Top Ten Greatest Dunkers Ever

  • Published on Mar 15, 2019
  • This video examines the awe inspiring Dunk artists who habe dazzled us for years. Michael Jordan, Vince Carter, Kobe, Lebron, the list goes on...but whose on top? - Please support this channel on Patreon for exclusive content. We need your support to continue onwards. Thanks.
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  • Twizz The Whiz Kid
    Twizz The Whiz Kid 21 minute ago

    Scottie Pippen...???

  • Stelios Gerochristodoulou

    I totally agree with this list..yes Jordan is the best basketball player ever created but the best dunker in game is "Half-Man, Half-Amazing" Vince Carter

  • Carl Horton
    Carl Horton 11 hours ago


  • Vodkainum
    Vodkainum 23 hours ago

    T-Mac and D-Wade have had a greater amount of spectacular in-game dunks than D-Rose, Green, and dare I say it, MJ.

  • Bryan Sells
    Bryan Sells Day ago

    Wonder how many souls vince took

  • Bryan Sells
    Bryan Sells Day ago

    42 years old he still play my fav dunker

  • Jason McCoy
    Jason McCoy Day ago

    This Is A Terrible List Drose Shouldn’t Be On This List 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️. And I Love Drose

  • markriobr
    markriobr Day ago

    C'mon Shaq really,Akeem was way better,even K Rambis.He had no class or moves, was all muscles.

  • Jon Bonnell
    Jon Bonnell Day ago

    Not even done watching this vid, and it’s one of the best I’ve seen....subscribed already

  • Muscle Bro's
    Muscle Bro's Day ago


  • Geraldo César Rodrigues

    Kemp, Carter, Dominique ou Michael Jordan? Esse espetáculo único no esporte mundial, que é a NBA, só poderia mostrar esses jogadores fantásticos e mágicos. Deve ter sido um privilégio estar nos ginásios esportivos e assistir o show desses jogadores únicos e inigualáveis. Admiro muito os fantásticos Kemp, Dominique, Carter, mas Michael Jordan é simplesmente espetacular com sua técnica no basquete, além de atleta de nível altíssimo. Michael Jordan: os melhor de todos em todos os tempos.

  • icesco415
    icesco415 2 days ago

    Tracy Mcgrady???!!! Wtf!!!

  • Sam A
    Sam A 3 days ago

    Brooo your edits made this 100x better to watch. if that's even possible

  • lynwood hannah
    lynwood hannah 3 days ago

    I see ppl still disrespecting LEBRON ...

  • Joegamer55
    Joegamer55 3 days ago

    Vince Carter all the way !

  • Wheres Waldo
    Wheres Waldo 4 days ago

    LeBron 6 and Kobe 5? Kobe is a great player and had that competitiveness like MJ, but top dunker idk about that. I hate LeBron but they didn't even show the lobs in Miami. Hell Wade was a better dunker than Kobe.

    • Keith Liu
      Keith Liu 10 hours ago

      Wheres Waldo nah Kobe is better dunker

  • Captain Stickman
    Captain Stickman 4 days ago

    Micheal Jorden is number 1 and always will be

  • Rafael Castro
    Rafael Castro 5 days ago +1

    As much as I love Michael Jordan, I will agree that Vince Carter is the
    greatest NBA in game dunker of all time (so far). That dunk he did over that 7 foot
    French player that was money. I remember seeing that shit live and almost fell from my bed!! (this is exactly what I was gonna say)

  • Rafael Castro
    Rafael Castro 5 days ago +1

    As much as I love Michael Jordan, I will agree that Vince Carter is the
    greatest NBA in game dunker of all time (so far). That dunk he did over that 7 foot
    French player that was money. I remember seeing that shit live and almost fell from my bed!! (this is exactly what I was gonna say)

  • Noahjk123
    Noahjk123 5 days ago

    i wouldnt put kobe over bron

  • Pedro Baptista
    Pedro Baptista 6 days ago

    Excelente Vincent mis respeto lo mejor que he visto este año y la animación refrescante felicidades.

  • Teddy Gonzalez
    Teddy Gonzalez 6 days ago

    It's hard to do a top 10 best ever in game dunker with all of that talent. But do you notice the many that were on the Jordan era. They say it was soft back then. Millennials and kids these days just will never know. Jordan era best era.

  • Devon Guthrie
    Devon Guthrie 7 days ago

    Vince Carter. Half man, half amazing. Air Canada. Honestly the best dunker in the NBA. Nice video. I do love the rest of this list also.

  • CTM Flash
    CTM Flash 8 days ago

    Russell Westbrook is an honorable mention?!??

  • dper1112
    dper1112 8 days ago

    Cool video. It's hard to know what to do with the superstars vs. the other amazing dunkers. Green is on the list, good, but what about Blake Griffin, or DeAndre Jordan? They have given us some amazing dunks. But then, they're big, and they're not superstars, and it's hard to compare bigger players to smaller ones.

    To me, Koby and Rose are amazing, but what stands out most is their all-around game. Michael and LeBron are, to me, more iconic dunkers. But all of them were great dunkers. Paul George and Russell Westbrook are two other names. George does amazing in-game dunks, and Westbrook, although less dynamic, has one of the most powerful dunks in the game today.

  • 許楷
    許楷 9 days ago

    I don’t think D.Rose only be the 10th,his dunk is so powerful and unstoppable

  • Tazzi23
    Tazzi23 9 days ago

    I think Dr J. is better than Wilkins. Does anyone agree?

  • Emilio Cheng
    Emilio Cheng 9 days ago

    Vince Carter , nba best slum dunker

  • Rendclaw
    Rendclaw 9 days ago +6

    You had me dying with that "YOU WILL BOW DOWN BEFORE ME!" Keep doing what you do.

  • So Cool1
    So Cool1 9 days ago

    LeBron is better than Jordan

  • Hack man
    Hack man 9 days ago

    Hang time Carter...

  • Chive Reacciones
    Chive Reacciones 10 days ago

    Lebron James should be #1 17 season and still dunking alot better then all the nba

  • Cody Studliness
    Cody Studliness 10 days ago +3

    Loved the vid. I even agreed with the list, until you decided to put The Reign Man at #7.
    C'moooon maaaaaaan.

  • Erapterguide Man
    Erapterguide Man 10 days ago +2

    paul george is underrated he did that vince carters slam dunk contest dunk in game

  • Wibi Aditia
    Wibi Aditia 10 days ago

    Blake Griffin ??????? Hellooooo , why not

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 11 days ago

    Yep Vince Carter No. Uno.....Shawn kemp No. 2, Dominque W. No. 03. MJ is my favourite player at No.4.

  • S Jay
    S Jay 11 days ago

    You could make a top 100 all time greatest nba dunks with just Vince Carter. Also the way D Rose lands you kinda expect the injuries

  • Mike V
    Mike V 11 days ago

    Imagine if Shaq had a jumpshot...very scary...goat status

  • Filip Semmerling
    Filip Semmerling 11 days ago

    Were is Zach lavine?

  • Barkus Aurelius
    Barkus Aurelius 13 days ago

    What a fun video. Just excellent editing. Holy crap well done.

  • Kailua Beall
    Kailua Beall 13 days ago

    Dr.J had the best dunk.

  • Andrew Swift
    Andrew Swift 13 days ago

    Drose over Blake??? I love drose but like dunking? Better? Than? Blake?

  • Lbj 23
    Lbj 23 14 days ago

    Blake Griffin ?

  • JBird831988
    JBird831988 14 days ago

    Zach lavine?!?

  • Thelonious Coltrane
    Thelonious Coltrane 14 days ago +1

    2019, Steph's 3-point is considered a highlight! LOL

  • Thelonious Coltrane
    Thelonious Coltrane 14 days ago +1

    the best dunkers are those under 6 feet...because you can literally see the elevation! amazing!

  • Bas Van Bladel
    Bas Van Bladel 14 days ago

    This video is so well put togheter! The sound and the view. Awesome to watch

  • Amadis Demitrius
    Amadis Demitrius 14 days ago

    Legend has it you can still smell Vince Carter's nuts from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

  • Adam
    Adam 15 days ago

    I was waiting for him to get left out.... T Mac?

  • Mai Room
    Mai Room 15 days ago

    Clyde Drexler was so smooth as a dunker...

  • Xtracheeze101 Gama
    Xtracheeze101 Gama 16 days ago

    Do your research on David Thompson. Jordan got his style from him. He used to touch the very top of backboard.

  • AB Compound
    AB Compound 16 days ago

    Well at least you got #1 right. Kemp is way too low. You must be younger. Shaq is way too low. But I understand lowering him because of height.

  • You already know
    You already know 16 days ago

    You throw in Vince but no T-Mac?

  • Vinny Tesla
    Vinny Tesla 16 days ago

    1. Carter .... 2. Dominique ..... 3. Kemp ..... 4. Jordan ...... 5. Giannis ................ Kobe is nowhere near top 5 of all time ...... top 50 dunker, maybe

    • Keith Liu
      Keith Liu 10 hours ago

      Vinny Tesla lmao so disrespectful on Mamba

  • D Heath
    D Heath 17 days ago

    The Sixers had a lot of legends that played for them.

  • C-manz_69
    C-manz_69 17 days ago

    5:34 that shouldn’t be humanely possible...

  • Devonte Eru
    Devonte Eru 17 days ago

    They called mj the black cat because everyone who went in front of him has bad luck

  • Joey Posey
    Joey Posey 18 days ago

    Where is josh smith

  • MauriceBusy
    MauriceBusy 18 days ago

    Blake Griffin?

  • Trevor Aydelott
    Trevor Aydelott 18 days ago

    This list is great... pretty spot on