same man who directed this, directed the hangover. Incredible.

  • David Forrester
    David Forrester 17 days ago

    Dead-pool would be proud.

  • BlueSyrupGC
    BlueSyrupGC 17 days ago

    ‘I used to think my life was a tragedy.
    But now I realized, it’s a f****** comedy’
    -The Joker

  • cr 7
    cr 7 17 days ago

    Murray getting wigged was the biggest shock for me.

  • Nicolas W
    Nicolas W 17 days ago +1

    Just smile

  • peace within Darkness
    peace within Darkness 17 days ago

    He was called a joker by Murray you just showed the scene where Murray showed the second clip quote on quote "Come on let's see another I love this guy." The first part of the scene Murray said "Here's a guy who thinks he can do my job, here's a guy who thinks you can just keep laughing and somehow make it funny. Let's take a look a this Joker."

  • Aniruddh Goutam K
    Aniruddh Goutam K 18 days ago

    so is this all my dream or reality

  • lemon patron
    lemon patron 18 days ago +1

    Society is the mould of its own downfall this is powerfull

  • Profilen
    Profilen 18 days ago

    great movie my kids found it hilarious and it was a nice family moment

  • Niyant Digital
    Niyant Digital 18 days ago

    So when arthur said that he have negative thoughts in his mind to social worker..was he just thinking the way he wanted to kill people or he actually killed them?

  • Templar blood slovkia
    Templar blood slovkia 18 days ago

    But guess again..he is the Joker in the Batman 2021..

  • Your typical meme boy
    Your typical meme boy 18 days ago +1

    Murray does call him Joker

  • Sleeman Qoujaq
    Sleeman Qoujaq 18 days ago

    I don't think it was dream or imaginary because of the Wayne's death that we all know is true as a fact.

  • Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar 18 days ago

    It's not his imagination, the hospital at the end of the movie was likely refurbished , and it has been years he has been in that hospital, setting stage for the next joker movie where Bruce wane has become an adult.

  • Timothy Densmore
    Timothy Densmore 18 days ago

    Saying that the whole thing could have never happened and was all in his head is moronic. This interpretation is lazy and awful. Yes there were clearly parts of the film that were part of Arthur's imagination but we have no reason to think the whole thing was imagined.

  • Johnny Roach
    Johnny Roach 18 days ago

    This dudes first sentence is incorrect. He DOES NOT play Batman’s villain and he is not “The Joker”. Guy is lame excuse for a critic.

  • Payoner 02
    Payoner 02 19 days ago +10

    “Some random quote from joker”


    where are my likes at?

    • Nefarious
      Nefarious 12 days ago

      Wanna hear another joke?

  • Michael Kos
    Michael Kos 19 days ago


  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin 19 days ago

    You explained sh*t.....

  • Benjámin Bedő
    Benjámin Bedő 19 days ago

    The one thing i don't get is how did he end up in the asylum after being freed from the police car and leading the riot

  • Luis Sotelo
    Luis Sotelo 21 day ago

    Everything happened the way we witnessed it, delusions and all. We saw the events of the film through the lense of the Joker which is why Philips is calling this a character study.
    The scene at the end is a flashback to when Aurthur / Joker was still admitted at Arkham. He planned the chaos and breakdown of society as a set-up for his ultimate puchline. The death of the Waynes and leaving Bruce an orphan. He did all of that just for his sick joke.
    Him being a humble meek person, pushed to violence because of his mistreatment from society, throught the film is a ruse. It's a psych out intended to confuse the audience of is true nature. The Joker is evil, and highly intelligent. The guys he kills on the subway were not his first victims. He was always a monster and was playing the part as part of his twisted deranged joke.
    When you see the film again watch closley at the fear in the eyes of his social worker and the reaction of the guy in the records department at Arkham when he realizes who he's talking to. They know what the audience doesn't. Also the deleted scene where he removes his co-workers clown nose and throws it in the street also shows his true nature.

  • Kegi Ganiyu
    Kegi Ganiyu 21 day ago +1

    Funny watching this movie at the start everyone was laughing at the way joaquin was laughing in the cinema but then everyone realized this is not a joke at all.............

  • Alex Fuentes
    Alex Fuentes 22 days ago


  • Biruh Tesfa
    Biruh Tesfa 22 days ago

    Oh I'm done trying to figure out the damn movie... I mean its so great but why does it have to be this complicated?!

  • Mil Vil
    Mil Vil 22 days ago +9

    This movie is just in our heads. It is not recorded at all!

  • wail charef
    wail charef 23 days ago +89

    Arthur is not a criminal, he's a victim of the society.

  • Ibrahim
    Ibrahim 23 days ago +1

    The ending of Joker is the beginning of batman begain.

  • Arman Khan
    Arman Khan 23 days ago

    After watching joker I started to hate BATMAN. What a selfish ungrateful spoiled ass joke all he does is “I’m Batman” hides in the dark with no powers. I would rather watch Peter the Spider-Boy who horribly struggles a lot for no reasons than Batman

  • Gino Ballauer
    Gino Ballauer 23 days ago

    In the movie he says check out this joker

  • منوعات عالمية

    Overrated movie 👎