Film Theory: Harry Potter, MORE VOLDEMORT than Voldemort!

  • Published on Jan 17, 2017
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    Is the biggest Dark Lord in the Harry Potter series Harry Potter HIMSELF? When you look at the science of Horcrux soul splitting, Voldemort's plan starts to reveal some SHOCKING revelations about Harry's childhood, the battle against He Who Must Not Be Named, and the nature of Harry's soul. We're digging into Potter lore and doing some magic with numbers to find out who the DARKEST Lord actually is!
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  • Chloe Jackson
    Chloe Jackson 2 years ago +15779

    omg the wand thing at the end killed me, because I was eating

  • TT yler
    TT yler 4 hours ago +1


  • Ronita Ta
    Ronita Ta Day ago

    i choose Hermione don't worry i chose that WEASLEY

  • Ronita Ta
    Ronita Ta Day ago

    yes my childhood has been warned but i haven't been warned... EH I DIDN'T EVEN WATCH THE WHOLE SERIES OF MOVIES.... WELP GUESS THAT'S MORE SPOOILERS FOR ME!

  • rebecca nash
    rebecca nash 2 days ago

    So... pretty much the final battle is voldemort v. voldemort and the moar voldemort voldemort wins...


  • Shade Jamison
    Shade Jamison 3 days ago

    Impressive. The Dursleys were eating grapefruit to make Dudders feel better about his diet. Even though Harry was sneaking candys from Ron and Hermione. >:-)

  • John Fitzgerald
    John Fitzgerald 3 days ago


    Ok doesn’t work maybe *H* e *l* l *O* hmm or HELLO HELO HELL. OH !
    This was a test of how to make cool words🖕

  • John Fitzgerald
    John Fitzgerald 3 days ago

    Btw the grapefruit *WRONG* it’s sausage

    I don’t know Vernon is a sausage guy...wait

  • Lorraine Davis
    Lorraine Davis 3 days ago

    "Number magic isn't even a subject that they're taught!" ARITHMANCY! IT WAS RIGHT THERE, ARITHMANCY

  • Joey Ronquillo
    Joey Ronquillo 3 days ago


  • Andrew Johnston
    Andrew Johnston 3 days ago

    So tenically Harry has 101.5% of a soul for the entire series

  • Jor-El Tan
    Jor-El Tan 3 days ago

    When will you make the fantastic beasts theory?

  • Nathan Sears
    Nathan Sears 3 days ago

    I’m just going to say it umbrage is the worst bad guy in the hole series

  • Tatum Carter
    Tatum Carter 4 days ago

    grapefruit. i've read the series over ten times😂

  • William Gambino
    William Gambino 4 days ago +1

    I actually have math fifth period!!!

  • Javier G
    Javier G 4 days ago

    You were right

  • Lawrence Chen
    Lawrence Chen 4 days ago

    Wait so matpat uses evidence from pottermore and web interviews... but not the BOOKS?!?!!?!,!1!!1!

  • JayKay04
    JayKay04 5 days ago

    arithmancy #numbermagic

  • Amy McAree
    Amy McAree 5 days ago

    They actually were eating grape fruit 😂

  • Cynthia Ditchfield
    Cynthia Ditchfield 6 days ago

    it was grapefruit

  • SKreeech
    SKreeech 6 days ago

    I can’t click but option 3 ms. Granger

  • Befuddled bricks
    Befuddled bricks 6 days ago +2

    Tried explaining this to someone.
    They didn't listen.
    They said they were the biggest hp fan

  • T Luv
    T Luv 6 days ago

    I hate you

  • Nerdy Kitty
    Nerdy Kitty 7 days ago

    Dudly was on a diet and they ALL had to follow, so yes it was grapefruit.

  • dimitri dionissiou
    dimitri dionissiou 7 days ago

    The Sword of Gryffindor was intended to be the last horcrux.

  • dimitri dionissiou
    dimitri dionissiou 7 days ago


  • Hilding Santesson
    Hilding Santesson 7 days ago

    The snake is an horucrow

  • Allan Zhao
    Allan Zhao 7 days ago

    But Thermodynamics: Matter can't be destroyed. So the horcruxes are technically never gone

  • Hilding Santesson
    Hilding Santesson 7 days ago

    Wel can’t he split the diarys part of his soul or do i not understand

  • John Smith
    John Smith 7 days ago

    In the books it explains that tom wanted to split his soal into 7 pieces, not make 7 horcruxes.
    The 7th part of the soul is still in voldemort
    But he did accedently make harry into one of his horcruxes.
    So after voldemort killed lily and james he had 7 horcruxes

  • syed aisar Hussain
    syed aisar Hussain 7 days ago

    There are 8 horcruxes

  • Lawrence Doherty
    Lawrence Doherty 8 days ago

    when matpat so hop on those firebolts it was a nimbus 2000

  • Knightmare's Minecraft

    Matpat you are right it was grapefruit , I'm mad about Harry Potter

  • Ivy Rose
    Ivy Rose 8 days ago +1

    Snape's on a plane.... I NEVER KNEW I NEEDED THIS!!

  • Ivy Rose
    Ivy Rose 8 days ago +1

    Late Potterhead squad where you at?!!

  • Navaneeth Sujesh
    Navaneeth Sujesh 8 days ago

    Voldemort should have made his nose a horcrux, Harry would never find it..

  • Rolland Gratton
    Rolland Gratton 9 days ago

    the girl is my favourite. (sorry, I forgot her name)

  • Joakim Hertzberg
    Joakim Hertzberg 9 days ago

    So basically Voldemort is mostly book

  • 蔡德灿
    蔡德灿 9 days ago +1

    7:51 Voldemort looks so sad XD

  • Calvin S.
    Calvin S. 9 days ago

    At the final battle, the Harry Horcrux is already gone!

  • Adley _TheGamer
    Adley _TheGamer 9 days ago

    I would buy *SnaPe On a plANe* also my fav charater is hermione ofc😉

  • Sageofsong
    Sageofsong 9 days ago

    Wasn't Nagini a Horcrux? Haven't read Potter in a while

  • Shardul Singh
    Shardul Singh 9 days ago

    Hop on those firebolts...
    Mate that's a Nimbus 2000

  • declan beech
    declan beech 9 days ago

    still waiting in 2019 for that fantastic beasts theory.
    also there Dursleys wear eating grapefruit because Dudley was to fat for his school uniform so they went on a diet.

  • Login Expired
    Login Expired 9 days ago

    i am reading the 4th book and yes it was grape fruit -___-

  • Sarah McCabe
    Sarah McCabe 9 days ago

    Personally, I think it's a very interesting thought

  • Ñøßød¥
    Ñøßød¥ 9 days ago +1

    Hiding horcruxes 101:

    Read more

  • Pastel Maroon The Second

    I got an ad for a Harry Potter app before this video

    It must be witchcraft!

  • MurX.X
    MurX.X 10 days ago

    Wtf socerers

  • Edward Carroll
    Edward Carroll 10 days ago


  • Mr.Osornio
    Mr.Osornio 10 days ago

    lord voldemort, should hid his horcrux in mexico, la, and other places.

  • Lwilderman
    Lwilderman 12 days ago

    Well when Harry died since he was a horcrux when he died and came back the horcrux in him was gone.

  • Nancy Talbott
    Nancy Talbott 13 days ago

    It was grapefruit

  • Nymphadora 1231
    Nymphadora 1231 13 days ago

    Yeah it's grapefruit. Yeah I just read the book to say this

  • Cricket Guttery
    Cricket Guttery 13 days ago +1

    I'm serious, I'm dead serious. Get it?😂

  • SK Turbo
    SK Turbo 13 days ago

    If Voldy can do all this evil crap with only about 1% of his soul, imagine how strong he would be beforehand.

  • White eye Stikbot
    White eye Stikbot 14 days ago

    In Harry Potter part 8, in the book, it says that Harry Potter was hit with a spell by Voldemort and, because of that, Harry became horcrux-free.

  • RolePlaying Ravenclaw
    RolePlaying Ravenclaw 14 days ago

    It’s levi-O-sa, not levioSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Lol 😝

  • KitKat
    KitKat 14 days ago

    What about Nagini

  • The real Udead
    The real Udead 14 days ago +4

    Here from 2019 where’s the fantastic beasts theory

  • Leslie Anne
    Leslie Anne 14 days ago +1

    Dumbledore's Will, "The Girl: A Storybook, Scarface: A Ball, Ginger: A Flashlight."

  • Ophelia Oelzen
    Ophelia Oelzen 15 days ago

    You’re wrong.( I probably used the wrong pronunciation) because when Harry was in the forest ready to die Lordy Voldy killed the horcrux part of him

  • Mia The Hooman
    Mia The Hooman 15 days ago +1

    Me: Man... I just ate noodles and then I read all these comments about warning me....
    Also me: Fuck it.. I'm watching it..

  • CubeJedi
    CubeJedi 15 days ago

    Slughorn: There is a spell, don't ask me which one, I don't know it and wouldn't tell it.
    Marpat: we don't know exactly how to make a horcrux...
    Jk: Am I a joke to you?

  • Amytis Kabir
    Amytis Kabir 15 days ago


  • Santiago Castro
    Santiago Castro 15 days ago


  • NPC Pika
    NPC Pika 17 days ago

    where is austin?

  • John Wellins
    John Wellins 17 days ago


  • PsykicSlicer
    PsykicSlicer 18 days ago

    Matpat: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be a theory.

  • BoyLy Lee
    BoyLy Lee 19 days ago

    Please do a parseltounge episode

  • Confusion BOMB Studios


  • Stephen Saravia
    Stephen Saravia 21 day ago

    Film Theory? No, Film Math.

  • Ann Readings
    Ann Readings 21 day ago


  • derpdab Sixforfic
    derpdab Sixforfic 21 day ago

    it is grapefruit

  • Peter Quigley
    Peter Quigley 22 days ago

    It was grapefruit because dudley was on a diet

  • Rekt_ Sabr3
    Rekt_ Sabr3 22 days ago

    Whos watching this in 2019 may

  • Lyvvy
    Lyvvy 22 days ago

    1:33 but bruh it's mentioned at least 6 times in the books.. and you're the one to read the books so you get all the info for a theory

  • Peter Dawson
    Peter Dawson 23 days ago

    8:43 fine print

  • Satria Sutena
    Satria Sutena 23 days ago

    Number magic is a subject they are taught
    It's arithmancy

  • Amber Van Pelt
    Amber Van Pelt 24 days ago +1

    actually the curse only took place when Harry showed up because the book says that he'd been teaching that post for awhile and only took a year off.

  • Nosepicker12
    Nosepicker12 25 days ago

    1:53 Arithmancy, Potterheads

  • Nosepicker12
    Nosepicker12 25 days ago

    They were eating grapefruit, by the way. 1:44

  • Nosepicker12
    Nosepicker12 25 days ago

    You can immediately answer this: The section of soul in Harry is larger than the section in Voldemort. But hey, that's just a theory. A COMMENT THEORY!

  • Amber Van Pelt
    Amber Van Pelt 25 days ago

    every time you murder someone your soul gets split. you can use very complicated magic to entrust that part of your soul into an object instead of it going to wast

  • Amber Van Pelt
    Amber Van Pelt 25 days ago

    he used profound objects in which to trust his soul into especially important artifacts of the original 4 who created Hogwarts

  • Amber Van Pelt
    Amber Van Pelt 25 days ago

    it was grapefruit because then Dudley had been put on a diet. the book says "'lovely breakfast I'm very full!' Harry said cheerfully"

  • paige misken
    paige misken 25 days ago

    Yeah it was grape fruit

  • Solomonster 15
    Solomonster 15 25 days ago

    I like how he said the firebolt and he showed the nimbus 2000

  • Torterran Artist
    Torterran Artist 25 days ago

    Looking back, JK is probably going to explain this soon with some bulls*** about Voldemort's fate being destined for him and each horcrux holds 1/8 of his soul or something.

  • Nikhil Tungala
    Nikhil Tungala 26 days ago

    Sausage you idiot

  • Samantha Foster
    Samantha Foster 26 days ago

    Yes u r right however Arithmasy IS REAL!!! Or "Magic Math" and The Duluminater is part Aryana which is what Dumbulldoor loves most and Aryana is his sis

  • Gacha Rainbow
    Gacha Rainbow 26 days ago

    No, harry wouldn't just been neville without voldy.
    he's parents were great wizards and so is he.
    And also Neville isn't that dorky.
    I mean he is but he ain't the worst one.

  • Jasmine The Gacha Creator


  • mikayuu hyakuya
    mikayuu hyakuya 27 days ago

    Hello Internet, welcome to harry theory! 😂😂

  • Rick Dalton
    Rick Dalton 27 days ago +1

    The final horcrux number 7 is harry when tom tries to kill harry he put it in so he did actually have 7 horcruxs

  • lifewitharya
    lifewitharya 28 days ago +1

    on the topic of voldemort, voldemort why did he not make a grain of sand a horcrux and throw it in the ocean.

  • waldemar kiepski
    waldemar kiepski 28 days ago

    snapes on a plane ha ha ha

  • Hmnit 59
    Hmnit 59 28 days ago

    1:33 you was right

  • Addi Murray
    Addi Murray 28 days ago

    i read the whole thing

  • Timothius Zamora
    Timothius Zamora 29 days ago

    Ewww...fifth period!!!