Hard Candy


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  • Night Reaper
    Night Reaper Month ago

    He was like a dream boyfriend at the beginning now's he's something else lmfao

  • Chris Archibeque
    Chris Archibeque Month ago

    When I first saw this my first thought was “I’d call her bluff”

  • Party Ghost
    Party Ghost Month ago

    I fucking hate her. She’s as bad as him. She should have just tied him up call the cops and leave the evidence.

  • Cold Zero
    Cold Zero 2 months ago +1

    He is bad he is sick there is no help for him yes that is true give him the needle and give her the shock chair cause she is just a monster as he is

  • Glenda Miller
    Glenda Miller 2 months ago

    Great film .....

  • sakina matsuzaki
    sakina matsuzaki 2 months ago +1


  • isi nark
    isi nark 3 months ago

    In real life, she would never be able to lift him on a chair (even less so to make him stand on that chair). Even a grown up man would have a hard time carrying the victim from one spot to the other as she does. He probably weighs a minimum of 80 kilos.
    Overall, Ellen's character is unrealistic. She is far too clever, too experienced, too savvy, too fearless, for a 14 years old girl. But it's probably what makes the magic of this movie.
    Hard Candy reminded me of Misery, except that the roles are more clear cut in Misery: villain vs good guy.

  • Chan Chan
    Chan Chan 4 months ago +4

    A movie that really shows how amazingly talented Ellen Page is. Playing a character that absolutely screwed mentally on Patrick Wilson’s character is no easy feat

  • RichardZERO
    RichardZERO 5 months ago

    I'm not so sure how I feel about the "Or Not!" line...
    They spend the entire movie building it up as the Anti-Hero vs Villain scenario, and in two words they muddy the waters a bit.
    Don't get it twisted, I'm not sympathizing with the P.O.S. pedo, but I feel that final line makes her character cross-over from one of righteous indignation into essentially a kid pulling the wings and legs off a bug before squishing it.
    Incredible movie, nonetheless.

  • Fabio Foster
    Fabio Foster 6 months ago

    I hate her. I cheered when Jeff strangled her.

  • JaggedBird
    JaggedBird 6 months ago +1

    I love this film as it’s a teenager abusing the pedo. She may have been evil in her methods but she meant well. It’s why she’s a vigil anti in this case. I love her character for this. It’s most likely she was a victim herself and done a Bruce Wane minus the costume but a good old Red Hood regency hoodie jacket; the lesser evil in this situation despite both doing wrong. She is The Fox in Riding Hood’s robes who outsmarted The Wolf.

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 4 months ago

      "Tonight the mouse will outfox the cat."

  • Perrie Edwards
    Perrie Edwards 6 months ago

    i hate this movie

  • Kaleb R
    Kaleb R 6 months ago

    You could feel the dark emotionless feeling when she said “i don’t care “

  • domisthebomb09
    domisthebomb09 6 months ago +3

    Death to all pedos and pedo sympathizers

  • Shomari Usafi
    Shomari Usafi 6 months ago

    Takes a monster to take down a monster, I guess

  • Vezper TM
    Vezper TM 7 months ago

    Maybe she has a dwarfism sick and he has a high age but stayed like a 15 year old

  • Josue Bartley72
    Josue Bartley72 7 months ago

    I hate this ending so much

  • 広瀬すず
    広瀬すず 7 months ago

    まずい、look over thereしか聞き取れんかったぞ

  • Sophia Ning
    Sophia Ning 8 months ago

    to all the future readers, why would jeff agree to hang himself? thats such a huge ultimatum compared to going to jail for however long and being shunned by people. i just dont get why he would do it when he could honestly just live his life later, even if he has to wait like 30 years or something

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 4 months ago

      Pedophiles, child abusers, child murderers, are all the BOTTOM of the prison food chain, they are the ones that everybody else is going to be beating to death in the shower, shanking them when the guards aren't looking, the guards themselves will beat the hell out of them. A lot of them actually do choose death over prison when they're caught.

  • fiesta mutante
    fiesta mutante 8 months ago


  • Brandi Jo
    Brandi Jo 9 months ago +9

    And she's gonna get away with it EVERY time, cause Nobody knows who she Really is, makes you wonder....Does being Lil Red Riding Hood automatically mean you're the victim? Not in this case, and I love that she's The Wolf.

    • JaggedBird
      JaggedBird 6 months ago +1

      Brandi Jo she’s more like the Fox I guess, fooling the Wolves giving justice to all the Red Hoods out there in her own sick way and I love it

  • Brandi Jo
    Brandi Jo 9 months ago +6

    Not only THAT but she's not Donnas actual Friend. She knew before this, Already killed Erin, who Ratted out Jeff....

  • Brandi Jo
    Brandi Jo 9 months ago +2

    I'd also seen Buffy's Helpless And all I could think of was...Finally! It was like a modern version of the Grimm Fairytale, only The Girl gets 2 be The Wolf.

  • Brandi Jo
    Brandi Jo 9 months ago +1

    You Know How 2 Use That? I'm a fast learner asshole! I'd been watching Juno around this time, and then I saw The Trailer.

  • Commander Cody
    Commander Cody 9 months ago

    Well, this movie sucked.

  • John Bee
    John Bee 10 months ago

    Ellen Page is a teen dyke! lol! 1000 thumbs Down on Nasty Lesbians!!!

    DNTME 10 months ago

    The usual sexist piece of shit. Just another fetish film. Feeding the fetish of a female killing males. Typical garbage. Males bad/predators, females victims. Never changes. Same old premise. Set up a situation in which the female is "justified" in what she does and go on to show the deaths of males. Let's not even touch the fact that between one quarter and one third of all child sexual molestation is done by females. Yes I can prove that. There are literally hundreds of studies pointing to that conclusion. Never hear about it do you? Didn't know that did you? Bet you thought 99% of violence towards children is done by males as well. Nope, females actually have an edge in that one at over 50%. It's not talked about so that people can keep blaming males for all their troubles and film makers can keep raking in money by making fetish films like this one-sided shit.

  • NGAJesse58
    NGAJesse58 10 months ago +1

    Couldn’t he have just killed her and proved it was self defense. I know it sounds ridiculous, but hear me out. Hayley said that she would “clean up” the evidence, meaning that there was evidence to prove he was tied up and tortured. Like skin on the rope, blood on the table, etc. Now granted a full grown man trying to explain to the police that he was kidnapped by a teenage girl would be hard, but possible. Unless there was another ultimatum at play that wasn’t shown in the clip. I haven’t seen this movie, but I do plan to in the near future.

    • Sophia Ning
      Sophia Ning 8 months ago

      now that i think about it, hayley had to have weighed at most like 90 lbs and she got literally within a feet of him. there was literally nothing stopping jeff from picking her up and dropping her off the roof lol. and after all thats said and done, he could quickly go inside his house and dispose of the evidence before that redhead could find it

  • Alexander Pope
    Alexander Pope 10 months ago

    Horrible revenge fantasy movie that's plagued with gender biases. Honestly, if this were a movie about an adult female rapist getting her clit cut off by a schoolboy, everyone would be losing their shit, but because it's a girl cutting off an adult male's testicles, she's a hero.

    • VC26
      VC26 8 months ago

      She's not. She's a burgeoning serial killer. For now, she's choosing acceptable targets that the world would be better without. But eventually, she's probably gonna stop caring & killing people indiscriminately.
      The director mentions how many incorrectly think this is a good vs. evil film, but it's not. Both characters are evil. Though it probably didn't do well enough for a sequel with someone killing Haley.

  • Todd Janoska
    Todd Janoska 10 months ago

    Don’t get involved with teenagers people

  • Todd Janoska
    Todd Janoska 10 months ago

    Wow. Ellen Page looks fat in this

  • Kenny H
    Kenny H 10 months ago

    sociopaths don't do this kind of shit!

  • Elisha Dempsey
    Elisha Dempsey 10 months ago

    Some many oscar nods acting screenplay cinematography writing wtf weres the awards people! !!

  • laura
    laura 11 months ago

    I honestly don't like this very much. The acting is great imo. And she is right in wanting vengeance. But this is the wrong way to do it imo. At the end of the day violence and anger poison you. She should have just shot him without torturing him or forcing him to kill himself

  • David S
    David S Year ago

    Very good...
    some question's:
    1. Did the movie showed him killing anyone, or at least being the causation of anyone's death ?
    2. Did the girl in this movie killed anyone, or has she been the causation of anyone's death ? :)
    3. Story of the girl was told - molested, what's about his, maybe, like she had an excuse for being a monster, he had too. who knows his childhod story. So if he had a "Past of a molested one", he's too not to be found guilty in the full ammount, like she is; yes ? But, if he didn't have such childhood expiriences, it mean's, if someone did, he can go on and be a "Judge", yes ?
    some facts:
    He's the Guilty one , she's the victim or at least being anticipated so. Even it is him "just" being legally grey, morally worse, she is black both way.
    the point:
    It's not at all about the character's or them being in a grey or bloack moral-legall area, it is about "US" in this story.
    Everyone is instantlly elevating him/herself to a Judge with capital punishment being handed over faster than flyer's in a Mall.

  • Kaito Nova Prime
    Kaito Nova Prime Year ago

    Repaying evil with evil irony?🤣

  • Hani Samman
    Hani Samman Year ago

    Sie war eine SchlAmppe

  • Stephanie Mac
    Stephanie Mac Year ago

    And FWIW, there are women who deserve what he got too.

  • Stephanie Mac
    Stephanie Mac Year ago

    I don’t consider myself a feminist. But, she did right here. No sympathy for rapists and pedophiles. Sure, it sucks that she killed him but you can’t trust the justice system in this country to protect people.

  • joseph green
    joseph green Year ago

    Ain’t no way a teenager talked this grown man into hanging himself!😂 never seen the movie but he must’ve done some bad shit

  • Trinity Anne
    Trinity Anne Year ago

    It was so fucked yet smart that she never really castrated him, she wanted him to think that he was going to survive it, but he was a dead man as soon as he met her, i was like w o a h , ive watched it many times and only recently noticed because i had the subtitles on and he says "im all here" after he takes the clamp off, then it hit me, she really was insane, i LOVE this movie 😂😂 (p.s i have no sympathy for him btw i was just sayin it was smart of her to fuck with his head like that)

  • Tomasina Covell
    Tomasina Covell Year ago

    Same old, same old, titillating a-sexual socially redeemable clap-trap and clean well-lit place for teens, and so so far behind them. Nice acting though, but BS through and through, and she's ugly enough to have been joined at the hip to Haley Joel Osment at birth.

  • Snagabott
    Snagabott Year ago

    Veronica Mars gone bad.

  • At Lanta
    At Lanta Year ago

    Shitty little liar.

  • blomtomb
    blomtomb Year ago

    They both should’ve died 👀

  • ch vdh
    ch vdh Year ago +1

    She did him the favor not to go to prison, shame. He should have been sentenced to receive the special treatment in shower that every of these scum bags receive. Sad end.

    • ch vdh
      ch vdh Year ago

      Just to make myself clear: Yes HE is the bad and arrogant. And yes dying that way is much less hard than going to prison for lifetime. I don't care what others think. If I would get this guy in my hands he could look as good as he wants I would give him a very special treatment.

    • ch vdh
      ch vdh Year ago


  • crazzi-j north
    crazzi-j north Year ago

    Ellen Page was great in this movie

  • tevin warner
    tevin warner Year ago +11

    That moment at 1:32 when he realizes everything was a game is priceless. She’s my inspiration luv this movie

  • Der Volksfreund
    Der Volksfreund Year ago

    Both characters are crazy and there is no good and bad in this movie. Both of them are out of their mind.

  • Robert Hamilton
    Robert Hamilton Year ago

    Chris Hansen has nothing on this chick!

  • mercenary128
    mercenary128 Year ago +2

    Anyone saying what she did was right is an hypocrite.

  • Angie Angee
    Angie Angee Year ago

    I wish we had more background information on her. Why did she go through so much to get this guy? Who was Donna to her?

  • Naeem
    Naeem Year ago

    Now that pedophilia is exposed in hollywood...even Ellen herself suffered from that... hope, it stops

  • John Martin
    John Martin Year ago +3

    Welcome to Feminism

  • sidgurl21
    sidgurl21 Year ago +39

    she was the angel of death in this

  • Miss Opt1mistyc
    Miss Opt1mistyc Year ago

    If sh didn't castrate him wher did all tht blood come frm?

  • Sandra C
    Sandra C Year ago

    I know what I've seen, but I can't really tell if she did kill him or not. Did he die?

  • Not Applicable
    Not Applicable Year ago +1

    This is sad.

  • April Paloor
    April Paloor Year ago

    You know not for nothing. He could have killed her up there. Yeah jennelle Is there on the ground. But Hailey doesn't have the gun anymore. Why didn't he stand up and turn around and hit that girl with everything he had one time in the face. She would have been knocked out cold. Then he could choke her while she's unconcious. I don't agree with jeff. He's a sicko. But to me that is a pretty big gaping hole in this ending. I mean she's not even holding the gun at 5:00 minute mark. If I was a pervert creep and my only options were death or life in prison and the only thing standing in my way was a 14 year old unarmed girl at that exact moment I would hit her as hard as I could and strangle her. Can't you see it. But he got what he deserved! Ducking pederast creep killer. She should have taken his balls. Lol

    • Umbriel Umbra
      Umbriel Umbra Year ago +1

      lmfao really bruh? Because the next thing that happens is his ex girlfriend catches him literally red handed...

      And child-pornography-in-hand, handed.

  • nayinayi1
    nayinayi1 Year ago

    How was he able to walk and move around after all that? It seem impossible that after castration he was able to move around like that with stitches on.

    • Soulsphere001
      Soulsphere001 Year ago

      It's because she didn't castrate him. She only made him believe she did.