Gordon Shocked That Chef Isn't Allowed To Season His Food | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
  • "Tastes like a wet diaper"
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  • Snatched
    Snatched 22 minutes ago

    Rumour has it that Steven helped Gordon with more than just his food 👁👄👁

  • Lloyd Mainwaring
    Lloyd Mainwaring 3 hours ago

    Pause at 5:30 😂

  • Youssef Orange
    Youssef Orange 4 hours ago +1

    Me before gordon eats the food: mmm this looks delicious

    Me after gordon eats the food: ITS SHIT

  • Federico Olivares
    Federico Olivares 5 hours ago

    Gordon would be amazed.... here in Uruguay not only cant the rrstaurants place salt in the tables, but neither can they employ extra salt while cooking. If they do they need to warn about it.

  • 10,000 subs no vid
    10,000 subs no vid 6 hours ago

    my man came in lookin like james bond at 0:23

  • RonnyWho
    RonnyWho 10 hours ago

    I think gordan was into that waiter

  • Dietros
    Dietros 19 hours ago

    That place doesn't deserve Steven

  • 123 456
    123 456 Day ago

    “Is he paying for this?” Considering how much people have to pay him for hours of his time filming these shows I think if you tried to give him a bill David he might just give you one back for an hour of his time... think you’d lose out on that trade lmao

  • Sophy Abud
    Sophy Abud Day ago

    What chapter is this? I need more Steven 🥺

  • Bob Deinterlace
    Bob Deinterlace Day ago

    What was the guy's name again?

  • Captain Panda
    Captain Panda 2 days ago

    Is it just me or did the owner who came in look like the terminator? 😂

  • Aldodo Horn
    Aldodo Horn 4 days ago

    Every time I see a meal being laid in front of gordon: "Yummy, it loos delicious."
    Gordon: "What a shame."
    Me: "Yeah, it was disgusting. That was obvious from the same start. An absolute disgrace of a meal."

  • James
    James 4 days ago

    Is he paying for it bahaa, the delusion is strong in that one

  • SerenitysCall
    SerenitysCall 4 days ago

    First owner:"I am here 3 or 4 days a week" .
    Guy behind bar:" heck no u aren't xD" ~0:37

  • Fubbnies Animations
    Fubbnies Animations 4 days ago

    How did steven universe ended up in the worse restaurant ever

  • JaegerWolfTango 18
    JaegerWolfTango 18 4 days ago

    Steven has a mad crush on Gordon.

  • Mike Stewart
    Mike Stewart 5 days ago

    David is a complete and utter prick

  • Pizza Rat
    Pizza Rat 5 days ago

    Stephen is my religion

  • Pherris Hill
    Pherris Hill 5 days ago

    Michael I mean Steven seems like a chipper young man. Probably the reason people actually like going there. I mean that and the wet bread.

    WAKANDA 8 5 days ago +1

    Owner entrance like mafia

  • Jo-Anne Winmill
    Jo-Anne Winmill 5 days ago

    What gordon seemed confrontational naaaaa look in the mirror mate

  • Jo-Anne Winmill
    Jo-Anne Winmill 5 days ago

    First guy is really scary

  • retrosashia
    retrosashia 6 days ago

    owner walked in like he just got out of the fucking matrix damn

  • Deenul Hudha
    Deenul Hudha 7 days ago +2

    Steven:*My names Steven and if you need any help call me*

  • The pelicanbeaver
    The pelicanbeaver 7 days ago +1

    Unseasoned food is literally a signed death wish.

  • ayden tuleussarinova

    gordon and steven’s interactions were cute

  • ayden tuleussarinova

    yo steven’s got the hots for ramsay tho

  • Neil Jensen
    Neil Jensen 8 days ago

    Shoot Steven the unstable fuck

  • Terror
    Terror 8 days ago

    I liked how Steven gave back to him, he doesn't give a fuck.
    No one ever stands up to Gordons BS, well played!

  • Osuman AAA
    Osuman AAA 8 days ago

    The employees' facial expressions say it all

  • D I E Z E L
    D I E Z E L 8 days ago +4

    Damn we getting a whole Steven fandom c:

  • Matt Stevens
    Matt Stevens 9 days ago

    He realised you were a brown nose when you got so chatty lol

  • Danny Westwood
    Danny Westwood 9 days ago +1

    What a shame.

  • Aaron Stewart
    Aaron Stewart 9 days ago +7

    Walks in a death stares Gordon
    “I ThINk ChEF RaMsEY WaS cOnFrOnTaTiOnAl”

  • Sebastian Birch
    Sebastian Birch 10 days ago

    The waiter is a person who would either annoy the fuck out of you or would put a smile on your face instantly

  • MyMainGotBanned_Not
    MyMainGotBanned_Not 10 days ago


    Everyone else: thats a lot of (things idk)
    Me: Damn thats a lot of fries.

  • Maya Fallegeros
    Maya Fallegeros 10 days ago +57

    "Well he likes Steven."

    The owner just ships them. Despite being god awful

  • jmm1233
    jmm1233 11 days ago

    poor chef having a boss like that

  • beast mode
    beast mode 11 days ago

    Gordon : it's like eating a fuckin wet diaper
    Has he eaten a wet diaper before?👀

  • Arthur Georgakakis
    Arthur Georgakakis 12 days ago +1

    Steven's a nice boy

  • Stephanie loveCandiceDelong

    That waiter is so cringy

    • Stephanie loveCandiceDelong
      Stephanie loveCandiceDelong 8 days ago +1

      @Silver he is just so annoying

    • Silver
      Silver 8 days ago

      So when a guy is bubbling it's bad but if a female was like that with you it would be fine...

  • clubgamerstudios
    clubgamerstudios 13 days ago +2

    The lobster rolls actually looks good

  • CaptainMcFlawww
    CaptainMcFlawww 14 days ago +2

    0:23 when your custom avatar enters a cutscene

  • Luyanda Mali
    Luyanda Mali 15 days ago

    'Well he likes Steven' 😂 😂 😂

  • Top Trend
    Top Trend 15 days ago +1

    How not to pay the Bill?
    Just criticize the food like Ramsey. ! Its free

  • Laurent Carlizzi
    Laurent Carlizzi 16 days ago

    _Bland! What a shame_

  • Devara FT
    Devara FT 16 days ago +1

    I just curious what is in the editor mind when he randomly zooms in the fish decoration and adding up intense background music

  • Sean Meral
    Sean Meral 18 days ago

    is that Matt from Supermega??

  • Dylon Goodyear
    Dylon Goodyear 18 days ago

    @ 2:00 you know that boi wanted to gobble gordon's manhood...."special spark".... what a nancy

  • Silvana Cantal
    Silvana Cantal 18 days ago

    I thought it was the mafia like in a film

  • Magicni Fan
    Magicni Fan 18 days ago +1

    Thia steven waiter annoys me so much

    • Silver
      Silver 8 days ago

      And yet if a woman acted like that it would be normal ?

    • Ol' Whippersnapper
      Ol' Whippersnapper 16 days ago

      Why bro he's fine

  • Cricket
    Cricket 18 days ago

    Am I the only one that eats while watching Gordon try bad food?

  • A Green Koala
    A Green Koala 18 days ago

    I love Steven

  • Dr Sheetal
    Dr Sheetal 19 days ago

    After all these shitty food dey served the owner still expects if Gordon gonna pay fr Dem or not 🤮🤮😏😏

  • Saijin Jien
    Saijin Jien 20 days ago

    I think all of this acting are just for the Show sometimes .

  • Brandon Swales
    Brandon Swales 20 days ago

    If you think Gordon is a devil then you clearly haven’t seen him on master chef junior

  • darkracer125
    darkracer125 20 days ago +1

    why don't people ever include the episode. or the name of the restaurant. so i can look for the full episode

    • Veikka Kaasalainen
      Veikka Kaasalainen 18 days ago

      I mean...You can see the name of the restaurant in the video. 4:56

  • Alesha Senior
    Alesha Senior 21 day ago

    I'm in love with Micheal

  • Maeiro
    Maeiro 21 day ago

    That first guy who came in looked like he just came out of mafia city

  • Xvideos Windows10
    Xvideos Windows10 21 day ago

    I'm so happy that this restaurant closed. Hate that owner that came first.