Paintball Firing Squad!! | Last to Leave Circle Wins Nintendo Switch!!

  • Published on Feb 5, 2019
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    Hey guys! What did you think of our paintball version of last to leave the circle? Do you think Rich deserved to win the Nintendo Switch? What other cool rewards should we give out? Let us know down below!
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 5 211

  • Dominik Cassirere
    Dominik Cassirere 6 days ago

    If i was bobby i would say no moveing

  • kaley forester
    kaley forester 6 days ago


  • Zara-Lee Hamilton
    Zara-Lee Hamilton 8 days ago +1

    1 like=For J-Fred’s nipple

  • Emil Larsson
    Emil Larsson 9 days ago

    J-Fred was the true winner here. No armor or anything, he made the other two look like wimps

    • Emil Larsson
      Emil Larsson Day ago

      @potato queen Alright, excuse my use of the word "armor". Still, the fucking trenchcoat and the amount of excessive clothing makes a pretty decent "armor" if you understand my point better? A t-shirt and a couple of shorts and yet he stands through it better than the other pussies.. Please correct me again

    • Potato Queen
      Potato Queen 5 days ago

      Emil Larsson
      No one else had any armor, and Rich had to go 2 rounds in a row

  • Pandy Moreno
    Pandy Moreno 11 days ago

    If there a bravery award Joey wins

  • invisible man Skėrys
    invisible man Skėrys 11 days ago

    Bryan is The big NOOOB because he don't now how to shoot

  • James fun time
    James fun time 11 days ago

    Rip jfreds nip

  • MrAussi
    MrAussi 12 days ago

    thats airsoft

  • Amon Timothy
    Amon Timothy 12 days ago

    8:48 he looking like a spartan bruh

  • Cain Mueller
    Cain Mueller 14 days ago

    Bobby is a Woss why didn’t he play

  • Logan Abell
    Logan Abell 14 days ago

    paint ball dont even hurt that much

  • Sheila Jordan
    Sheila Jordan 14 days ago

    One of my buddies had his nip bleed cause of a bike

  • London Rockett
    London Rockett 15 days ago

    J-Fred and Rich are troopers and we all know it

    (Sorry Bryan lol)

    • London Rockett
      London Rockett 15 days ago

      Oh wow another person already did this ima just keep it up I guess

  • Ashton Ladner
    Ashton Ladner 15 days ago

    As you can see the one of the shots when they're in the circle together you could see that Rich his foot was out the circle

  • vic 81
    vic 81 15 days ago

    this is like a war movie

    SIMON THOMAS 15 days ago

    Can I have that intendo please

  • My sister is brutal HELP?

    Rich is like the final boss when your teammates die and you don't have anything

  • Naime Kaliqani
    Naime Kaliqani 16 days ago

    Loveyou to be nice for you guys

  • matthew tamayo
    matthew tamayo 16 days ago +3

    Bryan not getting hurt:
    I love this game
    Bryan getting hurt:
    I don't like this game
    Everyone else takes it like a man

  • Biraj Niraula
    Biraj Niraula 17 days ago

    I dont care what ever happened who ever won joey is actually a beast at this bro joey is always the beast and the best one

  • Reverse-oscar Ful
    Reverse-oscar Ful 17 days ago

    I like how rich and Bryan had something to protect them and J-Fred was the only one standing😂😂

  • abielg64
    abielg64 17 days ago

    Props to Joey he only had a tshirt

  • SlayDuggy Gaming
    SlayDuggy Gaming 18 days ago

    But j-Fred was the only one not crawling into a ball on the last one and he had to armor

  • Ari 79103
    Ari 79103 18 days ago

    His daughters name is Ariana (hopefully I spelled it right) and my name is Arianna 😂

    SPEEDYFLAME 1180 19 days ago +1

    Bryan and Joey walks out circle
    Rich died in the circle

  • Joseph Carpenter
    Joseph Carpenter 20 days ago

    Rich being unfased

  • Dovid Daskal
    Dovid Daskal 21 day ago +2

    He's ex military they're trained to withstand pain

  • Sarah Zagone
    Sarah Zagone 22 days ago

    Do you what is the wost place to get a panit ball? The neck yep I got shot in the neck with a paint ball gun like right in the canter of my neck lik here the Adam apple is.

  • Mike A
    Mike A 22 days ago

    what pistol/markers are they using?

  • Braiden Stills
    Braiden Stills 22 days ago

    In the last round Rich's foot was out of the circle so Bryan should have won

  • Tina Lucas
    Tina Lucas 23 days ago


  • fnaf Fighters
    fnaf Fighters 24 days ago +2

    At 5:20 it looks like he is bleeding

  • Kitten Wizard
    Kitten Wizard 25 days ago

    When he is handed the jacket, HE DOESNT NEED IT, HE IS A MAN!!! HE EATS PAIN AND SWALLOWS IT WHOLE!!!!

  • Alyssa Clay
    Alyssa Clay 25 days ago

    Bryan dancing was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!!

  • William Yates
    William Yates 26 days ago

    Rich looks like he just died in a showdown than anyone else

  • Martin Tůma
    Martin Tůma 29 days ago

    the brand of the pants was also in the inside of pants xd

  • Kabir Sanghadia
    Kabir Sanghadia 29 days ago

    This proves that there's a limit to what Bryan will endure for his kids, and that there is no such limit for rich.

  • sapphira21345 AJ
    sapphira21345 AJ Month ago

    Y’all needa have rich on more often for gun-involved challenges like this

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly Month ago

    I don’t know who Rich is

  • XD
    XD Month ago

    Rich was in military

  • Jessica-Lee Pearson

    Man I was really hoping Joey would win

    ANGERY OTTER Month ago

    Rich army strong golf course he gunna win

  • psycho Dad
    psycho Dad Month ago


  • Dallas Paxton
    Dallas Paxton Month ago +2

    Why does rich look so epic shooting the pistol

  • ThresholdShift Productions


  • Scooties Tools
    Scooties Tools Month ago

    Pre commenting if Bryan wins ima be pissed huge puss

  • The Only Dragon
    The Only Dragon Month ago

    Rich was out the whole final round

  • Øffideving
    Øffideving Month ago

    Rich was always out his leg foot was outside of the circle

  • Ji Hyuk Cho
    Ji Hyuk Cho Month ago

    well, the video just answer my question

  • Ji Hyuk Cho
    Ji Hyuk Cho Month ago

    is that matt shooting for the final round???

  • Itz Icykurtgaming
    Itz Icykurtgaming Month ago

    He was from the army he got a bullet proof vest he did not know that it was a paintball not a real gun the bulletproof vest wont work that is a paint ball not a gun

  • Ninja_isaac_ 209
    Ninja_isaac_ 209 Month ago

    14:55 Rich’s foot was out so basically Bryan won

  • Cathrin O
    Cathrin O Month ago

    J-fred; "thats good quality TVclip". 😂

  • Thunder Storm
    Thunder Storm Month ago

    Rich is a tough dude

  • dgx Campbell
    dgx Campbell Month ago

    3:30 best dance I ever seen lol

  • Bradley Playz
    Bradley Playz Month ago


  • Chessey Breadsticks

    Like for how many times Bryan said Rich

  • Kade da pro
    Kade da pro Month ago

    Australia is da best

  • chaya schuchman
    chaya schuchman Month ago


  • Mc Commander
    Mc Commander Month ago

    We all knew that rich was going to win