The Most Popular Western Jungle Route!

  • Published on Dec 4, 2018
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    Today we'll be covering the most popular Jungle Route in the west and how to deal with it! This is great because it can be used on any champion while gathering a ton of information. Enjoy!

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  • Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides

    More Questions, New Voice - Feedback welcome. We're listening! Also please sub and share and like and stuff =) espesh if u want some free hearties

    • StRaY kO
      StRaY kO 8 months ago

      Speed on 1,25

    • Adam Pytlík
      Adam Pytlík 8 months ago

      Also could you do video about these early game jungler routes like camille, going lvl 2 gank or going 2 scuttles?

    • iceberg4436
      iceberg4436 8 months ago

      bring back the old voice, i feel molested listening to this

    • Succoria
      Succoria 8 months ago

      Can you do a video for us support mains

    • Adam Pytlík
      Adam Pytlík 8 months ago

      @Oskar Gora it depends on what champion is your enemy playing and when will you spot enemy jungler, if you won't spot him he is either doing this route or he is in your jg

  • Jayo Caine
    Jayo Caine 7 months ago

    Solo queue people warding river for their jungler RIGHT lmao

  • Кирилл Антонов

    awesome voice !!!

  • Jace Kwong
    Jace Kwong 7 months ago

    what if u start on the other side

    HANS ZE FLAMMENWERFER 8 months ago

    neat, but i want to see a guide on junglers who starts on Blue (Nunu and others such)

  • Tarek Jjbeili
    Tarek Jjbeili 8 months ago

    Very helpful thank you!

  • Skystrike
    Skystrike 8 months ago

    Sooo useful ! Thx, now I've an idea of the camps I have to do.

  • John Bartolo
    John Bartolo 8 months ago

    Being a jungler is complicated than I though @_@

  • CatandBonez
    CatandBonez 8 months ago

    the real question is who cares about western anything in league. NA is garbage sadly. Its all about KR. NA's scene will never be good enough to hold up against a foreign nation unfortunately.

  • AdryhZ
    AdryhZ 8 months ago

    great video

  • Aidan Ko
    Aidan Ko 8 months ago +2

    k i watched every Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides jungle video, i go into game, i feed
    and i still don't uninstall league

    • Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides
      Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides  8 months ago +1

      Haha that sucks to hear. We'll always release some free guides here, but through our site you can upload the games that go bad, potentially getting them analyzed by us every week and always seeing other people fail at our strategies and what the solutions are.

  • WhatSupp
    WhatSupp 8 months ago +1

    Are you using a voice changer to make fun of pants are Dragon lmao. You sound ridiculous

    JRP PPPAT 8 months ago

    I cannot hear well with this voice :(

  • Saul Yasser Medina Calderon

    I already paid my subscription and it helped me a lot to become a better Marksman, totally worth, if u need help to translate the videos to Spanish let me know, I would love to help you with thatand I think there is a lot of people that would like to have better understanding of the videos but they don't speak English, you re doing an amazing job - Blue Huitzillin

  • jhay jingco
    jhay jingco 8 months ago

    My jungle pathing is start with red buff then kruggs then crab, that gives me early lv3

  • Elway Cortez
    Elway Cortez 8 months ago

    that voice change at 8:25 tho

  • Ash Buxton
    Ash Buxton 8 months ago

    What is stopping the nidalee going red to krugs to scuttle? and just avoiding the ward considering everyone knows to put wards there? Which would secure her both scuttles

  • Salty Torra
    Salty Torra 8 months ago

    Kindred = them, not her

  • halse conata
    halse conata 8 months ago

    this started at kr if i remember by a jungler main, using hecarim with predator first is ro clear red then raptors them krugs then recalls to buy boots and a control ward then goes to river and kills scuttle and looks to gank mid or bot if not hoes back to jungling at blue.

  • Ben Baxter
    Ben Baxter 8 months ago

    this voice sounds so badass XD

  • George Hewitt
    George Hewitt 8 months ago

    My nipples got hard just from watching this

  • Tony Ventura
    Tony Ventura 8 months ago

    @Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides
    Got a question on Aatrox/Nidalee matchup: you said there are 3 possible routes but there is fourth where Nida go throught the drake pit and invade botside jungle (and both botside wards can't see her go throught the pit to the blue). In that case, you can't decide your own route until your botlane go check out the blue, am i right?

  • Kolh Gfbg
    Kolh Gfbg 8 months ago

    Is this a great clear for rammus.

  • TroDaPro Z
    TroDaPro Z 8 months ago +12

    Can you say *ROCK SOLID* ?

  • Aaron Presley
    Aaron Presley 8 months ago +1

    What's the best way to play against lag??

  • Anticus 07
    Anticus 07 8 months ago

    just an old route, not complaining but is not a helpfull video

  • Mikut
    Mikut 8 months ago

    good thing no nut november is over cause im nutting on that voice man

  • As Nodt
    As Nodt 8 months ago

    this voice are you?DOvAKIN?

  • Karl Tanner
    Karl Tanner 8 months ago

    I like the other voice too but man this one is making me feel all kinds of things

  • MisterBee
    MisterBee 8 months ago

    When should pixels be warded? 1:15?

  • Joaquin Messano
    Joaquin Messano 8 months ago

    Damn that voice made me gay

  • pedro
    pedro 8 months ago

    Im doing this route with khazix and nocturne, with great success

  • Claudio Graf
    Claudio Graf 8 months ago

    NA LUL

  • Dire Warning
    Dire Warning 8 months ago

    You neglected to mention option 4: Nidalee hops the dragon pit and clears ur blue side and then kills you at scuttle when u come to bot side.

  • vis bot
    vis bot 8 months ago

    i prefer any other voice than that dude who sounds like he is talking to 3yo and has a silent voice and a weird accent that drags words,also nice vid altho i think u did something similar

  • Kris Roxas
    Kris Roxas 8 months ago +1

    I thought I hit 0.5 speed by accident

  • Kris Roxas
    Kris Roxas 8 months ago

    Who the fuck? Sounds like this video's being narrated by Darth Vader.

  • Synchronized
    Synchronized 8 months ago

    If you know they are doing this jungle clear you could also do
    Red->krugs->raptors and than go to the scutlle you think the enemy will go botside scuttle if you are blue side and the enemy is redside for e.g. (assuming you are stronger lvl 2) and he wont be able to contest the scuttle or you can wait for him there and try to get his flash or kill him and than go either his blue if you killed him or get the 2nd scuttle topside

  • Master Minecraft
    Master Minecraft 8 months ago

    I always do this even tho I am silver. Am I a secret challenger?

  • Raidboss Kenshiro
    Raidboss Kenshiro 8 months ago

    Imagine being silver like i am and doing this all the time when jungling

  • Lucky
    Lucky 8 months ago

    Great video. :) Nice explanation of this route and alternatives. I really appreciate that you think of more than things and how to explain. 2) I enjoy this new person and their voice. Keep this person. I enjoyed the other voices as well but this person and their voice is a nice change. :)

  • Anthony Pocas
    Anthony Pocas 8 months ago

    good change, keep this guy. He sounds more professional

  • Timothy Simpson
    Timothy Simpson 8 months ago

    Your VO artist is fantastic, but PLEASE get him a better mic so it doesn't sound like he's talking through a tin can, lol

  • GOGOgomes
    GOGOgomes 8 months ago

    Ghost Poro for me it's a must, it's not like the +18ATK the eyeball colletion gives you will make that much of a diference.

  • GOGOgomes
    GOGOgomes 8 months ago

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh new voice! new voice!

  • Somjit Pimson
    Somjit Pimson 8 months ago

    How did y'all get Idris Elba to narrate? I canna QWER under these conditions

  • Cora
    Cora 8 months ago

    Wait I thought I was in the wrong channel for a sec

  • Hitman 17
    Hitman 17 8 months ago

    Wtf you have already have done a similar video a few weeks ago

  • Andy Jacobs
    Andy Jacobs 8 months ago

    7:10 + gives level 3 opposed to doing blue leaving 40%hp lvl 2 and kindred potentially showing up

  • Skein
    Skein 8 months ago

    wait when l was autofilled jungle l came up with this strategy with my own from 0 since loading screen, lm a genius lol

  • aboody ahmed
    aboody ahmed 8 months ago

    I love this path actually did it with every jungler it works will and is so versatile since you get lvl 3 quickly

  • luna
    luna 8 months ago

    Been curious on this for a hot second; why is it called 'Pixel Brush'? Dumb question probably-

  • khaled DL
    khaled DL 8 months ago

    what with the voice 😂😂

  • Kirizo
    Kirizo 8 months ago

    Bring back the old voice plz

  • DuskGlade
    DuskGlade 8 months ago

    I pref the old voice. (Old voice bit clearer and easier to understand)

  • Niklas B.
    Niklas B. 8 months ago

    Pretty sure this clear is from EUW

  • SuperSazn
    SuperSazn 8 months ago


  • Kissu
    Kissu 8 months ago

    6:40 guys this is how you pronounce Kha'Zix.

  • Dawson Lo
    Dawson Lo 8 months ago

    says NA but shows a american flag

  • Floofy Kittens
    Floofy Kittens 8 months ago

    New Commentator is Daddy Af. Wat

  • Jake P
    Jake P 8 months ago

    Well you've missed at least 1 more Nidalee's jungle route. You didn't take into account her W cougar ability. As I am playing in high elo some Nidalee's could have predicted the position of bottom wards and jump to Drake pit right after red. Predicting the fact that Aatrox started red, and does "THE MOST POPULAR WESTERN JUNGLE ROUTE" she could have stolen his whole bottom jungle. Not offensive comment. I am just one of top solo q players. I just shared my opinion so people can be even more aware of this certain situation - and possibly be more creative for different ones. Cheers! :)

    • IceInhuman9
      IceInhuman9 7 months ago

      you mean the one that they covered when kindred did exactly that? did you watch the video or do you just post comments like this and hope to look smarter than the average youtube comment?

  • I Have 99 Magic
    I Have 99 Magic 8 months ago

    damn it Skillcaped, 3 more seconds in your video and you could've monetized it!

  • Jean Pierre Polnareff
    Jean Pierre Polnareff 8 months ago +1

    I disagree, this route just works perfectly if the enemy does the same. If the enemy is a lee and you are doing krugs, you are prob at half health, free kill for lee. If its a kayn he will clear his blue side, is red side and prob steal half your blue jungle. if its an elise she will gank all lanes before you can do anything. The only good thing that is see about this is that you can babysit the red jungle side lanes and mid. It is not even a good route for farmming junglers like yi because it nets you less gold than a semi clear.

  • Honduhh
    Honduhh 8 months ago

    Would you want to leave one wolf alive on the camp to deny the enemies blue side wolf respawn?
    I love the ghost poro tip! I will be bringing that into my next game.
    In my low elo....
    I have ran this clear 20+ times and it has definitely helped me out.

  • Pigeon 2.0
    Pigeon 2.0 8 months ago

    This kha can't farm. jungle camps healthy...

  • Sloth Man
    Sloth Man 8 months ago

    idk if it's the new voice or a new writer.. but whoever it is makes this new voice guy sound dumb af... explaining shit that's very prevalent (now look at the map and guess which side they start) Bitch I didn't come for no guessing game. every other video has you tell us what's happening and have us think about WHY not WHAT.... dumb writer/ voice

  • Breandan Rea
    Breandan Rea 8 months ago

    At 7:30 you said that the enemy kindred didn’t show on any of the wards which indicated that she committed to stealing aatrox’s blue. Couldn’t she have hopped over the drag pit wall on her way back from the gank, and headed over to her blue side? I don’t see how her not showing up on the wards indicated the blue steal, unless her q doesn’t allow her to hop over that wall/walls in general. Correct me if I’m wrong as I don’t play a lot of kindred btw.

  • Shivam Goundar
    Shivam Goundar 8 months ago

    Spoiler alert
    99% of comments "yo what the fuck is up with the new voice"

  • Mnbvcxz
    Mnbvcxz 8 months ago

    Skill capped silver

  • Luna Sigmund
    Luna Sigmund 8 months ago

    The truth is.. even with the wards, minimap vision is not on my list when krugs are pounding my ass in.

  • snake2250
    snake2250 8 months ago

    You're forgetting a 4th possible route. The Red, Krugs, Scuttle level 3-> invade/gank route. Esp with a Nidalee who has a decent spike with all of her abilities available.

  • flyrehash
    flyrehash 8 months ago

    why tf is there a fiora mid in challenger qt and scarra were right there’s too many one tricks

  • Juslin
    Juslin 8 months ago +1

    This is just the predator route you guys covered before

  • Jess J
    Jess J 8 months ago

    Love the new voice, really well-suited to the video. The guy sounds like an audiobook. ^_^

  • adson gurung
    adson gurung 8 months ago +3

    Did you hit puberty or what?