Brazilian FLAME THROWING Chevy’s SHOCK us! (2200hp)

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Who knew we would have to travel all the way to Brazil to find some of the BADDEST Chevy's in the world?! These Chevy Opala's are making between 2200-2400hp on the FACTORY block - a 4.1L inline 6..from the 1970's!! These flame throwing monsters were a BLAST to watch at night! Don't miss this!
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Comments • 1 148

  • Andrew Osier
    Andrew Osier 3 hours ago

    Those guys were super cool, deep chill, no egos. Love it.

  • TurboTPI
    TurboTPI 5 hours ago

    I think the US H-Pattern stick shift guys better watch out for these guys. Trapping 230+ mph in full bodied cars with OEM block and heads?!?!? Insane

  • Vincent Rivera
    Vincent Rivera 7 hours ago


  • chris96298
    chris96298 Day ago


  • pedro pereira
    pedro pereira 2 days ago

    ai cara que delicia os gringos babando no meu carro favorito

  • franz.
    franz. 2 days ago


  • Orozconleche
    Orozconleche 2 days ago

    What kind of cars are those ?

  • ringodooby
    ringodooby 2 days ago

    Am I crazy or are these Brazilians faster than the Americans with four pot volkswagens?

  • Stephen M
    Stephen M 3 days ago

    The guys building the trucks for racing up dunes in saudi arabia could learn a bit from these guys I think

  • ProjectV8
    ProjectV8 4 days ago

    It's always the same old thing in Brazil when it comes to drag racing .... Opalas, Mavericks and Chevettes.

  • Dominic Toretto
    Dominic Toretto 4 days ago

    Brazil isnt just butts, soccer and carnaval

  • Matheus Schultz
    Matheus Schultz 4 days ago

    caraca gringo filmando a nossa arrancada isso é foda demais

  • Bruno Silva
    Bruno Silva 4 days ago

    There are really good people in Brazil as well as in the rest of the world, but the situation in the country is terrible, only the rich live with dignity because 80% of the population lives in misery and inequality. The Gringos have no idea what happens here, the media do not show everything.

    • Bruno Silva
      Bruno Silva 19 hours ago

      @Vitor Siqueira O gringo que levou um sermão seu burro, aprenda a ler em inglês.

    • Vitor Siqueira
      Vitor Siqueira 20 hours ago

      Bruno Silva Desculpa, mas você quer falar de política em um vídeo totalmente aleatório.

    • Bruno Silva
      Bruno Silva 20 hours ago

      @Vitor Siqueira ???????

    • Vitor Siqueira
      Vitor Siqueira 20 hours ago

      Otario kkkkkk levou um sermão do gringo

    • Bruno Silva
      Bruno Silva Day ago

      @Confrade Watch your dumb gringo. A poor and cashless country limits people, no money will ride a car like? I live in Brazil and I know what I'm talking about. I never asked for your opinion, just don't mind my comment you gringo idiot. This space is free and I write whatever I want regardless of your will you asshole. The day I want to know your opinion I ask, until that happens shut up and watch the quiet video. Shut up and you will take care of your life your cuckold.

  • PablitoCWB
    PablitoCWB 4 days ago

    Awesome. I live this moment. Tks to visit my country. Best channel !

  • Gabriel Mansano
    Gabriel Mansano 4 days ago

    16:28 that butt slap tho

  • Google Aids
    Google Aids 4 days ago

    The okay symbol in Brazil is another things

  • taz
    taz 5 days ago


  • Dudu Gamer
    Dudu Gamer 5 days ago

    Hahah braziliam is god

  • DeLima França
    DeLima França 5 days ago +1

    Braziiil 🤙😎

  • Gilmar Júnior
    Gilmar Júnior 5 days ago

    Caraio. Só na intro que fui perceber que tava no 1320. Se tem vídeo no Brasil tem like.

  • Canal Pé de Chumbo
    Canal Pé de Chumbo 5 days ago

    Brazilian drag race worldwide represented! Thank You 1320 Video

  • Raphael Moraes
    Raphael Moraes 5 days ago

    1320 in Brazil!!!!! OMG!!!!!

  • Marea Islâmico
    Marea Islâmico 5 days ago

    Chevy Opala is a legendary car in Brazil! It is a tought car, good for drifting and for drag races!

  • Vinicius shiina
    Vinicius shiina 5 days ago +3

    Vídeo tão esperado ! Woww ! Trabalho excelente , gostaria de ver o react dos americanos vendo o wheelling dos Opalas ! Stay toghether #amazing #proud #brazil

  • Giovane e seu chevette 77

    How can Brazilians create these engines? simple!!! we don't have many V8 so we had to upgrade our 6 cylinders to the limit

  • Caio Gibin
    Caio Gibin 5 days ago

    Você está in SHOOK?

  • Davi Silva
    Davi Silva 6 days ago +2

    The legendary Opala Metal😍🇧🇷❤

  • CrippledMerc
    CrippledMerc 6 days ago

    You hear so much shit about Brazil from the media and news and shit like that, but growing up at the track, the Brazilians are always some of the nicest people there. The track family is usually pretty nice and willing to help, but I remember the Brazilians and the guys from Louisiana always being the nicest. They’d help you find parts if you needed it, cook you some dinner if you’re busy rebuilding the top end for the next day, then jump in and help with the work while you took a break to eat. It’s been so long since I’ve spent that much time at the track and I miss it. I miss that camaraderie.

  • Rafael Câmara
    Rafael Câmara 7 days ago

    Gots to respects! Brazil freaking rules!!

  • xocaira engenharia
    xocaira engenharia 7 days ago

    Brazil's v8 fans excuse me, but the chevrolet 250 engine has been the king since the 70's

    6> 8

  • Thales Farias
    Thales Farias 7 days ago

    Look 15:26 fire

  • Thales Farias
    Thales Farias 7 days ago


  • OCD Autos
    OCD Autos 8 days ago

    Thank you guys and your always welcome >>

  • twas brillig
    twas brillig 8 days ago +2

    HE was VERY smart to let off the gas after the wheelies so he didn't end up in the wall. Time to invest in a wheelie bar

  • PeGurk
    PeGurk 8 days ago

    Greetings from Brazil!!!!

  • Crying Maguire
    Crying Maguire 8 days ago

    Holy shit, Opala's Br in 1320 chanel.. that's awesome!

  • Sir.Lithium
    Sir.Lithium 9 days ago

    Low comp high boost 10-15% nitro and full fill or half as far as I’ve heard from these guys that’s how they make these motors survive idk more secrets but that’s all i know lol.

  • James Wood
    James Wood 9 days ago

    *Chevy sold those little things as Chevelle? And he ran 322kph = 200mph, so he ran 7.24 at 200? Im a stickshift? Good grief!!!* (edit: I just read the description that it's "Opala." It moved so fast that I couldn't read it where it said "Chevrolet")

  • Jorge Leonardo
    Jorge Leonardo 9 days ago GOO BRAZIL

  • Andre Dos santos ferreira

    A lenda !!! Gmpower terror... 😍👌🏽 Opala neles

  • Mille Silva
    Mille Silva 10 days ago

    Valeww Six in line.Valew 1320💪💪💪💪👏👏👏👏

  • Tanael Palczykowski
    Tanael Palczykowski 11 days ago +1

    Esperamos que com o livre comércio das nações, nós brasileiros tenhamos acesso a qualidade dos produtos norte americanos com preço justo. Novas receitas aparecerão e darão muito certo. I love drag racing.

  • Ronaldo Lazdans
    Ronaldo Lazdans 12 days ago +4

    Remark: The "Chevrolet Opala" was a modification of the european Opel Rekord with USA 6 cylinder mechanics, had 4-cylinder engines based from the 6 inline.
    Today is considered a classic in Brazil and was produced from 1968 until 1992.

  • PiDsMedia
    PiDsMedia 12 days ago

    That things all kinds of awesome - about the only Sixes that are going to run with it are Barra Swapped :)
    Kinda looks like one of our HG or HT Monaros.

  • Marcos Augusto
    Marcos Augusto 13 days ago

    Vai segurando esses!!! Mais d 7kg d pressao no 6caneco. Ctz

    • Gustavo Boin
      Gustavo Boin 4 days ago

      Marcos Augusto anda com um pouco mais de 4kg. Porém naquele dragster ligth da equipe GRID com motor de opala, o preparador disse que chega a passar dos 5kg, e nem wastegate tem, ou seja, ñ tem como controlar a pressão de turbo hehe

  • Alan attack
    Alan attack 14 days ago +1

    When we transition to full electric cars,,,,how lame is that gonna be,,,,no drama

  • KOB
    KOB 14 days ago

    I ran the opening run (before credits) in .25 speed a whole bunch... I think he can have his six right now:

    It's a shame the thrust-angle wasn't somewhere around 0.25 degrees to the right. He's probably got it at zero or some standard offset I don't know about. When the front end comes up the torque mass of the engine is basically neutralized by the tires, but on the way down it's pushing the front to the right.

    When going up the tires have more ability to resist this because they are planted, full-width and torque-saturated. On the way down the movement (angular moment) isn't just quicker than going up but the tires are near zero torque with tiny contact patches. (If I was moving the thrust angle on that car I'd do it in 0.1 increments with a full day's running at each stop, then when I start to notice what I'm looking for I'd move it to 0.05 until I see enough of what I'm looking for.

    I've heard of people taking a pound (or something) out of the left tire pressure to give the right tire a fractionally greater circumference, and that works, but you're giving up the speed in advance for a smoother drive. And at these hPs it could be dangerous.

    The lurching of that car (not having to do with shifting gears) may be the 0.2 he's looking for. That speed isn't made up anywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if each of those lurches is giving up 3 or even 4 mph when it happens in the later bounces.

    F'n amazing piece of iron. Stunned to hear he's working a 250ci with four on the floor (plus some polish). No wonder it lifts, there's no ingot-slab in the front.

  • Allan
    Allan 15 days ago +7

    Coisa que jamais imaginei: 1320 no Velopark!
    Thank you guys, amazing video!

  • Luciano Simas lusimas
    Luciano Simas lusimas 15 days ago

    Dope! What a beast!

  • UpNorthAngler
    UpNorthAngler 16 days ago

    Someone call Cleetus... Next project car

  • John Larson
    John Larson 16 days ago

    What distance are they racing down there? Being metric and all....

  • alikaty2k7
    alikaty2k7 16 days ago

    That white one looked to be on a helluva pass when it lost a wheel. It got out of the hole like a bullet.

  • hughes2148
    hughes2148 16 days ago

    this makes me want to put my 70s shitbox datsun on a meth nitro combo and see what it will do with 60 psi of boost.......

  • Henrique Martins
    Henrique Martins 17 days ago +10

    Engine gm 250s, 6 cylinder inline,70s, 4.1(250cui), manual gearbox

  • jim ritzheimer
    jim ritzheimer 17 days ago

    Why do the cars bounce up and down so much?

  • adriano gamelo
    adriano gamelo 17 days ago

    Puta que pariu !!!? Que opala do cão !!! Tava esperando esse video

  • Edison Lamb
    Edison Lamb 18 days ago

    Empolgante ver esse pessoal americano por aqui mostrando a arrancada brasileira,,,,,tudo de bom,,,,,que venham os 6 vc americanos para um desafio entre amigos,,,,,Hug 1320....

  • M060765
    M060765 18 days ago +2

    those opala's remind me of our early monaro's and torana's here in Australia 🦘
    thanks for letting us see a different and unique form of drag racing
    full respect to the Brazilians for persistence and inovation with those old straight 6's👍🙏

    • M060765
      M060765 15 days ago +2

      yes , it looks a lot like my 1968 monaro

    • Carlos Eduardo Almeida
      Carlos Eduardo Almeida 16 days ago +1

      They have the same origin: the Opel Rekord. That's why they look similar.

  • Pézão Preparações
    Pézão Preparações 18 days ago

    Opala porra

  • Cabecao
    Cabecao 18 days ago