WOWWW!! Mega Seafood and BBQ CAMEL in Morocco! INSANE Street Food and Seafood Market Tour!

  • Published on Sep 15, 2018
    Today we're going DEEP for a full-on SEAFOOD and BBQ Camel Adventure in Essaouira, Morocco! You can follow along as we find MEGA sized seafood like lobster and jumbo crab, and also go DEEP to the Had Dra Sunday farmers market outside of Essaouria to find some INSANE street food, like BBQ camel and a GIANT Moroccan Tajine!
    If you're thinking of coming to Morocco to eat street food, you're going to love it. In one day, you can travel from Marrakech to Essaouira, and try some of the best street food in the world.
    We started out our MEGA seafood adventure and BBQ camel tour by first visiting the Sunday farmers market at Had Dra, a short bus ride outside of Essaouira. It was here that we found huge rows of different meats that you can bring to the corner of the market and BBQ up. Right away, I noticed a huge camel head hanging up and different cuts of camel. I knew it had to be done. So we purchased 1 kg of camel and brought it to the BBQ. It was honestly too tough and dry.
    After this, we found another GIANT street food to try, the giant chicken tagine. It was so delicious and full of olive, potato, zuchinni, and Moroccan spice.
    Next up, we went back to Essaouira in search of some of the best street food and seafood, and found some crazy stuff at the local seafood market. We found a GIANT LOBSTER, around 3.5 KG, and also had some raw seafood like sashimi. I found raw sea urchin, and also raw oyster! The sea urchin, sometimes called Uni, was quite strong! After that, we found a GIANT crab and GIANT LOBSTER at this seafood market. It was such a cool experience! The lobster was quite expensive actually, about $120, but so worth it!
    Then we brought the lobster to a grill in the DEEP back streets of essaouira and feasted! It was honestly a little overcooked in some places but in other places it was perfect. I think that's because the lobster was so huge it was hard to cook evenly.
    After this, we went to a local Lady's home to try some home cooked moroccan food, the world famous chicken cous cous. Here, it was juicy chicken over top of nutty cous cous with carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, and zuchinni. Moroccan street food is amazing, but the home cooked Moroccan cuisine is even better!
    It was an incredible day in Essaouria, Morocco! We found a ton of amazing Moroccan street food and Moroccan home cooked cuisine!
    The best part was definitely the JUMBO seafood like the giant lobster and crab, and I must say, the BBQ camel was not my favourite!
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  • The Food Ranger
    The Food Ranger  6 months ago +516

    WOW! We found GIANT LOBSTER and BBQ camel! Make sure to watch until the end so you can enjoy with us all of this crazy food! And sorry for the late upload! I was editing like crazy to get this up! Make sure you’re following along on insta here
    I hope you enjoy the video!

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      mony islam 16 hours ago

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      Hassan karami Day ago

      PLZ Iranian Food

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      Vladimir Antoniu 3 days ago

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    • Suri Kalki
      Suri Kalki 5 days ago


    • kho yaroh
      kho yaroh 18 days ago

      I never knew that camel meat can be eaten ,are we the most greedy creture in this intire world😂

  • Anthony Murmu
    Anthony Murmu 39 minutes ago

    Alien food

  • Mr Bison
    Mr Bison 3 hours ago

    Gloves!! Wear a fucking gloves!!!

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    Mr Bison 4 hours ago

    That wasn’t a camel head

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    Angel Rodriguezjr 6 hours ago

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  • Angel Rodriguezjr
    Angel Rodriguezjr 6 hours ago

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    M4XGAM3R 12 hours ago

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  • Mo T
    Mo T 13 hours ago

    Best maroccan sea food is in the north of marocco between Tetouan and Alhoceima

  • KHalastini Zaylbaol
    KHalastini Zaylbaol 20 hours ago

    لايحة ولاد القحاب حسب سكان العالم
    ءءءءءءءءء المغاربة
    وكل ولاد الفحاب
    فوق الارض

  • Anas saleh
    Anas saleh Day ago

    Never grill camel meat what’s wrong with you ! It is tough because this is clearly an old camel if it is young yeah go ahead

  • Abu Kawser
    Abu Kawser Day ago

    Not so good

  • jrregan
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    Hassan karami Day ago

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    Dwaipayan Datta Roy 2 days ago

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  • Dwaipayan Datta Roy
    Dwaipayan Datta Roy 2 days ago

    Camel milk , male goat meat lobsters no crab

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    Living Life 2 days ago

    U r so real!!!

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    This video was awesome. Thank you Trevor for this nice experience.

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  • Md. Mosharraf Hossain


  • Simon HÖran
    Simon HÖran 5 days ago

    GIANT LOBSTER is just for 80 dollars here in morocco stay alert man ask good poeple before buying anything ,cheaters are everywhere

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      Simon HÖran 3 days ago

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