Mama June Arrested

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • The Hallmark Channel pulled Lori Loughlin's show, "When Calls the Heart" last night in the wake of the college admission scandal.
    Then, Mama June was arrested at an Alabama gas station for alleged possession of crack cocaine.
    Plus, Nicki Minaj canceled another concert this weekend in Ireland and fans were outraged.
    And, singer Sam Smith revealed that he had liposuction when he was 12 years old. Find out Wendy's take on today's Hot Topics!
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  • YaYa.
    YaYa. 19 days ago +1

    Mama June is entertaining white trash. Kids don’t do drugs this is a result of what can happen.

  • ✩ Blueberry Dreams ✩
    ✩ Blueberry Dreams ✩ 19 days ago +2

    We don't have this Wendy Williams show in the UK so can I just ask.. wtf is up with her?? Is it just me or is she an actual puppet? So wooden and awkward and weird. And wtf is going on with her eyes? 😶

  • Bats
    Bats 25 days ago +1

    She totally deserves to be arrested and jailed
    For what she has done to her daughter

  • Jeremiah Howe
    Jeremiah Howe 27 days ago +1

    I don’t feel like she was making a joke of the situation about mama June. She was simply doing the job she’s been doing for years. I think the audience just over did it with their reactions. Drugs are no joke in anyone’s situation and an uncomfortable conversation.

  • Angela Smith
    Angela Smith Month ago

    Well you also do drugs is that why your still on tv they need the ratings for you also why talk about other people when your just as bad

  • Briana michelle
    Briana michelle Month ago

    You look like a whole man . Stfu unless u know the full story

  • Briana michelle
    Briana michelle Month ago +1

    Not even the true story .

  • Lakeda Hughlett
    Lakeda Hughlett Month ago

    Dam that house is a little massie

  • Meat Lady
    Meat Lady Month ago +1


    • LaraCroftEyes1
      LaraCroftEyes1 26 days ago

      Least Wendy doesn't date convicted sex offenders as June does.

  • old soul triangle
    old soul triangle Month ago

    June is going to find it hard to dump this guy if shes already hooked on crack, I can see what's going to happen, im an ex-crackhead and I not touched it for 9 or ten years, only now I'm at a stage where I a watch someone smoke it in a documentary and not feel tempted, I don't think mamma June has the strength to nip the crack in the bud, and that means dumping this guy and getting into therapy asap, if she doesn't do this asap she will lose everything, even her house ,

  • One two
    One two Month ago

    What's wrong with your eyes? Its like fishing line is pulling them up. If it's cosmetic work, that was a mistake

  • Ana Cruz
    Ana Cruz Month ago

    I'm still wondering how much money Wendy lost in her divorce settlement, ahahah

  • Susan Ash
    Susan Ash Month ago

    The story she said about mama June didn't match up to the story June's daughter told.

  • J
    J Month ago +2

    Green cash can't help white trash

  • Ugly Whitney Pretty Brittany

    Her boyfriend needed it more. Such a child molester🤐

  • Alise Porter
    Alise Porter Month ago

    Pot calling the kettle black, Wendy.

  • Gina Marie
    Gina Marie Month ago

    “When Hearts The Call”

  • None yah Business
    None yah Business Month ago

    Wendy you such rude person making jokes about people will obviously have mental illness !!!!

  • Baby Goose
    Baby Goose Month ago

    She let that Geno dude ruin her life. She chose him over her own damn kids.

  • Peter vincent
    Peter vincent Month ago +1

    Mama June is a big jerk will never watch again.hope she loses everything

  • mike dorestant
    mike dorestant Month ago

    Wendy get your facts straight. Your saying Geno have June the ring right before the arrest which is false. He gave June the ring last year when Alana was on dancing with the stars junior edition. Please stop gossiping about people on your show and talk about stuff that doesn’t degrade people.

  • Heavenly Edits
    Heavenly Edits Month ago

    Bringing up what mama June and her family are seriously struggling though and trying to cope with and making it onto a joke in a way is beyond me in my opinion especially when her kids have to go through this. I mean everyone goes through their own stuff and not everyone knows the facts to make a joke when it’s better to just state what they know happened

  • Venom Records
    Venom Records Month ago

    men do take the fall true that

  • Urbex Rebellion
    Urbex Rebellion Month ago +1

    Why is it up to the man to take the fall

  • Meat Lady
    Meat Lady Month ago +3


  • crazy world
    crazy world Month ago

    watch season 3 it was sooo sad!!!mini strokes he treated her like crap poor allana..she is with her sister pumpkin and her husband

    • LaraCroftEyes1
      LaraCroftEyes1 26 days ago

      Geno is white trash like June but he isn't abusive.

    • crazy world
      crazy world Month ago

      you dont find out shes on crack until the end of season 3 its on demand

    • crazy world
      crazy world Month ago

      bs this was no fame grab go watch season 3..poor honey booboo she was sobbing

    • crazy world
      crazy world Month ago

      the family did an intervention on june because of the strokes one knew she was on crack!!!!he was a bastard to her so abusive!!!

  • michael smith
    michael smith Month ago

    Wow wendy are you really a talk show host? and can you use a pair of glasses?

  • M A
    M A Month ago

    I really dont understand how this crack ho have a tv show.

  • Elohims Gifts
    Elohims Gifts Month ago


  • Glenda Mahoney
    Glenda Mahoney Month ago

    I have never watched the Wendy Williams Show nor have I watch her in anything else she may have been viewed in and I can honestly say that after watching her on here for less than 5 minutes that I will never watch her in anything. I couldn't even stand to be in the same room with this woman Wendy as she is annoying in every way possible.

  • Erin Wilkinson
    Erin Wilkinson 2 months ago +1

    Yeah, and you know about that crack, don't ya?

    • Elohims Gifts
      Elohims Gifts Month ago

      Yep shes a mockery. God loves us all and makes the rain to fall on the just and unjust. Shalom In to all in Jesus Christ name!

    • Big Man
      Big Man Month ago

      She gets that high quality cocaine.

  • Eliot M
    Eliot M 2 months ago

    You take the trailer park trash out of the trailer park, but, you can't take the trailer park trash, out of the trailer park trash!

  • kelli martinelli
    kelli martinelli 2 months ago

    this is hard to watch bc wendy is so messed up. the way she is talking about another woman is shameful

  • kelli martinelli
    kelli martinelli 2 months ago

    are you proud of yourself Wendy??? you are so fake and obviously from listening to you talk and watching you in this video you are on something. and her camera crew wasnt there. where did you get your info.

  • tmisha31
    tmisha31 2 months ago

    Gossip is sin and you reap what you sow. It hurts when you become the opposite side of the tongue. Sticks and stones do hurt whether you own up to it or not.

  • Treasures Of Many
    Treasures Of Many 2 months ago +1

    I no longer care for Wendy at all

  • Treasures Of Many
    Treasures Of Many 2 months ago +1

    None of this is correct, no one wants mama June to marry him. They have done an intervention trying to get her away from him and Alana is Living with her sister, pumpkin.

  • J. Yasue
    J. Yasue 2 months ago

    Wendy is so fake...inside and out!

  • taliyah ford
    taliyah ford 2 months ago +1

    That's not what really happened

  • last time
    last time 2 months ago +1

    Mama june is a selfish self centered low life

  • Fat and Happy Ranch
    Fat and Happy Ranch 2 months ago

    Wendy is so great.. Respectful and real!

  • hels M
    hels M 2 months ago

    look we know they not the Elite it would mean nothing to you but June likes the simple things...she doesn't know anything else!(Though Geno is a DAAAAWG) you is being Naaasty GF - I watched all your programmes till now! hating on someone so vunerable is sad of you..shame on ya

  • hels M
    hels M 2 months ago

    NAAAAAH wendy one does forget oneself!!!!!!

  • novella King
    novella King 2 months ago

    You lien hoe you didnt tell the hold story I was there at that gas station who ever gave you that story that's a lie wish I was there to tell what really happened

  • Leah Haturini
    Leah Haturini 2 months ago +1

    That man is no good and Wendy ur ugly .....ur the crackhead

  • Stephanie West-White
    Stephanie West-White 2 months ago

    Ooh Wendy, you have had a vision. Alana needs her own teen talk show. Oh hell yeah call Opra!!!😆

  • Jody Ferguson
    Jody Ferguson 2 months ago +5

    pot calling the kettle black!🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • xoxo ClarissaRene
    xoxo ClarissaRene 2 months ago

    I was not ready for the skilled intro 😂 I usually get my ish together during that time lol

  • Ms.Marlene Rosado
    Ms.Marlene Rosado 2 months ago +1


  • Skinny Legend
    Skinny Legend 2 months ago

    I love Wendy but really? Men can’t have plastic surgery? I lost a ton of weight and have loose skin on my stomach now which I’ll be getting removed soon. Just cause I’m a guy I shouldn’t get a tummy tuck? I’m not even 20 yet but cause I’m a guy I should “ just go to the gym”??? News flash, the gym can’t fix that or it wouldn’t be a problem as I go 6 days a week. Also you forget that the pressures to be perfect for guys in the gay world, are the same, if not more so than on women. Men have self esteem issues too and want to look good for themselves too. Plastic surgery is for anyone who wants to better themselves for them selves.

  • Josefine Guld
    Josefine Guld 2 months ago +4

    Making fun of a drug addict person is a low blow.. I may not like Mama june as a person, but that doesn't make it right. Lost all the respect for you right here right now.

  • Mind of a Fangirl
    Mind of a Fangirl 2 months ago

    18:34 💀💀

  • Kimber  Lee
    Kimber Lee 2 months ago

    man if I was in a foster home id be scared honey boo boo would eat me cause yaall know the state don't feed you like a barn yard animal. the other guy molested anna chickadee junes oldest daughter. sugarbear was cheatin on he with men and woman. now shes with geno , june likes her sum nasty dogs

  • Sam Orlando
    Sam Orlando 2 months ago

    Her show will be in better ratings if she will start talking about all her garbage. Maybe invite her former husband as a guest as well.

  • Monica Shahatit
    Monica Shahatit 2 months ago +1

    She is not a good looking women, NOPE. Mama June looks like she should be fat. She looks very strange and in no way attractive.

  • Jodie daubenmire
    Jodie daubenmire 2 months ago +1

    Hey Wendell stop talking about others and their drug problems. June is gross but nothing compared to you.

    • LaraCroftEyes1
      LaraCroftEyes1 2 months ago

      Least Wendell hasn't dated two convicted sex offenders like June has done and June is far worse than Wendy.

  • Ben Madriz
    Ben Madriz 2 months ago

    not wendy they dont need her on the upcoming project

  • Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg

    Wow, how the hell did i end up here, on the retarded part of internet?

  • crazzi-j north
    crazzi-j north 2 months ago

    I do agree to a certain degree about mama June she’s worked so hard getting herself together and getting all these surgeries and losing weight and now she’s throwing it away for the pipe smh

  • crazzi-j north
    crazzi-j north 2 months ago

    Why are you of all people shading people for drug use when you just got back out of rehab Wendy ? I swear she’s so two faced with some subjects

  • crazzi-j north
    crazzi-j north 2 months ago

    Don’t care what felicity did she’s a great actress and very entertaining so whatever 😂

  • michael Valencia
    michael Valencia 2 months ago

    Mama June stuff actually starts at 5:23

  • Angel Goaldigger
    Angel Goaldigger 2 months ago

    Didn’t even know mama June was still on tv. Well I guess the shows fueling her habit,lets see if the show will continue or she’ll be canceled.

  • Twanna Teaches
    Twanna Teaches 2 months ago

    🚫🚫🚫⚠️⚠️⚠️Ok so now trek the truth, the drugs were Eugene's and June as in the car with him and she went to jail because that's what happens when yoyy date a crack head. Tell the part also where Eugene threatened June's life 3 times and witnesses told the police. 🚫🚫🚫⚠️⚠️⚠️

  • Just Yomama
    Just Yomama 2 months ago +2

    Wendy’s on crack to sooo....... Idk why she’s making fun of her

  • M J Kay
    M J Kay 2 months ago +1

    Just what did you expect from a redneck?

  • Johnson Johnson
    Johnson Johnson 3 months ago

    Kinda funny that a cocaine addict is making fun of someone with almost the same problem

  • T R O Y
    T R O Y 3 months ago +1

    But wait, weren't you a "crackhead"? Lol
    Girl, BYE

    CONAN CHICK 3 months ago +5

    Wendy knows all about that white residue on the rim 🤣🤸🏻‍♀️

  • Letit Bemee
    Letit Bemee 3 months ago

    Wow, Wendy you must be higher than a kite doing this show. Calling the kettle black.. LOL, Ha ha ha ha ha. Your nose looks chewed up from all the cane you sniffed!

  • brugerper
    brugerper 3 months ago +2

    Maybe she is in CPS costudy and everybody laughs ... wtf is this show with this coked up hoebag as a host

  • Lynx O
    Lynx O 3 months ago

    "The pluckation says a lot about your situation" lol Wendy.

  • Abreil
    Abreil 3 months ago

    18:55 You are gorgeous

  • mhad_evanray
    mhad_evanray 3 months ago

    Ah no one cares about your opinion Wendy and no one likes you and mama June look 9x better than you bye 👏👏👏👏👏

    • LaraCroftEyes1
      LaraCroftEyes1 2 months ago

      No June doesn't look better than Wendy and Wendy looks like a man.

  • Lerycka Lee
    Lerycka Lee 3 months ago

    Just what? What is wrong with you clone? Your delivery is weird. You continue to refer to Alanna as Honey-BooBoo? You said you were plump like her at 13; but you never lost your weight. You mispronounce every other word. Seriously!? You passed out non stage?? What’s your drug?? Blood of the young ‘uns? Your delivery is delayed? What r u smokin?? How bout we give ALANNA her teen show in your time slot instead?? Gotta be better than this!!

  • Joy Walker
    Joy Walker 3 months ago +11

    Seriously girl you're into drugs yourself don't drag another person down when you are doing the same thing...

  • Name change Akunpucky
    Name change Akunpucky 3 months ago

    Do you know there was a white mom and dad who spent 15 years in prison for pedophilia and was innocent the whole time. They lost their kids and life and home and everything and guess what???? When they let them put of prison they did not even say I'm sorry and compisate. Well it happens to everybody and not because your a certain color

  • Chambers Chambers
    Chambers Chambers 3 months ago

    All I keep thinking is "hypocritic" hypocritic!

  • R.P. L
    R.P. L 3 months ago

    I pass by the Flinstone House almost daily on the 280 going North. Its actually located in the Penninsula like the Burlingame area. It has been there for years. Since i was a kid. Idk what the problem with those people are now. Might be the new techies all of the implants

  • Magdeline M
    Magdeline M 3 months ago

    act "normal " most of us tried that when you are high or drunk 😂😎😏😁

  • atown Ish
    atown Ish 3 months ago

    it's like a gay man calling another gay man a faggit

  • Lisa Palmer
    Lisa Palmer 3 months ago

    There's rumors that geno was the tow truck driver was geno.... ( "I don't believe in rumors")

  • Lisa Palmer
    Lisa Palmer 3 months ago +2

    The reason you don't use technology much cause you smoking 🚬 🚬 🚬 those drugs 💉 💉 💉...

  • Lisa Palmer
    Lisa Palmer 3 months ago +1

    You use it to you need too shut up!!!! WENDY I HATE YOU 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 Mama June is better than you... ❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😍😍😍mama June....

  • meanmike7979
    meanmike7979 3 months ago

    Pass out again cause of your drug use

  • meanmike7979
    meanmike7979 3 months ago

    Your just bashing people you have everything you wan drug and drinks please

  • meanmike7979
    meanmike7979 3 months ago

    Also you did cocaine but that's ok and you bash another person but you still do the same thing? Your show who watches it dummies?

  • meanmike7979
    meanmike7979 3 months ago

    How are you gonna condone someone about drugs but you passed out how many times so dont be a hypocrite lady and you still have a show cause of drug use really. Your show is crap.

  • drag hag
    drag hag 3 months ago

    I dont understand the wendy Williams show. Is it a talk show is she tryna b funny?? I dunno 💁💁 not impressed...

  • Cheri
    Cheri 3 months ago

    Wow Wendy! Really? Just when ppl were calling you out about the alcohol and being at Walmart looking a hot mess? You have the nerve to call out Mama June?! Wow. Last time I watch you. You’re no better than her. An addict is an addict

  • Khanya Thwala
    Khanya Thwala 3 months ago


  • Yellow Mesh
    Yellow Mesh 3 months ago

    She never called June a crackhead so yall can stfu! Mama June is making stupid decisions and wendy sees it...she never complained abt her drug use

  • kitty5439
    kitty5439 3 months ago

    What about you Wendy ? U supposedly an addict and staying In a sober living house , throw your shade , probably some BS for ratings ..

  • Laurie Knowles
    Laurie Knowles 3 months ago

    What a hypocrite

  • destinee wright
    destinee wright 3 months ago

    Wendy knows all about the crack residue LMAO

  • destinee wright
    destinee wright 3 months ago

    Jews had it worse

  • Crystal Arebalo
    Crystal Arebalo 3 months ago

    I love the House

  • 🦇Jo🦇
    🦇Jo🦇 3 months ago

    I have no idea who this woman is but she seems to read the autocue soooo slow. What's with her cosmetic surgery double standards though... And everyone cheering!?

    • Yellow Mesh
      Yellow Mesh 3 months ago

      How is she being a hipocryte?????? Cause she talks abt other methods before plastic surgery? Or the consequences of it???? She knows she has had them she knows how bullshit they are and how they are not a magic wand, what you expect her to say? "Everyone to do plastic surgery" just cause she did it??????
      FFS....stop being stupid.

  • Larry Easton
    Larry Easton 3 months ago

    You're a fake who wants to only report the bad

  • Carlecia Baker
    Carlecia Baker 3 months ago

    We all known why you don't watch TV or answer the phone down it