MotoVLOG: 250KM Ride to Baguio

  • Published on Apr 23, 2018
  • Late upload! Been super busy lately :(
    Here is the ride to Baguio with some riders from Ducati Pilipinas Motorcycle Club, Ride One Twenty, Ducati Club South, Forza Mostro.
    Thank you for the great ride!

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  • jason sarmiento
    jason sarmiento 3 days ago

    I’m surprised people aren’t going wild in the twisties going super fast, dragging knee and what not. Is that not a thing over there? I feel like people are more civilized riders over there.

    • MotoHK
      MotoHK  Day ago

      people do go wild but the groups i ride with are safety conscious so we do the fast stuff at the track :) sometimes we do stupid shit from time to time though

    MS. NO MOTO 9 days ago

    Im a female rider and i ride a cafe racer, i wanna make a content and make a motovlog but i dont know what to do, i dont know what to say haha! Any suggestions?

    • MS. NO MOTO
      MS. NO MOTO 7 days ago

      @MotoHK i will try to make videos soon! Hehehehe siguro sa sem break ko... thank you po sa advice hehehe

    • MotoHK
      MotoHK  8 days ago

      @MS. NO MOTO joke lang. Altho i will sell my gopro hero 4 and accessories since i upgraded. Go make videos and post so we can watch!

    • MS. NO MOTO
      MS. NO MOTO 9 days ago

      @MotoHK and also, salamat sa advice paps hehe

    • MS. NO MOTO
      MS. NO MOTO 9 days ago

      @MotoHK i have a mic and a camera already but what version do you have and how much does it cost? Hehe

    • MotoHK
      MotoHK  9 days ago

      Just shoot! Shoot and shoot and keep doing it and enjoy. You'll eventually find your voice but always remember to enjoy what you do and don't worry too much on views. Do you already have a gopro and a mic? If not, mine is for sale 😎

  • Map MoTo
    Map MoTo 12 days ago

    Ayos! New Permanent Supporter here. Baka naman paps... Hehehe.

  • Hqtdog Man
    Hqtdog Man 13 days ago

    I Love This Channel, its so fun to watch

  • Mr. Screen Shot
    Mr. Screen Shot 15 days ago

    What go pro are you using sir ??

    • MotoHK
      MotoHK  14 days ago +1

      @Mr. Screen Shot hero 4 silver 😎

    • Mr. Screen Shot
      Mr. Screen Shot 14 days ago

      MotoHK black or silver ?? And how much for it ??

    • MotoHK
      MotoHK  14 days ago

      for this video i was using gopro 4

  • flora bautista
    flora bautista 21 day ago

    watching these kinds of videos really inspires me to buy a motor and learn how to drive it

  • Kyle Hilot
    Kyle Hilot 24 days ago

    Those 2 girls in the shed are Jehovah's Witnesses and they are preaching via Cart and those publications are free

  • RainLei TV
    RainLei TV 26 days ago

    Gusto ko na din mag ride pa baguio

    RED RAIDER 26 days ago

    I love your bike

  • Jdive Sevenine
    Jdive Sevenine 29 days ago

    The lolos bike club

  • joyn may rayds
    joyn may rayds Month ago

    paps pa tulong naman ng akin... tapos ko na po na pindot sa yo... maramming salamat po... newbie vlogger po

  • Motomar Vlogs
    Motomar Vlogs Month ago

    Paresbak tol. Bisita ka sa bahay ko.

  • Motomar Vlogs
    Motomar Vlogs Month ago

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  • AC Love Street Decals

    Nice bikes! I wonder if those high end bikes will appreciate decal sticker. BTW checkout our channel to see latest design and layout but for now we concentrate on mid end motorcycle, raiders and sniper. Nice content sir more power to your channel!

    • MotoHK
      MotoHK  Month ago

      thanks for dropping by. good luck on your decal gig!

  • Jhon TV
    Jhon TV Month ago

    idol napanood ko mga video mo idol kasi mahilig din akong mag travel at mag vlog sana abangan nyonvideo travel ko mga lods salamat 👇

  • PA DanTV
    PA DanTV Month ago

    pasakay paps

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    RockRiders ph Month ago

    Masayang magrides lalo kasama ang tropa..pasama naman po sa rides nyo. sharing some of our local places, check out

  • TOTEP cruz
    TOTEP cruz 2 months ago

    hey! hi! just wanna ask if you are a gamer? is that music from GT sport? and other sound effects are from video games too. cool video tho

    • MotoHK
      MotoHK  2 months ago

      Yes i play video games but not so much anymore cuz busy. Sounds are from metal gear solid my fave game. Thanks for dropping by 😎

  • Abdullahi Maalin
    Abdullahi Maalin 2 months ago


  • WLMR
    WLMR 2 months ago +1

    Nakakamiss long ride vlog mo sir.

    • MotoHK
      MotoHK  2 months ago

      Thanks sir. Busy lang kasi sa work. Wala masyado time mag video hehe.. soon

  • JFM Roa
    JFM Roa 2 months ago +1

    "Better be late than never go home."
    Quality content man. Subscribed.

    • MotoHK
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    SouthSkoot 2 months ago

    obviously a fan of metal gear?

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      yes hehe thanks for dropping by

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    Moto KUYS 2 months ago

    Solid kuys napatambay nako ikaw na bahala kay #Motokuys RS

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    Ryan Hermosa 2 months ago

    Galing kami dyan last month. Swerte mo sir walang hamog nung nandiyan kayo

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    Gianis Slikinar 2 months ago

    new teen subscriber here haha
    i love bikes too..keep it up sir.
    enjoy riding

    • MotoHK
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  • Jake Cyrill Concon
    Jake Cyrill Concon 2 months ago support local mga paps

  • Map MoTo
    Map MoTo 3 months ago

    Resing - Resing w/ Duke 390. :D

  • Chill Bala
    Chill Bala 3 months ago

    What a ride 🤘🏿

  • Hannro So
    Hannro So 3 months ago

    Request idol gawa ka po ng part 2 baguio ride kay ducati naman

  • Hannro So
    Hannro So 3 months ago

    Idol hk

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    Bro mag ninja kawasaki 400 or 650 para makasabay ka😊

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    wow kaway2x sa mga moto blogger jan pa angkas mga sir

  • Alan Bantang
    Alan Bantang 4 months ago +3

    This is the thing that I can't do with my MC, to pass through express ways, hehe, rs always guys! Enjoy riding.

  • Grilled Cyanide
    Grilled Cyanide 4 months ago

    no speed limit?

  • Short Stroker
    Short Stroker 4 months ago

    Wow nice blog bro...keep watching..more power new follower here

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    Alan Bantang 4 months ago

    Wow nice ride mga paps, rs palagi. Bagong taga suporta nyo po.

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    Watching from the bay area. Nice you pass over my former province of la union. Thumbs up. 2 wheels down brah.

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    Tng inang mga motor yan. Share naman kayo. 😂

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    gixxeride88 motovlog 5 months ago

    haba ng biyahe..pero sarap sa mata kasi ecpensive bikes nakikita

  • GKS VIDEO's:we are growing

    Best moto vlog ever

  • tsnie to
    tsnie to 6 months ago

    What a walterrific inspired vlog sir haha

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    CanYou Please 6 months ago

    Mga ka-riders payakap naman po and ill do the same newbie small youtuber here 🤗 thank you mga mam/sir godbless ride safe

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    Nice vid!! Props from California!!

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    nice ride mga sir

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    One of my favorite vlogger in the Philippines!

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    psu accounting 6 months ago

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    MOTO JAKO 6 months ago

    Idol you inspire me kaya ng motovlog dn aq rs ka lagi

    • MotoHK
      MotoHK  5 months ago

      ride safe sir

  • fcnarciso19
    fcnarciso19 6 months ago +1

    You inspired me sir to be a rider ahahhaa. I got my motorcycle hooray!!. Gonna learn how to drive it. Thanks for your great videos!!

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    Kim So Hyun 7 months ago

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    MotoMo'to 7 months ago

    From cambodia.... ride safe.....

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    Marv1422 7 months ago

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  • Neo Ferrer
    Neo Ferrer 8 months ago

    8:22 what is that white beast?

    • MotoHK
      MotoHK  8 months ago

      Ducati Supersport S white color :)