Top Ten Greatest Dunkers Ever

  • Published on Mar 15, 2019
  • This video examines the awe inspiring Dunk artists who habe dazzled us for years. Michael Jordan, Vince Carter, Kobe, Lebron, the list goes on...but whose on top? - Please support this channel on Patreon for exclusive content. We need your support to continue onwards. Thanks.
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  • Joe Brann
    Joe Brann Hour ago

    Jordan is the greatest ever!!!!!!

  • Terrance Mann
    Terrance Mann 17 hours ago

    i love how it took a full minute before they even said kobe's name.. goat

  • Chance Lockhart
    Chance Lockhart 17 hours ago

    I tell you, music can make or break a TVclip video.... dope 👍🏾

  • Muhammed Shuaib
    Muhammed Shuaib Day ago

    great video but Russell westbrook had to be in the list he has greater IN GAME dunks.

  • Charles Ligon
    Charles Ligon Day ago

    You guys need to look at the story of that French guy Vince dunked on.. VINCE RUINED THAT MAN LIFE... REALLY LOL .. NOW THATS A FUCKING DUNK!!!👏👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣

  • Lamsing Lee
    Lamsing Lee 2 days ago

    R u serious?Bryant?

  • Turk Nichols
    Turk Nichols 2 days ago +1

    I so agree with this list!! Vince Carter is the best drunker for sure!! Its different than the best player in the game!! Great video ..👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Claren Dennis
    Claren Dennis 2 days ago

    I love MJ but in game, outta game, dunk contest, playground, wherever, whenever, I got Half-Man Half Amazing... But can we add Jason Richardson, Daryl Dawkins, and probably Zach LaVine to the Honorable mention with their own clips and stuff...

    • Claren Dennis
      Claren Dennis Day ago

      @Tanner Weinheimer I had to Rewatch it because of the short clip they showed...

    • Tanner Weinheimer
      Tanner Weinheimer Day ago +1

      Daryl Dawkins was on the honorable mention list....

  • vtownboxingfan
    vtownboxingfan 2 days ago

    Had me worried for a minute ... then I finally saw Dominic! Thank you!

  • kenntucki
    kenntucki 2 days ago

    How dare you to take the reignman to #7 ?! He is at least #3 you better research his dunks... if you watch a full sonics game he does at least 2 tomahawk dunks every game..

  • Eli Fulop
    Eli Fulop 2 days ago

    Awesome editing bro

  • Kobe Bryant
    Kobe Bryant 2 days ago

    I love Vince and Mike but what I have seen Wilkens now he is my number 1 and Tmac should be mentioned

  • Harden from Downtown

    bruh, nate robinson is a great dunker

  • Ejim J
    Ejim J 3 days ago

    Dawkins as an honorable but not on the top? Take my downvote.

    RAMON RENDON 3 days ago

    Mj is a billionaire, lebron is a millionaire..same distinction in thier basketball career.

  • Encyclopedia Brown
    Encyclopedia Brown 3 days ago

    Uncontested Exhibition non game dunks shouldn't count.

    SOLIDNATION Jay 3 days ago

    Man edits crazy

  • Prime E
    Prime E 4 days ago

    Accurate AF... However, Robert Pack could've been on there too

  • mike anp
    mike anp 5 days ago

    hadouken xD

  • Professor H2X500
    Professor H2X500 5 days ago

    Wilt had the potential to be number #1

    WFL GINO 5 days ago +1

    Gerald green actually won an NBA dunk contest so how is he a honorable mention , Derrick Rose is kool but he is no Gerald Green with dunking he should have been the honorable mention not Gerald Green if you disagree you just as ass backwards as this video that was wild don't make bullshit videos according to your standards and upload them this 2019 we like facts

  • Luke Ketterer
    Luke Ketterer 5 days ago +2

    Blake Griffin is a top 5 all time in game dunker

    • sinister rp Gucci
      sinister rp Gucci 3 days ago

      @Luke Ketterer yea but now he's a bum

    • Luke Ketterer
      Luke Ketterer 3 days ago

      @sinister rp Gucci I'll give you MJ and Vince for sure. Kobe, Clyde, and Scottie better players but Blakes first few seasons have some nasty posters

    • sinister rp Gucci
      sinister rp Gucci 3 days ago

      Mj Vince kobe Clyde scottie. Scottie absolutely smacked Ewing and just was amazing

  • HotGritz910
    HotGritz910 6 days ago +1

    I would pick Westbrook over rose in dunking... Westbrook is the hardest dunking point guard in history..

  • Anthony Mckinley
    Anthony Mckinley 6 days ago +1

    My list.... Best in game dunks
    1. Vince carter
    2. Shaq
    3. D Wilkins
    4. Dr j
    5. Jordan
    6. Clyde
    7. Rose
    8. Kobe
    9. James
    10. Kemp

  • Montelo Payso
    Montelo Payso 6 days ago

    Look who Jordan dunking on tho 😱😱😱😱

  • Steven Attema
    Steven Attema 6 days ago

    Good guy

  • Anthony Bonifas
    Anthony Bonifas 6 days ago

    Clyde Drexler and Lebron should be higher on this list. My list
    2.Dr J
    Seen all the highlights, Jordan the way he can float and lean directions in air can make you feel it. Never seen Vince or even Lebron hang sideways in the air like that not one time.

  • T Sapp
    T Sapp 6 days ago

    #1 Jordan killganon

  • glace5620
    glace5620 6 days ago +4

    Nice list...but Drexler was easily a better dunker than Shawn Kemp. He's rated too low, should be higher on list yet still behind D Wilkins, Dr J, Vince Carter.

  • A. Pierce
    A. Pierce 7 days ago +2

    Bro, On editing alone, I subscribed.

  • Edward Lavin
    Edward Lavin 7 days ago +3

    Darryl Dawkins needs to be on this list, when nba needs to change the rim because he broke 2 backboards, he must be on the list

  • Edward Lavin
    Edward Lavin 7 days ago +2

    Dr. J will always be number 1, he revolutionized the dunk

    • ben1ben2ben1
      ben1ben2ben1 6 days ago

      But he was clearly not close to as good of a dunker as Vince

  • bob mendez
    bob mendez 7 days ago

    Top 3 are exactly right unfortunately they can't compete with guys like Jordan Kilgannon

    • ben1ben2ben1
      ben1ben2ben1 6 days ago

      Jordan Kilgannon would suck ass dunking in game though. He dedicated his life to freestyle dunking. If Vince just dedicated his life to dunking he would be a way better freestyle dunker. Jordan also kinda sucks at dunking off the dribble and uses the boost WAY to much. He usually misses dunks in contest that are not with the boost (the boost being when someone holds the ball and you jump over them and push down on the ball as you go up to get higher)

  • William Hild
    William Hild 7 days ago

    Honorable mention also to Gus "Honeycomb" Johnson.

  • basadake
    basadake 7 days ago

    lebron,shaq ? wtf?? they are not even top 100. Where is Jason Richardson, Zach Lavine, Aaron Gordon, JR Smith ?

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 8 days ago

    Nate Robinson was TRASH.
    Shaq at 9????? THE FUCK? LMFAO. He was LITERALLY unstoppable.
    Drexler isn't even worthy of the top 10.
    Lebron at 6?? Bruh come on.
    Kobe wasn't a better dunker than LeBron. He's just not.
    Dr. J at 4? Man gtfoh.
    No J-Rich? T-Mac? Stevie Franchise? D-WADE?????
    This list is hot garbage.

  • Tyler William
    Tyler William 8 days ago

    Jason Richardson?

  • Stuart Walburn
    Stuart Walburn 8 days ago

    That was nice.

  • Culichi 077
    Culichi 077 8 days ago

    This is a terrible list. I believe there is a difference between in game dunkers and dunk contest dunkers. Also that carter dunk was impressive but not on an NBA level athlete. I stopped watching when they had lebron ahead of drexler or kemp.

    • ben1ben2ben1
      ben1ben2ben1 6 days ago

      Frédéric Weis was drafted in the first round for the NBA. Vince dunking on him kinda ruined his career. And who cares if he was not an NBA level athlete? Take away that dunk and Vince still has a way better dunk reel then anyone

  • Alex Gaming22YT
    Alex Gaming22YT 8 days ago


  • kyle
    kyle 9 days ago +1

    8:40 that was a travel :(

    *i love lebron though no homo saipien*

  • AbNormalFitness
    AbNormalFitness 9 days ago +2

    This was a true experience watching this, thank you!!!

  • Maurice Maingot
    Maurice Maingot 9 days ago

    Sonic Boom

  • Presents The Best
    Presents The Best 9 days ago +1


  • Joaozito Paulo
    Joaozito Paulo 9 days ago +3


  • Sung Kim
    Sung Kim 9 days ago

    Not the video we wanted, but the video we NEEDED.

  • Bobby Madera
    Bobby Madera 9 days ago


  • onebigusdorkus
    onebigusdorkus 10 days ago +8

    This list doesn't have Brian Scalabrine as #1. What a waste of time.

    • Professor H2X500
      Professor H2X500 6 days ago

      Didn’t see that 0.00000000000000000000000002 second disclaimer that said that Brian Scalabrine wouldn’t be included because it’s too obvious

    • kamote king
      kamote king 6 days ago


  • Lex Soft
    Lex Soft 10 days ago +2

    Initially I was not sure that Clyde Drexler would be even in honorable mention. But thanks for putting him the list at number 8. My favorites are Wilkins, Erving, Drexler and Shawn Kemp. In the process of waiting the number one, after seeing Erving, Wilkins and Jordan had already been mentioned, I was wondering who would be the number 1 : Anthony Spud Web ??? Ah, sorry I forget Vince Carter.

  • yours truly
    yours truly 10 days ago

    Well deserved mr vinsanity

    MC CODY 10 days ago

    Perfect video

  • Akoma 1503
    Akoma 1503 10 days ago +4

    Kobe He-Man dunk.... Chills...😱😱😱

  • saheed yusuf
    saheed yusuf 10 days ago +4

    These edits were on point 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jalen X
    Jalen X 10 days ago

    Lebron at 6 that’s just disrespectful

  • Kyle Lovejoy
    Kyle Lovejoy 10 days ago +22

    I love MJ. But I remember when Vince jumped over that 7 footer and it was the craziest thing I have ever seen. This just is official and I agree with it with no bias.

  • Warof Damouth
    Warof Damouth 10 days ago +1

    Finally Dominique Wilkins gets some fucking love..!!!!

    • Lex Soft
      Lex Soft 10 days ago

      I knew he would be here, as well as Erving and Shawn Kemp. I was a bit surprised Clyde Drexler got recognition here, but I am glad, since he is my favorite player.

  • airkuna
    airkuna 10 days ago +1

    kobe and dr j shouldn't be here at all, and kemp should be in much higher......

    • prestonssebastian2
      prestonssebastian2 9 days ago +1

      There's dr j streetball footage that isn't easy to find, but it would makd you think he should be higher. He's dunked from well behind the free throw line.
      I agree with Kobe tho, it just doesn't make sense that Blake Griffin for instance isn't a better dunker than Kobe.

  • Adam Clark
    Adam Clark 11 days ago +6

    David Thompson should be at least an honourable mention

  • Humble Hawaiian
    Humble Hawaiian 11 days ago +1

    is it me, or did king james take three steps in the last video

  • Free Smoke
    Free Smoke 11 days ago

    I thought I was gonna see Len Bias

    SURFER DA SURF 11 days ago +5

    Damn they did my boi TMAC wrong why he ain’t on the list? Definitely better that Drose

  • Francis Clemena
    Francis Clemena 12 days ago

    This video is good thumbs up 👍

  • 42N8
    42N8 12 days ago


  • Jenniejoy Cuevas
    Jenniejoy Cuevas 12 days ago

    The whole video sounded like a movie trailer

  • Dingle Barry
    Dingle Barry 12 days ago

    I was just checking out Vince Carters stats. Why does he only have roughly 5 complete seasons? Probably the weirdest total game stats that I've ever seen from a starting pro basketball player. Is he a bitch or something?

  • Dingle Barry
    Dingle Barry 12 days ago

    "His head was even with or slightly above the rim" my ass, his head was like 6 inches above the rim.

  • Jason Hughes
    Jason Hughes 12 days ago

    Thank you for a truly historically accurate dunker list.😂

  • gbaptiste60
    gbaptiste60 12 days ago

    Zach Lavine is better then derrick rose at dunking

  • Djordjevic32
    Djordjevic32 12 days ago

    Over 6’6” is Not dunker, it’s only tall guy

  • Shon Walker
    Shon Walker 13 days ago

    Koby is not a better dunker than lebron

  • Ran Diesta
    Ran Diesta 13 days ago

    the edit was lit! he made it like a damn anime!

  • Patreece Pickett
    Patreece Pickett 13 days ago +2

    Dr. J Always will be Number 1 most y’all only seen old Doc wit the Lil Fro and those in game Dunks are still the Best

  • Aidan Finnegan
    Aidan Finnegan 13 days ago

    Lebron is the most overrated dunker ever

  • nedaari1
    nedaari1 14 days ago

    As a Laker fan, Kobe should be lower, and Clyde higher.

  • 89granville
    89granville 14 days ago

    Damn that was good😀

  • BossG
    BossG 14 days ago +1

    D rose was completely insane.....shame how injuries can derail an entire career. Westbrook wasnt even in the same galaxy when D rose first got in the league. ..

  • Elliott R
    Elliott R 14 days ago

    I like carter too but got to give it to Dominique's power dunks

  • A Murad
    A Murad 15 days ago +4

    Umm Dr j is a top 2 dunker not 4 and spudd web should've been a honorable mention

    • ben1ben2ben1
      ben1ben2ben1 6 days ago

      Jordan and Vince's highlight reel shits all over Dr Js

  • Obee1Shunobee
    Obee1Shunobee 15 days ago

    The sound effect just sounds like your pressing every sound on your sound board
    Great video though

  • Ty Make the World a better place

    Bring back vintage Rose. Dude was a monster!!

  • Derrick Lindsey
    Derrick Lindsey 15 days ago

    Daryl Dawkins has to make the Top 10! He had names for all of his dunks! Top 4 are interchangeable except that Vince has to be 1! I would put Dominique and the originator and The Godfather of the dunk, Dr. J over MJ. LeBron & Derrick Rose would be out of my Top 10. Gerald Green would be 10. But it isn’t a bad list!

  • Isaia B
    Isaia B 15 days ago +1

    Let's be honest. Mj was the best player but not even close to the second best dunker

  • ArcadeReplay
    ArcadeReplay 16 days ago

    Now that's a video if you want to study 'bad editing'. constant flashes and swooshes not letting you enjoy anything

  • edgaras meskauskas
    edgaras meskauskas 16 days ago +3

    very nice editing but kobe is not better dunker than lebron. blake griffin is a top 5 dunker. also jason richardson is missing

    • Drae Diamond
      Drae Diamond 15 days ago +1

      Kobe is definitely a better dunker...

  • Desert Wanderer
    Desert Wanderer 16 days ago

    Jordan should be number 1. He’s the best in-game dunker easily even in traffic. Carter is regarded as best because of Dunk contest. How many in game dunks in traffic does he have? Prove me wrong!

  • bfreezy12
    bfreezy12 16 days ago

    Great list, I would have included David Thompson as well

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 16 days ago

    bron and rose should not be on this list

  • DaevonTheSavage
    DaevonTheSavage 16 days ago

    Video lit as fuck🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Detroit 187
    Detroit 187 16 days ago

    No j rich bullshit list

  • Shyz
    Shyz 16 days ago +1

    Westbrook is in the top 10 for sure, better than Rose and wtf is doing Shaq here he isnt even known as one of the best dunker ever
    Oh and Lavine and Gordon should have both been in the honorable mentions

  • kethaspittah06
    kethaspittah06 16 days ago +15

    Those sounds effects are crazy ..great job on this whole video..I enjoyed it 💯💪🏾

  • DayDay PearlAlot
    DayDay PearlAlot 16 days ago

    Blake is in the top 10.

  • Kakembo Raymond
    Kakembo Raymond 17 days ago

    this is so great

  • Nick Palumbo
    Nick Palumbo 17 days ago

    BlAke Griffin? Cmon man! Violent great dunker

    SWAMPLIFETERRY 17 days ago +1

    this is like one of the best dunk videos comps ive ever seen....ive been on the internet since job

  • gsmusic2009
    gsmusic2009 17 days ago +33

    Jason Richardson was a better Dunker than Derrick Rose should have been in at least a honorable mention how did you miss him!

    • carlton "dapictureman" johnson
      carlton "dapictureman" johnson 3 days ago +1

      Just ask Steve Nash's wife how good a dunker Jason Richard was... 👀

    • ben1ben2ben1
      ben1ben2ben1 6 days ago

      @gsmusic2009 Even off two feet he could only jump right foot forward. If you are right handed and jump right foot forward its VERY tough to get openings to dunk in traffic. The best in game two foot dunkers dunk with the opposite foot forward then the hand that they dunk with

      It was great for contests though

    • gsmusic2009
      gsmusic2009 6 days ago

      @ben1ben2ben1 You might have a point Rose was a better in Game Dunker but Richardson still would get him in a contest cause hands down one of the best off two foot vertical dunkers ever

    • ben1ben2ben1
      ben1ben2ben1 6 days ago

      Because he was not a good in game dunker. He also was very limited with how he could dunk. He almost always dunked right foot forward with the right hand. He was not good off one foot or left foot forward. Its why he didn't have many great in game dunks

  • Testos Tyrone
    Testos Tyrone 18 days ago

    Vince#1, Kemp#2, Nique#3, MJ#4, Blake#5, Shaq#6, David Thompson#7, DrJ#8, Drexler#9, Kobe#10 ... We'll make an extra honorary spot for Gerald Green. Honorable mention to Stromile Swift, Dwight, Barkley, Amare, LJ, Rose, Westbrook, T-Mac, B.Davis, Kevin Johnson, Derrick Jones jr. etc..... ZION will bump someone outta that top 10 within one season.

  • Anwar Weaver
    Anwar Weaver 18 days ago

    That’s just shows how high LeBron can really jump this man had to lean back for it to properly go in I’m done and still does it now

  • malcolm perry
    malcolm perry 19 days ago +2

    @josephvicent that damn HADOKEN sound at 16:29 in the VC montage lmao had me dying on my couch lol Great video bruh!

  • ¿? ¿?
    ¿? ¿? 19 days ago

    Kobe top 10? Idk man, there's many dunkers that were and are better than him. Blake Griffin, Stoudemire, Dwight Howard, Westbrook, Gerald Green, Shannon Brown, Lavine, I'd even say Nate Robinson as well. Igoudala can throw it down pretty nasty too, more than Kobe.

    • David Rutledge
      David Rutledge 18 days ago

      Wtf are u crazy or sum shit or are u a kobe hater lmao wow