Gordon Shocked That Chef Isn't Allowed To Season His Food | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
  • "Tastes like a wet diaper"
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  • Captain Panda
    Captain Panda 5 hours ago

    Is it just me or did the owner who came in look like the terminator? 😂

  • Aldodo Horn
    Aldodo Horn Day ago

    Every time I see a meal being laid in front of gordon: "Yummy, it loos delicious."
    Gordon: "What a shame."
    Me: "Yeah, it was disgusting. That was obvious from the same start. An absolute disgrace of a meal."

  • James
    James Day ago

    Is he paying for it bahaa, the delusion is strong in that one

  • SerenitysCall
    SerenitysCall Day ago

    First owner:"I am here 3 or 4 days a week" .
    Guy behind bar:" heck no u aren't xD" ~0:37

  • Fubbnies Animations
    Fubbnies Animations 2 days ago

    How did steven universe ended up in the worse restaurant ever

  • JaegerWolfTango 18
    JaegerWolfTango 18 2 days ago

    Steven has a mad crush on Gordon.

  • Mike Stewart
    Mike Stewart 2 days ago

    David is a complete and utter prick

  • Pizza Rat
    Pizza Rat 2 days ago

    Stephen is my religion

  • Pherris Hill
    Pherris Hill 2 days ago

    Michael I mean Steven seems like a chipper young man. Probably the reason people actually like going there. I mean that and the wet bread.

    WAKANDA 8 2 days ago +1

    Owner entrance like mafia

  • Jo-Anne Winmill
    Jo-Anne Winmill 2 days ago

    What gordon seemed confrontational naaaaa look in the mirror mate

  • Jo-Anne Winmill
    Jo-Anne Winmill 2 days ago

    First guy is really scary

  • retrosashia
    retrosashia 3 days ago

    owner walked in like he just got out of the fucking matrix damn

  • Deenul Hudha
    Deenul Hudha 4 days ago +2

    Steven:*My names Steven and if you need any help call me*

  • The pelicanbeaver
    The pelicanbeaver 4 days ago +1

    Unseasoned food is literally a signed death wish.

  • ayden tuleussarinova

    gordon and steven’s interactions were cute

  • ayden tuleussarinova

    yo steven’s got the hots for ramsay tho

  • Neil Jensen
    Neil Jensen 5 days ago

    Shoot Steven the unstable fuck

  • Terror
    Terror 5 days ago

    I liked how Steven gave back to him, he doesn't give a fuck.
    No one ever stands up to Gordons BS, well played!

  • Osuman AAA
    Osuman AAA 5 days ago

    The employees' facial expressions say it all

  • D I E Z E L
    D I E Z E L 5 days ago +4

    Damn we getting a whole Steven fandom c:

  • Matt Stevens
    Matt Stevens 6 days ago

    He realised you were a brown nose when you got so chatty lol

  • Danny Westwood
    Danny Westwood 6 days ago +1

    What a shame.

  • Aaron Stewart
    Aaron Stewart 6 days ago +7

    Walks in a death stares Gordon
    “I ThINk ChEF RaMsEY WaS cOnFrOnTaTiOnAl”

  • Sebastian Birch
    Sebastian Birch 7 days ago

    The waiter is a person who would either annoy the fuck out of you or would put a smile on your face instantly

  • MyMainGotBanned_Not
    MyMainGotBanned_Not 7 days ago


    Everyone else: thats a lot of (things idk)
    Me: Damn thats a lot of fries.

  • Maya Fallegeros
    Maya Fallegeros 7 days ago +50

    "Well he likes Steven."

    The owner just ships them. Despite being god awful

  • jmm1233
    jmm1233 8 days ago

    poor chef having a boss like that

  • beast mode
    beast mode 9 days ago

    Gordon : it's like eating a fuckin wet diaper
    Has he eaten a wet diaper before?👀

  • Arthur Georgakakis
    Arthur Georgakakis 10 days ago +1

    Steven's a nice boy

  • Stephanie loveCandiceDelong

    That waiter is so cringy

    • Stephanie loveCandiceDelong
      Stephanie loveCandiceDelong 5 days ago +1

      @Silver he is just so annoying

    • Silver
      Silver 5 days ago

      So when a guy is bubbling it's bad but if a female was like that with you it would be fine...

  • clubgamerstudios
    clubgamerstudios 11 days ago +2

    The lobster rolls actually looks good

  • Spencer Sims
    Spencer Sims 12 days ago

    Steveeeeen ooooooo !

  • CaptainMcFlawww
    CaptainMcFlawww 12 days ago +2

    0:23 when your custom avatar enters a cutscene

  • Luyanda Mali
    Luyanda Mali 12 days ago

    'Well he likes Steven' 😂 😂 😂

  • Top Trend
    Top Trend 12 days ago +1

    How not to pay the Bill?
    Just criticize the food like Ramsey. ! Its free

  • Laurent Carlizzi
    Laurent Carlizzi 13 days ago

    _Bland! What a shame_

  • Devara FT
    Devara FT 14 days ago +1

    I just curious what is in the editor mind when he randomly zooms in the fish decoration and adding up intense background music

  • Sean Meral
    Sean Meral 15 days ago

    is that Matt from Supermega??

  • Dylon Goodyear
    Dylon Goodyear 15 days ago

    @ 2:00 you know that boi wanted to gobble gordon's manhood...."special spark".... what a nancy

  • Silvana Cantal
    Silvana Cantal 15 days ago

    I thought it was the mafia like in a film

  • Magicni Fan
    Magicni Fan 15 days ago +1

    Thia steven waiter annoys me so much

    • Silver
      Silver 5 days ago

      And yet if a woman acted like that it would be normal ?

    • Ol' Whippersnapper
      Ol' Whippersnapper 13 days ago

      Why bro he's fine

  • Cricket
    Cricket 15 days ago

    Am I the only one that eats while watching Gordon try bad food?

  • A Green Koala
    A Green Koala 16 days ago

    I love Steven

  • Dr Sheetal
    Dr Sheetal 17 days ago

    After all these shitty food dey served the owner still expects if Gordon gonna pay fr Dem or not 🤮🤮😏😏

  • Saijin Jien
    Saijin Jien 17 days ago

    I think all of this acting are just for the Show sometimes .

  • Brandon Swales
    Brandon Swales 17 days ago

    If you think Gordon is a devil then you clearly haven’t seen him on master chef junior

  • darkracer125
    darkracer125 17 days ago +1

    why don't people ever include the episode. or the name of the restaurant. so i can look for the full episode

    • Veikka Kaasalainen
      Veikka Kaasalainen 15 days ago

      I mean...You can see the name of the restaurant in the video. 4:56

  • Alesha Senior
    Alesha Senior 18 days ago

    I'm in love with Micheal

  • Maeiro
    Maeiro 18 days ago

    That first guy who came in looked like he just came out of mafia city

  • Xvideos Windows10
    Xvideos Windows10 18 days ago

    I'm so happy that this restaurant closed. Hate that owner that came first.

  • Draco Storm
    Draco Storm 18 days ago +1

    Ohhh, Steven's kinda hot

  • Asia Pallens
    Asia Pallens 19 days ago +6

    I love how everyone in the comment section immediately like Steven🤣

  • シシᗰᗴᘜ mog シ

    Food? Dreadful
    Gordon? Grossed out
    Waiters? Fed up
    Chef?bad at cooking
    Restaurant design? Weird
    Hotel? Travagro!

  • Reemi Hussain
    Reemi Hussain 19 days ago

    0:22 level 100 mafia boss

  • foxtrot lima
    foxtrot lima 20 days ago

    0:23 Mafia Boss entrance

  • 멜로디
    멜로디 21 day ago

    Steven low key look like Shawn Mendes. 😂

  • Exoría
    Exoría 21 day ago

    I genuinely wonder how people like this can own a restaurant and I don't own one

  • Kshitiz Mishra
    Kshitiz Mishra 22 days ago

    Did you Notice ? Steven said "speak of the devil" when the 3rd owner came

  • anime artimis
    anime artimis 23 days ago

    everyone knows that Steven and Gordon low key likes each other its so obvious

    • anime artimis
      anime artimis 5 days ago

      @Silver yeah it's true but srsly they both were lowkey flirting XD

    • Silver
      Silver 5 days ago

      He always acts nice with the servers. Isn't there fault the place sucks.