The Magical Drum | Rudy Mancuso

  • Published on Jul 15, 2017
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Comments • 4 628

  • Rudy Mancuso
    Rudy Mancuso  Year ago +7990


    • Robert Fernandez
      Robert Fernandez 4 days ago

      Rudy Mancuso you should tune the drum tight
      Thats what she said.😂

    • Angel Alana
      Angel Alana 5 days ago

      Wow finally a way to teleport

    • Mateo
      Mateo 21 day ago

      Rudy Mancuso nice

    • Joao 2008
      Joao 2008 2 months ago

      Dude I love your videos I am your number 1 fan

    • I Xoxo
      I Xoxo 5 months ago

      Rudy Mancuso is the best

  • Krypton Wayne
    Krypton Wayne Day ago

    I wonder how editor expression..

  • Nathan
    Nathan 5 days ago

    That is tuned really low for a marching snare.

  • Theonlyrithboi
    Theonlyrithboi 6 days ago

    Kind of boring

    TRACY SPENCER 15 days ago

    Very cool dude

  • kindson kameih
    kindson kameih 28 days ago

    The real Music lover 😍

  • IPxG_Phantom Knight
    IPxG_Phantom Knight 29 days ago

    This caused me cigure

  • Emran Almukhaini
    Emran Almukhaini 29 days ago

    How long did this even take

  • Sui Thang
    Sui Thang 29 days ago

    Green screen??

  • Trey Liefting
    Trey Liefting Month ago

    This must've taken so long

  • LIL_nickk
    LIL_nickk Month ago

    Before airpods

  • Ankur Bikash Neog
    Ankur Bikash Neog Month ago

    And that's the new invention of Anwar.....

  • Jade Haddad
    Jade Haddad Month ago +1

    this video must have taken forever bruh but rudy would do anything for a video idea so just keep up the good work bro and pls dont let us down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for ur great videos btw man ive wached every single one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have no idea how god damn creative u ar and how much i wanna meet u and be as funny and talented as u !!!!!!!!!!

  • Kr4bby
    Kr4bby 2 months ago

    now that took a long time to edit

  • PT. AUDY Jasatrans Logistik


  • Aimee Ciara Keogh
    Aimee Ciara Keogh 2 months ago

    Why so many dislikes?!
    You deserve more subs and way more likes, man
    Great viedeomust have taken quite a whike

  • مازن الفقيه
    مازن الفقيه 3 months ago

    U r videos are wonderful and entertainment. I hope that U'll but subtitles by Arabic into u r next videos because I'm Arabi. I want to understand u r videos and practice English language.also a lot of Arabic people follow U ,so we want to know what do U mean by these videos and thanks

  • Yosmar Guzman
    Yosmar Guzman 3 months ago

    Does Rudy have to run in all those places

  • Evandro Silva
    Evandro Silva 3 months ago

    canta com a anitta pow. aproveita a amizade, eu tenho uma musica para vcs dois.

  • Pretzel Time
    Pretzel Time 3 months ago


  • Nathan Silva
    Nathan Silva 3 months ago

    Can someone plz edit ocean man plz

  • PeEh Soe
    PeEh Soe 3 months ago

    No offense but this kind of hurts my eye

  • just pulchra
    just pulchra 3 months ago

    When it was speeding then slowing I started feeling dumb

  • Therezinha Ferreira
    Therezinha Ferreira 3 months ago

    is he brazilian?

  • Caleb Adamu
    Caleb Adamu 3 months ago

    Am I the only one 2ho would have taken at least 5 bags of chips when I was in the store

  • Jacob Cline
    Jacob Cline 3 months ago

    Love the drumming I'm in marching myself sick

  • TATO
    TATO 3 months ago


  • Melanie palafox
    Melanie palafox 3 months ago

    you are so amazing and you have a lot of talent that I wish I could have

  • loves ingQ
    loves ingQ 3 months ago

    I love your song

  • Wolfie Moon
    Wolfie Moon 3 months ago

    Did anyone notice he wasn’t hitting the drum?

  • karthik manoj
    karthik manoj 4 months ago

    aaaah my eyes

    ONXONE 4 months ago

    1:17 oh ocean mam

  • Tahmin ahmed
    Tahmin ahmed 4 months ago

    My head aches

  • Karina Nielsen
    Karina Nielsen 4 months ago

    Love you Rudy BTW good video

  • Karina Nielsen
    Karina Nielsen 4 months ago

    Love you Rudy BTW good video

  • Elvina Gajieva
    Elvina Gajieva 4 months ago

    Wow... that must have taken a lot of time....😳

  • vainglory SEA
    vainglory SEA 4 months ago

    That was Trrriiippppyyyyy🤩🤩🤩

  • Albert Tri
    Albert Tri 5 months ago

    this hurts my eyes

  • Jennifer K
    Jennifer K 5 months ago +1

    If I was there I would go to the store and grab a snack and hit the drum

  • Caitlin Bunting
    Caitlin Bunting 5 months ago

    Its a different person each time look closer.

  • CuRvI CuRvE
    CuRvI CuRvE 5 months ago

    Editing 😲🔥👀❤

  • Rita Borges de Lima
    Rita Borges de Lima 5 months ago

    I see copacabana, i like

  • Guest 455518
    Guest 455518 5 months ago +1


  • Ash the Duck
    Ash the Duck 5 months ago +1

    My brother was watching this vid and he found the loudest part, turned his headphone volume all the way up and had me listen to it😑

  • Sevenex Surya
    Sevenex Surya 5 months ago


  • Athalia Elder
    Athalia Elder 5 months ago

    I love u rudy😍😍

  • Mariana Carvalho
    Mariana Carvalho 5 months ago

    você é muito criativo! 💡🇧🇷

  • gabriel rodrigues
    gabriel rodrigues 6 months ago


  • Natasha Ramkissoon
    Natasha Ramkissoon 6 months ago

    Rudy your amazing your work an art is beyond wonderful

  • Karlos Eduardo
    Karlos Eduardo 6 months ago

    I saw Copacabana in there.

  • yeet
    yeet 6 months ago

    I saw pinkies come out

  • 제비짹
    제비짹 6 months ago

    Its a Amazing!

  • Skull ze7
    Skull ze7 6 months ago +1


  • scorpion mortal kombat x

    That hurted my eye

  • alaynah rabail
    alaynah rabail 6 months ago

    How can SO much thought and concept be behind each and EVERY Video!
    Hats off!👏👏👏👌👌🤘🤘

  • Tabbyjoy Kiuna
    Tabbyjoy Kiuna 6 months ago

    Total dedication

  • Magnanimous
    Magnanimous 6 months ago


  • BMX boy
    BMX boy 6 months ago

    I miss the old skits

  • Talenta Bintang
    Talenta Bintang 6 months ago

    just imagine how long this process to create this one

  • Spencer Nguyen
    Spencer Nguyen 6 months ago

    when you forgot to pay your bills

  • Bucky Barnes
    Bucky Barnes 6 months ago

    Too much to edit tho

  • alazre king
    alazre king 6 months ago

    I love it

  • King's Murder
    King's Murder 6 months ago


  • Michelle Jones
    Michelle Jones 7 months ago

    Bro you got to hold the sticks right

  • Alex FN
    Alex FN 7 months ago

    props to the editor!

  • cee cee
    cee cee 7 months ago

    Anybody who dislikes this video is lack of knowledge

  • Iphone 7 Iphone 8
    Iphone 7 Iphone 8 7 months ago


  • WillieD
    WillieD 7 months ago

    Get those pinkys tucked in ;)

  • Ethan Mcnevin
    Ethan Mcnevin 7 months ago

    How did you start your TVclip career?

  • Jeremy titus
    Jeremy titus 7 months ago

    Ow! My eyes.

  • Vera Benis
    Vera Benis 7 months ago

    YOU LOOKED SO FUNNY!!!you bich

  • Yash Tiwari
    Yash Tiwari 7 months ago

    Did anyone notice the background change......

  • Junior Caitano
    Junior Caitano 7 months ago


  • xavier Barrera
    xavier Barrera 7 months ago

    Great job Rudy

  • Aditya Thakkar
    Aditya Thakkar 7 months ago

    nyc one bruh

  • Chris Bastajian
    Chris Bastajian 7 months ago

    Man love these music videos i watch this millions of times

  • Attila Rowan severight
    Attila Rowan severight 7 months ago

    I love ur vids man

  • B& B
    B& B 8 months ago

    so talented and hard-working. Nice job

  • Simon Sweeney
    Simon Sweeney 8 months ago

    I hate his music, it's just cringe and sucks

    • Simon Sweeney
      Simon Sweeney 7 months ago

      @Brock Dimarino 🤣 you are such a bum lick to this guy

    • Brock Dimarino
      Brock Dimarino 7 months ago

      Simon Sweeney why don’t u do better then huh instead of complaining on someone who actually gets places in life

  • Muskan JT
    Muskan JT 8 months ago


  • Speed King
    Speed King 8 months ago

    Nice... should come with an epilepsy warning 🤗

  • Fan
    Fan 8 months ago

    **MY EYES 😨😨**

  • maggie y
    maggie y 8 months ago

    whos eyes hurt and had to look away?

  • Ricardo TRYHARD
    Ricardo TRYHARD 8 months ago

    BR é curioso né viado

  • Robby Lirk
    Robby Lirk 8 months ago

    This great but gave me a headache with all the flickering. Glad I'm not prone to seizures. I'm not a hater, pretty much all of his content is worth watching or listening to

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk 8 months ago

    We use those at school no joke ours is just made by yamaha

  • Cill Bosby
    Cill Bosby 8 months ago

    1:10 Ocean man starts playing

  • Ryan Karudimu
    Ryan Karudimu 8 months ago

    é, com certeza é filho de BR

  • Float
    Float 8 months ago

    jesus christ dude no warning? my dog had a seizure

  • Sarah Singh
    Sarah Singh 9 months ago

    I like how everyone is just watching him

  • LiL Yolo
    LiL Yolo 9 months ago

    I got dissy

  • TM hiagøw
    TM hiagøw 9 months ago

    Isso é no Brasil?

  • Super Saiyan
    Super Saiyan 9 months ago

    Great edit😍😍😍

  • r̶d̶
    r̶d̶ 9 months ago

    meu carioca ae

  • That Unknown gamer
    That Unknown gamer 9 months ago

    By the 1:13 I am dizzy af

  • B'nar
    B'nar 9 months ago


  • Peepee Poopoo Man
    Peepee Poopoo Man 9 months ago

    The drum is to low they’re supposed to be hip level

  • Evita Lillefosse
    Evita Lillefosse 10 months ago

    I ❤ U Rudy!!😍😙😘😗
    U hot affffff.....😍😍

  • Francisco Velastegui
    Francisco Velastegui 10 months ago

    Is brasil?

  • Hamster House
    Hamster House 10 months ago +1

    What would happen if his drum fell off and went out to sea