WOWWW!! Mega Seafood and BBQ CAMEL in Morocco! INSANE Street Food and Seafood Market Tour!

  • Published on Sep 15, 2018
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    Today we're going DEEP for a full-on SEAFOOD and BBQ Camel Adventure in Essaouira, Morocco! You can follow along as we find MEGA sized seafood like lobster and jumbo crab, and also go DEEP to the Had Dra Sunday farmers market outside of Essaouria to find some INSANE street food, like BBQ camel and a GIANT Moroccan Tajine!
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    If you're thinking of coming to Morocco to eat street food, you're going to love it. In one day, you can travel from Marrakech to Essaouira, and try some of the best street food in the world.
    We started out our MEGA seafood adventure and BBQ camel tour by first visiting the Sunday farmers market at Had Dra, a short bus ride outside of Essaouira. It was here that we found huge rows of different meats that you can bring to the corner of the market and BBQ up. Right away, I noticed a huge camel head hanging up and different cuts of camel. I knew it had to be done. So we purchased 1 kg of camel and brought it to the BBQ. It was honestly too tough and dry.
    After this, we found another GIANT street food to try, the giant chicken tagine. It was so delicious and full of olive, potato, zuchinni, and Moroccan spice.
    Next up, we went back to Essaouira in search of some of the best street food and seafood, and found some crazy stuff at the local seafood market. We found a GIANT LOBSTER, around 3.5 KG, and also had some raw seafood like sashimi. I found raw sea urchin, and also raw oyster! The sea urchin, sometimes called Uni, was quite strong! After that, we found a GIANT crab and GIANT LOBSTER at this seafood market. It was such a cool experience! The lobster was quite expensive actually, about $120, but so worth it!
    Then we brought the lobster to a grill in the DEEP back streets of essaouira and feasted! It was honestly a little overcooked in some places but in other places it was perfect. I think that's because the lobster was so huge it was hard to cook evenly.
    After this, we went to a local Lady's home to try some home cooked moroccan food, the world famous chicken cous cous. Here, it was juicy chicken over top of nutty cous cous with carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, and zuchinni. Moroccan street food is amazing, but the home cooked Moroccan cuisine is even better!
    It was an incredible day in Essaouria, Morocco! We found a ton of amazing Moroccan street food and Moroccan home cooked cuisine!
    The best part was definitely the JUMBO seafood like the giant lobster and crab, and I must say, the BBQ camel was not my favourite!
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    • The Muwahhid
      The Muwahhid 2 months ago

      You should check out kashmiri cuisine especially wazwan...

  • Muhammad Awis abd Shahadan

    Wow,rezeki saiz giant kepada yang tidak ingkar...mantap kan?

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    FREEFIRE freefire 4 days ago

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    Hayden Issak 5 days ago

    Do Americans behave in this way with tourists, of course not 😏

  • Naema Mohamed
    Naema Mohamed 6 days ago +1

    May Allah bless Morocco 🙏❤❤❤❤ my favorite country

  • Tarik Rachidi
    Tarik Rachidi 6 days ago

    Wellcom essaouira May from essaouira

  • Hesti Fadilah
    Hesti Fadilah 6 days ago

    Waaw so delicious seafood i like it

  • teresia wambui
    teresia wambui 7 days ago

    Am from kenya and i love watching you eat foods from around the world

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    sohail rokadiya 8 days ago

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    Ranjit Patel 8 days ago

    Man you must have a steel lined stomach!

  • inayat rahman
    inayat rahman 9 days ago +2

    I love Morocco food from Pakistan

  • Shaista Suhail
    Shaista Suhail 9 days ago

    very bad to eat small animals, which take years to grow and can not fulfill your tummy.

  • Hamid Riad
    Hamid Riad 9 days ago +1

    Mouth watering I love Morocco sea food and Moroccans

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    Lazy D 10 days ago +1

    20:08 how satisfying is that😍
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  • الشامي الشامي المغرب العربي

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  • chamchoun Akbar
    chamchoun Akbar 11 days ago

    هذا سوق شعبي أسبوعي يقصده سكان القرى والمدن كذلك لشراء ما يحتاجونه خلال الأسبوع من خضر وفواكه ولحوم بالإضافة إلى التوابل و غير ذلك من السلع المتوفرة في السوق
    وتوجد هذه الأسواق الأسبوعية في كل ربوع المملكة ولكل منها يومه الخاص به فتجد سوق الاثنين والثلاثاء الخ

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    Did he get the runs from that non HAACP meat market?

  • Rameez Saeed
    Rameez Saeed 12 days ago

    Awsome video. I am also doing some food related video. Just did one today. Here is the link.
    Hope it will be useful for viewer looking for good restaurants in Dubai.

  • MrMyrisch
    MrMyrisch 12 days ago +1

    икра морского ежа -- это дерьмище, на мой вкус. Не понимаю, как это можно есть.

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    الناس الكبار في السن اللذين مازالو يدفعون العربات لتوفير قوت يوم عؤالهم لماذا لا ترحم الدولة ضعفهم و توفر لهم معاش يحفظ كرامتهم و كرامة عوائلهم بدل ان يتم تصويرهم في كل فيديو للاجانب و هم يدفعون العربات و هم كبار السن في كل ازقة و اسواق مدن المغرب

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    Liberal Sharoz 17 days ago

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  • Liberal Sharoz
    Liberal Sharoz 17 days ago +1

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    Love from india

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    السلام عليكم: خبر هام للعاطلين عن العمل سيدة
    عربية تقيم في فرنسا تطلب
    10 أشخص ذكور وإناث لي لعمل في مطعم في فرنسا
    18 سنة فمافوق بدون خبرة. وشامل
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    المرجوا الاتصال عير واتساب

  • Vikimoya Albetel
    Vikimoya Albetel 20 days ago

    Viva morocco

  • Violetann Doherty
    Violetann Doherty 21 day ago

    Something rather distasteful about saying how tasty the lobster will when it's still alive. Yuk

  • ScriptedSamurai
    ScriptedSamurai 22 days ago

    Trevor James "MHMMHMHMHMHHM!" Anytime something touches his mouth.

  • Kevin Phelps
    Kevin Phelps 22 days ago

    It just is amazing and baffling at the same time how different cultures are. You are very unlikely in the US to just go to a place and ask if they could cook this for you, most would tell you no. And watching that woman at 20:00 feeding him the lobster is also just wow, again something you would never see, and she is just being nice and friendly is all. Again, only time you would see something like that is like a mom or dad feeding a young child over in the US.

    It is just crazy how hugely different cultures can be.

  • AlisaG YouTube
    AlisaG YouTube 22 days ago

    lobster and crab are delicious but I hated to see them get killed...I know I'm a hypocrite

  • Normal Human
    Normal Human 25 days ago +1

    I’ve watched almost every single one of Trevor’s videos and he has had to pay for his food in all of them apart from Pakistan, where the hospitable locals gave him all that for free

    • Ahmed Nabil
      Ahmed Nabil 21 day ago

      And In Egypt also when the prince himself served him for free also

    • H W
      H W 24 days ago


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    Why the " Merci"??????....Moroccans are Arabs who speak ARABIC....SHOKRAN would've been good enough....

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      Jeremy Hamid 27 days ago

      I am Moroccan and I think the price for the see food was acceptable whereas the price for the couscous was just rediculous.

      BALWA CHURCH ST 27 days ago


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    Norman Hughedicko Month ago

    I won’t mind spending extra having woman fed me

  • Wily Katz
    Wily Katz Month ago

    U guys for youre own greed r destroying the nature by killing living beings n eating them n have u guys ever thank theyre soul for filling youre stomach

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    Manwithoutname Month ago

    Why is he saying "Merci" in Morocco??

    • One blue
      One blue 29 days ago

      in french is think you

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    Man you made me hungry. This should be illegal. As Emerald Lagassi says. You got to have smellavision hhhh.

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  • Karthik M
    Karthik M Month ago

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    I love Morocco from Kerala-India
    " Peace be upon you "

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