How Chadwick Boseman Created His Black Panther Accent

  • Published on Apr 29, 2016
  • Chadwick talks about how he developed his accent for his character in “Captain America: Civil War.”
    Deleted Scene from "Batman v Superman” Starring Jimmy Kimmel -
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    How Chadwick Boseman Created His Black Panther Accent
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Comments • 1 964

  • Howard Davis
    Howard Davis 7 hours ago

    I stg I thought this nigga was really African

  • Lasse Boehlke-skogli

    Omg he is 40 now!

  • Salty Daze
    Salty Daze Day ago

    Never heard him talk without the accent

  • EXPR3 SS10N
    EXPR3 SS10N 2 days ago

    Listening to his real accent feels so uncomfortable, I need the other one.

  • bish nibba
    bish nibba 2 days ago


  • slope.
    slope. 2 days ago

    *I Nevah Freez*

  • ObliviousNInjaYT
    ObliviousNInjaYT 3 days ago +1

    Omg his eyes is so cute he looks like a baby

    No homo

  • boom boris
    boom boris 3 days ago

    This doesnt suit him at all

  • Concerned Customer
    Concerned Customer 4 days ago

    I bet his wife or girlfriend is a very happy women .

  • Concerned Customer
    Concerned Customer 4 days ago

    He is beautiful 😍😍

  • I kick life's ass
    I kick life's ass 4 days ago +1

    I came here expecting that accent
    And I couldn't imagine him without it

  • Its Yo Boy Craig
    Its Yo Boy Craig 4 days ago

    cuh did not shake his hand

  • STARK 3000
    STARK 3000 4 days ago

    Damn,! Love his first appearance in civil war!

  • rochi acosta
    rochi acosta 4 days ago

    I hears his real voice just now and I was like woooaaah I thought he had that accent in real life, he’s amazing at the accent

  • Park-Jeon Chloe
    Park-Jeon Chloe 4 days ago

    And too think this whole time I think that he had a fr accent😂😂😂

  • Them Mz
    Them Mz 5 days ago

    I would love to have his real life accent. It's so cool.

  • Bhargav Khandige
    Bhargav Khandige 5 days ago

    Hibombe...... Hibombe Hibombe...... Hibombe Wakanda Forever

  • ro rocketeer
    ro rocketeer 5 days ago

    What hes 40????!

  • silentp_ p
    silentp_ p 5 days ago

    Show ur tits

  • Emma Frost
    Emma Frost 5 days ago

    I wished they picked an intimidating Black Panther. Chadwick is just a pretty boy.

  • Joko 10.000
    Joko 10.000 5 days ago +3

    Director : Howmuch Wakandan accent u could do ?
    Chadwick : YES

  • Antonio Armstrong
    Antonio Armstrong 5 days ago

    Why does it say 3 years ago but it came out 2018?

    EZRIX THE GREAT 5 days ago

    3 years ago already? Damn

  • Ordinary Jay
    Ordinary Jay 5 days ago +1

    He so fineee😭😝💯❤🌹🙉

  • GLOX pioneer
    GLOX pioneer 5 days ago

    How is he 41??

  • Tomatelly xD
    Tomatelly xD 6 days ago +1

    Why does it say that the video was uploaded 3 yrs ago when the movie came out in 2018??

    • Pwonky
      Pwonky 6 days ago

      I think they're talking about civil war

  • mlungisi ndwandwe
    mlungisi ndwandwe 6 days ago

    He sounds like Michael Jai White.

  • king bee
    king bee 6 days ago

    His regular voice don’t sound right for him after hearing him in marvel

  • mochi su
    mochi su 6 days ago +1

    he was literally born for this role. Well done marvel

  • mochi su
    mochi su 6 days ago

    I cannot BELIEVE he’s in his 40’s. I swear I thought he was in his 20’s

  • Nobody Subscribe To My Channel

    He so handsome ❤️❤️❤️ im dead

    AJ SO AWESOME 7 days ago

    Endgame is sick though like if u seen it

  • Maduwa Sinera
    Maduwa Sinera 7 days ago

    Wakanda forever

  • TJM
    TJM 8 days ago

    I didn’t know he didn’t have a accent lol

  • Crazy Snags
    Crazy Snags 8 days ago

    Well he just confirmed black panther 2

  • Cyrus Powers
    Cyrus Powers 9 days ago

    I love this dude

  • Pogboom JR
    Pogboom JR 9 days ago

    It still is weird seeing him talk without the accent

    ESHAAN GHADGE 9 days ago

    I NEVAH freeze .

  • Kim Jose
    Kim Jose 9 days ago

    Damn, this dude is 41. He got them Denzel genes. 😂

  • Anthony Ibarra
    Anthony Ibarra 9 days ago

    Man this dude looks 23

  • Scott Johnston
    Scott Johnston 9 days ago

    How is he 41???

  • Kevin Lenyatsa
    Kevin Lenyatsa 10 days ago

    Sounds weird as an American

  • iinvitedmyself 12
    iinvitedmyself 12 10 days ago

    So weird hearing his real voice

  • Allan Hernandez
    Allan Hernandez 10 days ago

    Chadwick Boseman is Black Panther

  • Nya Sha
    Nya Sha 10 days ago

    Hmmmm I wouldn’t say his accent was close to being South African. It sounded like it was trying to be west african. He did well but us africans know some accents a bit too well

  • Tiana Leyone
    Tiana Leyone 10 days ago +1

    Brilliant. Simply brilliant actor! Give Michael b jordan tips pls

  • El Cucuy
    El Cucuy 10 days ago

    Accent is terrible.

  • Hannah Burgess
    Hannah Burgess 10 days ago +1

    As a Xhosa person I must say he did an excellent job 🔥🔥

  • Alyssa Summer
    Alyssa Summer 10 days ago

    What happens now determines what happens to the rest of the warld

  • DenAlsherYahya
    DenAlsherYahya 10 days ago

    wait, so that wasn't his real accent?

  • Sagal Mursal
    Sagal Mursal 10 days ago

    i was born is south africa 🇿🇦 and iam in america now

  • Amber Luckes
    Amber Luckes 10 days ago +1

    I couldn’t believe it when I found out

    CRAZY TV 11 days ago

    But his accent sounded very real

  • Ethan !!!
    Ethan !!! 11 days ago

    Wait he’s over 40?

  • cielo514
    cielo514 11 days ago

    anyways chadwick is cute for someone who's going to turn 42 this year :((

  • cielo514
    cielo514 11 days ago

    i was kinda waiting for jimmy to let chadwick say something funny in his tchalla voice-

  • OBJJ 5
    OBJJ 5 11 days ago

    For every like I get I’ll put Wakanda Forever

  • yungreezy
    yungreezy 12 days ago

    Ot sound werid hearing him speak normal

  • Safiya nygaard
    Safiya nygaard 12 days ago +1

    How did the most badass, blackest, dude in the galaxy end up with a white-ass name like Chadwick?

    No hate please. I copied this joke

  • maureen thirteen
    maureen thirteen 12 days ago

    thought he was in his twenties wtf didn't know he is forty something

  • Rogie Valencia
    Rogie Valencia 12 days ago

    He has the best accent

  • Wonwoo Jeon
    Wonwoo Jeon 12 days ago

    I thought it's his real accent omg

    EJ PONIO 12 days ago +1


  • X Gaming
    X Gaming 12 days ago

    It's weird hearing him in American accent....

  • NakiVEVO
    NakiVEVO 12 days ago

    thats nof T'Challa

  • Sean Mhembere
    Sean Mhembere 13 days ago

    I'm not gonna lie I prefer his Nigerian accent to his American one

  • aj punk
    aj punk 13 days ago

    I taught wakanda is real.

  • John Martin
    John Martin 13 days ago

    Wtf i literally believed that it was his natural voice

  • タコスramen
    タコスramen 14 days ago +1

    Cant believe this was about 3 years ago damn

    Still supportin!

  • Bea Tag
    Bea Tag 14 days ago

    His accent is terrible in the movie, it’s like any 12 year old doing a Ugandan accent because they watch KSI, it’s so basic, but the movie was great.

  • Ultimate Warrior X2
    Ultimate Warrior X2 14 days ago

    Chadwick is form Africa , d'UH , if he had stayed there i know he could have saved is nation

  • WLG
    WLG 15 days ago

    Chad looks 23.

  • John Ayap
    John Ayap 15 days ago

    its kinda weird hearing his normal accent.....

  • Tom Zion Pasco
    Tom Zion Pasco 15 days ago

    Cant believe he's 40 years old.

  • Red Dragon12348
    Red Dragon12348 15 days ago

    My life is ruined I thought he had a accent but no it was made up 😭😭😭

  • Connor Martin
    Connor Martin 15 days ago

    Wow I deadass thought he was from Africa this whole time lol. Amazing work for that accent

  • bibeh carter
    bibeh carter 16 days ago +1

    I love t challa....

  • bangtangina ;
    bangtangina ; 17 days ago

    honestly thought he's 24 or smth

  • Noobmaster69 •_•
    Noobmaster69 •_• 17 days ago

    For all this time i just found out he can speak english

  • Kash Sookan
    Kash Sookan 19 days ago

    He pronounced Xhosa like kosa

  • Monica Ocha
    Monica Ocha 20 days ago +1

    Why is he the sexiest man alive

  • [wr] Xenomorph
    [wr] Xenomorph 23 days ago +1


  • kyna
    kyna 25 days ago

    BROO black really don't crack huh. he looks sooo younggg

  • Bethany
    Bethany Month ago

    Why did I thunk he was english

  • King Of Monster
    King Of Monster Month ago

    From a funny guy from God of Egypt to a great king

  • Bernd blabla
    Bernd blabla Month ago

    White Tiger next Marvel

  • Biggy Main
    Biggy Main Month ago

    im doing this for the gest k

  • Tam Nguyen
    Tam Nguyen Month ago

    You didn't let him do any accent. Stupid Jimmy Kimmel.

    *CENSORED* STEWART 2 months ago

    Molo ujani? it means hi how are you

  • noobmaster69
    noobmaster69 3 months ago

    Every comment here has 1k plus likes?

  • werid_ one122
    werid_ one122 3 months ago +1

    WAKANDA is real ( in my opinion)

  • ItzFuryBlitz
    ItzFuryBlitz 3 months ago

    literally thought he was in his mid twenties

  • mchlvncntry
    mchlvncntry 4 months ago

    So sexy

  • Prayawolfie ps
    Prayawolfie ps 4 months ago

    I knew he's good when had me fooled that's his real accent.

  • Jacob Riddle
    Jacob Riddle 4 months ago

    Bozeman has the worst accent out of the rest of the cast, it’s embarrassing

  • xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx
    xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx 4 months ago

    Its weird for him speaking with american accent XD its just so wrong

  • Kookie Stole My Heartu
    Kookie Stole My Heartu 5 months ago +1

    *”Wakanda is obviously a fictional country…”* ~
    Bich, no it ain’t!
    It’s real alright, you just lack the imagination.
    Get out of here!

  • Mina Atiq
    Mina Atiq 5 months ago +1

    That is our teacher literally I’m not joking he’s a mindfulness teacher at Woodbrook Elementary

  • MidnightPhant0m1
    MidnightPhant0m1 6 months ago

    Its weird hearing him talk without an accent lol

  • ashton's channel
    ashton's channel 6 months ago

    Never heard him without the accent before 🤔😂