Game Theory: Is This Video Game HAUNTED? (Petscop)

  • Published on May 12, 2019
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    The Petscop series has concluded... so we think. Now, the ending we got left me with a LOT of questions. The one that has stuck the MOST - is whether or not this game haunted by the spirits of one or more characters we see in the game. Theorists, I've gathered all the clues and easter eggs together to figure out once and for all what is going on in the game of Petscop and the family whose story is the centerpiece to it all. Let's go!
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    #Petscop #Creepypasta #Haunted #ScaryGame #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #FakeGame #Explained #Lore #GameTheory
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
    Editors: Marc Schneider and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • Maddie Carney
    Maddie Carney 4 months ago +20406

    I feel like not a lot of people watch this series of Petscop, but I love it and I’m thankful for the amount of detail and work you put into these, thank you❤️💚

    • orangeapples
      orangeapples 2 days ago

      You forgot the yellow and black 🖤💛💚❤️

    • David Wilson
      David Wilson 13 days ago +1

      I couldn't agree more - I hope MatPat continues doing theories on it.

    • Lizardo Toonz
      Lizardo Toonz 18 days ago

      I don't watch it cause it scares me

    • Marilynfoox :P
      Marilynfoox :P 28 days ago

      @Sansh Ds Cause Game Theory Did

    • Unknown Identity
      Unknown Identity Month ago

      Junpei ANIMATES by getting pinned

  • CodeguruX
    CodeguruX Day ago

    There is always a perfect solution in any mathematical-based equation. Math is programmed logic made so humans can point at something, compare it to absolute logic, and say they know what it is and how it works. So the 700 players thing is simply taking the one that did the best, killing it, and reprogramming something similar with variable limits that are similar. The fact that it eventually does it enough times to pin-point the perfect solution is astronomically boring, because it could have done that from the start a billion times faster. The only limitation is the GUI that has to slow down to a near program halt to show you what it can do in an instant. The problem presented only exists in this fake representation of real life that has a perfect answer, no matter how many moving parts it has. One will always go to two, and it doesn't matter how. It's all those real number points in between where the connection to real life are just sorta "fudged." How do you cure all disease? Remove all organic matter from the system that could act as host for the ailment. The best solution in a yes or no environment as it accomplishes the task in the most efficient and permanent way. AI solves things in a digital world where it only makes logical sense in the digital world. If your real-life answer for the cure to the common cold is to kill the patient, then you might want to go back to the drawing board. With no embodiment of self-preservation, no finite environment needed to exist, or any thresh-hold at all, an AI will always fail to find a solution fit for human consumption.

  • J Ho
    J Ho 2 days ago

    Is there any way to play this game?
    If so link?

  • rockprophecy
    rockprophecy 2 days ago


  • Abigail Luna
    Abigail Luna 4 days ago

    i’m sorry but fnaf >>>>>

  • anaya cheynne
    anaya cheynne 4 days ago

    Noooooo not the cereal

  • Crafter0035
    Crafter0035 5 days ago

    The one who was walking into the wall

    That’s me

    Petscop is on gamejolt


  • Νίκος Δουλούμης

    Entry number 17 petscop17

  • Ned Muniz
    Ned Muniz 6 days ago

    I have checked out entirely. Very disappointed where this whole thing ended up.

  • Lego007guy M
    Lego007guy M 6 days ago

    So, I feel like game makers are attempting to tell us something, something that's coming, maybe attempting warn us for the future. That thought, frankly, is completely terrifying. But hey..........

    .........that's just a Game theory

  • SpaceyCupcakes
    SpaceyCupcakes 7 days ago

    Hey Matpat!There's 3 more videos that have been out for a week if ya didn't know

  • Yoruchi MMD
    Yoruchi MMD 8 days ago

    So uh....A week ago happened..
    Annnnd uhhhhh
    New petscop lore

  • Jun Sing Lim
    Jun Sing Lim 9 days ago

    I use the kidnapper to destroy the kidnapper

  • Purpleboye_
    Purpleboye_ 10 days ago

    not finished apparently

  • Kitten Witten
    Kitten Witten 11 days ago +1


  • NoahBoa000
    NoahBoa000 11 days ago


  • Evelyn5000
    Evelyn5000 14 days ago +1

    Sorry Matpat, but PetScop pulled a FNaF on you

  • Srud Amer
    Srud Amer 14 days ago

    He uploaded three vids in one day go check it out

  • G G
    G G 14 days ago +2

    MatPat: the pieces are in place

    Me: Are u trying to connect FNAF to Petscop??

  • Lettuce
    Lettuce 14 days ago


  • NuKe Reflex
    NuKe Reflex 15 days ago

    LMAO, I feel bad you have two more episodes

  • Paul Abcd
    Paul Abcd 15 days ago

    This didn’t date very well predicting it was the end lol

  • anothga
    anothga 15 days ago +4

    MatPat: "It is, according to this theorist's opinion, the end of Petscop."
    Me: _laughs in videos 22, 23 and 24_

  • Pen Penguin
    Pen Penguin 15 days ago

    14 of may?

  • icecold960
    icecold960 15 days ago

    I love how when ever MatPat says "Finally over" or something with ANY series, more gets added on... New Petscop episode is out lol

  • シマスタ
    シマスタ 15 days ago +7

    So who is here after more videos have been released?

  • Humans In They’re Natural Habitat

    Cary kh is like code bullet, dumb, and does ai

  • radnukespeoplesminds
    radnukespeoplesminds 16 days ago +1

    Lol petscop 22-24

  • Tomato Scout
    Tomato Scout 16 days ago +3

    Episode 22 23 24 had just been uploaded

  • Kris Grey
    Kris Grey 16 days ago +5

    Petscop just uploaded a video one day ago!

  • Shawn Howington
    Shawn Howington 16 days ago +1

    Woo shout out to code bullet😝😝😝

  • Asnisticipe Entab
    Asnisticipe Entab 16 days ago +2

    Petscop just uploaded 3 more videos

    ABOODOV 16 days ago

    infinite is fun is cool *imakes nfinite is fun face*

  • Eddie Palma
    Eddie Palma 17 days ago

    They just made more episodes

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 17 days ago +6

    MatPat: It's really over this time!
    Petscop: *Uploads three episodes*
    MatPat: *Frolic song plays*

  • SCsanad
    SCsanad 17 days ago +4

    Eyy 3 more "just" uploaded.

  • KingClasher66
    KingClasher66 17 days ago +4

    and then petscop 22 came out

  • Ashley Loo
    Ashley Loo 17 days ago +2


  • Katriona Verity
    Katriona Verity 17 days ago

    Welp, it wasn’t over. Probably safer to just avoid calling the end of Petscop

  • Josh Rogers
    Josh Rogers 17 days ago +71

    “The end of the series”
    Petscop 22, 23 and 24 - I’m about to end this mans whole career

    • Vivia Valow
      Vivia Valow 14 days ago +2

      Josh Rogers now all we can do is wait

  • DU-WU
    DU-WU 17 days ago +2

    there are more episodes out

  • Cxmplimentz
    Cxmplimentz 17 days ago +1

    Help ...ME

  • Carter Disponett
    Carter Disponett 18 days ago

    Oh,and my mom for some reason cried when I told her bout this video.

  • Carter Disponett
    Carter Disponett 18 days ago

    Game theory rules!

  • hope and nightmare
    hope and nightmare 18 days ago

    it's funny that both his petscop and fnaf theories started and ended the same way... so far

  • Maria Campos
    Maria Campos 18 days ago

    Wait one veiw gives you one dollor?

  • Cake Isalie
    Cake Isalie 18 days ago

    just wanna point out the Sonic CD thing was intended to be a joke and was not intended to have that song
    (look at the Japanese/European version to have the original song)

  • THIS side of the internet

    April 21st is my birthday

  • XxMission GamingxX
    XxMission GamingxX 18 days ago

    This was posted on my birthday...
    ThAnKs MaTpAt!!!!

  • Shane McLeod
    Shane McLeod 18 days ago

    Pyrocinical already talked about it

  • Ev Hav
    Ev Hav 19 days ago

    Five nights at freddy's- infinite puzzle pieces
    Petscop- 1000 puzzle pieces
    Anyone agree

  • Ghost On Fire
    Ghost On Fire 19 days ago

    Unmatch socks are the most scary thing i have seen in this episode

  • Maren Valente
    Maren Valente 20 days ago

    Hello to all of you hiding in the comments section,

    BANANA GAMING 21 day ago

    it's all a web of lies

  • Hannah Munchian
    Hannah Munchian 22 days ago

    I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch!!

  • Sans & Jevil
    Sans & Jevil 23 days ago

    Song plays Me: Here we go again!

  • James Lozada
    James Lozada 25 days ago

    Did the first message has welcome removed?

  • Communist Guy
    Communist Guy 25 days ago +2

    Wrong channel :/

  • Bunkerman 98
    Bunkerman 98 25 days ago

    Where we get our first BIG THEORY CONFIRMATIONS OF THE SERIES..... ad....... great 👍🏻

  • Deerp man
    Deerp man 25 days ago

    14:31 he is rebirthing