Paintball Firing Squad!! | Last to leave circle wins Nintendo switch!!


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  • Evelin Svensson
    Evelin Svensson Day ago

    Rich,he's a beast

  • Kinder Batman
    Kinder Batman Day ago

    It looks like they about to hop up in a pubg match

  • liberation pocket

    Overcoat not trenchcoat

  • Rudi rasid
    Rudi rasid Day ago

    If i were there idc if i am hurt i wanted that i

  • Johnny Gosnell
    Johnny Gosnell Day ago

    I would love to do it

  • its Jordan
    its Jordan Day ago

    Wait, this isn't Mr Beast

  • whiteghost3000
    whiteghost3000 Day ago +1

    demonetization wants to know your location

  • Blake Place
    Blake Place Day ago

    so you guys are homebrand mr beast

  • Mayra T
    Mayra T Day ago

    14:47 rich had his foot out of the circle, idk if that counts as out

  • Nicolaj Vangsgaard

    Bryan is kinda an idiot that he just moves around like that. Its going to hurt more because you put your muscles under stress. And so they arent prepared to take that kind of preasure. Standing still and preparing yourself helps alot more

  • Jasjot Heer
    Jasjot Heer Day ago

    I wanna do this now

  • Axxel720
    Axxel720 Day ago

    i'd stay there all day

  • Cali Tesla
    Cali Tesla Day ago

    Go for the hands, ribs, and neck lol

  • Chris Vieira
    Chris Vieira Day ago

    I want to rich to be my dad

  • callofduty767
    callofduty767 Day ago

    buhaha this would be an easy win for me XD

  • zPrism
    zPrism Day ago

    when the pistol paintball gun costs as much as the switch lol

  • Lee Naidoo
    Lee Naidoo Day ago

    These guys are awesome

  • Solo Warrior321
    Solo Warrior321 Day ago

    4:40 ThIs Is AmErIcA!

  • sans.
    sans. Day ago

    Mr beast has joined the chat

  • A V
    A V Day ago

    I'm surprised Nintendo didn't claim this video

  • Bob Shoots
    Bob Shoots Day ago

    Rich was the only one that didnt take it like a little girl, I’d get shot at longer than any of them for an expensive prize

  • Tommy Moua
    Tommy Moua Day ago

    4:01 when you try to impress your crush

  • eric brabitz
    eric brabitz Day ago

    Sooo rich didnt win if you look at the last match richs feet are out of the circle therefore he exited the circle first

  • c0wh3ad5
    c0wh3ad5 Day ago

    this vedeo is le epiccccccccccccc

  • James C
    James C Day ago

    Should have had a rule where you can only quit once you've been shot

  • ItzMelody
    ItzMelody Day ago

    he try to not get shot 😂

  • Joel Ocampo
    Joel Ocampo Day ago

    What were the paintball guns that were used?

  • JOEYbaby7
    JOEYbaby7 Day ago

    I love J-Fred for his manliness

  • Joey D
    Joey D Day ago

    Mr Beast thought of this

  • morningdawn523
    morningdawn523 Day ago

    Bring Matthias back plsss

  • Jeff Jeff
    Jeff Jeff Day ago

    rich brian is my fav rapper

  • Nick O'Donnell
    Nick O'Donnell Day ago

    Rich was actually out of the circle

  • Sean
    Sean Day ago

    Video games be like lvl 1 vs lvl 56

  • Fortunity
    Fortunity Day ago +1

    Stop Watching Right now, I mean it, Go sub to Pewdiepie, Tseries cannot win, Do your part.

  • E Yeet
    E Yeet Day ago +1

    You and mr beast have matched

  • Quinn Young
    Quinn Young Day ago

    All these fools say rich was a beast even though Joey wasn't on the ground in the last one with no armor

  • Jeankarloz Zapata

    Hello team edge on Saturday it my birthday so I was hope of I can get a shout out it would make my day and by a gift for me

  • NyrtrixWolfie
    NyrtrixWolfie Day ago

    I want to do this sooooo muuuuch

  • Joji The Buttered Salami

    Shouldn't the one who jumps out first get the switch?

  • William Keech
    William Keech Day ago

    Should have shot for the hands super painful hahaha

  • fancy p3sto
    fancy p3sto Day ago

    9:36 if you have played airsoft or paintball for longer than a day you know what it looks like

  • fancy p3sto
    fancy p3sto Day ago

    shoot em where the legs are exposed

  • PyR0J0k3R
    PyR0J0k3R Day ago

    Hope he gets paid more then a Switch for this :D 2000000 views should be worth more then 300 bucks

  • DIAxDHUITx719
    DIAxDHUITx719 Day ago

    Joey won, he wasn’t a sissy hiding, and had the least amount of protection.

  • Lil Link
    Lil Link Day ago

    aim the legs next time it will do more pain

  • Avan Fee
    Avan Fee Day ago

    I want to play that looks like so much fun

  • Colten Privett
    Colten Privett Day ago

    They looked like people from PUBG

  • Kenny Baker
    Kenny Baker Day ago

    What fps is going on?And why are the combatants wearing a good mask like the refs are.

  • RubyRose Wolf
    RubyRose Wolf Day ago

    *MrBeast has entered the chat*

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget Day ago

    I mean props to joey he's in a t shirt and shorts

  • Thunders
    Thunders Day ago

    great video

  • Marshy Boi
    Marshy Boi Day ago

    Rich and Joey were literally beasts. Joey went with just a t shirt!

  • Elijahr3729
    Elijahr3729 Day ago

    Me and my best friend would be the idiots to do this for fun.......

  • simms74
    simms74 Day ago

    As a paintball player this is funny and I wish I could’ve helped with my markers

  • Caleb Wildes
    Caleb Wildes Day ago

    You shouldn't be allowed to move

  • Yo Bacca
    Yo Bacca Day ago

    Is this a poor man's Dude Perfect? A really poor man...

  • Nick Ramey
    Nick Ramey Day ago

    3rd round easy strategy. Shoot first and shoot fast

  • Tacozilla1
    Tacozilla1 Day ago

    Did Rich really win though?

  • Thomas cantrelle
    Thomas cantrelle 2 days ago

    i want a switch so bad

  • Speedy the sloth
    Speedy the sloth 2 days ago

    I played paintball a while back and one of the paintballs skinned my knuckle

  • Russell 136
    Russell 136 2 days ago +1

    Dude Perfect and Mr Beast called. They want their content back

  • The Great 73
    The Great 73 2 days ago

    Hey, guys I know yall are trying to make a great video and it is really funny. I've always liked them, but one suggestion ill make is when y'all are playing with paintball guns please use actual certified paintball mask when playing with them. as a referee at a paintball field ive seen a lot of accidents with people using non certified equipment. and even those motorcycle helmets seem safe they are not.

    • The Great 73
      The Great 73 2 days ago

      PS can I have those paintball pants after yall are done with them? lol

  • Logan Thorne-Begland

    he cracked his VOCAL CORDS JEEZ

    BYERSxGAMING 2 days ago

    Shoutout Mr. Beast

  • jakob falcone
    jakob falcone 2 days ago

    i want to see more rich

  • Retro Mod
    Retro Mod 2 days ago

    How long was rich in the army?

  • The Gaming Floodkid
    The Gaming Floodkid 2 days ago

    You know whats Ironic? tomorrow I'm going to get the Switch =| (Cause tomorrow is my birthday)

  • Zach Bragg
    Zach Bragg 2 days ago

    It’s really just paintball, anyone who’s played knows it’s not that bad

  • Seeyoubote Je
    Seeyoubote Je 2 days ago

    I want to see the damage on their bodies

  • Oblitual
    Oblitual 2 days ago +1

    Mr beast has entered the chat

  • BIG chungus
    BIG chungus 2 days ago +1


    MAAMU IS LIVE!!! 2 days ago

    8:46 rich is becoming super saiyan

  • delaney mcdermott
    delaney mcdermott 2 days ago +1

    rich kinda looks like a pubg player

  • Supreso
    Supreso 2 days ago

    No shoutout to Mr.Beast?????

  • Elxa John
    Elxa John 2 days ago

    Rich “I volunteer as tribute”

  • Crimzixx
    Crimzixx 2 days ago

    Idk why but rich kinda looks like the white version of master chief from halo with that helmet

  • MrGiizmo
    MrGiizmo 2 days ago

    Rich was out since 14.56 on the video

  • Bryce Baker
    Bryce Baker 2 days ago

    I think I could beat any of you guys on this one

  • MrNuggets
    MrNuggets 2 days ago

    I want to join the army sas

  • Moosey Plays
    Moosey Plays 2 days ago

    mannnn i used to do paintball tournaments in d3 this is nothing haha but good vid

  • ItsmeLeigh
    ItsmeLeigh 2 days ago

    Bryan looks like he is a fish when you take it out of the water

  • jeaffrey goh
    jeaffrey goh 2 days ago

    New sub

  • Darlene Lique
    Darlene Lique 2 days ago

    My favorite person became Rich so fast because of this XD

  • StrollingJlo
    StrollingJlo 2 days ago

    12:51 middle guy is floating

  • Kevin Hoeneise
    Kevin Hoeneise 2 days ago

    Rich was in the military, of course a paintball will do nothing to him, probably felt worse pain than that.

  • FON NorthCali
    FON NorthCali 2 days ago

    MrBeast needa step up his game😂

  • forrest gourney
    forrest gourney 2 days ago

    Omg a trench coat your offending the Columbine victims. Jk I'm not a lib

  • Ass Crac
    Ass Crac 2 days ago

    More like team edgey

  • Lil Pile
    Lil Pile 2 days ago

    Rip j-fred's nip bruh

  • Gman 15
    Gman 15 2 days ago

    Yamcha is that you?

  • Keaton Burgess
    Keaton Burgess 2 days ago

    i will shoot that guy who faked being hurt until he bleeds from all of his pores

  • Immunity
    Immunity 2 days ago

    Rich looks one hundred percent more savage with his mask

  • X SplashBroMando X
    X SplashBroMando X 2 days ago

    What are those pistols called?

  • Mink
    Mink 2 days ago

    My dad is deployed in afghan and imma play paintball with him when he gets back and now that i see this i regret it

  • Aaron Slaughter
    Aaron Slaughter 2 days ago

    Paintball is life but I was worried about the lens cracking if shot in the face I would of used an actual paintball mask for this

  • Grazzhopper - Lilojoekool

    Rich is a s t u d

  • Carlos Williams
    Carlos Williams 2 days ago +1

    Get u a rich ladies he would help u out😉

  • Adam D
    Adam D 2 days ago +2

    *Wow really I neeeverrr expected the soldier to win a gun fight*

  • J Trinh
    J Trinh 2 days ago

    11:40 Bryan: dID i wiN

  • Lucky boii
    Lucky boii 2 days ago

    Yo i saw rich foot was out the circle I think?