Fantasy Glasses | Lele Pons


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  • Alishba Hussain
    Alishba Hussain 16 hours ago

    What Lang are you?

  • Craig Lamotte
    Craig Lamotte Day ago

    I bet she was listening to the lyrics oye

  • Cupcake Msp
    Cupcake Msp Day ago +1


  • Theofficial Boi
    Theofficial Boi Day ago

    Who else is watching episodes continuously like

  • The first ETCo
    The first ETCo Day ago


  • Kathleen Natania
    Kathleen Natania 2 days ago

    The clock on Lele's phone from 2:28 when it's says boss and 2:29 and it says crush

  • Universe
    Universe 2 days ago


  • Jia Jia Chen
    Jia Jia Chen 2 days ago

    Un the minute 0:54 you can see 2 phones jjajajaja

  • Star Shine
    Star Shine 2 days ago

    1:28 can someone tell me what her mom said

  • Dreadful Dragon
    Dreadful Dragon 3 days ago

    I need these glasses for school camps

  • Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia 3 days ago

    Hola yo soy Venezolano y la mamá se comporta igual que la mía XD

  • Ye Jin Choi
    Ye Jin Choi 3 days ago

    yay 12 m subs😊😊😊😊😍

  • Ooo Loo
    Ooo Loo 3 days ago

    An ad about glasses came on..

  • Kanaya Abigail
    Kanaya Abigail 4 days ago

    Can u please like this comment????

  • JJcupcake 507
    JJcupcake 507 4 days ago +1

    Do you love me ?
    Ur yeah sure ... LETS GO

  • jenna 77793
    jenna 77793 4 days ago

    3:34 frozen 😂😂

  • Mahesh Kumar
    Mahesh Kumar 4 days ago

    4:51 omg lele ahaha

  • nur shafiqa
    nur shafiqa 5 days ago

    Expectation never be like reality...

  • luna kawaii
    luna kawaii 5 days ago

    Me encanta este video

  • 李富琳
    李富琳 5 days ago +1

    You are best you tuber

  • Nico Nico NII
    Nico Nico NII 5 days ago +1

    *Dont look for love look for pizza*

  • Libby Kennedy
    Libby Kennedy 5 days ago

    I love the way her t shirt says don't look for love look for pizza

  • Komal Garg
    Komal Garg 5 days ago

    Osssssummmmm crazzzzzzy

  • gabi sims freeplay
    gabi sims freeplay 6 days ago

    Jajaja amo a Lele su humor es único a pesar de como es de mi país es tan tierna y graciosa te amooooo Lele 😘😘😘

  • Shirley Chen
    Shirley Chen 6 days ago


  • Toriano Newbold
    Toriano Newbold 6 days ago +1

    Her Face tho at the end

  • Janvi Budhraja
    Janvi Budhraja 6 days ago

    lol the face she made at the end was hahahhahahahahalrious,

  • Aaliyah Guess
    Aaliyah Guess 6 days ago +1

    I love your t shirt 😊😊😊😂😂😂

  • Simba Aj
    Simba Aj 6 days ago

    Did anyone noticed that lele is wearing the same shirt for 4 years lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  • kai x ninja
    kai x ninja 6 days ago +1

    4:50 when your Jam comes on

  • SIQI Wang
    SIQI Wang 7 days ago


  • Maria Fernanda Faria

    MAKE PART 2 !!!!!!!!

  • MELISITA gachaverse
    MELISITA gachaverse 8 days ago

    Do a part 2

    GRAND MASTER 8 days ago

    Saw reflection of person in glasses at 0:29

  • Thiare Zambrano
    Thiare Zambrano 8 days ago

    Haz un video hablando en español lele porque yo no te entiendo hablando inglés sólo te entiendo con las palabritas pero en tus vídeos nunca se hablaba en español y que me apuesto hacer un video hablando español

  • Thiare Zambrano
    Thiare Zambrano 8 days ago

    Lele asumido hablando en español porque tú sabes que te entienden en inglés pero los que hablan español no te entiende porque los que te ven son niños y niños también

  • Maja Przygoda
    Maja Przygoda 8 days ago

    Do a fantasy head phone one ppppllllsss

  • Sehrish Mirza
    Sehrish Mirza 8 days ago


  • Josh Playz
    Josh Playz 9 days ago

    who likes lele like if u do comment if u dont

  • leilani Guerrero
    leilani Guerrero 9 days ago


  • C. Bennett
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  • Ona Amira Attaouil
    Ona Amira Attaouil 9 days ago


  • Δήμητρα Χαριτάκη

    και εγω θελω αυτα τα γιαλια

  • Rainbow  Teardrop
    Rainbow Teardrop 10 days ago

    Latinos say

    If you watch LELE PONS you can never stop

  • yae nang klan
    yae nang klan 10 days ago +1

    If your friend is a pizza lover say to them what Elle shirt says.

  • Rauf khan
    Rauf khan 10 days ago


  • Rauf khan
    Rauf khan 10 days ago

    Hi nina good

  • Salah El Din
    Salah El Din 10 days ago


  • -SummerTheSlayer -
    -SummerTheSlayer - 10 days ago

    4:51 that face xD

  • Nor Hafiza
    Nor Hafiza 11 days ago


  • Parni Griffin
    Parni Griffin 11 days ago

    Fun fact you can see a clean room on the reflection of the glasses

  • Lady in Black
    Lady in Black 11 days ago

    Do yOU nEed a RiDE?

  • junaid khan
    junaid khan 11 days ago +1

    She just always have the best expressions..epic ones 😂😂😂

    SMMS MS 11 days ago

    Hahah 👓👓😹😹😹

  • Misty Landrum
    Misty Landrum 12 days ago

    Before you press this video the background is bridge to taribathia it is sad

  • Team Cheetah
    Team Cheetah 12 days ago

    3:51 Dr WHAT

  • Samar Yimer
    Samar Yimer 12 days ago

    🤣😂😂😂😜😛😝 nice

  • Anna Padopoulo
    Anna Padopoulo 12 days ago


  • L&d
    L&d 12 days ago

    Oml 4:51 tho i love her face lol

  • Mia Brown
    Mia Brown 13 days ago

    When Lele pug then headphones on that’s me when I listen to celoso

  • Rainet Duque
    Rainet Duque 13 days ago

    You are amazing

  • Latifa Darwishi
    Latifa Darwishi 13 days ago +1

    It 2018

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  • JusT . EnrertaininG . ChanneL

    for 4 yrs she is wearing same T - shirt 😂😂

  • Jordan Flores
    Jordan Flores 14 days ago +2

    Battery percentage should of had 100

  • Juan Pablo
    Juan Pablo 14 days ago

    OMG ThOse glasses will make my day awesome 😎 ⌚️

  • Sofia Louren
    Sofia Louren 14 days ago +1

    4:50 😹

  • annie piper
    annie piper 14 days ago

    The end hahahah

  • Berlize Van Rensburg
    Berlize Van Rensburg 15 days ago +1

    4:51 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anurag Goyal
    Anurag Goyal 15 days ago

    I love her dog face😂😂💯💯

  • YouTube Ninja32
    YouTube Ninja32 15 days ago


  • Asher Malcom
    Asher Malcom 15 days ago

    Ending... lol the face

  • Helena Díaz-Bautista
    Helena Díaz-Bautista 16 days ago

    I understund everithing xD i'm spanish xD

  • Life With Mico
    Life With Mico 16 days ago


  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 16 days ago

    4:49 woahh the perfect triangle mouth I've ever seen 😯

  • Renata Bisi
    Renata Bisi 16 days ago

    I love lele pons!!! ❤

  • Marta Wasiukiewicz
    Marta Wasiukiewicz 16 days ago

    part 2 plzz

  • Qiqi Awesome *gag*
    Qiqi Awesome *gag* 16 days ago

    “Don’t look for love, look for pizza” I WANT THAT SHIRT

  • zahra 11 zahra
    zahra 11 zahra 17 days ago


  • Futako Sensei
    Futako Sensei 18 days ago

    Pfft Hahaha.. If only reality is like fantasy😆😆😁😂😁😀😃😐😑😶

  • Lighting blue wolf
    Lighting blue wolf 18 days ago

    That's great lele!

  • Jayleen Leyva
    Jayleen Leyva 18 days ago


  • NerubianRBX
    NerubianRBX 18 days ago

    when he smile he like he just glue his mouth

  • Yan Shan Zou
    Yan Shan Zou 19 days ago

    2:09 That’s Titi again she graduated from high school and now she’s her..

  • starfire sniper
    starfire sniper 19 days ago

    The year is 2018 says Google that means look it up on Google

  • Lee 850
    Lee 850 20 days ago

    OMG final face funny

  • Esteban M. R.
    Esteban M. R. 20 days ago +1


  • cecilia flores
    cecilia flores 20 days ago

    Lele is that actually your dad and mom?

  • Sami Khoja
    Sami Khoja 20 days ago +1

    I have the same glasses as you

  • DIY Crafter
    DIY Crafter 21 day ago

    On the day you posted this video it was my birthday Xd

  • Marjunella Bocboc
    Marjunella Bocboc 21 day ago


  • Gunner 97
    Gunner 97 21 day ago

    4:51 that face gets me everyone haha.

  • Maya Metzker
    Maya Metzker 22 days ago

    Love it 😄😁😍😂

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  • Cristina Urías
    Cristina Urías 23 days ago

    1:20 PAPÁ 🤯🤯🤯 PAPI? 😨😢

  • Sophia Hasone
    Sophia Hasone 23 days ago

    I love your Channel and I think you are an awesome person I think you should continue doing what you do cuz I think you're great at it and plus and Sophia Micro Inn & Suites Rodriguez

  • qua king
    qua king 23 days ago


  • oO_ FIZZY _Oo
    oO_ FIZZY _Oo 23 days ago

    1:05 “Hey is this lele”
    *runs out the door as if he asked her out on a date even tho he only said hi*
    Luv it :)

  • Ayşegül wolfhard
    Ayşegül wolfhard 24 days ago

    awasome! i love it so much

  • Dire from Fortnite
    Dire from Fortnite 24 days ago

    That smile at 4:51