FIRST Ryzen 3000 Review!! NO... WAY

  • Published on Jun 25, 2019
    AMD's first 3rd Gen Ryzen review is here! How good is the Ryzen 5 3600? Stay tuned...
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  • Gamer Meld
    Gamer Meld  27 days ago +290

    *NOTE* Keep in mind that the RX 570 is 1 of 5 prizes. You ALSO get The Division 2 Gold Edition And World War Z with the RX 570. They may not be huge prizes, but I am funding them all myself. Not giving away used items or items I was given.

    • Josue A Gonzalez
      Josue A Gonzalez 15 days ago

      @Matt Parker if i were him i'd pick you because from your sentence i can tell how much you need it and how fast the GPU industry is changing.

    • Matt Parker
      Matt Parker 15 days ago

      oooh pick me! I need a new GPU!

    • Gagi
      Gagi 19 days ago

      You retard comparing strongest intel processor with average AMD processor(and it's still killer cpu) AMD IS THE FUTURE,GET THAT INTO YOUR FUCKING HEAD AMERICAN RETARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Josue A Gonzalez
      Josue A Gonzalez 23 days ago

      man, that 570 was the one i was going to get! but as always i dobt win

    • Tyler Edwards
      Tyler Edwards 24 days ago

      We appreciate it, Have a good say sir!

  • AlexRules's Extras
    AlexRules's Extras 12 days ago +1

    i got recommended wtf

  • N/A
    N/A 13 days ago

    Update : Amd lost again. Intel still pushes more fps in gaming. Winning is winning regardless of price.

  • DDG 28
    DDG 28 14 days ago


  • Khajiit Thundercat
    Khajiit Thundercat 15 days ago

    Whoa...this is a game changer for the price. I hope this trend continues. AMD has budget builders in mind and I love it!

  • PK India
    PK India 16 days ago +1

    No more
    Intel Inside
    Kidney outside

  • John Stevens Obungen
    John Stevens Obungen 16 days ago

    Good to see that the moore's law is starting to be relevant again after nearly a decade of stagnation (lookin at you BULLDOZER)

  • Oldy McStinkySocks
    Oldy McStinkySocks 16 days ago

    Thermals? 65W TDP is SFF ITX territory. Where are the thermal charts?

  • Internet Explorer
    Internet Explorer 17 days ago +3

    AMD just casually destroying Intel at every new release. Love it.

    • Internet Explorer
      Internet Explorer 15 days ago

      @Brater2kAyIn a competitive capitalist world AMD is murdering Intel. This is why, for example, PowerPC doesn't exist anymore. At the current state, almost no new servers will be using Intel and that's where all the benefit comes from

    • Brater2kAy
      Brater2kAy 16 days ago

      ? again not stronger as intel...only price...amd destroy nothing

  • FortniteBalkan
    FortniteBalkan 17 days ago

    Lol looks like I am selling my I7 8700k

  • Rafael ifshsm
    Rafael ifshsm 17 days ago

    Gaming should be more cheaper like if u agree

  • Papa
    Papa 17 days ago

    There are too many fanboys here goddamn, who cares if you’re an intel fag or an AMD degenerate, I’m just sitting here excited for new hardware that pushes performance for its price point 🤷‍♂️

  • Cuky92
    Cuky92 18 days ago +1

    It seems I may be saving up for upgrade from my Ryzen 5 1600

    • KSI KAX
      KSI KAX 18 days ago

      I was going to pick up a ryzen 7 2700 X but gonna wait and see.

  • Ra lam
    Ra lam 18 days ago

    Welca ebwon

  • sportchopper
    sportchopper 18 days ago

    Test may have proven better on an asus rog x370 crosshair vi as they have a driver update x2 for the new 3000 series.

  • MegaSnail Gaming
    MegaSnail Gaming 18 days ago

    I like how on the wPrime 2,10 the athlon 200 ge trumps everything else

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M 19 days ago

    I couldn’t wait and built a 9700k build last week with a 2080. Runs games great. But now I wish I would have waited.... hoping for first release issues with amd lol that’ll atleast make me feel better

  • James Potter
    James Potter 19 days ago

    I went from a dual core 2.6ghz amd pc, massive upgrade from the shit family pc of 1.2ghz 750mb ram. I now rock a 3770k which is finally showing its age. Amd is getting my money.


    if ryzen 5 3600x can do this, just imagine how the 3900 and the 3900x will perform.
    intel will be in deep 💩

  • mike cianciosi
    mike cianciosi 19 days ago

    not impressed !

  • qettyz
    qettyz 19 days ago

    I buy one of these new gen amd's right away if its good on Arma 3. My main game and it seems to be somehow optimized for intel cpu's. Amd price tag for 16/32 is great and seems that after 15 years i am going back to amd system ;)

  • devin o'hara
    devin o'hara 19 days ago

    I love how the reviewer had to make up excuses for the under performering CPU during games. Intel is still king. If you nerds made money you'd pay more for better.

  • Ηρακλής Σκεπασιανός

    It's been a fair run 2600k, time to part now. Farewell. BRING IT ON AMD

  • Angelo Belleza
    Angelo Belleza 20 days ago

    I'm currently in the market for a full new build but I guess I have to hold out for a bit longer lol I NEED to get my hands on a Ryzen 3000 series pronto!

  • Angelus Marcarita
    Angelus Marcarita 20 days ago

    Why fanatics dont buy a server core, build it with 1.5tb ram, 7 rtx 2080 ti an Scalable processor, them play minecraft in 32k. Guess you can save money for years. Instead of wasting every year blaming any computer part.

  • Joseph Rios
    Joseph Rios 20 days ago

    Whaaat? Okay i'm switching. I need some help friends

  • Ah Dindu Nuffin
    Ah Dindu Nuffin 20 days ago

    Their serious problem with DDR4 and Ryzen will come up sooner than later. Try i7 9700 CAS 14 and with their 3600CAS 16. It's gonna be at lest the same in terms of speed and that indicates a huge problem.

  • kumbandit
    kumbandit 20 days ago

    Except it's not even R of a review...

  • Mark Wheeler
    Mark Wheeler 20 days ago

    I'm not a pc gamer but saw this video and know PS5 is coming with zen 2 3rd gen Ryzen so can one of u pc guys who are clued up on this tech explain how different the cpu in PS5 is compared to the Jaguar I have in my pro please? Cheers 👍🏻

  • RocKwane
    RocKwane 20 days ago

    impressive performance from a mid-range Ryzen, wait for the big boys to come out in 5 days time.

  • Carbon Based Lifeform
    Carbon Based Lifeform 20 days ago

    F Intel

  • Scott Vanderzanden
    Scott Vanderzanden 20 days ago

    I was a massive intel fan but damn I think I'm gonna convert this ryzen series keeps blowing my mind price and performance are ridiculously amazing

  • kudikyala srikanth
    kudikyala srikanth 20 days ago

    Hey gamermeld, completed all the 6 ways of the 100k subscriber giveaway please do consider me as I desperately need the 1st price. It would be a lot of help full to build my new pc.

  • Shadow Darkness
    Shadow Darkness 20 days ago

    currently rocking ryzen 1200.. i might get this ryzen 3600.. hmmm...

  • Jonathan Fredrick
    Jonathan Fredrick 20 days ago

    Go AMD..🔥✌

  • Md Jauwad Hussain
    Md Jauwad Hussain 20 days ago

    Y so many dislikes?

  • Mad Pistol
    Mad Pistol 20 days ago

    I’m almost certain I will be getting a 3900X now.

  • Mr Benz
    Mr Benz 21 day ago

    Well .. If you have a shit low end motherboard with socket AM4 with a b350/a350/b450 then ofc you not gonna get the full performance of the cpu... The x470 and x570 both are expensive. Great pricing from AMD for the cpu...but motherboards are freaking expensive..if u wanna get the full performance of it

  • Moch Akbar
    Moch Akbar 21 day ago

    Hell Yeah Ryzen

  • Neil Smith
    Neil Smith 21 day ago

    Is this the cpu they are gonna use in the PS5?

  • Sukrut Jadhav
    Sukrut Jadhav 21 day ago +1

    Fuck Off Overpriced Piece of Shit..🖕🖕🖕

  • trancelistic
    trancelistic 21 day ago

    I remember 10 years of laughing internet people that said AMD never would come back. I always sticked with AMD. When I got my first r5 1600 I was already stunned how fast and cheap it was.
    Got now a 2700x But I do am hyped about the 3xxxx series. Deff gonna upgrade later to the 4xxxx series because the 2700x is fine atm. Altho I know the 3800/3800x etc is faster ... Its not needed, for me at least not. Heck even the 1600 can do all.
    PS My fx 8370e, r5 1600 and r7 2700x are still on windows 7:)
    I refuse to go win 10.. just yet.

  • Rol Tol
    Rol Tol 21 day ago

    heard issues, closed video :D

  • The ching chong Guy
    The ching chong Guy 21 day ago

    I'm gonna wait for the benchmarks and if it's worth it I'll buy it instantly.

  • neutralmatt
    neutralmatt 21 day ago

    Win RX 570? I have an RX 590. Hah.

  • Tomek L
    Tomek L 21 day ago

    Thats bullshit or amd is freaking insane. It was worth the wait with shitty pc.

  • itscrucial
    itscrucial 21 day ago

    I could only imagine how the numbers will stack up once the official supporting mother boards come out. GO AMD!

  • Bintang Ekananda
    Bintang Ekananda 21 day ago +1

    I hope radeon make rx1090 in the future..

  • Bintang Ekananda
    Bintang Ekananda 21 day ago +1

    + 1 fanboy for amd 👍

  • Michal Sulicki
    Michal Sulicki 21 day ago

    Love it! I hope AMD will kick intel butt :)

  • M3ch/Alone_wolf
    M3ch/Alone_wolf 21 day ago

    looking forward for the rtx 30 series to come out cant wait meanwhile im running a strix 980ti and upgrading to the 2080ti is'int worth for the price

  • Claudio Graf
    Claudio Graf 21 day ago

    and this with 2600k is leaving the house next month!

  • Frederique Rijsdijk
    Frederique Rijsdijk 21 day ago +2

    AMD is good and everything, but you call THIS a review?

  • Ryan Ghezzi
    Ryan Ghezzi 21 day ago

    I’ll keep my 2700x, no need to join this “can’t wait for 3rd gen lets all upgrade hype train” like everyone already does.

  • Deepak Mahboobani
    Deepak Mahboobani 21 day ago

    Did they say in the end that it’s not so good for gaming ?

  • mfp2001
    mfp2001 21 day ago

    Intel: mr. Stark i don't feel so good

  • Paulo Es
    Paulo Es 21 day ago

    Subscribed. I will cover International shipment. :)

  • Anders Termansen
    Anders Termansen 21 day ago

    Nah no thank you. I prefer my intel processor that doesnt eat kilowatts of power and reach 100 degrees, just on idle.

  • insaane
    insaane 21 day ago

    And here I sit with my i3 and Intel HD

  • tricyclotron
    tricyclotron 21 day ago

    So much hyperbole in one video

    • Jimmy Jones
      Jimmy Jones 21 day ago

      Pretty much this whole channel.

  • Jason Brister
    Jason Brister 21 day ago

    Everyone getting it please do benchmarks on everything want to see how close next generation consoles should be close to for CPU side I'm exited just to see benchmarks

  • Mystical Wafflez
    Mystical Wafflez 21 day ago

    Good video. Ryzen 3rd gen is gonna be pretty big. Intel is gonna have to respond within the year.

  • TerminalJ6
    TerminalJ6 21 day ago

    This looks amazing. I am pumped. If it works on 1st gen boards I might just grab one. Why wouldn't you for 200 bucks

    • TerminalJ6
      TerminalJ6 19 days ago

      Alrighty then. Glad it worked out for you, hopefully I will have the same luck!

    • Diogo Inácio
      Diogo Inácio 20 days ago +1

      @TerminalJ6 terminal when I changed my a320m for the x470 everything stayed equal. Just installed the new drivers and it was OK. But I've heard that some people need to reinstall everything so I really don't have a good answer for you. Best to just do a security copy first

    • TerminalJ6
      TerminalJ6 20 days ago

      @Diogo Inácio if i buy a new x470 board, will windows recognize it? like can i just install all my components on the new MB and boot up my same hard drive setup? I remember hearing that there are issues with windows recognizing components and so forth so I always just shied away from looking at upgrading until i was going ti upgrade EVERYTHING. You know? So can i just slap in an x470 and game on???

    • Diogo Inácio
      Diogo Inácio 20 days ago

      I recommend at least a x470 board. The only cpu that won't work on that board is the r9 all the others will work on x470

  • hazel
    hazel 21 day ago +5

    I did hesitate on my hype seeing the performance with games. I’ll hold and wait until I see proper benchmarks with the 3000 generation.

  • Paerigos
    Paerigos 21 day ago

    Well I will live with my 1700x Vega 56 and 370 prime Pro mobo forforseable time.
    but its gratifying to see that AMD did something worthwile with the money they got off me :-)

  • madlulz
    madlulz 21 day ago

    Terrible clickbait ass...

  • Sexy Myth
    Sexy Myth 22 days ago

    I wish i can win that rx 570 :(

  • J.C. Denton
    J.C. Denton 22 days ago

    Waiting for Cyberpunk 2077's release before buying a new PC
    My Xeon E5450 is due for retirement

  • Flo D
    Flo D 22 days ago +1

    I will buy the 3900X and I am looking forward to see some asskicking reviews!

    • Rafael Durbán
      Rafael Durbán 22 days ago

      Me too man, can't wait for the 3900 reviews. I already have a buyer for my i7 6700.

  • Ade Passau Prianata
    Ade Passau Prianata 22 days ago

    Intel left the chat...

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 22 days ago

    need a ryzen or a core i9-9900k for final fantasy , what a joke seriously

  • Osmosis
    Osmosis 22 days ago

    The issues (overclock/ram) have nothing to do with drivers. But with BIOS firmware

  • Cloud Strife
    Cloud Strife 22 days ago

    try to imagine the 3950x

    RED WIRE 22 days ago

    What a fucking clickbaiter

  • Tecnoboy
    Tecnoboy 22 days ago

    I thought rape was not allowed on youtube 😅

  • imsmokealot
    imsmokealot 22 days ago +1

    Well Hello there AMD!
    Now, just an Honest review...from a tech guy!

    I'm running an i9 9900k Oc'ed to 5 GHZ, on a z390 Aorus Edition, 16 GB of RAM, all paired up with a sweet 1080ti EVGA edition.
    Please keep in mind that I'm not a fanboy nor I don't GIVE A FLYING FUCK about who has the best CPU on the market, for me it's just a matter of performance since that's what I'm looking for, so after seeing this I can safely say that AMD will show a BIG ass middle finger to INTEL and I'm happy about it.
    AND YES, the price should be affordable and yes, INTEL needs to pay some respect and attention. We might have a new boss around!

  • Sks23
    Sks23 22 days ago

    I have very interesting AMD cpus upgrade history A6-3670K - FX 6350 - Ryzen 5 2600x and going for Ryzen 7 3700x, who knows where it ends :0)

    • insaane
      insaane 21 day ago

      Once I leave college I will build a Gen 8 ryzen 9 :D

  • Şahan Yıldız
    Şahan Yıldız 22 days ago

    Can i use 3600 with b450 aorus elite motherboard?

    • Adam Smith
      Adam Smith 22 days ago

      Probably, it depends more of Gigabyte than AMD

    • Adam Smith
      Adam Smith 22 days ago

      Probably, it just Depends on Gigabyte updating their BIOS to support it

  • Harloock Gull
    Harloock Gull 22 days ago

    I will buy they 3600X can someone recomend me a motherboard arround 100-150 $? Ty

  • Ralph R-C
    Ralph R-C 22 days ago

    bait video

  • Dwayne Stimpson
    Dwayne Stimpson 23 days ago

    Ok, so with memory latency and poor gaming performance this isn't really a review. It is more of a sound byte before a review comes out. Gotcha!

  • Some random guy on the Internet

    The most important is: it is only $200 and the performance just as good as $500 i9-9900k

  • Fly King
    Fly King 23 days ago

    AMD Yes!

  • Surite
    Surite 23 days ago

    Take my money AMD

  • Scrotum Monster
    Scrotum Monster 23 days ago

    AMD is doing awesome but I checked the math (for gaming) lastnight to see if upgrading was it's a good decision. I am currently using a 4790k. I was going to upgrade to the 3800 X when it releases. But the geekbench single core benchmark of the 3800X was 500 points higher than the 4790K. The 6700 k has the same score as the 3800 X in geekbench single core benchmark. I then checked game benchmarks at 1080p, keeping it cpu-intensive, and no bottleneck and the max difference was 5 fps difference. Ie:
    4790K - 112 fps
    6700K - 117 fps
    I utilized multiple algorithms to calculate the 500 Point gain over my current CPU in benchmarking 30 game titles. It's not enough to make me spend another $600 or $800 to build a computer that's more current. With my RTX 2080 and my 4790K I play all my AAA titles @ 1440p ULTRA at 60 fps (most likely much higher fps but my monitor is lockes @ 60 Hz).

  • OneByte
    OneByte 23 days ago

    Does 3rd gen Ryzen still run on X470? I am kinda confused on that.

    • Adam Smith
      Adam Smith 22 days ago

      Yes, third gen Ryzen uses the AM4 socket and will work on all motherboards with the AM4 socket provided Mobo manufacturers update their BIOS to support the new chips

  • Sifis Mathiou
    Sifis Mathiou 23 days ago

    Will ryzen 5 3600 include gpu?

  • Pongwit Doungsri
    Pongwit Doungsri 23 days ago

    My 2600x don't feel so good

  • AlienBalls' Overwatch Highlights

    I've been enjoying your videos but I hate the way you zoom a single item on the charts, enlarging it vs the rest. It defeats the purpose of having a chart.

  • itanus7
    itanus7 23 days ago

    amd failed again.

  • Wydafrog
    Wydafrog 23 days ago

    I will keep my 8700k for now, but well played AMD, well played.

  • Participant
    Participant 23 days ago

    My goodness your voice is annoying.

  • Trip D
    Trip D 23 days ago

    Congrats on AMDs new chips, but I'm not sure "crushing intel" is accurate lol. Also, they are priced competitively with Intel, not really much cheaper at all.

    • PA Flanary
      PA Flanary 23 days ago

      This is a $200 unlocked chip. Where is the intel competition for that that this thing wont blow out of the water ? I'm seeing 1st gen Threadripper 8C 16T on sale for $275 ????? With mobo $550 that's the price of a good intel cpu alone. If you have the money to blow on an intel rig fine, for the rest of us these things are a godsend.

  • Thial
    Thial 23 days ago

    I would take this news with a grain of salt until the actual 3rd party benchmarks happen.

  • _Zarf
    _Zarf 23 days ago

    This is all amazing but surely Intel is going to respond with something

    • PA Flanary
      PA Flanary 23 days ago +1

      Ryzen blindsided them. They've been stiffing their gaming customers for decades with overpriced quads and sixes with HT that they now cant even use. AMD is selling Threadrippers like crazy, the things are light years ahead of Intel in $/performance ratio and they even game really well. Intel is playing catch up and good luck to them in that. 4th gen Ryzyn is already coming down the pipe.

  • Ryan Rafer
    Ryan Rafer 23 days ago

    im an intel user eversince. because of this i may have a change of heart.

  • de5letras
    de5letras 23 days ago

    Horrible comparative, the right processor to compare and to know the real improvement is the Ryzen 5 2600

  • andrew alvarez
    andrew alvarez 23 days ago

    Intel is still better lmao always the same shit does better than intel in other aspects until gaming benchmarks are shown and that’s the only reason why I will never go with amd

  • David Boucher
    David Boucher 23 days ago

    I've got a Ryzen 1300X; would this be a significant upgrade? (First Gen to Third Gen Ryzen?)

  • Boo Song Jun
    Boo Song Jun 23 days ago

    Time to ditch my i3 8100 and get an upgrade. AMD, take my money.