Avengers 4 Endgame Teaser - Silver Surfer and Captain Marvel Trailer Breakdown


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  • Emergency Awesome
    Emergency Awesome  10 days ago +275

    Here's my new *Avengers Endgame* video and more new Captain Marvel footage. Kevin Feige and Adam McKay Silver Surfer details too. Let me know what you want them to do with Silver Surfer when they get him later this year!

    • Margaret Seddon
      Margaret Seddon 8 days ago

      Gavin says: first of all they need to show just the surfers board and Galactus needs to be shown but not in his entirety but just his hand or even a boot would be enough to get people including myself excited and the surfer he needs Idris Elba to voice him!!!!!

    • Severan Vallery
      Severan Vallery 8 days ago

      Guardians is crap

    • Severan Vallery
      Severan Vallery 8 days ago


    • CYVstudio
      CYVstudio 8 days ago

      As always, best Marvel news channel on TVclip. Thanks Charlie

    • Sleep Robinson
      Sleep Robinson 8 days ago

      Ever thought of doing a podcast?

  • طارق الجرادات

    Tony stark is not going to daie in End game because simply when Doctor strange looked forward into the Future he gave up the time ston inorder to save every one including tony.... So if he saw tonys death in the Future why would he gave the time ston just to save him

  • Ziggy Roman
    Ziggy Roman 21 hour ago

    If you haven't.....
    Go see vice..
    Little bit of a pacing issue but its fucking good.

  • Mark Strouthes
    Mark Strouthes Day ago

    I am Groot.

  • ChiFuzZ
    ChiFuzZ Day ago

    539 DC comics fans hated the awesome MARVEL VIDEO

  • Ian Worley
    Ian Worley 2 days ago

    Silver surfer trailer were the heck is that?

  • Retro Gaming Channel Subscribe

    Now They Can Make Rouge Cool lets see a rouge and mystec movie

  • Boratisyourdaddy
    Boratisyourdaddy 3 days ago

    Favorite KF moment: KF mentioned seeing Aquaman and liking cool movies. The start of Disney's 2030 acquisition of Warner Bros. :-)

  • Octavio V
    Octavio V 3 days ago

    Brooo Spidey trailer is out!

  • 18Faeb
    18Faeb 4 days ago

    Adam Warlock is not in Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3 script. Gunn said himself, that Warlock's first real appearance will be after Guardians 3 because he deserves a great entrance in a movie that focuses on him and the Guardians focuses mostly on Quill.

  • Jessie Jones
    Jessie Jones 4 days ago

    A Silver Surfer movie?!!! AWESOME!!! Let me play Norrin Radd!!!

  • Pinky Wishbowl
    Pinky Wishbowl 4 days ago

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    *Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven! He died and arose from the dead to give us eternal life.*

  • The Pixelizer
    The Pixelizer 5 days ago

    Why does he start singing when he says production?

  • Benjamin Unbutton
    Benjamin Unbutton 5 days ago

    I’m not sure if you’ve covered this before in a video, but I just realized something pretty interesting from Infinity War.
    I’m rewatching Infinity War, and i was at the point where Thanos and Gamora make it to Vormir, and how Red Skull explains it’s his “curse” to know all who journey there. It instantly clicked to me how that line almost confirms Tony Stark has been to Vormir. My logic is, those who possess the soul stone are curse with knowing who has been to Vormir, and later in the movie on Titan when Thanos says to Tony “you aren’t the only one cursed with knowledge”, that means Thanos not only knows Stark has been to Vormir, but also that somehow Stark has been cursed by the Soul Stone as well. This is where I’m still confused though, because that would mean Stark would have been to Vormir before the Battle on Titan. That has to be by use of either time travel, or alternate universes then.

  • philly d
    philly d 5 days ago

    Give DC to Marvel lol

  • lindsay pruitt
    lindsay pruitt 5 days ago

    Charlie, thanks for all you do. History in the making!!!

  • jose gomez
    jose gomez 6 days ago

    Why not me

  • Team 11
    Team 11 6 days ago

    remember when the photographer put End Game on his website a few months back...
    good times

  • Christian Miranda
    Christian Miranda 6 days ago

    My kevin feige moment will forever be his reaction to Amy Pascal spoiling lol gold

  • Karl Ivory
    Karl Ivory 6 days ago

    I'm starting to think Hulk is the super skrull. When he flew into space they swapped

  • Billy G.
    Billy G. 6 days ago

    a young Tony Stark cameo in Captain Marvel would be cool. but what would be more cool is if we see a Doctor Strange cameo!! like he goes back in time during the events of Infinity War to warn them about Thanos

  • Mmmm good
    Mmmm good 7 days ago

    Let me guess they're going to praise it" better than wonder woman" when it won't be

  • Smurfeo
    Smurfeo 7 days ago

    8:05 I'm sorry, but what has a Galactus cameo? it was hard to understand that statement cuz Charlie talks without taking a breath (but he's the best n I learn so much from his channel)

  • David Grace
    David Grace 7 days ago

    Wow didn't realize Brie Larson had done this much training in real life

  • Joel Byrum
    Joel Byrum 7 days ago

    ...and then Captain EO shows up and dances away the bad guys! Go MJ!!!

  • Chocolate twins
    Chocolate twins 7 days ago

    Why did she beat up the old lady

  • socially inept spider-man

    I really wish theyed rehire James gun

  • Michael Beale
    Michael Beale 7 days ago

    Lol lies.......he sees a rivalry and he wants to crush the competition

  • George Sizemore, Isabelles channel

    So, mark Ruffalo was lying on Johnny Fallon. And i think they might use the B.A.R.F. technology with antman to help figure out what hank pym knows about the quantum realm and how it works. I don't think they're going to use it with the reality stone to get anyone back.

  • Perserra
    Perserra 7 days ago

    Just had a thought about the Endgame trailer: When Ant-Man shows up at the gates of the Avengers' compound with his van, he seems to be in pretty good spirits, Snap aside. This must mean that his daughter Cassie survived, or he'd be an even bigger mess than Hawkeye/Ronin. I wonder if that will have any significant ramifications for the story, or just be a small background fact.

  • Adrian Dickerson
    Adrian Dickerson 7 days ago

    does kevin saying that they helped adam mckay get the galactus cameo mean that they already have the rights to use galactus? because thats what that sounded like to me.

  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot 7 days ago

    My favorite KF moment is when he accepted the offer at Marvel Studios!

  • Lee Polly
    Lee Polly 7 days ago

    I like when Kevin said guardian's 3 will happen one way or the other at a later time. I hope sooner than later I just love the Guardians

  • Joey Martin
    Joey Martin 8 days ago

    Funny how this all falls into line... how is it that they made a movie a few years ago that seems to somehow back the “women” are more durable than men theme? Now I LOVE and respect women as much as any man, but enough! MCU or not, I’m really getting tired of Hollywood telling me that women are rhe only real savors... for everything that Capt America has done and is capable of, and its a strong women you saves us.... really. Im all for giving women the respect they deserve, but enough of the LGBT shoved down our throats, women beating up men. Next they’ll have a mutant transgender saving the world!! Ug.....

  • Matthew Vu
    Matthew Vu 8 days ago

    These actors/actresses some of them lack talent making their on screen moves look uncoordinated

  • Little Light
    Little Light 8 days ago

    Bro this guy is so cool. And no dissing of James Gunn.

  • carson lee
    carson lee 8 days ago

    I like sliver surfer

  • Castle Ford
    Castle Ford 8 days ago

    You know. If she showed this much emotion in her character no one would be complaining about her.
    I get WHY they made her stoic (military background, on top of more military background/training) considering she's technically on a mission that would require her to have her full attention.
    That being said, these are the same complaints people made about Thor until Ragnorak, where he was much better recieved for a reason.

  • Cap.Commander Shunsui

    I’d love to see a well done silver surfer

  • Kalem Babar
    Kalem Babar 8 days ago

    Guardians 3 should use Gunn's script.

  • Steel Xcaliber
    Steel Xcaliber 8 days ago

    Sense of humour + Competence = Every other MCU movie hero.

  • UltraKryptonian
    UltraKryptonian 8 days ago

    Yep, Aquaman was a cool movie! You can't talk smack about the Black Manta fight scenes... they were AWESOME!

  • gopal choudhary
    gopal choudhary 8 days ago

    Avangers Endgame would be lot better WITHOUT Ms Marvel

  • Antonio Perea
    Antonio Perea 8 days ago

    I love your videos!

  • Jumping On&OffTheJet

    Random thought: I think we need Thanos in at least 2 more movies after endgame. I definitely wouldn’t mind a solo movie where he is defeated by the next big MCU villain to set up future Avengers films. His character is so interesting and huge I feel like 2 movies isn’t enough. Either way I’m still watching 🤣

  • Seth Levine
    Seth Levine 8 days ago

    Personally hope for marvels first family to show up in the MCU first before xmen. They just seem more isolated and less complicated than the xmen

  • omegajackson
    omegajackson 8 days ago

    Can we get some arrow again?

  • Jose Cortez
    Jose Cortez 8 days ago

    Will they do a Captain America reference??

  • jesuscardoso24
    jesuscardoso24 8 days ago


  • D M
    D M 8 days ago

    *WHERE'S WARLOCK* ?!?!

  • Christopher Carr
    Christopher Carr 8 days ago

    Guardians 3 director really isn't going to be surprising. Taika Waititi is a no-brainer ... but I think Tarantino should make a pitch. :-)

  • Youssef Li
    Youssef Li 8 days ago

    20 YEARS!

  • yfz01
    yfz01 8 days ago

    Kevin Fiege sounds exactly like Anthony Jeselnik.

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia 8 days ago

    My favorite Feige moment was when he lifted an Audi over his head and threw it into the 101 freeway. It was simply amazing.

  • raks
    raks 8 days ago

    That interviewer at the beginning of the video is really all about the fans

  • ?Everything Loveurlife

    My favorite Kevin Fiege moment: Getting Hired💯😂

    SPACEWAVE1 8 days ago

    My Favorite Feige Moment Is When Him And Sony's Big Wig Were Being Interviewed And She Said That The Sony & MCU Were Connected. The Stare Of Death Feige Gave LMAO besides That He Is So Cool Headed.

  • Ross Holland
    Ross Holland 8 days ago

    ‪I don’t know if anybody picked it up from the Captain Marvel trailer where she says to Fury you’ll have to trust me when she’s talking about not being a Skrull, it’s just dawned on me in avengers he says last time I trusted somebody I lost an eye. ‬it’s probably a given he was going to lose his eye in this film but it thought it was interesting.

  • Esteban Flores
    Esteban Flores 8 days ago

    Excited to see if Magneto makes an appearance in the near future... since you know he is dead in the MCU LOL

    • marvelousdcgeek 97
      marvelousdcgeek 97 7 days ago

      You mean the father of the MCU Maximoff Twins, who is not Magneto for obvious reasons.
      Or what you mean?

    • Disco Shrew
      Disco Shrew 8 days ago

      how do we know he's dead?

  • Georgi Georgiev
    Georgi Georgiev 8 days ago

    i still dont believe this is the real title to the movie "endgame'', they are trolling us big time

  • Branden Jayy
    Branden Jayy 8 days ago

    Do we even need a trailer for the movie anybody who saw infinity war is going to go see avengers 4

  • Pensive Ruin
    Pensive Ruin 8 days ago

    I hope for 20 more years at Marvel. Nothing but respect for Kevin Feige and all the hard work the staff do at Marvel. Thank you!!

  • Jeff Barber
    Jeff Barber 8 days ago

    Gotham season 5 video? It's the only DC based thing I follow with any regularity

  • IM_DaniYaR
    IM_DaniYaR 8 days ago

    Kevin Feige really showed how great he is for the Marvel movies. I don't think anyone doubts his creativeness.

  • Kristers Krūka
    Kristers Krūka 8 days ago

    I still want to know what role Captain Marvel will play in stopping Thanos. Like who in the Marvel universe can actually stand against the infinity stones?Considering those things are beyond god-level. It's been bugging me forever. What's stopping Thanos from just turning her and other ''heroes'' into dust? Like, unless some hero hasa power that goes above the infinity stones, winning vs Thanos should be impossible.

    • Disco Shrew
      Disco Shrew 8 days ago

      well that's why we'll watch the movie bro lol. I assume they won't fight him head on with the stones. otherwise it will end the same way as the last film

  • ????? ?????
    ????? ????? 8 days ago

    Seems like a Mary Sue

  • Severan Vallery
    Severan Vallery 8 days ago

    Fantastic four should be a tv series

  • Severan Vallery
    Severan Vallery 8 days ago

    Kevin Fiege look when he was with that interviewer

  • Severan Vallery
    Severan Vallery 8 days ago

    No more guardians. Drop them in a captain marvel movie

  • Severan Vallery
    Severan Vallery 8 days ago

    Their comparing this to Winter Soilder tone....I was thinking first Guardians but knowing its on the tone of winter soldier I'm,more interested

  • LD Spann
    LD Spann 8 days ago

    Definitely want a silver surfer movie- also u Are the only one who correctly covered that ref carpet interview 💯 thanks

  • Charles Mussard
    Charles Mussard 8 days ago

    Surely Marvel must talk to Bradley Cooper about directing Guardians 3?

  • Carl Bullers
    Carl Bullers 8 days ago

    Wow. Every video is just you putting words into other people's mouths in order to make yourself sound like you know what you are talking about. Guess what? YOU DON'T. Your videos are crap .

  • Maverick 1977
    Maverick 1977 8 days ago

    I tend to agree about the comment made about the Russo brothers. I'm fine if they want to skirt the truth but I do not respect being point-blank lied to. That being said, I am still excited to see Endgame!

  • David Cobos
    David Cobos 8 days ago

    Every fucking super hero goes on q journey of discovery, jesus fuck lmao

  • heroik srix
    heroik srix 8 days ago

    When he was talking with the girl on spiderman homecoming

  • C. H.
    C. H. 8 days ago

    "Make mine Marvel!" Hey #Charlie Marvel released #TheThing & #TheSilverSurfer on On Contest of Champions, the game: unveils are usually In Line with the MCU, like cheap marketing🤣, this can't be a mistake?
    * Video request: why save Warlock past this point? He and Thanos are mortal enemies? Annihilation or Secret Wars would be too distant, help us bro?

  • abdul malik
    abdul malik 8 days ago

    Could x-men join the avengers? Or two different universes?

  • Panagiotis Drompouras

    Loved the x-men song at the end !! LoL!!

  • María Duarte
    María Duarte 8 days ago

    Eso es el teaser de capitana Marvel no de Avengers 4..

  • M D
    M D 8 days ago

    So is she a mary sue?

  • pyroTarget OG*s
    pyroTarget OG*s 8 days ago

    Ok where did you saw silver surfer trailer. Jesus million teories about nithing

  • Boba Fett Fan 4 Life

    I like how excited he was for Captain Marvel.

    GAMESENSE 8 days ago

    That face on Mr Feige looking at Amy Pascal when she talks about Spiderman into the MCU, best meme ever

  • Joseph Layfield
    Joseph Layfield 8 days ago

    Thank God he said Guardians will happen.. thank you for that.. it's just too many places that they need to go with them..

  • marcos morales
    marcos morales 8 days ago

    Many many many secrets damn it’s getting me so much more hyped for end game 😆😆😆😆😆🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

  • Valerie Vazquez
    Valerie Vazquez 8 days ago

    Ha, Kevin teasing us "MANY SECRETS" 😁

  • Jason Kruger
    Jason Kruger 8 days ago

    Kevin Feige is just pure class. So happy this guy has the reigns for the MCU

  • Toma Neagu
    Toma Neagu 8 days ago +1

    **I'd fuck her meme (Ser Bronn)** at 0:20

  • Will Nation-Dixon
    Will Nation-Dixon 8 days ago

    What about the Wolverine cameo in Cap Marvel?

    • marvelousdcgeek 97
      marvelousdcgeek 97 8 days ago

      Disney will officially own Fox by June.
      So don't expect any X-Men or F4 characters before that month.

  • ZappaBlues
    ZappaBlues 8 days ago

    The Russo Bros. lied . I love it. :D

  • Andy Snook
    Andy Snook 8 days ago

    He doesn't say that's the endgame in AOU he says that's the A game

  • sebastian sanchez
    sebastian sanchez 8 days ago

    Kevin is the man

  • ne2i
    ne2i 8 days ago

    3:28 Susan Sarandon sighting boy she looks old.....

  • Reginald Andreas
    Reginald Andreas 8 days ago

    Hey Charlie got a question.
    If Infinity War and Endgame wraps up the adapted Infinity Gauntlet storyline, what significance does Adam Warlock play in the MCU post Endgame? Why would he even need to be included by that point?

  • Common Sense Hill
    Common Sense Hill 8 days ago

    Fantastic 4 (2015) That movie... with those characters... best version ever in my book. To have them in the MCU and given that Galactus could be involved too... and since Reed Richards found a way to transport to a different dimension... I say that they would be a good fit.
    Also the version of Dr Doom from that movie... off the charts. That version of Doom showed a real God complex... and he killed indiscriminately. If he were somehow resurrected because of the snap... think about it.

  • Mikie Lee
    Mikie Lee 9 days ago

    It'd be dope if Guardians correlate with FF4 and Silver Surfer goes to the Guardians for help

  • Ashitaka
    Ashitaka 9 days ago

    0:28 Was it Carol Danvers or Brie Larson?! I dont know man, seems like she was much better in Kong: Skull Island, and that says something.

  • Collin Sorgenfrei
    Collin Sorgenfrei 9 days ago

    0:36 Did she just describe the type of character known as a "mary sue" which has no real difficulties or challenges?

    MD ZADID 9 days ago

    there is a reference of Cotati in 'Infinity War' movie by Gamora. She was describing Thor's muscle.