Highlights: Big Day for Patterson in Rivalry Win | Michigan State at Michigan | Nov. 16, 2019

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
  • Michigan QB Shea Patterson passed for 384 yards and four touchdowns in a 44-10 win over Michigan State.
    #MichiganStateSpartans #MichiganWolverines #NCAAFootball
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Comments • 240

  • letha walker
    letha walker 10 days ago

    Don't even like either Michigan or Michigan state but i like Ohio state Buckeyes because they don't quit because they always destroy Michigan and Michigan state because you're not good enough to win against Ohio state Buckeyes in football matchups......

  • Andrew Werner
    Andrew Werner 20 days ago

    The best part is MSU will likely be a worse team next year given what they will lose to graduation and the transfer portal.

    • {feitan}
      {feitan} 15 days ago

      Whatever you say.....

  • Krissy Peake
    Krissy Peake 21 day ago +3

    State fan: reply
    Michigan fan: like

    • Ki
      Ki 17 days ago +1

      Go green

    • {feitan}
      {feitan} 21 day ago +1

      Go green

  • Mitch Brad
    Mitch Brad 22 days ago

    I was there, so much fun...

  • John Adams
    John Adams 22 days ago

    Here scouting cause ima buckeye fan

  • Nolan Schryver
    Nolan Schryver 22 days ago

    BIG Brother continues to bully LITTLE Brother!!! GO BLUE!!!!!!!! Next up is Indiana. It will be a tough game, but I think Michigan can pull off a win in Bloomington on Saturday.

  • Kai Cu
    Kai Cu 23 days ago +2

    Now if we can do this to Ohio state, we'll be ready for a bowl game.

    • Joey Lucas
      Joey Lucas 22 days ago +1

      Do that to Ohio State I wouldn't even care about a bowl game beating them like that would be everything lol

  • Everret DeLeon
    Everret DeLeon 23 days ago +1

    At least this will make the Michigan vs OSU game more interesting 🏈

  • J T
    J T 23 days ago

    Little Sister had a long ride home.

  • Blake Godwin
    Blake Godwin 23 days ago

    State what happened

  • C. Jackson
    C. Jackson 23 days ago +2

    Little brother, go home!!!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 23 days ago +6

    If Michigan can upset ohio st thatll be the biggest upset of the year.

  • Sweezy_boi
    Sweezy_boi 23 days ago


  • Henry The Savage
    Henry The Savage 24 days ago +4

    I knew Michigan was going to smack my team. Mich just gets the better recruits and better staff. Good luck mich on the rest of the season.

  • Dan Jones
    Dan Jones 24 days ago +1

    A mediocre team beats a losing team, big deal.

  • Oodibigah
    Oodibigah 24 days ago +2

    Where’s all the Shea hater fake Michigan fans at now????

  • Chris A.
    Chris A. 24 days ago +2

    Go Blue! Ohio state only beat them 34-10. And they allowed Rutgers 21 points!

    • Chris A.
      Chris A. 10 days ago

      toledojeeper here come the broken records (osu fans).

    • toledojeeper
      toledojeeper 10 days ago

      @Chris A. ....56-27

    • Chris A.
      Chris A. 23 days ago

      Frosty keep saying that so did we? Idk if you realized that. Seriously. We beat the 52-0.

    • Chris A.
      Chris A. 23 days ago

      Frosty gosh you guys are like a broken record. "62-39". I know thanks.

    • Frosty
      Frosty 23 days ago

      @Chris A. we had our 3rd and 4th string players in majority of the game

    SMNxHPB ENT 24 days ago +1

    Michigan 💪🏽

  • Fred Jaminson
    Fred Jaminson 24 days ago +3

    How strong are you? - Dantonio

  • Kameron Ploeger
    Kameron Ploeger 24 days ago +2

    Were coming for the team down south your undefeated streak dies November 30th remember the date the 7 year streak dies there saying Michigan has handed Ohio states first lost of the season and there goes there shot at the playoffs we're ready are you ready cause welcome to the big house Justin fields and Ryan day don't worry I know you're scared it's okay

    • toledojeeper
      toledojeeper 10 days ago

      Justin and Ryan were not too scared...57-26

    • Kameron Ploeger
      Kameron Ploeger 22 days ago

      There's always a chance it might be a little chance but we got hope it's who ever wants it more will come out as the winner were fighting to end the 7 year streak and there fighting to become a 2 time national champion

    • Oodibigah
      Oodibigah 23 days ago

      surfingtim23 I know it won’t happen but a guy can hope

    • surfingtim23
      surfingtim23 23 days ago

      Your both on drugs! It’s crazy how a win over MSU has you thinking you’re ready for Ohio State. Michigan is Ohio State little step sister from a marriage long forgotten..

    • Oodibigah
      Oodibigah 24 days ago

      It happened 40 years ago. Bo shembechler just got the job as head coach and took a 7-2 #12 Michigan team with hopes of a championship out the window similar to the 10-2 and beat the undefeated #1 Buckeyes who were 8-0. Starting the ten years war between Bo and woody. Could this all come full circle and Michigan beats the greatest OSU team ever assembled? Shea is the prophecy. Ever since he was a kid he believed he would be the qb to beat the buckeyes in the big house.

    THE RANCH OF NO MONEY 24 days ago +2

    and the game ball 🏈 goes to: offense & defense ❣️❣️❣️

  • {feitan}
    {feitan} 24 days ago +5

    Although we lost I still love my Spartans go green 💚📶 let's beat Rutgers!!

  • MR. Highland park 313
    MR. Highland park 313 24 days ago

    Michigan state will be lucky if they can make the Little Caesar's Pizza bowl at this point

    • william w
      william w 24 days ago

      @{feitan} like Illinois?

    • MR. Highland park 313
      MR. Highland park 313 24 days ago

      @{feitan} not so sure about that one. Maryland plays hard

    • {feitan}
      {feitan} 24 days ago

      I think we got a good shot Rutgers and Maryland should be a easy win

  • Anthony Copter
    Anthony Copter 24 days ago +1

    No matter what Michigan did today, what happened in 2015 cannot be taken away. I know that was a while ago, but Michigan fans will never stop hearing about that no matter how many times they beat State.
    Let the hate replies begin. After all, you hate Ohio State worse, right?

    • Anthony Copter
      Anthony Copter 21 day ago

      @Tyler Ivezaj They need to fire Brad Salem and start recruiting good players

    • Tyler Ivezaj
      Tyler Ivezaj 21 day ago +1

      Hopefully for his sake rocky transfers. If you thought state was bad this year wait til next year when their best players are gone

    • Anthony Copter
      Anthony Copter 23 days ago

      @william w Who is Vince Lombardi? I know Rocky is the backup quarterback

    • william w
      william w 24 days ago +1

      "You show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser".
      Vince Lombardi

  • Firefur 1211
    Firefur 1211 24 days ago +4


  • Apple Daily
    Apple Daily 24 days ago +5

    Let me be the first to say good game Michigan
    You guys are obviously the better football team

    • Sinister Fly
      Sinister Fly 24 days ago

      Oodibigah The first couple of years it seemed like MSU was better but now Michigan is definitely better

    • Oodibigah
      Oodibigah 24 days ago

      That’s been obvious since harbaugh came to Michigan

  • bossaliniem$B tv
    bossaliniem$B tv 24 days ago

    No MSU fans

  • LiKe_a_ Boss_04–_–

    Big Brother

  • bossaliniem$B tv
    bossaliniem$B tv 24 days ago +1

    Haha MSU crying now, guess there run is over..

    • Anthony Copter
      Anthony Copter 24 days ago

      @{feitan} This is my fight song, take back my life song, prove that I'm right soooooooong!

    • {feitan}
      {feitan} 24 days ago +1

      @Anthony Copter yeah we still got some fight in us

    • Anthony Copter
      Anthony Copter 24 days ago +1

      Not yet! Michigan State isn't out of a bowl game yet!

    • The Power play
      The Power play 24 days ago +2

      Actually I have you know..... we started crying like a month ago😞

  • notta lackey
    notta lackey 24 days ago +7

    Dear MSU Dean and Regents; Maybe its time you started putting some emphasis on academics. Signed: An MSU grad.

    • notta lackey
      notta lackey 17 days ago

      @Chris Hansen 1967, and in one of their tougher majors, finance. Glad to see some change. On my watch they were an academic failed state. Maybe the accreditors eventually came awake and lit a fire under them. MSU's unwanted and unapplied for scholarship kept me out of the Ivies.

    • Chris Hansen
      Chris Hansen 17 days ago

      @notta lackey I graduated from MSU in 2000.

    • notta lackey
      notta lackey 17 days ago

      @Chris Hansen Glad to hear my alma mater has now matured to college status

    • Chris Hansen
      Chris Hansen 17 days ago

      @notta lackey Gee, the BA I earned from MSU required writing essays composed of 5000 words, complicated 20 question 100 words each written tests, 50 questions multiple choice tests that confused many people, and most importantly learning how to learn just about anything. It's unfortunate that you didn't get the education you had hoped for, but it probably has very little to do with the university itself.

    • notta lackey
      notta lackey 17 days ago

      @Chris Hansen The fact that I made a fundamental, but unnoticed, error proves I am an MSU grad. Worse yet, a scholarship grad. The school was so bad in my vintage that for about 10 years they gave out tuition scholarships to 2000+ freshmen annually just to get smart kids in there, leading my student body to have more National Merit Scholars than Harvard. They stopped the program after they realized almost all the recipients left after a year. And please forgive me for my grammatical failings. After all, I got a BA from MSU without ever having to do a paper, project or essay test so ah nevah larned to rite. And your criticism proves you are qualified to be a proofreader, which is about what you can expect from a MSU grad. But hey, enjoy your season, and then afterwards a women's gymnastics meet, if they still have a team.

  • Eddie Jones
    Eddie Jones 24 days ago

    Sure is nice having baby brother back in the high chair with blueberry sauce all over the face 🤣

  • FSUOSU25
    FSUOSU25 24 days ago +11

    Michigan is starting to roll. Congrats on the win from a Buckeye. Stay healthy. God bless.

    • Funny boy TJ
      Funny boy TJ 18 days ago +1

      FSUOSU25 Why can’t every buckeye fan be like you. Props to you bro

    • Oodibigah
      Oodibigah 24 days ago +4

      You’re a great fan of the game if you’re truly a buckeye fan. Id say good luck to you guys but I don’t think you’ll need it. This years team looks like the greatest OSU team ever assembled.

    • Reginald Eberhart
      Reginald Eberhart 24 days ago +3

      God Bless you and Go Blue

    • David Bartek
      David Bartek 24 days ago +5

      I'm excited for our matchup to end the year. Whoever wins, it'll be a great game with two high performing teams. Only two weeks to go!

  • Whipsaw
    Whipsaw 24 days ago +8

    Now if my Lions win tomorrow it will be a perfect weekend! Go Lions! Go Blue!!

    • Anthony Copter
      Anthony Copter 23 days ago

      @jimmy e Matt Patricia is the coach actually, and he's doing worse than Jim Caldwell

    • Anthony Copter
      Anthony Copter 24 days ago +1

      They don't have a chance

  • The Big Brother
    The Big Brother 24 days ago +17

    sometimes you let them get the lead let them get excited then come back and take it back

    • Alca
      Alca 19 days ago

      It's not over and it will never be over...........

    • {feitan}
      {feitan} 21 day ago

      Michigan is very familiar with that....

  • JOB1925
    JOB1925 24 days ago +8

    Stop with all this little brother bs...if we're msu's big brother...what is osu to us? Until we beat osu we need to stay humble and remember we're not there yet. Great win nonetheless.

    • beastumfan
      beastumfan 18 days ago

      @Brees Goat whoops I meant OSU. lol

    • william w
      william w 24 days ago

      I know osu is supposed to be the biggest rival, but where I'm from on the westside of the state I have a lot of MSU and ND fans hear, for me those 2 are worse, since we've stopped those them its already a good year. Also I think taking the high road like Hoke tried to do didn't work. Winovinch doubled down on the "little brother" I think that's best. Dantonio tried to make us regret it and wont let it go, so we might as well own it.

    • Reginald Eberhart
      Reginald Eberhart 24 days ago

      Make no mistake our rivalry with the Buckeyes didn't just start. So to answer your question, we're the Buckeyes daddy

    • Brees Goat
      Brees Goat 24 days ago

      beastumfan no

    • beastumfan
      beastumfan 24 days ago +1

      OSU is the rival. lol

  • Phenom52090
    Phenom52090 24 days ago +3

    GO BLUE!

  • Jay steven
    Jay steven 24 days ago +3

    Aww little brother maybe next year lmao

    • MemeBot7000
      MemeBot7000 24 days ago

      you're calling them little brother like it's the only sport to exist

  • Thomas Velazquez
    Thomas Velazquez 24 days ago +1

    Ahhh hahaha ahhh haha hehe.... little boy blue, year after year

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez 24 days ago

    Michigan state should fire Mark ASAP

  • Michigan Wolverine in Austin

    "I let my little brother hang around in the beginning so that he doesn't feel so bad!"
    ~Mike Hart

  • Tally Kimble
    Tally Kimble 24 days ago +5


  • Thomas Velazquez
    Thomas Velazquez 24 days ago +1

    Oh no it will matter everyone is playing now or at least they are allowed to play. sorry but the list of overated football includes Michigan. ROLL TIDE!!

    • Jason Huffman
      Jason Huffman 24 days ago +2

      More programs wins then Bama. Actually by 100 or so lol

    • Zack Rickey
      Zack Rickey 24 days ago

      Thomas Velazquez Lol Michigan is by no means overrated! They’d beat anyone around their rank by a landslide. Alabama isn’t even gonna get into the playoffs this year. Go blue!

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Michigan biggest home win in years

  • The Big Brother
    The Big Brother 24 days ago +3

    Big Dub in the Big House. State champs. Little bro forgot their place. 3/4 wins and Harbaugh is virtually 4-1 vs MSU. Dantonio the fraud era is over.

      THE RANCH OF NO MONEY 24 days ago +1

      Anthony Copter and Jeffery Epstein didn't hang himself ...

      btw: Epstein sent me a friend request, should i accept or just leave him hanging???

    • Anthony Copter
      Anthony Copter 24 days ago


    • Anthony Copter
      Anthony Copter 24 days ago +1

      Dantonio is NOT a fraud!!

    • The Power play
      The Power play 24 days ago

      @The Big Brother I don't give a damn where it is Michigan still going to lose

    • The Big Brother
      The Big Brother 24 days ago +2

      The Power play The game is at the big house.... and that is irrelevant to this rivalry so shut up

  • nabay peavley
    nabay peavley 24 days ago

    Green = poop

  • LeBron Games
    LeBron Games 24 days ago +3

    Ohio states next

    • Sinister Fly
      Sinister Fly 23 days ago +1

      LeBron Games Yeah Go Blue!

    • LeBron Games
      LeBron Games 23 days ago

      Yeah you’re right go blue though

    • Sinister Fly
      Sinister Fly 24 days ago

      LeBron Games We can’t overlook Indiana though, they almost beat penn state and only have three losses

  • Bleed Blue
    Bleed Blue 24 days ago +9


    • MemeBot7000
      MemeBot7000 23 days ago

      @Sinister Fly So I can see all the Michigan fans acting like they did all the work towards beating MSU, very entertaining honestly

    • Sinister Fly
      Sinister Fly 23 days ago

      Mr. Meme than why are you watching the highlights of the game lol

    • MemeBot7000
      MemeBot7000 23 days ago

      @Oodibigah How many ranked teams has Michigan played in basketball again? How many away games have they played? Sounds like a very tough schedule to me

    • MemeBot7000
      MemeBot7000 23 days ago

      @Sinister Fly I don't even watch their football team, wth

    • Oodibigah
      Oodibigah 23 days ago

      Henry The Savage who’s 3-0 because MSU sure isn’t

  • Matthew Martinez
    Matthew Martinez 24 days ago +5

    Hmmm maybe harbaugh was right the offense just needed more time

    • Oodibigah
      Oodibigah 24 days ago

      Thunderbird 1 that was at Wisconsin not AA and that was embarrassing

    • Mark Baranyk
      Mark Baranyk 24 days ago +1

      @Thunderbird 1 thanks and congrats on beating Minnesota

    • Thunderbird 1
      Thunderbird 1 24 days ago

      @Michigan Wolverine in Austin Plus, Penn State turned out to be MUCH stronger than most expected this year. No shame in losing to them in a close battle. As an Iowa fan, I say you folks have done pretty well in AA other than the Wisconsin game.

    • Michigan Wolverine in Austin
      Michigan Wolverine in Austin 24 days ago

      It takes a while to find a rhythm in a totally new offense with a new OC from a different offensive system.

  • SilentEvil2
    SilentEvil2 24 days ago +26

    Oh I'm afraid the Defensive Line will be quite operational when The Spartans arrive.

  • Thomas Velazquez
    Thomas Velazquez 24 days ago

    Actually its a good way to look at it no more big fish in little pond for them. And sorry I wont go back to the 90 percent white player days lets stick to the real deal 1970 up, and hope for the future

    • Zack Rickey
      Zack Rickey 24 days ago +3

      WW lll He’s an Alabama fan so, yes.

    • WW lll
      WW lll 24 days ago +3

      Quite the little racist aren't you?

  • Greg Mahaffey
    Greg Mahaffey 24 days ago +15

    Great game Shea. Great game D. Ronnie bell is a beast. Don’t look past Indiana. Go blue!

  • Chris Keys
    Chris Keys 24 days ago +13

    Like Mc Donald's, "I'm loving it"!

  • Thomas Velazquez
    Thomas Velazquez 24 days ago

    One of the most overated programs in modern day college ball, lets start from 1970 on. Well well they are under 500 in bowl games with no national title in site.

    • Thomas Velazquez
      Thomas Velazquez 10 days ago

      @shshsh auauaua I'm watching your not overated Michigan getting wooped by Ohio State AGAIN!! AHHH HAHAHA AHHH OH SO FUNNY.

    • djhask82
      djhask82 21 day ago

      shshsh auauaua name one really good team we have beaten since Jim has been here . We lose to the best teams we play every year.

    • Jason Huffman
      Jason Huffman 23 days ago

      @D Hu55ein its tough thing to call it a national championship. It was a split in polls. Michigan won the AP poll and i believe Nebraska won the coaches poll with the actual championship itself, but nonetheless its a SHARED title and a title is a title i agree.

    • shshsh auauaua
      shshsh auauaua 24 days ago

      Michigan is not overrated, dont get me wroung they arnt as good in the past but in the present they are pretty decent team they still win againt really good teams

    • D Hu55ein
      D Hu55ein 24 days ago +4

      I'm pretty sure they got a national title in 97

  • Steven Neidlein
    Steven Neidlein 24 days ago +25

    Little brother will always be little brother

    • m
      m 11 days ago

      Phinese The God LMAO

    • djhask82
      djhask82 21 day ago

      Steven Neidlein how many nattys has MSU been to in the last decade?

    • MemeBot7000
      MemeBot7000 23 days ago

      @Chris Hansen Yeah, but Michigan fans don't like to admit it

    • Chris Hansen
      Chris Hansen 23 days ago

      @MemeBot7000 OSU won the last 7 games vs. UM. It's indisputable.

    • Chris Hansen
      Chris Hansen 23 days ago

      MSU is the little brother that never should've been this good at anything. Minnesota State? Nope. Illinois State? Nope. But UM's arrogance and incompetent planning allowed an agricultural college to exist in the first place, then expand, then become a force in many academic areas, sports, and the FRIB.

  • Drew Baas
    Drew Baas 24 days ago +4

    Just wait till basketball Michigan

    • Joey Lucas
      Joey Lucas 15 days ago

      @Drew Baas how that basketball working out for u so far 😂

    • Joey Lucas
      Joey Lucas 22 days ago

      @Drew Baas well 120k people show up and God know how many watch on TV and every damn bar in Michigan was fill 😂😂😂😂 let me know when a basketball game came pull that

    • Drew Baas
      Drew Baas 22 days ago

      @Joey Lucas nobody cares about football

    • Joey Lucas
      Joey Lucas 23 days ago

      No one care about basketball like literally

  • Maddie Corder
    Maddie Corder 24 days ago +3


  • Toven RG
    Toven RG 24 days ago +10

    Alot of solo records was made in this game, Great job Michigan 44-10 GO BLUE

  • Rc K
    Rc K 24 days ago +3

    all is right now in the world...Spartan alumni are third rate citizens as usual.

  • Cornius
    Cornius 24 days ago +33

    Shea Patterson 13-0 at home, Go Blue

    • Joey Lucas
      Joey Lucas 22 days ago

      @Ron Riggs he ain't even play 12 game on the road loo

    • Ron Riggs
      Ron Riggs 23 days ago

      No way... Is he really? Then I guess that would make him 2 and 10 on the road

    • Reginald Eberhart
      Reginald Eberhart 24 days ago +1

      @Lawrence Redfilm why cause the big bad Buckeyes are going to win

    • Lawrence Redfilm
      Lawrence Redfilm 24 days ago +1

      Cornius soon to be 13-1.

    • Greg Mahaffey
      Greg Mahaffey 24 days ago +13

      Let’s make it 14-0. Go Blue!

  • Javier Sánchez
    Javier Sánchez 24 days ago +65

    With this loss Michigan St is now eligible for the toilet bowl🤣

    • Sinister Fly
      Sinister Fly 24 days ago +1

      Anthony Copter Browns are the most overrated team! Everyone thought they would win the super bowl but now you go Baker throwing more interceptions than td’s 😂😂😂

    • Reginald Eberhart
      Reginald Eberhart 24 days ago

      @Anthony Copter I think he met to say the Bengals...lol

    • MusicalSavior23
      MusicalSavior23 24 days ago

      @Anthony Copter I know lol. Just a poop joke. Sorry for my immaturity...

    • Anthony Copter
      Anthony Copter 24 days ago

      @MusicalSavior23 They're not THAT bad. The Browns are underrated

    • Doug Ritzema
      Doug Ritzema 24 days ago +1

      You are CORRECT, sir!!