My Art Video Setup (OLD and NEW) | Emily Artful

  • Published on Aug 16, 2018
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    Old Setup:
    Duct Tape:
    New Setup:
    Sony A5100:
    Articulated Arm:
    Camera Mount:
    Show Rig:
    ART INSTAGRAM ♦ emilyartful
    FAMILY INSTAGRAM ♦ theartfulfamily
    SNAPCHAT ♦ EmilyArtful
    TWITTER ♦ EmilyArtful
    Materials Used
    Qor Watercolors
    Princeton 4050R Brushes
    Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor Paper
    Black Cat Ink
    Daler and Rowney FW Ink (White)
    Uniball Signo Gel Pen (White)
    "What We Know is Home" (Slower Down)
    By Emily Artful
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Emily Artful
    Emily Artful  Year ago +20

    These three paintings are available for sale in my Etsy Store (
    I will not be selling them together as originals but I will sell them together as a print set in the future! Favorite my shop to keep up to date with new items like limited prints and charms!

    • Sketchit-Stacey
      Sketchit-Stacey Year ago

      Hi Emily! Big fan. Thought you might've included your editing program since I wanted to start my own channel but lost access to a great video editor, I was wondering what you use to edit? Thanks much love!!!

    • Emily Artful
      Emily Artful  Year ago

      Kayleigh Gabriel I would dump my footage regularly. Also, after I switched phones I just deleted everything off the 5s and used it exclusively as a camera. Once I finished editing and uploading a video, I'd delete the old footage to start my next video.

    • Kayleigh G
      Kayleigh G Year ago

      Emily how did you handle the storage with an Iphone 5S, I tried this same thing years ago but I cant really record long videos cuz it eats up the space?

  • Pinnacle Times
    Pinnacle Times 21 day ago

    All Hail King Da Babes!!!!

  • nikolas charlie
    nikolas charlie Month ago

    what ive done for my art videos is,,,,,, tape my camera to my lamp. yeah. I dont have any recent videos but u can see one here if anyone actually cares
    it works surprisingly well if u dont mind staying still so it doesnt fall :")

  • Leoda Josh
    Leoda Josh 3 months ago

    im rewatching all your videos till the new ones come out.

  • I'mSufferingFrom CoffeeWithdrawal

    I want to start a channel, but I think my biggest problem is that I have no place to do it without being a menace to the other people living in the house or them being a distraction to me.

  • Char Bell and Co
    Char Bell and Co 4 months ago

    The ending 😂😂😂

  • Diana Parkhouse
    Diana Parkhouse 5 months ago

    I think we might hobo riggjng cousins!

  • Evie's Drawings
    Evie's Drawings 7 months ago

    This has helped me so much in starting with time-lapses of my drawings! The old tripod setup is awesome, and I'm going to buy another lamp this week to prevent those shadows from covering the artwork. Thank you Emily Artful!

    REVELUV! POWER UP 7 months ago

    your creativeness is outta the world wow

    REVELUV! POWER UP 7 months ago


  • madison ramsey
    madison ramsey 7 months ago

    The only glow up challenge that matters

  • Tiffany Juddine
    Tiffany Juddine 7 months ago

    Subscribed purely because of your personality and how much you made me laugh xD I love your art too btw!

  • Manatees and Mermaids Art

    I just have a mason jar and some books stacked up until you can see the paper.

  • Kathy Niebylski
    Kathy Niebylski 7 months ago +1

    I think you did a good job with both set ups, even though they are hobo rigged

  • leena G
    leena G 7 months ago

    I love you channel♥️

  • Ashleigh Bence
    Ashleigh Bence 8 months ago


  • Violet Smith
    Violet Smith 8 months ago

    at least you feel the proper guilt for asking for subs, most youtubers are shameless about it

  • _kit.kat.rat_
    _kit.kat.rat_ 8 months ago

    can u make a video on how you edit ur videos?

  • Aurora's Art World
    Aurora's Art World 9 months ago +1

    OMG Emily!! I laughed so hard at this because... I have the same setup as you used to!! Lmao.. I'm dying over here!! 💖 💖 💖 💖

  • ladla king
    ladla king 10 months ago


  • Kathy Weller
    Kathy Weller 10 months ago

    You are inspiring with your hobo rigging!! 😆😆😆 I have an over table holder but you inspired me to break out a selfie stick and see if I could do some hobo rigging myself. Thanks for sharing this- it’s GREAT and it’s PROOF that where there’s a WILL there’s a WAY!! 👍👍👍

  • 3525
    3525 10 months ago

    Hi, I’m going to be THAT asshole and point out that a dlsr is much bigger and has vastly different mechanisms in it.
    What you have is a mirror less camera. Which in your situation is the best camera for you right now. I can go into detail later if you would like, but just a quick rundown; I would recommend changing the light bulbs in the lights to match a more cooler temp or change your color temperature in camera. To get the cleanest video make sure your iso is the lowest possible with retaining correct exposure by lowering the Aperture number (aperture is a confusing mess with ratios and fractions that you and everyone should not even care about) and because you are normally doing time lapse video you should not worry about the shutter speed (but if you are doing some live action the general rule is to double your frame rate and that should be your shutter speed, 1/60 and 1/125 are the most common ones to use, but this rule can be broken and most people will not notice)
    Please excuse any typos, I am writing this on my phone while being cracked tf out on nighquill because honestly fuck winter.
    Anyways hope this helped but I didn’t check how old this video is so ehh 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Natasha Estrada
    Natasha Estrada 10 months ago

    I use a wall-mounted computer monitor arm attached to a quick release camera plate for my overhead sewing shots. It folds against the wall. It only cost $50 total for a really sturdy setup. They have ones you can mount to your desk too. I would highly recommend.

  • Barking Cats and Purring Dogs

    "Hobo rigging" has me dying.

  • Miimie x
    Miimie x 11 months ago +5


  • Kitty Codding
    Kitty Codding 11 months ago +1

    Your original setup is almost the one I have now. I have my tripod wrapped around my mic stand though. I cant record video and voice at the same time yet. Whatever works, right?

  • Cathleen -Wildlife Art
    Cathleen -Wildlife Art 11 months ago +1

    I am so glad I came across your channel!! I am giggling here as you talk about your set up.... as I am sitting here with a dodgy camera setup, flexible arm thingy holding the webcam attached to the lampshade of an old floor lamp hanging over my shoulder from behind me!! 😂

  • Flower Bin
    Flower Bin Year ago +1

    Thank you. I have been wondering how to get going. My only adjustment will be to make my set up mobile for plain air.

  • Brianna Nicole
    Brianna Nicole Year ago +1

    GIRL I HEAR YOU I'm in my broke stages of life right now and after 3 years of living on my own I finally just got my own desk :^) for the longest time I was using a TV tray and a dim yellow lamp and am currently trying to save up for a ring light and a Logitech c920 camera so I can start art streams, I'm getting by but I'm so hopeful for the future. When your poor you have to get creative xD

  • Andreea Sebe
    Andreea Sebe Year ago

    Wow! Your first setup really in inspiring. Don't think I'll ever take videos of me drawing/painting, but it is inspiring that you don't need a lot of equipment.
    PS: one small mention and I hope you don't hate me :)) - Sony A5100 is actually a mirrorless camera, not a DSLR, it's actually closer to a compact camera in technology, but much better image quality and lens that can be changed :D

    • Emily Artful
      Emily Artful  Year ago

      Oh thank you! I had no idea! I bought it from best buy, and I remember the guy telling me that. My bad!

  • Nicky's Toy Box
    Nicky's Toy Box Year ago +5

    My first setup was a phone stand I made out of cardboard. 🤣

  • Lousy Lion
    Lousy Lion Year ago +7

    Emily I'm concerned yet enlightened

  • MeuCastello
    MeuCastello Year ago +7

    da babes is my new religion

    • Emily Artful
      Emily Artful  Year ago +3

      ON THE 276TH DAY

  • chloe
    chloe Year ago +2

    'I'm FILTHY' 😂😂

  • metallicamayhem
    metallicamayhem Year ago

    Sony makes some great cameras. I have a Sony A7 Mark 2. I had a hard time getting used to the digital view finder but the red focal points really make it easier to take photos of my wiggly 3 month old. So much wiggles...
    I love your set up. If your clamp has more reach, You can help stabilize your arm by making a wood spacer to go next to the metal frame under the glass. If the clamp is threatening to pop off when you move the arm that is.

    • Emily Artful
      Emily Artful  Year ago

      Babies have the best expressions ever

    • metallicamayhem
      metallicamayhem Year ago

      Simplicityrenowned on Instagram. I 'follow' you on both of your accounts. 😊
      Honestly, I hardly use social media. But I share the little king every now and again.
      I'm doing pretty good! Enjoying most of motherhood. The king is getting so big!! He's already over 24 inches long. He's pretty peaceful most of the time. I mean, unless I'm trying to get something done. He's a lot of fun though! He has the most expressive eyebrows. He's eating well and loves to stand up on my lap and talk at me if I'm not making eye contact with him. He's not up on his elbows yet but he's close!

    • Emily Artful
      Emily Artful  Year ago

      Hows the baby doing?? Where can I see pics? And how are you feeling? 3 months is a big time!!

    • metallicamayhem
      metallicamayhem Year ago

      Also, your flowers are coming along great! You've gotten really good!

  • Rosa B Art
    Rosa B Art Year ago

    omg that ending was amazing XD

    • Emily Artful
      Emily Artful  Year ago


  • Emily T
    Emily T Year ago

    Ah this made me laugh and brought back memories of my own hobo rigging attempts to film my art 🤣
    Back in the day when i thought about starting a youtube channel I would film speed paints with a selfie stick ducktaped to one of my pencil caddies 😂 the small digital camera I used wasn't meant for a selfie stick either so it had to be (masking) taped to the selfie stick so it would stay put.

  • Naomi Naumann
    Naomi Naumann Year ago +16

    All Hale Da Babes!
    When I was in high school I wanted to give making videos a shot, but I had no money and no filming equipment. So I took a small book shelf that was roughly 3-4 feet tall, cleared it off, and placed it on top of my desk. I then took a scrap plank of wood, it was like a 2"x 4"x 2.5', and placed it on the top shelf or something.
    I weighed it down with like books and had it suspended out over my drawing area and then I would very carefully balance my Ipad on the edge of the plank. This would have been easier with something like a phone but i still had a flip phone so the Ipad was the only thing i had to film with.
    I also had to tape a pencil or two on the plank under the Ipad because the wood would be slightly bowed do to the weight of the ipad and that was how I got a mostly level above shot.

    It was risky and complicated but I made it work. I also just used like whatever desk lamps and taped copy paper over them to diffuse the light.

    • Emily Artful
      Emily Artful  Year ago +3

      God I'm loving all these stories about you guys hobo rigging stuff, too! It's marvelous!!

  • Lady Looshkin
    Lady Looshkin Year ago

    I'd love to see you doing your animations. I LOVE your editing style.

    • Lady Looshkin
      Lady Looshkin Year ago

      Bring on the reproductive gland sprites!! I'm all for it.

    • Emily Artful
      Emily Artful  Year ago

      Lady Looshkin It might be a penis.

    • Lady Looshkin
      Lady Looshkin Year ago

      Emily Artful I really do love your animations, they are just another thing that make your videos so unique. I'm hoping to be able to study animation to some degree in the future - mostly because of your videos to be honest. I adore your art and animation style. I'd love to see what kind of sprite you would come up with - something tells me it wouldn't be the average youtube sprite 😉

    • Emily Artful
      Emily Artful  Year ago +3

      I majored in animation, actually. It's just sooo time consuming and I feel like the alternative would be the animation "sprites" but I also feel like the market is a bit flooded with them. Maybe I'll make a few sprites for tutorial videos. Hmmm...Yeah, that might be a good idea. Some limited animation!

  • Mr. Sinicism
    Mr. Sinicism Year ago +35

    That outro with Da Babes was wonderful 😂

  • E. Ende
    E. Ende Year ago +20

    These paintings are lovely! I would totally buy them if they were on your Etsy
    Edit: “Hobo rigging”
    I’m dying 😂

    • Emily Artful
      Emily Artful  Year ago +3

      They actually will be available on my Etsy! I'll make a post when they're up! :)

  • John Watson
    John Watson Year ago +6

    Through small and simple things great things come to pass... This does remind me of the dollar store challenge but for filming supplies/setup!

  • moonlover594
    moonlover594 Year ago +43

    When your son grows up and watches these.

  • Brooke
    Brooke Year ago

    First? :o