Americans & Koreans Swap Drinks

  • Published on Feb 20, 2019
  • I'm thirsty...
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    Cathy Kimchi

Comments • 2 104

  • gg FormulaZ
    gg FormulaZ 3 days ago +1

    Play this one on my own for you bro you need to join me bro I’m going back home I have to come get my car

  • Aproved_By_Trump_Challenges

    I ship evan and kelsey lol

  • Cass S
    Cass S 7 days ago

    “Or the color of pee.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aely
    Aely 8 days ago

    A Sacsac and Milk is his favorite ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • HaileyPlays_ Gacha
    HaileyPlays_ Gacha 9 days ago +3

    I’m Korean and I’ve tried all the drinks.. I can’t choose!

    Actually the milkis is the best.

  • allen liu
    allen liu 9 days ago

    Plz look at the quantity of this

  • abrikosovayaa
    abrikosovayaa 10 days ago

    ok,i realized we have some of korean snacks here in Russia,but we didn't know they were korean (milkis,choco pie...)
    and also we have this in here!! 8:24

  • Rylie Bryantt
    Rylie Bryantt 10 days ago

    Why does Evan kinda sound liks Namjoon?
    Just me?

  • Mia Opperman
    Mia Opperman 11 days ago

    I haven’t had kool aid.

  • PiercedPeace
    PiercedPeace 11 days ago

    Bro. The only cool person in this video is the Asian guy. The other three are just.... odd.

  • ryan crisostomo
    ryan crisostomo 13 days ago

    Thirsty american waifu

  • itzapotato
    itzapotato 14 days ago

    Is it just me who ships Kelsey and Evan?

  • I C
    I C 15 days ago

    Ok.... that was dirty...

  • AS00400349
    AS00400349 15 days ago

    I loved the Korean girl! She was so sweet, chill and down-to-earth and I just loved the open communication between her and the American guy. 10/10 would love to see her back in a future episode! She was really cool!

  • Nicole Herrley
    Nicole Herrley 16 days ago

    Sac sac reminds me of that nasty aloe drink that has pieces of aloe plant in it! I don't enjoy pieces of stuff in my drinks! Lol

  • Crim Valdis
    Crim Valdis 17 days ago +1

    Kelsey and Evan just looks so good together. 😔

  • Daisy Boop
    Daisy Boop 18 days ago


  • Tom Hooper
    Tom Hooper 18 days ago

    4:30 "you just pounded that"

  • LelaMCRmy
    LelaMCRmy 19 days ago

    Sac sac is so good. They sell the grape and orange variety at the Korean restaurant next to my university and they’re both so tasty and very different from American fruit juice. They honestly really remind me of the syrup canned fruits are packed in, but more refreshing, and the grapes and orange pieces inside taste exactly like the grapes and oranges you’d find in canned fruit cocktail mixes.

  • Isabella
    Isabella 19 days ago

    Kelsey kinda look like Lili Reinhard or is it just me

  • Ivan Francis Lasaga
    Ivan Francis Lasaga 19 days ago

    ive tried milkis before and im filipino

  • TheSuperSaiyanPikachu
    TheSuperSaiyanPikachu 20 days ago +1

    I'm addicted to Orange Sac Sac. I haven't had it in forever. Also, the ones I get are basically those coke mini things, but shorter.

  • Wandi Riswan
    Wandi Riswan 21 day ago

    Sac sac huh

  • Dragon Night
    Dragon Night 21 day ago

    I ship Kelsey and Evan

  • Sampada K.C.
    Sampada K.C. 23 days ago

    So no one is gonna talk about the korean's wearing similar sweaters?

  • Aquila Queen
    Aquila Queen 23 days ago

    banana milk reminds me of Jungkook

  • gabriela.fort3
    gabriela.fort3 24 days ago

    Lol Evan and Kelsey look almost the same height for the whole video until he sits up straight at 9:50 lol

  • Morgan Brandy
    Morgan Brandy 24 days ago

    MILKIS IS THE BOMB! WOAH. melon flavor fo life!

  • k .anree
    k .anree 25 days ago

    Banana milkkkk mah childhood (who am I kidding? I'm still a child)

  • Must Watch Chaos
    Must Watch Chaos 25 days ago +1

    This is fake two people are from America I saw a video and it said that he was from America

  • Lucy Mason
    Lucy Mason 25 days ago

    Just noticed how extremely artificial most american drinks are

  • David S Galarza
    David S Galarza 25 days ago

    Yoo-hoo? I say ya-hoo

  • Benette Banawa
    Benette Banawa 26 days ago


  • JX Tian
    JX Tian 26 days ago

    I think you missed out Aloe Vera

  • Caleb McAdam
    Caleb McAdam 26 days ago

    SAC SAC wtf 😂

  • AyeGiggli
    AyeGiggli 26 days ago

    Capri sun is actually not american its german

  • Katie Kay
    Katie Kay 26 days ago +1

    I love these guys! Also, shout out to capri sun Pacific Cooler! Hehe.

  • Ai soh
    Ai soh 26 days ago

    Plz iran and america

  • C5 Pack
    C5 Pack 26 days ago

    4:27 asmr fan come

  • Lanoira13
    Lanoira13 26 days ago

    Yoohoo tastes like a horse barn. Don't at me.

  • Rєαpєr
    Rєαpєr 26 days ago

    Milki is carbonated Calpico.

  • Novastar_ Studios
    Novastar_ Studios 26 days ago

    Is it sad that I’m American but I have never had Yoo-hoo

  • Furious 454
    Furious 454 26 days ago

    They forgot the 야쿠르트 Korean Yakuruto(Yogurt Drink),
    Woongjin - Morning Rice Drink, and Korean chilsung cider almost similar to sprite version

  • CrazyGamingLife
    CrazyGamingLife 27 days ago

    you gotta shake the danimal

  • Kitty Kendrick
    Kitty Kendrick 27 days ago

    My brother and I used to drink CapriSun all the time when we were kids! Aaaahhh memories

  • Monique Star
    Monique Star 27 days ago

    Milkis is good😍

  • Việt An Phạm Vũ
    Việt An Phạm Vũ 28 days ago

    Ball really ball sound very sac sac

  • Trix Is life
    Trix Is life 28 days ago +4

    So they didn’t put sugar in the lemonade okay 👌🏾😂😂

  • Heavenly Gardenia Beauty

    I noticed it’s nasty how they drink off each other 😂

  • Deppressed Wolf6599

    I HATE yoohoo. Its just chocolate water. It's nasty AF

  • Jocelyn Veronica
    Jocelyn Veronica Month ago

    Yoohoos are disgusting

  • Gacha Man
    Gacha Man Month ago

    No Kelsey it’s a barcode

  • OCM Legend
    OCM Legend Month ago

    Omg we need lol for them we need tons of lol help them lots of love

  • SaturnStorm
    SaturnStorm Month ago

    I love Kelsey!!!

  • the truth
    the truth Month ago

    girl meets guy... guy meets girl... and they lived happily ever after. G-d Bless you. He hates divorce.

  • Kaalah Frazier
    Kaalah Frazier Month ago

    The Korean guy REAAAALLY sounds like Namjoon like it gets to me on a whole nother level of weird.

  • Disturbed Galaxy
    Disturbed Galaxy Month ago


    Meh:wut the

  • Arion Elam
    Arion Elam Month ago

    I ship them

  • No-scope_Evade360 Shotgunner

    I had a millisecond before it’s really really good you guys should try it.

  • Cryotome SD
    Cryotome SD Month ago

    That white girl is definitely on some illegal substances, she is so damn hyper

  • MistyTheWolf 571
    MistyTheWolf 571 Month ago +1

    yoohoo milk actually is chocolate water, look it up lol ;-;

  • Jonah Nowotny
    Jonah Nowotny Month ago

    8:31 OR 8:53 WTF

  • Kate B
    Kate B Month ago

    i love 바나나 우유 🥺🥺

  • Darren Zeraus
    Darren Zeraus Month ago

    Where's the Ecto-Cooler?

  • aurora rosette
    aurora rosette Month ago +1

    it's funny because im like about 5'8 and i keep thinking damn it if i wasn't lactose intolerant i probably would've been taller :D

  • suwu916
    suwu916 Month ago

    Stab stab stahhhhb it

  • Analaya Meza
    Analaya Meza Month ago

    Sac-Sac 😭💀😂

  • _ sunbii
    _ sunbii Month ago

    where'ss kenji

  • Isaac Luevano
    Isaac Luevano Month ago

    What happened to Caprisun or Kool Aid or Sunny D

  • friend please
    friend please Month ago

    american capri sun is weird

  • Teas
    Teas Month ago

    Good video. :D

  • Lei Channel
    Lei Channel Month ago

    Is it just me or is Evan fine as hell

  • Eliza Kim
    Eliza Kim Month ago

    i’m sorry but evan rlly handed her a popping grape refreshing soda and she handed back a danimals😂😂😂

  • Nether
    Nether Month ago

    So umm America where is the Gfuel? That's a classic energy drink!

  • DEAD HEAD 69
    DEAD HEAD 69 Month ago

    An egg creamer is milk or cream and cream soda

  • Matt Jr
    Matt Jr Month ago

    Please do American food and Nepal food please

    ED HONCHO Month ago

    White girl ina red wanted sum dick 😂😂😂

  • NØT _Hyp3rr
    NØT _Hyp3rr Month ago

    Her face at 6:04


  • Antelani Atuaia
    Antelani Atuaia Month ago

    aNd tHey cALL iT sACsAc 💀

  • Jeff Demition
    Jeff Demition Month ago

    sac sac xD im done

  • Hacked EMAIL
    Hacked EMAIL Month ago

    Sam looks like a white Tyler perry

  • Charlene Jo
    Charlene Jo Month ago

    Sac Sac! I used to love that drink! I keep looking for it but I’ve never been able to find it.

  • Charlene Jo
    Charlene Jo Month ago

    Hm..interesting. I’ve never seen the Tropical Punch flavor of Capri Sun.

  • noluq
    noluq Month ago

    yo jungkook she took ur banana milk

  • CreepypastaCentralYT
    CreepypastaCentralYT Month ago +3

    Description: I’m thirsty...

    Edit: I just realized my comment 😂😂😂

  • Suga kookies with tae

    Am I the only one that thought of Jungkook when I saw the banana milk?

  • kpop and stuff
    kpop and stuff Month ago

    wait yoohoo isnt chocolate milk?

    my life is a lie

  • kpop and stuff
    kpop and stuff Month ago

    im thirsty

  • Batman Cuz
    Batman Cuz Month ago

    Kelsey's eyes are hectic

  • Red Panda
    Red Panda Month ago +3

    Strawberry kiwi all the way, don’t cross me

  • Tayla Whinham
    Tayla Whinham Month ago

    I only clicked cause I saw Kelsey 😂

  • ricardo cortes
    ricardo cortes Month ago

    She said ** YOU WHO** ITS **YAHWHO** unculture swine.

  • Mrs Kim Taehyung
    Mrs Kim Taehyung Month ago

    Banana milk that tastes so good but
    Jungkook tastes more delicious

  • Shelbey Gissendanner

    Omg kelsey and evan have alot of chemistry!

  • Matthew Young
    Matthew Young Month ago

    Anyone else on an endless loop of these videos?

  • Jasmine Nguyen
    Jasmine Nguyen Month ago

    where is the yakult?? 😂

  • Mocha Fever
    Mocha Fever Month ago

    "I am thirsty"

  • DixedGt
    DixedGt Month ago

    8:40 I know she does

  • Lexi Rae
    Lexi Rae Month ago

    This is really amazing, love from America

  • PlushTuber101 PT
    PlushTuber101 PT Month ago

    I feel like us Americans, are always like “Yeah, like this (insert drink here) is the best, it’s so good, it’s so iconic like yess, it’s so American, red ,white and blue, Yee-haw.”
    And Korean just explain what the it is and that’s it.