Hands-On with VR OmniDirectional Treadmill!

  • Published on Apr 13, 2018
  • We step onto the Infinadeck, the omnidirectional treadmill seen in the movie Ready Player One. This treadmill lets you walk freely in virtual reality, in any direction. We learn about how it works and give our impressions on the state of the technology today. Plus, a preview of the new Oculus Studios game Defector--an action spy thriller from the developers of Wilson's Heart.
    Shot by Gunther Kirsch edited by Norman Chan
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Comments • 879

  • The real MacGyver
    The real MacGyver 7 days ago

    patented bla patented bla if its patented you should be able to show us the inner workings!!! since it is protected??!!

  • Adam -Slays
    Adam -Slays 11 days ago

    ohh this things gonna fit in my room

  • Siren
    Siren 14 days ago +1

    Let me guess, it will cost like 1000$. Say this becomes practical and everything, no one will make games for it because no one will buy it.

  • Holret
    Holret 19 days ago

    Dont like it. Its too big, too heavy and appears clunky. You will need a cradle like system to hold on to you, but like in player ready one, you need to have more freedom of movement and one that will not restraint your natural posture while in motion or still. That giant treadmill wont cut it.

  • Dan Fors
    Dan Fors 23 days ago

    It could be used as future prison cells without the need of walls or bars. The prisoners can try run away but the track will always keep them centered. Would be frustrating for them:)

  • Kaiden Brooks
    Kaiden Brooks 24 days ago

    Watch it cost like 2-5k AT LEAST!

  • TheTalkingDinosaur
    TheTalkingDinosaur 24 days ago

    You can walk sideways and backwars
    Beginning of the video

  • oscar salas
    oscar salas 28 days ago

    I hate when these retards use the VR system why not record a bad ass player who knows what they're doing

  • oscar salas
    oscar salas 28 days ago

    I really hate this Asian dick head fucking annoying

  • レヴェルRebel
    レヴェルRebel Month ago

    We can not run without harness

  • Broc Wilson
    Broc Wilson Month ago

    In ready player one they are also tethered to the roof so that would help support your body so you can move faster

  • Ray Bell
    Ray Bell Month ago

    I have to ask this... have they not thought to build a visual sensor into the hand rail? something that helps read how far from the center you are? 🤔

  • T H I C C boi
    T H I C C boi Month ago

    Does this guy not know what the word PATENTED entails, if something is patented, the technology and principles of the design are publicily available for use, the design cannot be copied and sold though, The word "patented" and non disclosure of the principles of design are mutually exclusive,
    PATENT: patents.google.com/patent/US8790222
    don't know why this triggers me

  • Pawlik
    Pawlik Month ago

    The ring idea is really bad, these companies need to get away from this design.

  • Littil Avindar
    Littil Avindar Month ago

    I think that the actual treadmill portion needs to be bigger than the rings. I keep seeing people stepping close to the edge, and it makes them nervous, but knowing there's a larger space than that, and that you won't accidentally step under the ring and off the edge, will make them much more comfortable, and encourage more confident steps and even faster movement. Keep the rings where they are, but make the footprint larger. It's weird that the unit is rectangular instead of square. The treadmill is longer than it is wide.
    Personally, this is the kind of thing to pair with a harness, and I'd look into a means where they can jump around, since some games for the vive, like holopoint, encourage wide steps or jumps in a certain direction to avoid the enemy fire.

  • BennyBat
    BennyBat Month ago +1

    Would it be better if instead of conveyors little balls that roll

  • InsaneDynamics
    InsaneDynamics Month ago +1

    My recommendation is to make the deck have a larger radius at least for fast paced movement/running. That way the system can better compensate when changing directions and not be as sudden trying to keep you within the ring. There will also be a chance to use some mind reading sensors that will better help with travel intent.

    STARKILLER15100 Month ago

    Just apply more resistance for the direction of the hill where the character is walking. Sensation of incline resolved

  • Did3D
    Did3D Month ago

    impossible to do because brain dont understand they are no acceleration when he start walk and you fall...... hahahahah no way for this technologie!!!!!

    • Did3D
      Did3D Month ago

      And everybody cling the ramp because instable because impossible to make natural movment without acceleration

    • Captain_Qwerty
      Captain_Qwerty Month ago

      Did3D that's where you're wrong, because the technology already exists and people are already using it.

  • Games and Glitches
    Games and Glitches Month ago

    i know how they can make people jump on things ! when a person jumps ON something in game the treadmill will go up really fast then it goes down so slow you dont notice so it can go up again later! if the person jumps too much in game it would be cool if text pops up to say your character is exhausted in game so you cant jump on things. That happens because it cant go up for ever

  • Dylan Metcalf
    Dylan Metcalf Month ago

    katwalk vr mini or deluxe editions would be a cool review to see

  • Keith Manfredi
    Keith Manfredi Month ago

    LOL, overhead sword swing.... broken controller surprise.

    • Keith Manfredi
      Keith Manfredi Month ago

      ...or can you imagine going on one knee then banging your head into that metal bar when getting up?
      What freakin games are they making this for? SimWalk 2020?

  • Jason Honingford
    Jason Honingford Month ago

    How is it moving diagonally?

  • Shaun Day
    Shaun Day Month ago

    Can you guys do an episode on The Void VR Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire? (virtual worlds over real life buildings) I tried this at the Glendale Galleria and this has been the most immersive multiplayer VR experience!

  • Feral
    Feral Month ago

    This has to be expensive as hell

  • Ryan Corbett
    Ryan Corbett Month ago

    Have you guys seen this? tvclip.biz/user/Omnifinityvideos would be interested to see you guys try this out and your thoughts on it!

  • Markuris
    Markuris Month ago

    Id totally have a room dedicated to one of these hehe

  • Trollselektor
    Trollselektor 2 months ago

    I bet the military would be interested in this tech for controlling robot soldiers.

  • Find 'N' Frag
    Find 'N' Frag 2 months ago

    ...that's all in the algorithm ...most of that are trade secrets... holy shit stop acting like some kind of monopoly-owning movie villain, what do you think you've invented? it's a fucking 2d threadmill. Competition is coming, as it should be. Take it easy.

  • GuninGames
    GuninGames 2 months ago +1

    welcome to the oasis

  • Zachary Clownphobic
    Zachary Clownphobic 2 months ago

    I'll stick with the omni virtuix

  • Keyboard Conflicts
    Keyboard Conflicts 2 months ago

    Maybe the treadmill should be non-automatic? Using mechanisms on the treadmill keep you in the center based off of your center of gravity being off center with the treadmill brings up a lot of problems clearly. why not apply Newton’s third law? Your step pushes the treadmill back. Would that not give your body the same feeling as the earth pushing you forward when you push down on it? You’d have to grease up the bearings like hell so it doesn’t take much force at all from your legs to push the “ground” behind you- but I feel like that would make a bunch of calculations easier, and make it feel like you are actually walking freely

  • zyxwvutsrqponmlkh
    zyxwvutsrqponmlkh 2 months ago

    The problem is you are not accelerating or decelerating. You should add a gimbaling system.

  • Michael Enquist
    Michael Enquist 2 months ago +1

    As I pointed out on the "smarter Every Day" video about this: People can learn to adapt to walking on surfaces that are not stable. Sailors on their ships learn how to walk, even run, on ship decks that have extra motion that is not put in by the walker.

  • Gorith
    Gorith 2 months ago

    The suspended low friction treadmills like Omni are clearly the better way to do this. The only chance they will have is if they can get this thing to handle quick movements that rapidly change without causing you to faceplant.

  • Nomadic Lizard
    Nomadic Lizard 2 months ago

    If you look at where the centre of mass of the human is located while walking, it seems to be about three quarters of the way towards an external edge.. and you can tell by the way they take tiny baby steps they know this, are feeling uncomfortable about stepping off or reaching that edge. When walking (especially steady state, in the same direction with the same speed) their centre of mass needs to be slap bang in the middle of the treadmill. They're not quite there yet.

  • M J
    M J 2 months ago +1

    Combine this with haptic gloves and my god do you have a amazing experience. I just hope I live long enough to be able to play something like that

  • ha
    ha 2 months ago +1

    Portable computers and portable VR + greater room scales are going to make this obsolete.
    (just wait until VR goes outside)

  • Luca Orioli
    Luca Orioli 2 months ago

    Too bad it's not already available

  • Suitch
    Suitch 2 months ago

    "It's a patented technology so I can't go into much detail" is an oxymoronic statement. Patents make it so you can go into detail without the risk of it being stolen.

  • Charlie Hopkins
    Charlie Hopkins 2 months ago

    this is going to be epic! i fuuuuucking need this in my life. to finally be able to game like i dreamed as a kid. Please omni hurrry up with those consumer versions. or atleast the old treadmill pleeeease!!!!

  • Wouldn't Youliketoknow
    Wouldn't Youliketoknow 2 months ago

    The tactical training applications of this are astounding.

  • All things otaku
    All things otaku 2 months ago +1

    "All directions"
    I choose up.

  • Jeremy T
    Jeremy T 2 months ago

    I feel like they are so close. The trackers are on the feet but have no say in the movement of the treadmill. The feet handle the majority of the work in movement in real life. Foot movement needs to be what dictates when the treadmill begins to move and stop

  • MK3424
    MK3424 2 months ago

    I'm wondering why the treadmill can't be a powerless one? just strap yourself in the middle... the belt should be curved inward and the cross one be a bit loose so that they sag in the middle.. creating a bowl for you to walk around in.

    NULL NAME 2 months ago

    *I'd smash my nuts into oblivion within a week of owning one of these*

  • Dijon Brown
    Dijon Brown 2 months ago

    its so weird because irl, fall and pull and push the ground but you can see the legs kinda jerking as they hit the ground like they do when you are walking downhill constantly, this cant be good for the knees.

  • Protocurity
    Protocurity 2 months ago

    I'm watching the video, and it seems like this thing would be a lot safer if the track was 1 foot wider and longer while the tracker was in the same place. While walking they are mere inches from catching on the edge with the front of their foot.

  • angelo darkness
    angelo darkness 2 months ago

    Jeese no love for the virtual boy huh

  • nathanalaneller
    nathanalaneller 2 months ago

    They have built the Star Trek Holodeck Floor :O

  • Song nguonhout
    Song nguonhout 2 months ago

    It is my opinion only so it may be false. So the system basically a treadmill on a treadmill and tracking your movement. Why don't just put a treadmill on a 360 rotatable rotor and tracking which player facing (body/legs facing not face facing) and rotate in that direction instead? it more efficiency too. I know it won't work in sidestep, is it not similar to the Omni-direction prototype showcase in vid?

  • Corbin Jose
    Corbin Jose 2 months ago

    I have 26$, can I have one?

  • Zach Campbell
    Zach Campbell 2 months ago

    The guy with the Jean's and jacket he doesnt seem to be tracked very well hes on the very edge his feet keep coming off the treadmill part

  • Nathan
    Nathan 2 months ago +1

    Control algorithm.. good god these fucking hype machines... I'm so tired of seeing people market this shit like it's the first time it's been done. This has been around for a very long time.

  • Keith James
    Keith James 2 months ago

    Guys - Change the TITLE to add your review for Defector! People would LOVE to see this interview, but like me, had NO clue you had this interview after the treadmill review...

  • Keith James
    Keith James 2 months ago

    I had a blast with Wilsons Heart! Will definitely pick up Defector.

  • Keith James
    Keith James 2 months ago

    What makes this treadmill better than the others that have the disks on your shoes and you actually slide on the surface?

  • Eduardo Bogosian
    Eduardo Bogosian 2 months ago

    Skyrim + Infinadeck = You Ripped

  • Preston Benally
    Preston Benally 2 months ago

    It’s the ultimate walking simulator.

  • Rogue Rogue
    Rogue Rogue 2 months ago

    Nobody besides arcades will realistically be able to afford this within the next decade or so, good way to get them back into the mainstream.

  • Michael Goodridge
    Michael Goodridge 2 months ago

    Really neat! I feel like if there were set checkpoints to guide the user on a predetermined path, it would alleviate all of that initial awkwardness. However, any deviation from that path would be risky at faster speeds.

  • Ayama Prantenna
    Ayama Prantenna 2 months ago

    Fall damage irl is fun and all but what about Yaw VR? Haptic chair makes more sense. More potential. Slap something like an elliptical onto something like a Yaw VR and you'd have something pretty freaking sweet...

  • Gregz0r
    Gregz0r 2 months ago

    They're basically looking to get acquired by someone big.

  • Non-Newtonian Bleach
    Non-Newtonian Bleach 2 months ago

    Destin Explained the Infinadeck more In depth on SmarterEveryDay channel.

  • MrCliftron
    MrCliftron 2 months ago

    Honestly I would much rather the inclusion of a harness and a larger surface area for something like this. The ideal would be to set this up in a smaller room and have a harness that can also be used to simulate a seat so that you can get in and out of vehicles, etc.

  • Wiseau Deep
    Wiseau Deep 2 months ago

    All of them are walking like they have a stick up their ass. Is it capable of working if you walk like a normal person?

  • Fatherbrain
    Fatherbrain 2 months ago

    9:19 To be fair, I often look down at my feet when I'm walking in real life.

  • ron l
    ron l 2 months ago +1

    10 years from now we'll look back at this video and see how stupid we looked.

  • Phil Verhey
    Phil Verhey 2 months ago

    *ANKLE WEIGHTS and or HEAVY BOOTS make a HUGE difference, allow you to jog with little practice & walk way more normal*
    Personal experience

  • TheGameLecturer
    TheGameLecturer 2 months ago

    18:32 I really thought Kinect would make a comeback with VR, I think those two technologies go so wall together but no, even if Microsoft is trying to push VR/AR, there is no Kinect usage for it right now.

  • Michael D
    Michael D 2 months ago

    Here's the problem with that is .... I'm lazy

  • Tzisorey Tigerwuf
    Tzisorey Tigerwuf 2 months ago

    A larger treadmill, partnered with the same sort of software they use for those pneumatic-controlled flight simulators, would probably make this killer. Enough space so you get a sense of inertia, as well as giving the system enough time to pick up on quick changes of direction.

  • Joe N
    Joe N 2 months ago

    “Magnets” was that a Stargate SG1 reference? If so, well played sir!

  • Solarius
    Solarius 2 months ago

    God, I just wish all these VR tech companies would come together. Everyone's perfecting single parts, but only single parts.

  • Khashon Haselrig
    Khashon Haselrig 2 months ago

    16:55 Walmart simulator.

  • Carter Kinoy
    Carter Kinoy 2 months ago

    Here's an application for virtual reality, Space Exploration. Lets say that we land a probe on the moon or mars, the Scientists or engineers could then use the technology to get a better look at what they're doing or where the exploratory craft is. Then they could also market that experience back to the Public to help recoup the costs of the mission.

  • zztop3000
    zztop3000 2 months ago

    Please tell them I have a much better design. If they wish to work with me, please contact me through gmail or through this comment.

  • ralf tammiste
    ralf tammiste 2 months ago

    Hello oasis.

  • Elise Thiel
    Elise Thiel 2 months ago

    I wonder if having the sensor at your front rather than your back might help with that forward tracking, as then you have more room infront of you for the tracking to kick in before you run into the rail, or the side of the treadmill. I might be wrong but hat makes more sense to me.

  • Rama Coppolaro
    Rama Coppolaro 2 months ago

    The max speed of this would have to be limited by the size of the treadmill and the latency. If you end up moving faster than the distance from the centre of the circle over the latency and suddenly stop running, the treadmill will not be able to adjust to the sudden stop before you bump into the railing. But that's not really an immediate issue they will run into soon so... ~∆~

  • Ryan P
    Ryan P 2 months ago

    Imagine building a house to code VR style...

  • James Hardaker
    James Hardaker 2 months ago

    unfortunately there will never be a mass market audience because of the cost of materials and living room space. This makes software development that includes the treadmill very risky. Side stepping and jumping is also very dodgy. I dont want to retrain my mind for walking, I need to be safe in the real world.
    Motion sickness passes, im happy jogging on the spot for an RPG.

  • Sean Eik
    Sean Eik 2 months ago

    Five minutes in he mentions how difficult it would be with a normal treadmill that only goes in a single direction. Holy shit that's what I really want, is to be able to stand on a treadmill and walk or run without touching buttons to switch speeds.

  • Timothy Perdue
    Timothy Perdue 2 months ago

    Can't wait to see the price tag. $13,000.00 That's where this stuff is going to fall short.

  • Timothy Perdue
    Timothy Perdue 2 months ago

    I don't want to be 26 right now... UGH!

  • MrKarnator
    MrKarnator 2 months ago

    Very interesting. Seems like we may be able to actually 'walk' around in the vurtual world soon.

  • Kyotra
    Kyotra 2 months ago

    I can already tell this thing needs a larger surfaced area. Looks all too easy to step off of the thing with a little too much stride.

  • Rags_2_Bitches
    Rags_2_Bitches 2 months ago

    The platform is too small for any sort of natural walking pace

  • ProfessorPepper
    ProfessorPepper 2 months ago

    This IS the future of gaming. I can't wait to see more

  • The Arts of Marcus Mravik

    On Smarter Everyday's video of this treadmill the sides were off so you can see that it's actually a bunch of treadmills on a track-like system.

  • Cryptogenistic
    Cryptogenistic 3 months ago

    Easy. A grid of infrared sensors at the feet. The quicker the foot moves the quicker the treadmill picks up speed.

  • Tishri Clarin
    Tishri Clarin 3 months ago

    You need an actuator below the 360 threadmill to cancel initial and final inertia.

  • Bronn
    Bronn 3 months ago

    its great if a game world is completely flat..

  • csknives2140
    csknives2140 3 months ago

    they are basically trying to change human instinct. they will never make this thing work 100% the way they want

  • Caymanite family
    Caymanite family 3 months ago

    Why is it taking so long?

  • S. Smith
    S. Smith 3 months ago

    EEG controller would get rid of the need for prediction software.
    You're already thinking the direction you want to go, all it requires is base training, then improve over use.

  • maniacx86
    maniacx86 3 months ago

    "It's a patented technology, so I can't get into it too much" LIES! That's not how patents work!

  • C1Ansy
    C1Ansy 3 months ago

    Hm..Testeds Infinadeck company looks different than Destins (from Smarter Every Day) Infinadeck company. I wonder who got the PR look and who got the inside dev look..

  • Alex Chipman
    Alex Chipman 3 months ago

    This thing is amazing. The biggest problem it has to overcome is predicting your movements. It has to insinuate your movements. Once it is able to do that, you can run and make sudden changes in direction.

  • The Purple One
    The Purple One 3 months ago +2