Youtube Rewind 2017 - BEHIND THE SCENES

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  • Muselk
    Muselk  8 days ago +3167


  • doctor disgusting
    doctor disgusting 4 hours ago

    Sexy junkrat pose yesssssssss

  • Mr Meow
    Mr Meow 6 hours ago


  • TrueXorcerer
    TrueXorcerer 9 hours ago

    SECY JUNKRAT!!!!!!

  • Sneezy Ninja
    Sneezy Ninja 9 hours ago

    “Unless I post his in 3 months, which will like, never happen”

  • Raymond Chen
    Raymond Chen 9 hours ago

    Your cooking was very rare you say, I see what you did there

  • cammo353
    cammo353 10 hours ago

    Oh, you were in this.
    Sorry, man.

  • Fat Pokémon
    Fat Pokémon 12 hours ago

    Muselk made a 12 and a half minute video on a 7 minute video, he had 2.5 seconds in 😆

  • branden Teodoro
    branden Teodoro 14 hours ago


  • kevin_nahuel2010
    kevin_nahuel2010 19 hours ago

    Wait muselk appeared in the rewind? i didn't even notice him lol

  • Dmitrij voinov
    Dmitrij voinov 20 hours ago


  • Giftaneers Of Giving

    You’d be disappointed

  • Jordon Smith
    Jordon Smith Day ago

  • Hyn Talala
    Hyn Talala Day ago

    Did you went to Shang hai few days ago?

  • slushe 07
    slushe 07 Day ago

    I love 5 guys

  • SwapFell Papyrus

    *junkrat pose intestifies*

  • Guest 1337
    Guest 1337 Day ago


  • FLAShSh0T
    FLAShSh0T Day ago

    Did you see those guys in the car at 11:00 XD

  • Matues A
    Matues A Day ago

    Why aint rice in YouTube rewind and also why did they do it in Tokyo

  • bread bicht
    bread bicht Day ago

    You,my favourite gaming chanel,you,you are dead for me!!

  • Teoman Ünver
    Teoman Ünver Day ago


  • Erik Veqn
    Erik Veqn Day ago +1

    Are You Skandinavian?

  • Dashing Bolt//Bolt Boi

    Asians are Furries

  • Jeyn TM
    Jeyn TM Day ago

    The sexy junkrat SCENE YEYYYYYY!!!!

  • Brother Knight
    Brother Knight 2 days ago


  • KTA Paradox
    KTA Paradox 2 days ago

    I didn't even Realise you In it!!

    SILVER LIGHT 2 days ago


  • The Morse00
    The Morse00 2 days ago

    Sadly for you, youtube rewind 2017 is cancer.

  • Lumberjack 459
    Lumberjack 459 2 days ago +1

    I'm so mad that you and Lachlan were only in it for about 1 second (a quick flash) youtube sucks nowadays

  • s33k3r
    s33k3r 2 days ago

    Who still ship Muselk and Loserfruit

  • IHoofHearted
    IHoofHearted 2 days ago

    Sexy junkrat

  • Ok Ben
    Ok Ben 2 days ago

    Do you think you deserved to be in rewind?

  • Melis Aydın
    Melis Aydın 2 days ago +1

    İdil Yazarrr....💞😍🇹🇷

  • Anders reiner
    Anders reiner 2 days ago

    thank god you are in youtube rewind!!!!! :)

  • TheVallenium
    TheVallenium 2 days ago

    Why wasn't pewdiepie in it????

  • Tomatoy Gaming
    Tomatoy Gaming 2 days ago

    you are the best !!!!

  • Pica Gaming
    Pica Gaming 3 days ago

    Your 3 - 4 seconds in rewind

  • CruncheylittleMan
    CruncheylittleMan 3 days ago

    YouTube rewind is shit. I mean out of touch. I mean borderline retarded. Pick one.

  • Weasel
    Weasel 3 days ago

    Muselk got a first hand experience at how weird Japan can be.

  • Ark Animations
    Ark Animations 3 days ago

    You look a lot more older than 22

  • noelsoong777
    noelsoong777 3 days ago

    M8 is how are you 22? You look almost 30.

  • G!itch is a b!itch !

    Sexy muselk ;3

  • No Namesleft
    No Namesleft 3 days ago

    The song is sexc

  • bezzy boi
    bezzy boi 3 days ago


  • Suga will infires you

    comn, did you visit hanamora

  • Randal DaVandal
    Randal DaVandal 3 days ago

    Use Japanese food terms correctly.

  • Benjamin Johnson
    Benjamin Johnson 3 days ago

    You were in for less than a second

  • Cheap Smokes and Coffee

    So sorry to see you being in the shittiest one so far... And that's not saying a lot.

  • Karma Akabane
    Karma Akabane 3 days ago

    They clearly don't know whay they're doing.

  • jehudo
    jehudo 3 days ago

    Where are the good YouTubers

  • Charlie Dunbar
    Charlie Dunbar 3 days ago +1

    You went all the way to Japan to get less than a second of screen time of YouTube Rewind. You poor soul.

  • kkiillpp
    kkiillpp 3 days ago +1

    Ahhhhh 666 dislikes

  • Tracer
    Tracer 3 days ago

    3:57 Hanamura?

  • doctor sharp
    doctor sharp 3 days ago

    does anyone else think he looks like phillip defranco

  • Delta Predatorr
    Delta Predatorr 3 days ago

    I like watching you play video games, but you suck at vlogging so stick to what youre good at.

  • __Downrangetomb55 __

    This is 36th trending in the uk

  • IBRAHIM Likes overwatch

    I remember these streets exactly like yesterday

  • Gareth Lee
    Gareth Lee 3 days ago

    The Australian man in Tokyo and Youtube Rewind 2017 is like

  • The Ninja Potato
    The Ninja Potato 3 days ago

    He light said it's for YouTube rewind. Wasn't it supposed to be a secret ?

  • Billie Stier
    Billie Stier 3 days ago

    When I say the rewind I as like.. Holy Fuck! Is that Muselk? By the way I love your vids Elliot!

  • shaYzer
    shaYzer 3 days ago


  • Happy Freak
    Happy Freak 3 days ago

    if its "top secret", then y did u put it in the title?

  • destroyer 5000
    destroyer 5000 3 days ago

    you got 5 secs

  • Over Wolf
    Over Wolf 3 days ago

    congrats you got less than 1 second

  • Hideki Tamashiro
    Hideki Tamashiro 3 days ago


  • I'm A dead meme
    I'm A dead meme 4 days ago

    Nice job moosey!!

  • TheBlueSharkCam
    TheBlueSharkCam 4 days ago

    Aye... my boiii Tryhard

    Edit: He finally lived as a genji in tokyo!

  • Cxt 71
    Cxt 71 4 days ago +1

    2:25 Jake Paul? Is that you?

  • DABLORD 9000
    DABLORD 9000 4 days ago

    Muselk I just wanted to say as a fellow Australian that you are my role model and I am proud to be in the same country as you.

    PARADOX ! 4 days ago

    w8 muselk was in yt rewind

  • EstevanPlays
    EstevanPlays 4 days ago

    Seems more like a vlog than the behind the scenes.

    BLUE BEETLE 795 4 days ago

    I knew you were in it

  • Cuberrism
    Cuberrism 4 days ago


  • KappaHunter
    KappaHunter 4 days ago

    whaaaaaaat Muselk you're 22?? I'm 20 ;-;

  • Hazel Pare
    Hazel Pare 4 days ago

    I just watch it

  • Timeup AJ
    Timeup AJ 4 days ago

    2:04 lady smoking in a resturant in the backround.....

  • Kosmos
    Kosmos 4 days ago

    Why the fuck was he in it? He's no one. Even in the Overwatch stuff.

  • Cobalt Fox
    Cobalt Fox 4 days ago +1

    AHH!! Congrats!! I loved this year's Youtube Rewind!! :DD

  • Nikita Feoktistov
    Nikita Feoktistov 4 days ago

    6:00 what are those shoes? They look great!

  • Jacob Kim
    Jacob Kim 4 days ago

    i didn’t even see him in it. i only saw him in credits

  • Rodrigo Garcia
    Rodrigo Garcia 4 days ago

    Lo I️ saw it

  • MaestroGrove
    MaestroGrove 4 days ago

    Seeing you in YouTube Rewind was the only bit I liked in the rewind video. It’s great to see you in the spotlight!

  • At Wolf Planet
    At Wolf Planet 4 days ago

    (Not trying to be rude sorry if you think XD) your voice is annoying but it’s annoying that’s it’s amazing (was that rude?)

  • Alpacapaca Nick
    Alpacapaca Nick 4 days ago


  • Łøwęłł Tętšuÿa

    This was posted on my birthday. :3

  • Gareth Grey
    Gareth Grey 4 days ago

    he doesnt know how to use chopsticks

  • Gareth Grey
    Gareth Grey 4 days ago

    oh, muselk is getting in with sophie

  • Alex
    Alex 4 days ago

    What's the song at 8:10 ?

  • AndeeBreaker
    AndeeBreaker 4 days ago

    Does muselk wear lippstick:-?

  • 2 D
    2 D 4 days ago

    YouTube rewind

  • amilton santos
    amilton santos 4 days ago

    not to be mean but is muselk gay?

  • super kirito joe
    super kirito joe 4 days ago


  • Tickle Manster
    Tickle Manster 4 days ago

    Did you just call five guys good in and out is the best boi

  • Mr Adam
    Mr Adam 4 days ago

    You min is fackt of mi i fackt her

    SKYLAR PLAYZ 4 days ago

    your in YouTube rewind

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones 4 days ago

    More cancer.

  • blurdy
    blurdy 4 days ago

    Poor muselk he got invited into the worst rewind ever

  • Mitioritos
    Mitioritos 4 days ago

    u look like you are 4 but i like you.

  • 1000 subs without any videos

    I'm surprised there weren't any yellow dollar signs

  • 1000 subs without any videos

    In the YouTube rewind I got so triggered because when ppl react to ur section they say that they have no clue who anyone is and I'm like bitch please??