Shannon Sharpe SHOCKED Jazz announcers ridiculously criticized LeBron James for his celebration

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
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Comments • 218

  • Luke Cardenas
    Luke Cardenas 5 days ago

    Lebron sucks I hope he retires after he loses to the clippers 🤝

  • Kinky Reese
    Kinky Reese Month ago

    They mad because they can't do that because they suck ass.

  • Advent Society
    Advent Society Month ago

    "DJ Drop that track real quick......Can I find a beat?" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • E BO
    E BO Month ago +2

    Skip be like:
    “Michael Jeffrey Jordan would have never been soft enough to give that kid his shoes! He would challenged that kid to a game of 1 on 1 for them! The king just gives them away!”

  • dez Alvarado
    dez Alvarado Month ago

    "Garden Snake" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas Month ago

    Their hands are quick to shed blood, and their mouths are quick to criticize a black athlete. Fk Utah.

  • Tim S
    Tim S Month ago

    Kawhi never be Lebron i agree Shannon

  • Ultra Magnetic
    Ultra Magnetic Month ago

    LeShannon Sharpe. The biggest Lebron dick rider of all time.

  • Charlie Ting
    Charlie Ting Month ago +1

    Skip , with all do respect. You really got caught up in the Michael Jordan Era ! as a commentator ... you have to learn to MOVE-ON bro ! You are letting Greatness slip by right before your eyes ! 17 years of greatness... 9 yrs of entering the Finals. It became a norm to you and you're completely taking it for granted. WAKE UP SKIP !! :))
    And for the Utah Jazz announcer... man, if you cannot control yourself being SALTY when your team is losing .... you shouldn't be announcing or best RESIGN. Suspension is in order !!

  • Void Davis
    Void Davis Month ago

    Finally skip give credit when it's due. It's going to be a tough year to hate Lebron.

  • TheEpicBaneman
    TheEpicBaneman Month ago +1

    When the warriors do it it's okay... okay then

  • oscar zambrano
    oscar zambrano Month ago

    That Risky Business slide. They should of put on the music.

  • Kobe Bryant
    Kobe Bryant Month ago

    Guys listen my reason for why lebron goat, be respectful let’s have conversation! It’s long but it’s straight facts.
    Bron best teammates were(he had Shaq/Allen but not anywhere near prime):
    1. Wade- let’s not forget the last 2 years in brons Miami tenure he avgd 16 and 14 pts, sure pippen did that but lol, let’s not even compare them at this point (way better defender, rebounder, avgd pretty much that too) no disrespect to wade but the last 2 years he wasn’t the wade we knew.
    2. Kyrie- great Kyrie, he carried him right ? Who else is he carrying ? When he was there wasn’t Boston having questions if they were a better team without him? Bron makes teams works bc he isn’t as scorer he is an all around talent that can efficiently put up 27 pts with 50% shooting. Bron was never known to be a great scorer/shooter of the ball.
    3. Bosh, during the big 3 era (Celtics had 3-4 with solid role players), had to fit in, and did well, but let’s see how he compares to other great teammates. Although great and had to make a sacrifice to his stats.
    4. Love - kind of similar to bosh in fitting in, and definitely injury prone and seemed to always be injured and was injured during 1-2 finals series idk anymore, too many to count and definitely a few in the playoff runs. When he was on it was great, but jeez talk about inconsistency.
    We can’t really compare best coaches with bron bc he’s never had a great talent of a coach. Compared to Riley Jackson etc.
    Now let’s compare to the other greats:
    Jordan- pippen, Rodman, kukoc, Kerr, Harper, Oakley, Paxson, grant, etc etc, Phil Jackson, etc solid squads he had a army of hofers, when he didn’t he got swept twice in first round, with Charles Oakley.
    Magic- worthy, Kareem, Fox, Byron Scott, Nixon etc.
    Kareem- never won it himself, when he did win it he had Oscar Robinson. Then magic along with teammates above.
    Sure he was great but he needed a great point guard to be “unstoppable”
    Patrick Riley a great coach.
    Kobe- had Shaq, Fox, excel, horry, gasol, Fisher, also Phil Jackson
    Solid squads and players around him to win. When he was alone they were not playoff contenders. Just like Jordan when he was alone, not contenders, bc this is what scorers can do.
    Kobe just wasn’t as good as a scorer a mj was(he took more crazier shots), but an all around player like lebron can take a team of nobodies at the age of 23 to the finals. Or play an nba best team in history with deladova as his 2nd best player in the team to compete to 6 games in the finals and again no great coaching to speak of.
    Jordan again had a team that when he left, was in the playoffs. Was playing against the Knicks and took them to 7 games. That same Knicks team took the Houston Rockets to 7 games in the finals.
    No team lebron left could take a finals contender to 7 games in a playoff series. Wade just wasn’t the same anymore at the end of brons tenure with Miami (that’s one of the reason why he left!).
    Now also keep in mind there has never been a team like the warriors team of the past. The one 5 years ago, and the one with kd, 3 years ago. We saw Jordan have wars with Reggie Miller. Now imagine adding a shooter like curry and kd with Miller against Jordan ? He’s not a great enough all around talent like lebron is to compete. Even with his army of hall of famers. (Talking about in today’s game, ppl say he can avg 40 easy, ok sure, harden does that too, same with Kobe, we’re they winning?) how was Jordan on the wiZards ? 0 chance of winning, lebron has had more tread on him than Jordan even if Jordan was older on the wizards. They had 0 chance, meanwhile lebron last year with kuzma as his best talent was primed in ready to make it to the playoffs with literally scraps. Tell me Jordan on the wizards or even the Jordan on the bulls can do that with 0 talent ?
    Scoring only gets u so far, making your teammates great(perfect example is Kyrie) he molded to fit kyries game to win. When u just can score, ok, you still need a really solid squad with solid role players.
    Now in this era of gsw and big 3-4-5s teams (gsw last year 🤣) you need at least one solid teamate (just like Kareem had Oscar or magic, magic had Kareem, Kobe had Shaq/gasol and solid role players, Jordan had pippen, Kerr, Harper, etc etc🙄 and all of them had infinitely better coaching in Riley/Jackson).
    Give a lebron a Shaq/Kareem/Kobe/Oscar Robinson/ etc in his prime.
    Or give bron a army of hofers like Jordan: Kerr, Paxton, Rodman, pippen, Harper, etc etc.
    Along with goat coaching, I have 0 doubt lebron would have way more chips. He just hasn’t had the talent when you compare it to the legends.
    Ad is the best talent and in his prime that lebron has had, unfortunately he’s in his 17th year to get that. But look what he’s capable of already in spite of being in year 17.

  • Rarequo Hicks
    Rarequo Hicks Month ago

    Skip is a special kind of hater. That kind of hate only comes from those seeking attention from that person.

  • Paolo Cullado
    Paolo Cullado Month ago

    Fucking lebron hater

  • Jonathan Colton
    Jonathan Colton Month ago

    FAKE controversy. The Lakers announcers said the exact same thing - and Lebron was on the court during the play.

  • CaRL DJuSTIceD
    CaRL DJuSTIceD Month ago

    Salty Utah fans...smh...Salty Lake city...they know they aint winning any chips thats why lol

  • - boobooman4 -
    - boobooman4 - Month ago

    Leave him alone.

  • Jake Diddy
    Jake Diddy Month ago

    You two guys blow commentary up way to much over stupid crap. And quit yelling you two guys are annoying.

  • Music4life 47
    Music4life 47 Month ago

    Utah is just a bunch of pussies 😂😂

  • Real Medz
    Real Medz Month ago +1

    Lebron is a punk...thats why he aint winning no more rings

  • Bae
    Bae Month ago

    Will he dance when the clippers beat them in six?

  • Rasta Tafari
    Rasta Tafari Month ago +3

    Y’all have to understand if skip didn’t hate on LBJ there would be no content of substance.

  • Yriyah Yriyah
    Yriyah Yriyah Month ago +8

    Skip hate on Lebron for ratings that’s all.

  • Arykka Kelly
    Arykka Kelly Month ago +1

    Lebron James is a nice person to give away his shoes to a jazz fan 🔥

  • Cute XD
    Cute XD Month ago

    That is idioot ex nba player and the other one is idioott old comentator

  • DizzyDaGodTelevision

    Utah fans racist so I mean ....

  • jay go
    jay go Month ago

    Skip cant speak his shit out... If only he can find shit againts bron he would probably throw it instantly to brown at this moment hihihi..

  • Warren Tubigon
    Warren Tubigon Month ago

    Skip bayless greatest asshole of all time

  • Victor Barrera
    Victor Barrera Month ago +1

    Lmfao skip said “KAWHI” town now?!!! U must be high on something ...

  • Victor Barrera
    Victor Barrera Month ago

    God bless Shannon

  • Redz Bangs
    Redz Bangs Month ago

    hey u guys, u forgot Kobe, Lakers took 4-0 back some time of Kobe's prime...

  • Redz Bangs
    Redz Bangs Month ago

    what are u sayin' Skip?

  • Spense Jay
    Spense Jay Month ago +1

    Lebron doesn't play enough/Lebron plays to much.
    Skip is a hot mess of a hater.

  • Knight
    Knight Month ago

    Announcer was salt lake city :p

  • the Depth collector
    the Depth collector Month ago +1

    Skip you wanna talk about your load management guy Kawhi get blown out by the bucks?

  • Brandon Walker
    Brandon Walker Month ago +1

    Bobby Knight used to throw chairs...Tell Utha to STFU..and I spelled that wrong on purpose 👌

  • Dexter Dajuice
    Dexter Dajuice Month ago

    Skip is the ultimate hater but i think its a character for this show now. And if they don’t like people celebrating, shut them up with your play.

  • Samtheman2333
    Samtheman2333 Month ago

    It seems like he was dancing in his socks and making a show so people would know he gave away his shoes. I know all eyes are on LeBron anyway and he gives a lot, but the way he played the martyr afterwards kinda gave it away in my eyes. I could be wrong.

  • Sean OQuinn
    Sean OQuinn Month ago +5

    They just mad them shoes smells like Utah booty. Labron gave them to them after he removed them from they behinds. 😂

  • Brad Allred
    Brad Allred Month ago

    I'm a jazz fan and I hope this results in our casters being fired because they are major dookie 😂

  • S Charles
    S Charles Month ago +1

    Wat the hell MJ got to do with this!!!

  • cesar hernandez
    cesar hernandez Month ago +3

    To all the true laker fans from la feels dam good dont it ... yall know what I mean were loving this go LAKERS!!!

  • cesar hernandez
    cesar hernandez Month ago +1

    It feels dam good to c my lakers back were we belong lol I'm glad u had ur little fun golden state now ur back were u belong n so r we

  • cesar hernandez
    cesar hernandez Month ago

    Bro this is what happens when ur a laker bro same crap used to happen to kobe

  • Jessie B
    Jessie B Month ago +1

    LeBron is having fun for the first time in a long time good for him people talked all year last year about what a mistake LeBron made and how terrible the Lakers were now they're mad because they turned it around and are having fun while winning

  • antoine malone jr
    antoine malone jr Month ago

    I always forget lebron is a lefty

  • Alexander Murray
    Alexander Murray Month ago +2

    Lmao what he know bout “beat the brakes off you”

  • Marvin Campbell
    Marvin Campbell Month ago +1


  • Edward Gonzalez
    Edward Gonzalez Month ago

    You didn’t see Luka and the mavs acting like that in LA when they were up 20 against them!

  • alvin thren
    alvin thren Month ago

    Well they're called commentators not announcers 😏

  • Virginia Coleman
    Virginia Coleman Month ago

    Shannon sthu! Lebron James showed when he celebrated at Utah's expense it was
    disrespectful. But if a Jazz player had done what Lebron did, the Laker's would have been angry with him!!!!

  • 301SO
    301SO Month ago +2

    The "x player wasn't playing" reason is such a cop out. It's not the other teams fault, you handle it.

    Under the same logic the Lakers didn't have Bradley so it should've been a bigger score.

  • Nomad Black
    Nomad Black Month ago

    I'm a Kobe fan and Laker fan first. And I can't even listen to this shit. Lebron is truly the KING of the NBA. They use his name to make a topic even if he sneezes.

  • one flower ninja magic

    "A garden snake - he aint gonna bite nobdody!".... whew! dissing has become too.... help me please. What's the word I'm looking for ?

  • D w
    D w Month ago +1

    It's neither bron nor kawhi town it's LAKER town period!!!

  • truthseeker89 for life

    Skip always has an excuse smh

  • Raptors for the Win

    naw he went to the free throw area, too far.

  • Anh-Tuan Do
    Anh-Tuan Do Month ago

    White bitch is annoying

  • s glaze
    s glaze Month ago +26

    Calling one of the most generous players in the NBA disrespectful? I’m sure those kids with those signed shoes worth thousands don’t feel the same way.

    • Elmer Baldwin
      Elmer Baldwin Month ago

      Someday..some kids that LeBron giving his shoes will become an NBA superstar and thanking him watching on the sideline.. 😊