LEP 433 "British TV: Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares" (Part 2) Learn English with Luke Thompson

  • Published on Mar 16, 2017

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  • Pedro Rondot Radío
    Pedro Rondot Radío 9 months ago

    Luke. Your podcasts are really great, indeed

  • mustafe jama
    mustafe jama Year ago

    luke you'r realy great teacher I want to write the kind of these words you'r explaining blew down thank you

  • Radwa Farouk
    Radwa Farouk Year ago

    Mocktail did you mean that words a juice without water

  • Radwa Farouk
    Radwa Farouk Year ago

    Please we need subtitle in english to learn new vocabulary

    • Luke's English Podcast
      Luke's English Podcast  Year ago

      sometimes they don't work on long videos, but check this page for some vocab notes teacherluke.co.uk/2017/03/16/433-british-tv-gordon-ramsays-kitchen-nightmares-part-2-video/

  • Radwa Farouk
    Radwa Farouk Year ago

    Hahhhhhhhhh to produced embryo

  • Jiayan Mai
    Jiayan Mai Year ago +2

    Luke has thousands of fans, I am just nobody between them, but I really hope Luke fine all his life ,that is what I wanna to say, thanks Luke for everything!!

  • احمد العراقي

    thanks a lot keep making videos.

  • mahya malek
    mahya malek 2 years ago +1

    Hello Luke, it was a fantastic podcast. Good job.
    Just one thing, your background is so boring, boring stuff and colors, will you put more interesting decor or pictures in the background??

    • Jiayan Mai
      Jiayan Mai Year ago

      Luke's English Podcast ,hi Luke,this sounds so funny

    • Godgog Arsenal
      Godgog Arsenal 2 years ago

      Luke's English Podcast i like that simplicity though

  • Daniel Grochowski
    Daniel Grochowski 2 years ago

    Fantastic as usual :) P. S. RIP Fluffy :'(

  • Stanislav Ivankov
    Stanislav Ivankov 2 years ago

    Thank you, Luke! Nice video, nice episode! Could you please put here the
    link of UK version of that show on TVclip, which you discuss? Thanks,

  • Catherine Bear
    Catherine Bear 2 years ago

    Formidable!!! :))

  • Fco. A.
    Fco. A. 2 years ago +1

    I like so much to listen you..

  • Boy Trent
    Boy Trent 2 years ago

    I do apologize luke.
    Obviously you have no connection with the individual concerned.

  • Marzi Kv
    Marzi Kv 2 years ago

    Sperm 😂😂😂😂😂 I think in a lot of languages it means the same you didn't need to explain it. thanks 😄👍👍

  • El houcine Ait talleb
    El houcine Ait talleb 2 years ago +4

    Another fantastic video. keep it up luke . keep making videos .

  • Haris manu Vargas mora

    behind ..... yeah behind you is a pink gorilla ..... Amazing¡¡¡ keep on Luke, it is so exiting to see you.

  • 解晓坤
    解晓坤 2 years ago

    it feels a bit weird watching you.
    Thank you for the work!!!! Amazing stuff.
    I love your voice and i love Gordon's accent
    I am going to have a bath, make a cuppa tea and prepare my mcvities digest to enjoy this episode!

  • Ronald Ricchetti
    Ronald Ricchetti 2 years ago

    Hi luke i've been listenning your podcast for years and i appreciat that you are recording videos..!! that is amazing..!!!

  • Lucy Garzon
    Lucy Garzon 2 years ago +1

    Hi Luke, I really apreciated your efford making thid videos, especially the way you explained the sentences. .

  • Nataly Ivankova
    Nataly Ivankova 2 years ago +1

    Luke, thank you so much! I am so happy not only to listen to you but to see you as well! Love watching your videos :)) Looking forward to more!

  • Mollie Tai
    Mollie Tai 2 years ago

    So COOL ! Love it !

    JOJO BENYAMIN 2 years ago +2

    So excited to watch the video. Thanks a million for uploading now I have something to watch I'll come back to comment later. 🌹🌹

      JOJO BENYAMIN 2 years ago +3

      Back after listening. Although I'm not into cooking at all but I really enjoyed the episode I liked how you explained the phrases and words learnt a lot. Everything was well explained very grateful I just didn't get how to use (I'd rather). I'm so thankful to you (I know I overuse thank you) but really THANKS 😃 I extremely enjoy listening to anything you upload and my english improved because of you and your amazing podcast. About the videos I think they're helpful especially for people who are visual or for the ones who get bored of listening. Cheers ❤🌹🌹