Courtney Hadwin: Teen Rock Star Slays "Pretty Little Thing" - America's Got Talent: The Champions

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
  • The season 13 finalist returns to take on the best of the world! Watch her perform her first original song, "Pretty Little Thing."
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    Courtney Hadwin: Teen Rock Star Slays "Pretty Little Thing" - America's Got Talent: The Champions
    America's Got Talent
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Comments • 11 036

  • YB Shehan
    YB Shehan 2 hours ago

    I dont know y u remind me of lenny kravitz.. Love u!!

  • Shakir Farooqi English Instructor

    Amazing amazing

  • Mel Larocque
    Mel Larocque 7 hours ago +2

    she deserves the world!

  • Ayody Teto
    Ayody Teto 15 hours ago +3

    The new Sia ... so shy, so many vocal layers, a writer and a super star

  • Gamer Girl 112233
    Gamer Girl 112233 16 hours ago +3

    Anyone know where I can download this song I need to be able to hear it 24/7 she is AMAZING!!!

    • Lawrence Karpman
      Lawrence Karpman 13 hours ago +1

      It has not been released, and nobody knows if it will be released on her first Single/EP/LP as of this time, except Courtney, and perhaps she doesn't even know.

  • Antonio Costa
    Antonio Costa 16 hours ago +2

    Hiperdemais, top , merece todo aplauso. Parabéns contney

  • Mega FS
    Mega FS 23 hours ago +3


  • Sofia Jane
    Sofia Jane Day ago +7

    It’s absolutely her own concert here😍👍🏼 still she’s the best teen rock star

    AKHIL KRABAS Day ago +11

    That was Original soNGgGgG
    OH mEN
    She is So talented

  • PAYWANـD anwar
    PAYWANـD anwar Day ago +4

    What a voice

  • Druck
    Druck Day ago +5

    Im the only who want this song in spotify now?

  • Sandor Kovacs
    Sandor Kovacs Day ago +8

    I'd love to see her in!!!

  • Baimurat Nurmuxambetov

    Берегитеееее ее

  • Manuel Adrian Oregel Perez

    Que hermoso canta...

  • mundo das Marias
    mundo das Marias Day ago +4

    Canta muito

  • Rachel
    Rachel Day ago +1

    she won?

    • Lawrence Karpman
      Lawrence Karpman Day ago +2

      Nope. The general public did not get to vote. AGT picked certain voters in all 50 states to do the voting, and they got it all wrong.

  • Lawrence Karpman
    Lawrence Karpman Day ago +2

    New 2019 Courtney video here. "Me and Bobby McGee" (Janis Joplin cover)

  • Juliano Melgare
    Juliano Melgare Day ago +3

    Algum brasileiro?

  • Embry Quintana
    Embry Quintana Day ago +1

    What i think about her is the same thing that I think of Demi

  • 멜루멜루
    멜루멜루 Day ago +3

    Courtney, The Legend

  • Moh Daffa16
    Moh Daffa16 Day ago +2

    Courtney The New My Idol Guys... Hhuuuuhhhhh

  • maria lilyan
    maria lilyan 2 days ago +3

    That so crazy 😃

  • Stephen P
    Stephen P 2 days ago +5

    Now she's going to perform at Woodstock! This is just awesome!

    • chrsntvny
      chrsntvny 16 hours ago +1

      +Melcome Pay she wasn't born when the last Woodstock was held. She'll be performing August 17 for the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. 2019. 😊

    • Melcome Pay
      Melcome Pay Day ago

      Not sure, but think she did that already? ( Few years ago)

  • BQuillaGuy :D
    BQuillaGuy :D 2 days ago +2

    Where is her SPotify profile??!!!!!!

  • Reinier Vermaat
    Reinier Vermaat 2 days ago +2

    super Courtney Hadwin zelf ik 68 ging uit zijn dak ;)

  • Nebi Gebremichael
    Nebi Gebremichael 3 days ago +4

    Queen 👸 of Rock and roll 🎸.

  • Divya Kathi Jyoti
    Divya Kathi Jyoti 3 days ago +5

    It was an original , she said so quietly but I heard a loud roar

    JRPRNYC 3 days ago +3

    She's Amazing

  • Daniel Velici
    Daniel Velici 3 days ago +3

    Totally awesome......... She's got it

  • うど子
    うど子 3 days ago +3


  • うど子
    うど子 3 days ago


  • Rex Xona
    Rex Xona 3 days ago +4

    You Are amazing girl , you will be a best rock Star ,

  • RP47
    RP47 3 days ago +2

    Courtney singing same song she wrote (mellow version)

  • Football is my feeling
    Football is my feeling 3 days ago +3

    My question for judges why she did not got the golden buzzer for this perfomance????? Is me KUNTA KINTEH

  • Ved Prakash Tiwari
    Ved Prakash Tiwari 3 days ago

    I think she acts shy to deceive audience

    • Lawrence Karpman
      Lawrence Karpman 3 days ago +4

      Heh, same old tired "Its an act" BS. Michael Jackson was timid as can be offstage. Watch an interview sometime. Here's a quote from Erin Lecount who was a fellow finalist on Team Danny on Voice Kids UK in 2017 with Courtney. They were together for months. "i am so unbelievably proud of you gorgeous girl. if you haven’t seen the video of this lil superstar getting the golden buzzer on america’s got talent go get @ it now????i love you and cannot wait to see your journey and see you get everything that you deserve, you’re like my little sister and it makes me so proud to see you grow into this artist in the front of the entire world. i love you lil one, this is start of something huge for you gorgeous. and to all the keyboard warriors that can try and bang on about courtney being an “actress” or that she’s not actually shy, you should’ve seeeeeeen the girl for the months that i first met her, the quietest n shyest lil thing i’ve ever seen. you deserve this babe, go win the thing"

    • Chris mayer
      Chris mayer 3 days ago +1

      Ved Prakash Tiwari It’s a good thing no body really cares what you think.

  • Rodrigo Calixtro
    Rodrigo Calixtro 3 days ago +4

    I LOVE

  • Nounou La
    Nounou La 3 days ago +4

    lovely girl

  • Raja Tarihoran
    Raja Tarihoran 4 days ago +1

    Simon: how do you feel now
    Me: I feel good,, teroreroreng

  • Yuliani Morgan
    Yuliani Morgan 4 days ago +5

    I love you so much..wish you amazing success..

  • Chris Stumer
    Chris Stumer 4 days ago +4

    She is a young Tina Turner

  • Isabel dos Santos
    Isabel dos Santos 4 days ago +3

    Eu amo essa menina vai em frenteeeeeeeee Isabel Brasil🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💖🤩💖🤩💖🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Marc Demmon
    Marc Demmon 4 days ago +1

    Can she has to much skerch not enough melody

  • Ibros Topandas
    Ibros Topandas 4 days ago +5

    COURTNEY HADWIN ROCKS. like i said on got talent global video. i'm still in tears and keep thinking, how a 14 yo do that? WOW! back when i'm 14 i couldn event imagine if i could made people screaming at my name and sing my song like 'I.... i...i... i said pretty thing gotta hell of a thing for you'
    that's very catchy and so cool at the same time!!! i think i'm gonna learn it and invite my band to play this. 😱😱😱🤘🤘🤘🤘⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

  • kévin karkar
    kévin karkar 4 days ago +1

    Elle a pris la confiance celle la ahah

  • Maddie Knowles
    Maddie Knowles 4 days ago +4

    Courtney u are so amazing!

  • Brian Thebrain
    Brian Thebrain 4 days ago +1

    WTF whats that amazing classes that Howie wear

  • Guadalupe duarte
    Guadalupe duarte 4 days ago +4


  • luckstr
    luckstr 5 days ago +4

    she is a shy kid and when she start singing she becomes a mature lion - holly molly

  • Ahmad Wildan
    Ahmad Wildan 5 days ago +1

    4:43 howie (still in trauma) 😅

  • dusty b
    dusty b 5 days ago +5

    It wouldn't let me thumbs up her video hmmmmmmm! I quit watching AGT and all the talent shows a while ago... they really are rigged But I saw one of Courtney's Videos and I have been watching her videos when i see a new one. I am 63 and the girl has talent! Real raw talent!

  • Toffers best
    Toffers best 5 days ago +4

    Love you so much...

  • Azulmine
    Azulmine 5 days ago +3

    No joke I love this song. I want this song, where can I buy this song

  • liviusss
    liviusss 5 days ago +4

    OMG, that was fantastic! This girl is unbelievable, so cool and so cute, such a rock star!

  • robin king
    robin king 5 days ago +7

    Love the song what a talent awesome I will be buying whatever is put on a album

  • yadhu krishna
    yadhu krishna 5 days ago +5

    I watched again again and again

  • Buddjssb sHHSsjshs
    Buddjssb sHHSsjshs 6 days ago +4

    It’s FANTASTIC! 🤘🤘🤘

  • Buddjssb sHHSsjshs
    Buddjssb sHHSsjshs 6 days ago +4

    I love that song 😍😍😍

  • angga dwi
    angga dwi 6 days ago +4


  • dave green
    dave green 6 days ago +4

    She needs to tour with Greta Van Fleet

  • alma fifita
    alma fifita 6 days ago +3

    I love this song so much that I even watch it in 2019.

    ANDAÇ HABER ADASI 6 days ago +4


  • RP47
    RP47 6 days ago +6

    This song is like Amy Winehouse meets Outkast! I freakin LOVE it!!!

  • RP47
    RP47 6 days ago +5

    Sh@t! This young lady is amazing!!! I loved this performance! I would definitely pay to see her live in concert, no doubt!

  • Good vibes
    Good vibes 6 days ago +4

    I Love her so much..

  • Raymond Love
    Raymond Love 7 days ago +3

    She is really something:) So entertaining. I wish her well.

  • Jean Everywhere
    Jean Everywhere 7 days ago +1

    Nose si alguien habla español pero canta de la putamadre! ♥

  • Diego Argueta
    Diego Argueta 7 days ago +3

    Billie ellish 2.0🖤

  • Antonia Ceja Oseguera
    Antonia Ceja Oseguera 7 days ago +4


  • Kamenko Šimunović
    Kamenko Šimunović 7 days ago +10

    Courtney blast the 50'th anniversary of Woodstock!

  • Lucy Mason
    Lucy Mason 7 days ago +4

    When she gets famous the people who watched this seasons gottalent got to see her in a concert for such a cheaper price 😭💕💕

  • Daniel Haikal
    Daniel Haikal 7 days ago

    someone please hold her leg and hand, he had convulsions...

    • eod nhoj
      eod nhoj 7 days ago +2

      +Daniel Haikal I was joking too. Just playing like you... kids have no sense of humor these days.

    • Daniel Haikal
      Daniel Haikal 7 days ago

      +eod nhoj its joke... dont take it seriously... chill

    • eod nhoj
      eod nhoj 7 days ago +3

      Ahhh, someone jealous of her fame. Until you can show us better how about tightening up those loose lips. :D

  • Sien Ween19
    Sien Ween19 8 days ago +4


  • Jean Michel Garcia
    Jean Michel Garcia 8 days ago +3

    Je suis toujours scotché.
    Quelle présence, elle fait pour la scène impressionnant..

  • Jean Michel Garcia
    Jean Michel Garcia 8 days ago +4


  • estrellla del mar
    estrellla del mar 8 days ago +1

    Que FEO CANTA ésa niña. Parece poseída por el demonio. 😱😏👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Cassidy June
    Cassidy June 8 days ago +4

    put this on spotify immediately

  • Tere Carreon
    Tere Carreon 8 days ago +7


  • sasquatch1 ****
    sasquatch1 **** 8 days ago +4

    I cry when I see her! So proud of her!

  • sasquatch1 ****
    sasquatch1 **** 8 days ago +5

    Courtney needs to realize her age group of fans, don't call in 10X's each!!!! You ARE THE BEST!!!!

    • Lawrence Karpman
      Lawrence Karpman 7 days ago

      +Peter Laka Tweens and Teens listen to what their peer group listens to. It's mandatory to staying in the "know." It's the discerning ones that are open to many forms of music. There are billions worldwide that really have little or no exposure to pure R&R and R&B. Those are the fans that Courtney can capture IF, as you say, "everything goes ok."

    • Peter Laka
      Peter Laka 8 days ago

      I think her prospective fans are 5-10 years younger than her. It might be huge amount if everything goes ok

    • Lawrence Karpman
      Lawrence Karpman 8 days ago +1

      sasquatch1 - If you haven't yet seen/heard Courtney prior to AGT or Voice Kids, scroll down to my mandatory “Courtney Experience” I posted 4 days ago in these comments. Gives you a pretty good idea who Courtney is besides the "rocker" and just how good a "voice" she is.

    • albert masino
      albert masino 8 days ago +2

      sasquatch1; Pretty sure she knows exactly who's who. Go to her twitter, facebook, Insta pages or any of her many fan group pages. You'll find out more faster about her. She's already figured out what she wants and likes and will more than likely always do it her way. From what I've watched and learned about Courtney is she went from a very young child who wasn't a naturally gifted singer but wanted to sing and learned with hard work and practiced while other kids her aged were doing what most kids do. She became who she is from always thinking she can do this. Her peers made fun of her at times. And she just pushed forward. Now they see who she is and respect her. As for the voting thing that was 10 months ago and over with. But I do know many of us old timers voted at least 40 times for her. In the end winning didn't matter. She still got invited to Las Vegas and now is performing at Woodstock 50th anniversary. And we are waiting on her release of new music hopefully soon. Hoping maybe before Woodstock.

    • Lawrence Karpman
      Lawrence Karpman 8 days ago +2

      Exactly! Courtney's main fan base is not today's "Pop" music fans. Sure, there'll be many from that genre liking her, as they are being exposed to exactly what Simon said, "You're going to show a whole new generation what Rock and Roll is all about with THESE songs." Courtney's main base is us folks that grew up with R&R and R&B long before the Stones or Beatles and on into the 70's, and that's what Courtney is, an R&R and R&B "old soul." That's the music she likes, but with her singing voice she could be a Pop star if that's what she wanted. She likes to Rap too. Listen to her "Beautiful Me" Dappy cover at age 11.

  • Cibele Belvedere
    Cibele Belvedere 8 days ago +3

    Oh my god!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😘😘😘😘😘 I love you 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Philihp1012
    Philihp1012 9 days ago +30

    I wonder what her mommy did when she was expecting her. Listening to Janis Jopling 24-7?

  • Ha Yoonbin kim Jisoo
    Ha Yoonbin kim Jisoo 9 days ago +5


  • Revocrednu GT
    Revocrednu GT 9 days ago +18

    I love her written music!! Don’t forget she wrote that song!

  • erisvaldo couto
    erisvaldo couto 9 days ago +3

    Canta muito....

  • Kamenko Šimunović
    Kamenko Šimunović 9 days ago +14

    I can't wait to see our beloved Courtney on 50'th anniversary of Woodstock!

  • Andreza Lima
    Andreza Lima 9 days ago +2

    Muito foda

  • dawn rybicki
    dawn rybicki 9 days ago +3

    Amazing! Beautiful voice

  • のん りえ
    のん りえ 10 days ago +3

    she has a very cute Face♥️
    and very cool song、、、

  • Unknow Man
    Unknow Man 10 days ago +3

    I see young axl rose but she is girl an amazing...

  • Haryo BW
    Haryo BW 10 days ago +22

    when she said that the song is original..... I felt goosebumps . AMAZING

  • Jazzyjosh Deverasagun
    Jazzyjosh Deverasagun 10 days ago +3

    I'm so jealous because they have COURTNEY HADWIN in Americas got talent...the versatility of her voice is exceptionally outstanding...I'm glad they found her...THE MISSING PIECE IN MUSIC INDUSTRY.

  • Jazzyjosh Deverasagun
    Jazzyjosh Deverasagun 10 days ago +3

    Courtney had win the competition...

  • Lorena D
    Lorena D 10 days ago +3

    Volvió a competir o fue invitada???
    Esto de no saber inglés quién me dice 🙏

  • Marslynn Augustin
    Marslynn Augustin 10 days ago +3


  • cindy mixen
    cindy mixen 10 days ago +3

    She already a star

  • Giu Fonseca
    Giu Fonseca 10 days ago +4

    When she said it was an original I fell

  • Phemida Ivanova
    Phemida Ivanova 10 days ago +11

    Вот это зажгла! Как раскрывается она, когда начинает петь. А так скромняшка.

  • X
    X 11 days ago


  • jamiemo2
    jamiemo2 11 days ago +1


  • Lo prohibido
    Lo prohibido 11 days ago +1

    Podrian traducirlo