SPOILED GIRL Gets a LAMBORGHINI For Her 16th Birthday

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
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Comments • 2 806

  • ItsFamMaam
    ItsFamMaam 5 hours ago

    Non car girls wanted an aventador
    Car guys know the countach
    I wanted a 2002 skyline r34
    Older models are better than new supercars
    Besides countach is a more expensive

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    Dude the countach is the best Lamborghini I’d prefer it over the aventador

  • Bases Loaded To The MAX

    I would cry for a day after getting that

  • Bryce Cooper
    Bryce Cooper 3 days ago

    SHE IS sooooooooooooo BRATTY!!!!!!!:!👎🏻

  • Salaama Al Awadhi
    Salaama Al Awadhi 7 days ago

    😎🧐🤪 yes ha ha ha ha

  • Minecraft Creeper
    Minecraft Creeper 7 days ago

    Girl : *gets a lamborghini*
    Also Girl : *cries like a 8yr old kid*

  • MrRobloxAlot Funlife

    Girl I wanted a dog sees a burger yay

  • Madison Zipperer
    Madison Zipperer 7 days ago +1

    That girl should get a Dinosaur ride I’d rather have that Lambo

  • roblox kevin0742
    roblox kevin0742 8 days ago

    if i got a car from my parnets i would try to pay it back

  • roblox kevin0742
    roblox kevin0742 8 days ago

    if this girl is not acting then i don't know whats life

  • Jeff 0322
    Jeff 0322 9 days ago +1

    1st girl: wants a super expensive car for birthday
    Me: wants a few pairs of socks. I love having lots of socks.

  • Jazmine Olvera
    Jazmine Olvera 11 days ago +1

    She gets upset when she gets a Lambo and I get happy when my phone is hundred percent

    • Jeff 0322
      Jeff 0322 9 days ago

      I get happy if my phone is not dead

  • Regan Watts
    Regan Watts 12 days ago +1

    It’s a Lamborghini you should be happy. I would be happy to have a Lamborghini

  • Wonderful world of weird!


  • Kaka Choo
    Kaka Choo 12 days ago


  • Axel Gullstrand
    Axel Gullstrand 12 days ago +1

    When she saw the var i gat triggerd

  • Marcos Gonzalez
    Marcos Gonzalez 12 days ago

    From the first one I will take the car

  • Warren Del Rosario
    Warren Del Rosario 13 days ago +1

    0:29 it didnt say breathe out so i didnt for like 30 sec. And i dont know why im bored i guess thats why im watching this

  • zeldaprincessgirl100
    zeldaprincessgirl100 15 days ago

    Lol, when i was her age, about 10 years ago, i was happy to get my first touch screen phone, but this is what happens when parents spoil their kids, this is what they become when they grow older.

  • Wolfie!
    Wolfie! 16 days ago

    Finally Jason has took a deep breath of tears.
    No more angry Gucci monster...
    Not for now, anyways.

  • James Clark
    James Clark 17 days ago

    Anyone else prefer a countach over an aventador?

  • Billy Morales
    Billy Morales 18 days ago

    that car is fast why like bruu

  • dire wolf26
    dire wolf26 19 days ago

    Even tho my mustang is old and has problems I getting them fixed

  • xXFallen _StarXx
    xXFallen _StarXx 19 days ago

    Did anyone just watch try not to cry and is trying to watch funny child’s so I forget but keep crying? No, just me?... oh...

  • seaser les
    seaser les 19 days ago

    If I was the dad I would say do you want it or not if not no new car for you

  • Sophie Weeks
    Sophie Weeks 19 days ago


  • #Jolby Shipper
    #Jolby Shipper 19 days ago

    What are the odds!!! I’ve been watching the Goosebumps series on Netflix😂

  • SunsHoops Is Life
    SunsHoops Is Life 20 days ago

    At first she looks like a totally innocent person but when her dad shows her the Lamborghini she gets mad

  • SunsHoops Is Life
    SunsHoops Is Life 20 days ago

    My sister uses my dad’s car

  • Marissa Estrada
    Marissa Estrada 20 days ago +2

    bruh give me a stuffed animal and i'll love you for life

  • YoutubeFeed
    YoutubeFeed 21 day ago


  • Bella Bourque
    Bella Bourque 22 days ago

    On 2 vid is and shes so nice

  • Bella Bourque
    Bella Bourque 22 days ago

    Hes crayz u shoud not ummm like not put him in hes vid

  • Bella Bourque
    Bella Bourque 22 days ago

    Shes kinda creepy

  • babyb030785
    babyb030785 22 days ago

    At least the 16 year old girl got what she asked for 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    • babyb030785
      babyb030785 22 days ago

      She never said how she wanted it

  • ErayGGamer pro
    ErayGGamer pro 24 days ago

    I want a baaaaanggg 💥💥💥💥

  • nikkie animates
    nikkie animates 25 days ago

    General take a DEEEEP breath

    NONSTOPPE9 25 days ago

    If I was the girl I would have just resprayed the car and upgraded some parts on the body

  • Looca Lc
    Looca Lc 25 days ago

    On the bang bit he got a little drunk!!!

  • فايز ابوخالد
    فايز ابوخالد 27 days ago +1

    I am so happy and excited just to get 50 cents she here wants a legit lambo that coast more than my existence

  • Megat Hendra Shahril Shafiee

    he is screaming

  • pArk Y/N
    pArk Y/N Month ago

    Is that shooky i spot there? ANY ARMYS HERE?!

    HUEEY Month ago +1

    I’m sitting there thinking, plz start it I rly want to hear it!

  • Manik Bassi
    Manik Bassi Month ago

    It is worthy for Jason's scream

  • Wesli Miggels
    Wesli Miggels Month ago

    She's wining over a $300K beautiful car? I would be so gratefull.. 😢

  • Summer_berry
    Summer_berry Month ago

    Why did I think that tall’s fwend was a cardboard cut out

  • Joseph Murphy
    Joseph Murphy Month ago

    prom photo fo anthony

  • Angela G Romo
    Angela G Romo Month ago

    i 2 young to drive but i love trucks

  • 사랑해!ᄇᄃᄉᄂᄃ

    Omg i didn't notice shooky in the back😂

  • Pritom Debnath
    Pritom Debnath Month ago

    That second girl is the luckiest....I have a crush on her

  • Pritom Debnath
    Pritom Debnath Month ago

    I will be honoured to get the countach 5000

  • Pritom Debnath
    Pritom Debnath Month ago

    That girl should be run over with the countach

  • Bitter and Jay
    Bitter and Jay Month ago

    i would cry just for getting robux

  • iiAwesomeLaw Mano
    iiAwesomeLaw Mano Month ago


  • Diamond Diy
    Diamond Diy Month ago

    Girl getting a Lamborghini:😫😡🙄

    Me: getting a thank you card: OMG TYSM SOOO MUCH!! Ur soooo sweet!!! 💖☺️😊

  • Geraldine De Pacina

    id be happy when i get a full meat only shawarma

  • helo ooferplayzzz
    helo ooferplayzzz Month ago

    I asked my mum for Mac Donald’s once she said no

  • The little Robloxian
    The little Robloxian Month ago +1

    lol ambulance part funny

  • Alex lima
    Alex lima Month ago

    Tal you have a crush on the grateful girl

  • Syeda Fathama
    Syeda Fathama Month ago

    You are mad general

  • Brian Keys
    Brian Keys Month ago

    You bi*ch you don’t accept a Lamborghini but accepted a old person car the Fuc-

  • Brian Keys
    Brian Keys Month ago

    I love his rage 😂

  • It’s funneh Fan
    It’s funneh Fan Month ago

    Girl gets lambo gets mad
    Me:gets a apple AND am happy


    And I get excited when I eat In-N-Out

  • James Gruber
    James Gruber Month ago

    My battery is on 16 😂

    • James Gruber
      James Gruber Month ago

      Also she has the same fridge as mine!

      illuminati confirmed

  • Tolik Avdiienko
    Tolik Avdiienko Month ago

    I don't care what type of car I would get

  • YTDragoN_Peanuts
    YTDragoN_Peanuts Month ago

    You mad bro ❌ sis
    She’s mad for Lamborghini AKA 3M VBUCKS

    I would be happy just for $5

  • JosiPosi
    JosiPosi Month ago

    I will sub to whoevr i oand on

    Congrats: Csxceaa

  • Ezekiel Mataya
    Ezekiel Mataya Month ago

    3:14 i agree

  • Creatively Awkward
    Creatively Awkward Month ago

    My first car was my grandpa's 1996 Nissan Maxima and I loved it

  • T Greer
    T Greer Month ago

    She probably doesn’t even know how to drive stick

  • flanny & melissa BFFS FOREVER

    Did anyone notice hedgehogs in the back ground

  • Joe the thug
    Joe the thug Month ago

    Can I drill her ass with LITERALLY a drill?

  • Evan Valdiviez
    Evan Valdiviez Month ago

    Bum or bang

  • Tarry
    Tarry Month ago

    I’m that one dude in my family that doesn’t cry

  • Omar Isa
    Omar Isa Month ago


  • Kiwi Soul
    Kiwi Soul Month ago

    I would be happy to even GET a car

  • Claire Elise
    Claire Elise Month ago +1

    I lost count of how many times O heard the duck noise...

  • Aqua-Chan Studios
    Aqua-Chan Studios Month ago +2


    You wanted a Ferrari?
    You already have yourself a dam lambo.
    Enjoy life lil’ kid.

  • Good boi Bannana
    Good boi Bannana Month ago

    Lamborghini is better than ferrari that dumbass...

  • Elena Alshaikh
    Elena Alshaikh Month ago

    2:53 Haha look at the top of her head wait wait look at her lips

  • Djoko  Pamilih
    Djoko Pamilih Month ago +1

    Blue person:AAAAAAAH
    Tal= Thanos:help...

  • Devil may cry Nero vs Vergil

    Talfishman kiss Caylus

  • Ceferina Valdez
    Ceferina Valdez Month ago

    That has a lambo

  • Ceferina Valdez
    Ceferina Valdez Month ago

    F that girl

  • Marni Kramer
    Marni Kramer Month ago

    I wouldn’t want a Lamborghini too begin with. Obviously everyone in comments is gonna love the second girl but when the ungrateful little 16 year old was mad u gotta admit, her facial expressions were so funny and bitchy. Her dad seems pretty chill.

  • Kirsten H
    Kirsten H Month ago +2


  • Ahmed Al-Zubaidi
    Ahmed Al-Zubaidi 2 months ago

    Please watch that Vedic of the cutest slender man on the internet😍😋😜😝😛

  • Trent Nichols
    Trent Nichols 2 months ago +1

    I can’t believe how ungrateful people are like srsly

  • Shvartsmann Yaakov
    Shvartsmann Yaakov 2 months ago

    The title is like the second sentence he said

    Did you go check it

  • ThatCrazyGirl -
    ThatCrazyGirl - 2 months ago

    Blame the parents

  • chris boehle
    chris boehle 2 months ago

    Her getting a Lamborghini getting mad
    I am over here getting a Barbie doll OMG thank you

    BOTTLE FLIPZ 2 months ago

    Anybody on April 24?

  • gaga,s FFY
    gaga,s FFY 2 months ago

    You kinda look like Jake Paul

  • Kermit the next hokage
    Kermit the next hokage 2 months ago

    2:57 phy hy hy😓

  • Scarlet Rosario
    Scarlet Rosario 2 months ago

    So does this mean your 25 years old?

  • yellow gacha
    yellow gacha 2 months ago

    this is like my brother :p he so spoiled

  • Aaliyah Ferre
    Aaliyah Ferre 2 months ago

    Girl gets lambo and is mad 🤬😡

    Me getting a skin on fortnite 😱😱😱😱😱🤯😨😨😨🤪🤓🤠