Mama June Arrested

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • The Hallmark Channel pulled Lori Loughlin's show, "When Calls the Heart" last night in the wake of the college admission scandal.
    Then, Mama June was arrested at an Alabama gas station for alleged possession of crack cocaine.
    Plus, Nicki Minaj canceled another concert this weekend in Ireland and fans were outraged.
    And, singer Sam Smith revealed that he had liposuction when he was 12 years old. Find out Wendy's take on today's Hot Topics!
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  • Twanna Teaches
    Twanna Teaches Day ago

    🚫🚫🚫⚠️⚠️⚠️Ok so now trek the truth, the drugs were Eugene's and June as in the car with him and she went to jail because that's what happens when yoyy date a crack head. Tell the part also where Eugene threatened June's life 3 times and witnesses told the police. 🚫🚫🚫⚠️⚠️⚠️

  • Just Yomama
    Just Yomama 2 days ago +1

    Wendy’s on crack to sooo....... Idk why she’s making fun of her

  • M J Kay
    M J Kay 3 days ago

    Just what did you expect from a redneck?

  • Johnson Johnson
    Johnson Johnson 4 days ago

    Kinda funny that a cocaine addict is making fun of someone with almost the same problem

  • troy all the time
    troy all the time 6 days ago

    But wait, weren't you a "crackhead"? Lol
    Girl, BYE

    CONAN CHICK 6 days ago +1

    Wendy knows all about that white residue on the rim 🤣🤸🏻‍♀️

  • Letit Bemee
    Letit Bemee 7 days ago

    Wow, Wendy you must be higher than a kite doing this show. Calling the kettle black.. LOL, Ha ha ha ha ha. Your nose looks chewed up from all the cane you sniffed!

  • brugerper
    brugerper 9 days ago

    Maybe she is in CPS costudy and everybody laughs ... wtf is this show with this coked up hoebag as a host

  • Lynx O
    Lynx O 9 days ago

    "The pluckation says a lot about your situation" lol Wendy.

  • Abreil
    Abreil 9 days ago

    18:55 You are gorgeous

  • mhad_evanray
    mhad_evanray 10 days ago

    Ah no one cares about your opinion Wendy and no one likes you and mama June look 9x better than you bye 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Lerycka Lee
    Lerycka Lee 10 days ago

    Just what? What is wrong with you clone? Your delivery is weird. You continue to refer to Alanna as Honey-BooBoo? You said you were plump like her at 13; but you never lost your weight. You mispronounce every other word. Seriously!? You passed out non stage?? What’s your drug?? Blood of the young ‘uns? Your delivery is delayed? What r u smokin?? How bout we give ALANNA her teen show in your time slot instead?? Gotta be better than this!!

  • Joy Walker
    Joy Walker 10 days ago +3

    Seriously girl you're into drugs yourself don't drag another person down when you are doing the same thing...

  • Lillie Rose
    Lillie Rose 10 days ago

    Do you know there was a white mom and dad who spent 15 years in prison for pedophilia and was innocent the whole time. They lost their kids and life and home and everything and guess what???? When they let them put of prison they did not even say I'm sorry and compisate. Well it happens to everybody and not because your a certain color

  • Chambers Chambers
    Chambers Chambers 11 days ago

    All I keep thinking is "hypocritic" hypocritic!

  • R.P. L
    R.P. L 11 days ago

    I pass by the Flinstone House almost daily on the 280 going North. Its actually located in the Penninsula like the Burlingame area. It has been there for years. Since i was a kid. Idk what the problem with those people are now. Might be the new techies all of the implants

  • Magdeline M
    Magdeline M 11 days ago

    act "normal " most of us tried that when you are high or drunk 😂😎😏😁

  • atown Ish
    atown Ish 12 days ago

    it's like a gay man calling another gay man a faggit

  • Lisa Palmer
    Lisa Palmer 13 days ago

    There's rumors that geno was the tow truck driver was geno.... ( "I don't believe in rumors")

  • Lisa Palmer
    Lisa Palmer 13 days ago +1

    The reason you don't use technology much cause you smoking 🚬 🚬 🚬 those drugs 💉 💉 💉...

  • Lisa Palmer
    Lisa Palmer 13 days ago +1

    You use it to you need too shut up!!!! WENDY I HATE YOU 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 Mama June is better than you... ❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😍😍😍mama June....

  • meanmike7979
    meanmike7979 14 days ago

    Pass out again cause of your drug use

  • meanmike7979
    meanmike7979 14 days ago

    Your just bashing people you have everything you wan drug and drinks please

  • meanmike7979
    meanmike7979 14 days ago

    Also you did cocaine but that's ok and you bash another person but you still do the same thing? Your show who watches it dummies?

  • meanmike7979
    meanmike7979 14 days ago

    How are you gonna condone someone about drugs but you passed out how many times so dont be a hypocrite lady and you still have a show cause of drug use really. Your show is crap.

  • drag hag
    drag hag 14 days ago

    I dont understand the wendy Williams show. Is it a talk show is she tryna b funny?? I dunno 💁💁 not impressed...

  • Cheri
    Cheri 15 days ago

    Wow Wendy! Really? Just when ppl were calling you out about the alcohol and being at Walmart looking a hot mess? You have the nerve to call out Mama June?! Wow. Last time I watch you. You’re no better than her. An addict is an addict

  • Khanya Thwala
    Khanya Thwala 15 days ago


  • Beto McKnight
    Beto McKnight 16 days ago

    She never called June a crackhead so yall can stfu! Mama June is making stupid decisions and wendy sees it...she never complained abt her drug use

  • kitty5439
    kitty5439 16 days ago

    What about you Wendy ? U supposedly an addict and staying In a sober living house , throw your shade , probably some BS for ratings ..

  • Laurie Knowles
    Laurie Knowles 16 days ago

    What a hypocrite

  • destinee wright
    destinee wright 16 days ago

    Wendy knows all about the crack residue LMAO

  • destinee wright
    destinee wright 16 days ago

    Jews had it worse

  • Crystal Arebalo
    Crystal Arebalo 16 days ago

    I love the House

  • 🦇Jo🦇
    🦇Jo🦇 17 days ago

    I have no idea who this woman is but she seems to read the autocue soooo slow. What's with her cosmetic surgery double standards though... And everyone cheering!?

    • Beto McKnight
      Beto McKnight 16 days ago

      How is she being a hipocryte?????? Cause she talks abt other methods before plastic surgery? Or the consequences of it???? She knows she has had them she knows how bullshit they are and how they are not a magic wand, what you expect her to say? "Everyone to do plastic surgery" just cause she did it??????
      FFS....stop being stupid.

  • Larry Easton
    Larry Easton 17 days ago

    You're a fake who wants to only report the bad

  • Carlecia Baker
    Carlecia Baker 17 days ago

    We all known why you don't watch TV or answer the phone down it

  • Carlecia Baker
    Carlecia Baker 17 days ago

    Until it's your

  • Sharon Morgan
    Sharon Morgan 17 days ago

    I love how this druggie can make fun of Mama June!! Smh!! Wendy you are a low life!

  • Genie P
    Genie P 17 days ago +2

    Her eyes remind me of a clockwork orange

  • K M
    K M 17 days ago

    You "TRY" not to get in others business? You have nerve to talk about how others talk when you have a FAKE as HELL New York accent and "AX" lying questions and spreading rumors about everything except your own MESS of a LIFE!

  • John Gemini
    John Gemini 17 days ago

    UMM who was the past out statue of Liberty ??~🤔🤔
    sorry for my english

  • Natalie
    Natalie 17 days ago

    Wendy is so annoying. First and last I'll watch any vid of hers

  • Deanna W
    Deanna W 18 days ago

    Nice face

  • Macy Gurden
    Macy Gurden 18 days ago

    Sitting there shaking her head and shaming someone else for drug abuse! Hypocritical much?! Jeah no. That’s not cool!

  • Chante Moody
    Chante Moody 18 days ago

    Why is Wendy Williams shaming Momma June and her boyfriend for using drugs when she has her own addiction problems? I have never done drugs before, but even I don't go around shaming people over their addictions because I realize everyone has flaws an bad habits they need to overcome; I'm definitely NOT perfect.
    How can he, Wendy Williams, complain about other men getting plastic surgery and grooming treatments, when he has had feminizing surgery, breast implants, hair extensions, and make-up?! What a hypocrite he is.

  • Queen Mel
    Queen Mel 18 days ago

    She’s had wayyyyyyyyyy too much botox 🙄

  • Tony Benson
    Tony Benson 18 days ago

    Trans is on coke during this show

  • Tony Benson
    Tony Benson 18 days ago +1

    What the hell is she geeked up on

  • Lorraine Sclavounos
    Lorraine Sclavounos 18 days ago +3

    This hostess is crazy looking, how the hell do they stay on tv! What's up with her eyes?

  • Adam Luchter
    Adam Luchter 18 days ago

    Wendy has the mouth of a bullfrog.

  • roxanne jericho
    roxanne jericho 18 days ago

    NOT funny, If you lost a child from drugs you would agree! BTW don't YOU have a drug problem yourself? You hollywood types and democrats always think you are better than everyone! Just put on amazing polly on you tube and you will see the REAL hollywood and the REAL democrats!

  • Colorado Gurl
    Colorado Gurl 18 days ago

    How ironic -coke head calling another coke head out?!

  • Torey Storts
    Torey Storts 18 days ago

    Man his neighbors can go mmh themselves. I think the house is awesome! They need to mind their own business

  • LivyLooLoo Loo
    LivyLooLoo Loo 18 days ago

    I always thought he was average to skinny. I never saw him as over weight.

  • Samantha Jordan
    Samantha Jordan 18 days ago

    As a recovering addict, this side eye is for YOU, Wendy.

  • midnights Star
    midnights Star 18 days ago

    WTF was that laugh it sounds like a fucking guinea pig She seems strangely robotic .

  • Miriam Kelly
    Miriam Kelly 18 days ago

    I can't stand this woman

  • Silver Corn
    Silver Corn 18 days ago

    This is painful to watch - who is dumb enough to listen to this woman?

  • Mandy Celeste
    Mandy Celeste 18 days ago

    Idk.. Wendy gets on my damn nerves

  • sistersofthemoon77
    sistersofthemoon77 18 days ago +1

    Why did she have to come over to Alabama to do this? We get enough bad publicity. Get arrested In Georgia .

  • Jocy Coleman
    Jocy Coleman 18 days ago

    And she's still talking crap about others 😂😂

  • Leslie Churchwell
    Leslie Churchwell 19 days ago

    She said a few things that were a little off but basically got the story right...anyway, June was out a jail the next day and went to get her car outta impound but the towtruck driver wouldn't give it to her.
    The audio is out if u want to hear it(of her begging for her car back). She couldn't get it back thow because she had no liscense(shes legally blind and lost her license couple yrs.ago)...anyway, bf has no license either, 'supposedly', but I'm not sure if it is actually suspended and taken away or if he just lost the actual card, cause I dont think he caught any other charge on that one.

  • Leslie Churchwell
    Leslie Churchwell 19 days ago

    Mama June drug bust is at 5:30.

  • Kiikii Lou
    Kiikii Lou 19 days ago

    her contour is giving me the joker vibes

  • hollie basnight
    hollie basnight 19 days ago

    Crackhead talking about another crackhead😂

  • Debra Walker
    Debra Walker 19 days ago

    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.. but what can you say about a show that is based on gossip anyway. Drug addiction and denial go hand in hand until self medicating doesn’t work anymore. Listen to your conscience and you won’t need drugs. To your soul be true stop lying and denying about reality. All you ever need is GOD .. Yahshua is the only true lover of your soul. Does it make you feel good to make fun of disadvantaged people? Don’t you love 💕 being on TV Wendy ? You do it for fame and $$. Glass houses

  • manhattang1rl
    manhattang1rl 19 days ago


  • Kaylee Shaw
    Kaylee Shaw 19 days ago

    How does this incoherent twat have a tv show?? Christ on a cracker.. Couldn't get passed one full minute.

  • Obviously Avery
    Obviously Avery 19 days ago

    Why doesn’t she make a video about her getting busted with drugs

  • RedYellowBlue
    RedYellowBlue 19 days ago

    Comment on the second part of this show : i agree with Wendy in terms of men getting plastic surgery. It makes them look More feminine from what I’ve seen. I’d rather have a chunkier man than a man who looks like he’s had plastic surgery. However I could also almost say the same about women.

  • RedYellowBlue
    RedYellowBlue 19 days ago

    Wendy: so mamma June’s on crack and where is honey boo boo? Foster Care!
    Audience: Hahahaha
    (Yea.... hilarious. Fucking low life’s)

  • Rose Bud
    Rose Bud 19 days ago

    She puts soo much energy in to being purposely mean. Just makes her seem bitter. What am I even doing here?

  • _livwith me
    _livwith me 19 days ago

    Wendy sounds really stumbly with her words and not as loud as she normally is ~ like she worded everything weird

  • Richard Smout
    Richard Smout 19 days ago

    God dam this woman is straight out of my nightmares

  • Logan Radke
    Logan Radke 19 days ago

    Why isn't anyone talking about how she was just so rude to men, excuse me if men want to fillers or whatever that's ok, like everyone gets all worked up when they say certain things women shouldn't do but then a woman makes judgements about men and all the sudden it's ok, no it's not hun

  • ChewwwBeccca
    ChewwwBeccca 19 days ago

    Addiction is a disease, not a spectacle to be laughed about. It’s disgusting that YOU of ALL people encourage others to laugh at another persons pain. YOU of all people should know how it feels to suffer living life in active addiction...where’s the empathy?
    Shame on you Wendy

  • IsisWinter Magick
    IsisWinter Magick 19 days ago

    She called Lori Loughlin Lori Mcglouphlin and she called mama June mama jean she’s the one on crack and when she looks straight at camera she looks so weird it makes me laugh.....

  • Mason Robberts
    Mason Robberts 19 days ago

    Wendy be on more coke than anyone ik 😂

  • Stephanie Renee
    Stephanie Renee 19 days ago

    Her name isn't mama June! It's white trash.

  • Bite the Bullet
    Bite the Bullet 19 days ago

    she looks like an alien bobble head.

  • SeXiLaVilleValo101
    SeXiLaVilleValo101 19 days ago

    She always wants to talk about others and not herself. Hypocrite much

  • Diana Donaldson
    Diana Donaldson 19 days ago

    How is this to much plastic surgery drug addict heffer going to call others out?

  • Jujaspriest
    Jujaspriest 19 days ago

    So mob rule with infinite righteousness and “acceptance” falls flat on it’s pious face once again...welcome to Hollyweird where it’s perfectly acceptable to hire, promote, love and forgive OPENLY brazen pedophiles time and time again!? Then get all kinds of morally offended if Aunt Becky greases a few palms for her kid’s college acceptance ? Yeah fire her and make an example out of her!!!! You know..just in case you needed further proof of the abject insanity encapsulating the media and world at this moment. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • cottycheese
    cottycheese 19 days ago

    Wendy is literally the worst.

  • mercedes miller
    mercedes miller 19 days ago

    She called her lori mclaughlin.....

  • S A
    S A 19 days ago

    5:52 thank me later

  • Peanutscorner Smith
    Peanutscorner Smith 19 days ago

    You all need to remember this is her job to report on tv people.wendy owns her short comings and was woman enough to tell people what she was dealing with and you wanna judge her for doing her job and making light of it but that might be how she deals with it

  • Mason Plank
    Mason Plank 19 days ago

    Gino may have called tipped someone off as a stunt but throwing stones in glass houses isn't cute.

  • Cenia Conley
    Cenia Conley 19 days ago

    Jesse has an affair that's a good way from Becky
    to die out

  • Marilyn Catalano
    Marilyn Catalano 19 days ago

    Now we know how she lost all that weight. She was on that crack diet!!

  • god
    god 19 days ago

    wendy is a vile women, if u can even call her a women

  • Jean Culbreath
    Jean Culbreath 19 days ago

    I don’t want to hear a word from wendy until discussed her own mess. Get lost fool.

  • Melissa Prestash-Reinhold

    As far as the Mama June situation. Because the vehicle was licensed in her name and drugs/drug paraphernalia was found within it, the police will charge June regardless whether or not her man Gino was willing to accept all responsibility and take the charges. Possession is 9/10th's of the law.

    • monkeynumber nine
      monkeynumber nine 19 days ago

      In many states, all parties are charged.
      Minnesota, Texas..if one person has drugs, every person in the vehicle gets a possession charge.

  • Janice Cootie
    Janice Cootie 20 days ago

    I love the whole "WITH THE WHITE RESIDUE!!!" comment let's not throw stones in glass houses Mrs Williams. 🤔🤔🤔

  • Shooting Star
    Shooting Star 20 days ago

    Everyone has dirt, even our President, leave her alone.

  • Pauline Hopps
    Pauline Hopps 20 days ago

    Thriving on someone else's downfall. Wendy.

  • Joseph Rogaine
    Joseph Rogaine 20 days ago

    June's boyfriend sugar bear wasn't the pedophile just to be clear. It was another bf that was never In the media that allegedly abused Anna. She left that ugly sugarbear dude for her ex the alleged pedophile that's why Anna isn't speaking to her mom. I don't know why I'm saying this Wendy was just extremely unclear.

  • Cora Smith
    Cora Smith 20 days ago +1

    "Blame the man." What a sexist sow you are, Wendy. Women like you give us decent women a bad name. Men need protection from man hating shrews like you.

  • J D
    J D 20 days ago

    I like how she blew on her tea even though it had been sitting there for 5 minutes...