I found TEN C8 Corvettes in one hotel parking lot...

  • Published on Sep 2, 2019
  • No joke. I found ten 2020 Corvette C8's in one parking lot in Bowling Green Kentucky near the National Corvette Museum.
    Last video was exclusive footage of Zeus Bronze 2020 C8 Corvette in the wild and on the interstate. This Zeus Bronze does two start-ups and several loud revs and I capture content of it rolling on the interstate.
    C8 Exterior Colors: Rapid Blue, Accelerate Yellow and Zeus Bronze.
    Existing C7 colors: Arctic White, Black, Blade Silver, Ceramic Matrix Gray, Elkhart Lake Blue, Long Beach Red, Sebring Orange, Shadow Gray, and Torch Red
    My last video was a C8 Corvette high quality c8 interior review. I was happy to get up close and personal with several 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvettes at the Bowling Green Kentucky National Corvette Museum. The interior is unique on the 2020 C8 and I do a nice comparison to the C7 interior.
    Full Corvette C8 vs C7 video coming soon. I also will review the exterior of the mid engine C8 to the C7. I will also compare the C8 exhaust note, versus a c7 exhaust note.
    I am excited for the C8 Z06
    Did you watch my other 2021 C8 Corvette video? Here it is: This 2020 C8 CORVETTE is EPIC *EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE* : tvclip.biz/video/6fsI4I09lgs/video.html
    The 2020 C8 Corvette by Chevrolet has a Tremec 8 speed dual clutch transmission or 8 speed DCT. The engine is a mid-engine LT2 6.2L Small Block V8 with 485hp/369 KW @6450 RPM when equipped with performance exhaust and for torque: 470 lb/ft /637 NM @5150 RPM when equipped with performance exhaust.
    The C8 exhaust sounds great!
    Aside from the C8, what do you guys think about the Toyota Supra (that Stradman and TJ Hunt) have bought. do you think the Supra is a good investment? The Stradman and TJ Hunt have already made some epic content with it. What about the Ford Mustang GT500. Would that be a cool car to see on my channel?
    What do you think about StreetSpeed717 and his corvette content. Are corvette ZR1's still cool? Shmee150 thinks so.
    My camera: amzn.to/2NKOvgf
    My lens: amzn.to/2ZEX9PX
    My mic: amzn.to/2ZI0k9v
    My gimbal: amzn.to/2ZGkuAS
    I can't wait until I hopefully get a press car and can do a full review on the 2020 C8 Corvette. I'd love to see the C8 Z06 when that comes out and also see the C8 Convertible for the first time as well. I think the C8 Convertible will be an interesting car.
    My last video was an exclusive look at a 2020 C8 Chevrolet Corvette in the wild. This 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Mid-Engine C8 was black with yellow brake calipers and yellow stitching and seat belts. We searched the Corvette Museum and the Corvette Track, but had no luck. We eventually spotted the 2020 C8 when I was about to head back to Nashville, Tennessee. The exhaust note on the new 2020 C8 sounded so good. It was loud and fast too!
    #2020corvette #c8 #corvettec8
    Technically, if this car will come out in 2021.. will it be the 2021 Corvette C8?
    It was surreal seeing it in person and I am so happy we found one in the wild.The Mid-Engine had plenty of carbon fiber options and the mid engine design is something completely new to corvette. The C8 pricing starts at $59,995! The Z51 package is an extra $5,000. The 3LT package starts at $71,945.
    My dad currently has a 2015 Corvette C7 Z06 and I think we are going to wait until the new C8 Z06 comes out to buy that car then. The C8 Z51 is pretty fast too though... or so I hear!
    I can't believe you've actually read this far... wow!! Thank you for your support.
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Comments • 379

  • Abhishek Sirohi
    Abhishek Sirohi Month ago +30

    Yes you are doing proud to all C8 lovers..
    To spot C8 watch this channel all roads leads to one destination and ie.
    Appreciate you wake up early morning and captured those beast in your lens..Hatss off for your efforts..Looking forward next car ...

    • Drive 615
      Drive 615  Month ago +1

      Thank you so much for that! appreciate you!

  • S B
    S B 2 days ago

    what's wrong with this guy? almost every hotel i've gone to in the last 6 months have been full of 50-100 corvettes with roughly 10% of them being C8s... not!!! pretty cool! I must say, the maroon 9:52 caught my eye right away, more than the others... as i was typing that out i see the silver one 13:43 appear, may be the lighting but that looks damn good too, better than the other silvers. hell, they are only $60k, i'll get one of each. :)

  • topline kennel american bullies

    somthing not right you can buy them next year but people got em now Shelby two. every body got played chevy made them quickly they got a black market sale.that Shelby is coming basically again #one .

  • TheMGSpy
    TheMGSpy 8 days ago

    Awesome video!

  • Cababy 12
    Cababy 12 10 days ago

    Well you won't see too many more any time soon! I live 5 miles away from the Chevy plant where they make the engines for the C8 and they been on strike for over a month with no end in sight!

  • SpeedyWinds
    SpeedyWinds 11 days ago

    What was your favorite color? :)

  • David Quarells 4
    David Quarells 4 11 days ago +1

    BRUHHHH ur reaction is so me sounding like dj Khalid

  • sycomantz
    sycomantz 11 days ago

    Maybe its just me but I think the C7 looks better than the C8 but I will reserve judgement until I see them in person.

  • Leveraged
    Leveraged 16 days ago

    Wow, great find. I'm a Porschefile, but they've just gotten ridiculous with their pricing and options. I really like white w/no spoiler. I hope it drives as well as it looks. They won't be able to keep these babies in stock!

    TE-SHAUN TV 17 days ago

    Just went to the Corvette museum a few weeks ago....dope car.....but the rims are awful......I still think the Transformers stingray is the best one....looks even better in person.

  • Henry Gutierrez
    Henry Gutierrez 18 days ago

    10:28 is what most people are looking for 😍😍😍

  • Smartfournone
    Smartfournone 19 days ago

    Why were they all at the hotel, who was driving them? What event was it for?

  • Scott Donnell
    Scott Donnell 20 days ago +1

    Beautiful with no spoiler. Ruins the profile.

  • Diane Snider
    Diane Snider 21 day ago

    saw a blue one headed up I69 in so there IN this morning - awesome sight

  • Bowzy Minnesoldier
    Bowzy Minnesoldier 21 day ago

    I love everything about it except the rear. They could’ve done a better job

  • john ferkan
    john ferkan 23 days ago

    I LIKE THE C-7 rear end a lot more

    KREO CAPRICE 24 days ago

    Im saving for my c8 ill have it by summer for sure!!!!!

  • Gandalf721
    Gandalf721 25 days ago

    I'm just waiting to see what the issues are with the C8s; GM + brand new platform = never-ending list of issues -____-

  • RoughRider757
    RoughRider757 25 days ago

    I'm a long time Chevy Corvette enthusiast and have been super stoked to see the new Corvette. But you know something, I don't like the new version.
    Sadly it looks cheap! Like a cheap knockoff wanna be Lamborghini. Imitation can be very flattering but when the mark is missed the result can look like a cheaper alternative. Especially when the materials look cheap!

    • RoughRider757
      RoughRider757 25 days ago

      @Gandalf721 I know what you mean. But this new bodystyle seems to be even more extreme with cheap looking materials. Maybe in part because the styling already looks like a copy of other vehicles. It's trying too hard! That thing has a front end which looks similar to a Ferrari and a backend that resembles a Lamborghini. Basically it's a hot mess.

    • Gandalf721
      Gandalf721 25 days ago

      You're a corvette enthusiast, and you're singling THIS version out for having cheap materials???? Something tells me you've never even sat in a corvette; they're all 'parts bin specials' lmao

  • Todd Turner
    Todd Turner 25 days ago

    So you bypassed the orange vette,..... dud

  • Anthony Disessa
    Anthony Disessa 25 days ago

    How are they out when there is no deliveries yet

  • &rea's Bimmer
    &rea's Bimmer 27 days ago

    which video is the one where they fall off the bike like shown in the intro?

  • Croma
    Croma 28 days ago +1

    Man the silver, and black look way sharper than I expected. The red of course shines as always

  • JOB1925
    JOB1925 29 days ago

    I really like the c8's but damn it's hard to look past an Orange 2019 c7 ZR1...Absolutely spectacular cars. I personally like the shape and flow of the c7 a little better and yes I get for performance sake they had to go mid engine...but for me the c7 is astetically more pleasing to the eye...c8's while nice are too much like a ferarri or many of the other mid engine super cars. It's gonna be the same ole same ole in a couple years.

  • Jeff Pertle
    Jeff Pertle 29 days ago

    Great video! What's the name of the song at the end? I would like to download it. Thanks.

    IKE CRUISER 29 days ago +1

    Great coverage, resembles a Next Generation Chevy/GM Formula 1 convention!

  • TristansAdventures t

    When are people supposed to start taking delivery?

  • I
    I Month ago

    Wow, that Camaro rear end sure highlights the Aztek lines everywhere and the cheap attempt at a NSX ripoff! I can't decide if I like the giant tacky row of plastic buttons taken from a Chevy Cruze or the antiquated RWD/engine from 1997 drivetrain! Nope, I like the mid 11 quarter mile times achieved by a pro level driver on a perfectly prepped drag strip and 12-13 seconds on the street in the 1/4! Actually, cancel that. I like the fact it took 60 years to come out as a mid engine design. No, I like that the Vette is AMERICA'S 2ND DEADLIEST CAR THE BEST!

  • naptownfireman
    naptownfireman Month ago +1

    Base car is already starting to look plain.

    • JOB1925
      JOB1925 29 days ago

      I completely agree...give me a 2019 c7 ZR1 and I'd be happy for life. I really appreciate the long lines and flow of the c7 a little better than the new ferarri looking c8...However I know i'm in the minority with my opinion.

  • Blake
    Blake Month ago +1

    "Here a white one is"
    You mean here is a white one.

    • Leveraged
      Leveraged 16 days ago

      Really? You've never stumbled for words when you're excited?

  • Deacon Drake
    Deacon Drake Month ago

    I like them with no spoiler.

  • Lt. wreck
    Lt. wreck Month ago

    That parking lot is car heaven.

  • Piano Master
    Piano Master Month ago

    Does it already launched in USA?

  • Jeff Myers
    Jeff Myers Month ago +1

    Bryon, love your videos, really fun to watch and really informative. I have a question I would really like you to answer, when you were at the museum how did the blade silver look in person because it just looks fabulous on your video. I switched my order from a white over to silver after watching your video let me know thank you

  • Motor Sportz
    Motor Sportz Month ago +2

    Ten 2020 Pontiac Fieros....GM will slap Corvette on anything. C7 are TransAms. C6 on down are True Corvettes.

    • Kieser Beats
      Kieser Beats Month ago

      Dude I was just thinking that. I wish it had the Fiero branding.

  • Al McDaniel
    Al McDaniel Month ago

    I think without the spoiler u can appreciate the taillights more..

  • Mar Blox
    Mar Blox Month ago +1

    So they give us another Vette that has no provision of a front plate.???
    What fuc am I posed to do when Illinois ass-hole cop stop me.???

  • ClearlyConservative

    Corvettes are the only reliable and good cars gm still makes

  • Glenn6200
    Glenn6200 Month ago +3

    That silver C8 Corvette driving on the highway that you included in your introductory montage looks soooo good!!!! 0:30

  • anonymous
    anonymous Month ago

    So what happens when you trade in your seat 706 your 2019 are they going to hand you a pile of money LOL

  • anonymous
    anonymous Month ago

    I think the new Corvette is terrible looking it should’ve looked way better than the C7 as things progress that should’ve been lower and wider and have much more styling I could easily named 10 car companies that have made radical styling changes that look gorgeous look at how good they did with the AMGGT look at how they went from the first Ford GT to the second Ford GT Look at how good the LC 500 looks now Alfa Romeo looks good look at de Tommaso’s new car I mean the Corvette couldn’t even better the C7 by a substantial margin even the NSX looks really good and it’s funny because the Corvette looks like an NSX it looks like they copied the NSX a little bit of Ferrari and then put a Camaro rear end on it that’s really the best styling they could do I totally give it a thumbs down for a new car debuting the distance between the generation before it should be way way better from the C-5 to the C6 was great and from the C6 to the C7 was even better I guess I’ll wait to see what the high-end model looks like because there’s no way I would trade a C7 ZR one for this base model c8 junk It looks like somebody tried to build a kit of a Ferrari with Camaro and Corvette parts

  • Frank Nowakowski
    Frank Nowakowski Month ago

    I like the channel, but enough commercials/ads already!

  • Jiggy Fy 1
    Jiggy Fy 1 Month ago

    Dude you should've shown more pictures of the engine

  • Chris Gonzales
    Chris Gonzales Month ago

    Huracan looks way better park the 2 cars side by side guess who will get the attention regardless on how long the Lamborghini been out.

  • Al Al
    Al Al Month ago

    Good job

  • Gene Ebeling
    Gene Ebeling Month ago +2

    Love this channel! *Subscribed.* Hands down, the new Chevy Corvette is a winner!

  • prattspits
    prattspits Month ago

    Those wheels terrible, they look like front wheel drive wheels.

  • SoCalFreelance
    SoCalFreelance Month ago +1

    The blue interior make it look like a spaceship cockpit. I surprised no one has considered aftermarket wheels which I think would change the whole dynamic of the car in a positive way. I also wonder what the car would look like if the side vent blades were color matched to the rest of the exterior paint.

  • Alexander Craven
    Alexander Craven Month ago +1

    Wow! I haven't watched on of your videos for a while and when I come back you have 100k more subs.

  • TonyM
    TonyM Month ago

    Another one! DJ khalid...

  • sinjin K
    sinjin K Month ago

    So what?

  • Ted douglas
    Ted douglas Month ago

    Dude. That guy polishing off the black one was their lead tech for electronic systems. Really stoked about this new whip. Came upon one on the approach to Toledo after the caravan. A C6 and C8 motoring together. Totally cool

  • fatshinobi
    fatshinobi Month ago +1

    Lol they need to let young guys drive these. 10min into the video, only old men around these cars.

  • Paul Fairchild
    Paul Fairchild Month ago

    I really like the look of the C8's with no badges. I wish GM offered a stingray emblem delete option. I'm okay with the hood emblem but the trunk one detracts from the great look of the car in my opinion.

  • Ravaniscool
    Ravaniscool Month ago +2

    I discovered your channel a few weeks back. Thank you very much for all your videos and giving us further exposure to this awesome car. Take care!

  • Adithya Ramachandran
    Adithya Ramachandran Month ago +1

    Wonderful. I wish Cadillac gets an Electric sports coupe with this interior to take on Tesla and Audi.

  • Kevin Neely
    Kevin Neely Month ago

    its a shame that they are gonna crush them once production starts. They should give them away in a contest but the rules of pre production vehicles kinda sucks. enjoy them!

  • Don Larsen Jr
    Don Larsen Jr Month ago


  • Vanessa Blanco
    Vanessa Blanco Month ago

    I would love to see an Accelerate Yellow one ! I’m thinking about getting that it that color. Think it would make it look way more exotic

    • Drive 615
      Drive 615  Month ago

      id like to see that color too!

  • alaury13
    alaury13 Month ago +4

    Dude is it me or does C8 looks like a Wide Camaro in the back? The front looks like a NSX.