Paintball Firing Squad!! | Last to leave circle wins Nintendo switch!!


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  • project gundam
    project gundam 2 hours ago

    Rich is going commando

  • Sports/gamer
    Sports/gamer 2 hours ago

    Rip the nip

  • Luis’s World
    Luis’s World 2 hours ago

    Rich respect to you

  • I Play ROBLOX
    I Play ROBLOX 3 hours ago

    Rich is shaggy at 0.000001% power

  • Debrian *
    Debrian * 9 hours ago

    This looks like a MR Beast thing you have copied

  • Nathan Redd
    Nathan Redd 9 hours ago

    Joey was taking them shots to the CHEST!!

  • JohnieBlaze20
    JohnieBlaze20 13 hours ago

    14:20 rich foot is out

  • EChicken 54
    EChicken 54 13 hours ago

    Not gonna lie I thought this was gonna be a Mr.Beast video

  • Isaac Singleton
    Isaac Singleton 14 hours ago

    bb or paintball?

  • Peaches Mulder
    Peaches Mulder 15 hours ago

    I'd love to see the bruises the next day.

  • Kanaan Roetting
    Kanaan Roetting 15 hours ago

    8:36 NIPPLE

  • James Fouch
    James Fouch 17 hours ago

    Bruh I’m saving up for a switch. Wish I could win one.

  • Julee Eggers
    Julee Eggers 17 hours ago


  • Xavier Lucero
    Xavier Lucero 17 hours ago

    Are they still monetized?

  • Elliott Berkley
    Elliott Berkley 18 hours ago

    Rich FTW

  • Owen Gilligan
    Owen Gilligan 18 hours ago +1

    So physical abuse for a reward

  • Anton Redman
    Anton Redman 20 hours ago

    Use full auto guns, and crank up fps by 10 every round

  • Laura Balgobin
    Laura Balgobin 21 hour ago

    Brian looks like he was trying to break dance

  • Deprian250 Productions
    Deprian250 Productions 22 hours ago


  • Axediamond 3073
    Axediamond 3073 22 hours ago

    Joeys a beast

  • xXLYriCaL_pUpXx _
    xXLYriCaL_pUpXx _ 23 hours ago

    Paint balling is rlly fun but last time I did it I got shot it the worst place

  • Real life Vids funny

    Please pin me please 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • J
    J Day ago

    These seem to be some seriously low cal paintballs, smaller then the standard kids round

  • HeyYoBob
    HeyYoBob Day ago

    Don’t hurt

  • Mr Wess
    Mr Wess Day ago

    8:43 that one really hurt tho

  • Man Plan
    Man Plan Day ago

    I want to see what rich's left arm looked like a day later. Lol

  • NM Comics
    NM Comics Day ago

    Lol, Joey just stood there like a man while Byran and Rich had gear and were on the floor saying Ow.

  • Daniel Myers
    Daniel Myers Day ago

    Being in the military means nothing when it comes to firing a weapon. The worst shots I've seen were military. Their wives were better shots. Lol

  • Jacob Harris
    Jacob Harris Day ago

    Human centipede comes to mind here

  • Penguindreamz
    Penguindreamz Day ago

    When you mix in your rubber bullets with paint balls. 😂 Ive never seen a paint ball just bounce off of someone like this before

  • Viktor Ljungqvist

    Where can i buy that trench coat

  • dondon minerva
    dondon minerva Day ago

    trie khas boll

  • TheClassicMufasa

    4:00 when you are looting in apex legends

  • ColdFireGaming
    ColdFireGaming Day ago

    those lenses are not at all rated for a paintball you all win because no one lost a eye and that amazes me .... idiots

  • Hamish Wilton
    Hamish Wilton Day ago

    Mrbeast sponsorship?

  • Prince Arrow
    Prince Arrow Day ago

    Who else started to notice that joey’s voice started to crack after rich shot in the neck

  • will yeager
    will yeager Day ago

    Love the iba vest. More comfortable than a iotv

  • azonicrider32
    azonicrider32 Day ago

    wow they scream like this from a ball of paint hitting them, imagine they got a real injury.

  • William Fuller
    William Fuller Day ago

    Bro just keep the glasses on y'all keep switching from taking them off and switching for the gun tf 🤣

  • firedr1 games
    firedr1 games Day ago

    i think we need more Rich in videos also more paintball

  • Titan9m
    Titan9m Day ago

    Best video ever! Laughed the entire time!

  • Noodle Tornado
    Noodle Tornado Day ago

    if thats all they got shot and there was no off cam crap i coulda done that, easy Switch prize

  • AlleyViper 08
    AlleyViper 08 Day ago +3

    Dang it i know how much paintballs hurt and there getting hit a lot

  • Ryan Burns
    Ryan Burns Day ago

    No payoff showing the welts? Thumbs down

  • Supersonic2747
    Supersonic2747 Day ago

    That ain’t paintball in the first 2 rounds, those are sims rounds. They are so much worse. Stand there and take it like a man!

  • Michael Bohn
    Michael Bohn Day ago

    *Isn't there like a law against stuff like this*

  • Coldboi
    Coldboi Day ago

    what is this bootleg mr beast content?

  • K Henry Strenge
    K Henry Strenge Day ago


  • Jordan Tryon
    Jordan Tryon Day ago

    You must have been using the cheapest paint in existence for them to not break like they do in this video. They actually hurt less if they break.

  • Captain Kingaroo

    this video seemed a lot like something mrbeast would do

  • Ryan Zajac
    Ryan Zajac Day ago

    i would have sat down\
    and let them shoot my back

  • surge m
    surge m Day ago

    I couldn't stop laughing!!

  • Drew Martin
    Drew Martin Day ago

    a thermal paintball mask with a headband won't fog up for like three hours

  • HaryBear
    HaryBear Day ago

    show the bleeding welts or gtfo

  • SMGKiNG305
    SMGKiNG305 Day ago

    I laughed so hard watching this video 😂😂

  • NK Diesel
    NK Diesel Day ago

    wow really guys. You used airsoft guns with paint BB. This does not hurt at all. If you were using actual paintballs you would be using a legit paintball gun. the paint splatter is way too small.Good clickbait tho

  • Hakuri21
    Hakuri21 Day ago

    I couldn't stop laughing, best video ever!! 😂

  • Alina Sanfilippo

    They didn’t have Bobby play because he is a baby, he probably would have just forfeited. No hate though😂 I’m sure it’s painful....

  • Eagle Eye Nerf/Cards YT

    14:54 Rich lost 😲 his foot

  • Oldkilltime 06
    Oldkilltime 06 Day ago

    Bro I went paint balling when I was like 7 and I got shot so many times and I didn't even whine as close as Bryan is bro

  • D3ADM0D 47
    D3ADM0D 47 Day ago

    TBH guys this was kinda boring I was hoping to see some automatic fire on the last challenge at least

    SUPERFLIP Day ago +4

    Rich was awesome, he should be in more videos.

  • Chris Love
    Chris Love Day ago

    That was some terrible shooting, come on..

  • Xiven X
    Xiven X Day ago

    Wusses! :'D

  • Eric Mathews
    Eric Mathews Day ago

    So I used to play paintball at a professional level. We used to do this thing when you got mad at someone(normally at practice) called jousting. We played PSP so our guns we capped at 12.5 bps(used to be 15.5) and on ramping. So you only had to pull your trigger with one finger slightly at a decent pace and it was at its cap. The idea was to run at each other and shoot at each other. You repeated this till one quit. Jousting.

  • Animated Village Cats

    Once again people are doing stupid things to entertain a bored audience. yay.

  • Kazuto Kizimoto
    Kazuto Kizimoto 2 days ago

    I thought this is a mr beast video

  • PaulieG 610
    PaulieG 610 2 days ago

    Now if only I was there to get the Switch...

  • Fatdrastic OG
    Fatdrastic OG 2 days ago +2

    Rich looks like a cop low-key. If not hes definatly had firearms training at one time. That shooting stance and response time is on POINT!

    • Fatdrastic OG
      Fatdrastic OG 14 hours ago

      Knew it had to be something along those lines.

    • Super Dog
      Super Dog 15 hours ago +1

      He was in the army

  • Chris Iuliano
    Chris Iuliano 2 days ago

    I would have shot at the hands tbh

  • Mikkel Schwartz
    Mikkel Schwartz 2 days ago

    of course the man wearing the tactikilt is going to win.

  • Daydragon1234
    Daydragon1234 2 days ago

    I feel like the last round should of had more rules. Like no crouching. Because I feel like that’s one of the only reasons Rich won only one guy was standing while the rest were crouching. Lol.

  • Joshua Simmons
    Joshua Simmons 2 days ago

    Rich should have lost his foot was out of the circle the coat guy should have won wstch the video it shows his foot out that should count

  • Oliver Dodgson
    Oliver Dodgson 2 days ago

    Rich is thicc af

  • Troy Sunshine
    Troy Sunshine 2 days ago

    Id just like to acknowledge the fact that in the first round, the dude on the right DID NOT trigger jerk his pistol when it was out... i know it aint a real firearm but still

  • Addison Garland
    Addison Garland 2 days ago +1

    Thanks for the service Rich

  • Emil Foureaux
    Emil Foureaux 2 days ago

    One guy is wearing t-shirt and shorts, one leather jacket and jeans. Fair??

  • hole N one
    hole N one 2 days ago

    This video was focking great

  • hole N one
    hole N one 2 days ago

    I'd shoot for the thigh/groin.

  • bradsteroni i
    bradsteroni i 2 days ago +2

    at the end you guys looked like Pubg players lmao

  • Jon S
    Jon S 2 days ago +2

    Anyone manly enough for kilt was going to win this.

  • ethan kanosh
    ethan kanosh 2 days ago

    The only padding that paintball pants really are on shins for sliding

  • ethan kanosh
    ethan kanosh 2 days ago

    Paintballs don’t hurt

  • noah sherman
    noah sherman 2 days ago

    When it don't pop... It hurts 😂😂

  • super pro el fin
    super pro el fin 2 days ago

    Copying mrbeast

  • Melvin G
    Melvin G 2 days ago

    Rich gun is over powered or the paintball seem harder than others

  • Nathan Gabriel
    Nathan Gabriel 2 days ago

    Idk why but bryan is super annoying to me

  • Nethan Thielen
    Nethan Thielen 2 days ago

    When you aren't MrBeast so you give them a nintendo switch lmafoooooo

  • Neko Bell
    Neko Bell 2 days ago

    Rich wins!
    -rich dies-

  • Toufique GAMING
    Toufique GAMING 2 days ago

    Told Ya Rich Is The Beast

  • Das Cookie
    Das Cookie 2 days ago

    I came here expecting them to just UNLEASH hell on those 3, but no. Instead it's 10 minutes of very slow shooting back and forth them a 123, 123, 123 kinda deal with the "Firing squad"

  • Scott watson drums/vlogs

    Bryan is a massive baby

  • Khris Garner
    Khris Garner 2 days ago

    Use to run paintball practice with no shirt an shorts an a mask grow up paint dont hurt thumbs down you cry to much

  • Bryce Crispy
    Bryce Crispy 2 days ago

    Wanna be Mr.Beast

  • CHC Destroyers
    CHC Destroyers 2 days ago

    Dive me da swich plz

  • Jevony Duzong
    Jevony Duzong 2 days ago

    Ghetto pug mobile

  • D.ACubingGamer
    D.ACubingGamer 2 days ago

    0:23 .... is a nipple

  • Swaggy T 13
    Swaggy T 13 2 days ago

    Rich should have a channel

  • SilentKai927
    SilentKai927 2 days ago

    Bryan was having a seizure

  • Rounds2K
    Rounds2K 2 days ago

    Poor mans nipple was bleeding