Apple HomePod Review: The Dumbest Smart Speaker?


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  • Valkyrie_
    Valkyrie_ 14 hours ago

    In conclusion homepod is trash

  • Sakin Hasan
    Sakin Hasan 3 days ago

    my favorite part of the video :
    "homepod is a weird product"

  • F U
    F U 4 days ago

    you can‘t
    that should be the name of this thing.

    BROZSOUL 5 days ago

    Jamees hardeeeeen❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  • FBG 23
    FBG 23 6 days ago

    This better sound like nothing out there , thinking of getting it

  • Andrew Dehn
    Andrew Dehn 6 days ago

    This is that one moment when I wish my HomePod had a mute switch like my Alexa’s 😂

  • HI A
    HI A 6 days ago

    I would rather get an amazon echo dot

  • TheSocialGamer
    TheSocialGamer 6 days ago +1

    This thing is literally useless. It is literally a physical Siri. I can use Siri on almost any iPhone. For once, Apple stole somebody's idea (Amazon). Weird, usually their ideas are the ones stolen from. Seriously, Samsung has not had an original idea in like 13 years. But this thing from Apple was the hugest disappointment in all of Apple history. They could have made the iPod Touch 7,which is always reuested, but they wasted their time on THIS.

  • Charlie Pistone
    Charlie Pistone 7 days ago

    Nice poker table bra

  • Christina C
    Christina C 7 days ago

    I kinda love when people make fun of apple lol. Some of their old stuff was great but now they’re rlly slacking

  • internetuser
    internetuser 7 days ago

    Siri is behind all the competition :(

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 8 days ago

    are you gay?

    THESTIFFIBOY 9 days ago

    LOL you triggered my Amazon echo

  • Brad LeCompte
    Brad LeCompte 9 days ago

    when you use it as a sound bar to play a movie on iTunes it sounds great , but if you switch over to watch a movie on netflix - the sound level significantly drop off.

  • Mikko Ed Sumakote
    Mikko Ed Sumakote 11 days ago

    4:40 title of the music plss? :)

  • Ivorocious
    Ivorocious 11 days ago +2

    It is the best sounding smart speaker by a long shot

    • Itzpayday 123
      Itzpayday 123 Day ago

      +Ivorocious doesn't matter if it sounds amazing if it can't be used for half of what a normal speaker can be used for

    • Ivorocious
      Ivorocious Day ago

      +Itzpayday 123 Really? Last time i remember Apple has most of its price on this speaker on sound quality rather than smart functionalities.

    • Itzpayday 123
      Itzpayday 123 Day ago

      Google home Max sounds better at not Max volume, but I don't see why you would use it on Max volume unless you want to wake up half of your country

  • Tenderonies
    Tenderonies 12 days ago +1

    6:45 ok yeah uh no

  • silajeep1
    silajeep1 12 days ago

    Soon to be the Homeless Pod......ha ha

  • THDS
    THDS 13 days ago

    sonos speaker are completely boosted, it's actually not that great

  • FreakOutBoy
    FreakOutBoy 14 days ago

    So it’s only good for big and I mean big Apple fans who use Apple Music instead of any other music app

  • lvl. 4999 Soldier
    lvl. 4999 Soldier 14 days ago +1

    So that's what the useless piece of sh*t at apple store was.

  • Rishabh Trivedi
    Rishabh Trivedi 16 days ago

    I recommend you all to buy amazon echo dot i use it and it's amazing...... My opinion.

  • sKoot now or never!
    sKoot now or never! 17 days ago

    Did he just say better than sonos???

  • Font Nation
    Font Nation 19 days ago

    I’d buy it just for the stickers

  • William Hancock
    William Hancock 19 days ago

    Overpriced tech: the Apple toilet paper

  • Jack Kempster
    Jack Kempster 21 day ago

    I am no fan of Apple these days, but this speaker has potential to be better.

  • James
    James 21 day ago

    You set off my Alexa

  • Calum Smith
    Calum Smith 21 day ago

    I hate the limits of the HomePod at this price. There’s no mute button on it, or if Siri is struggling to hear you, too bad, just keep shouting on her. There isn’t an activate button (yes I’m just naming things Echos have that the HomePod doesn’t)
    The ecosystem is great, like the AirPods. The only great quality cable, and it looks modern, it’s just slightly thick for what it is. And the speakers are way better than most. That’s it.
    If you’re deeply in the Apple ecosystem (with Apple Music etc.) then yes, this can be good, use Spotify? Then your slightly fucked and it’s annoying. And if you don’t mind spending £320, then this is good for you. Otherwise, I’d go for the echo, or google home.

  • Angelo Rodriguez
    Angelo Rodriguez 21 day ago

    If Apple and Google would work together it would be awesome

  • LoveKpop Mao
    LoveKpop Mao 22 days ago

    Wouldn’t Sonos be better then lol

  • toby 2
    toby 2 22 days ago

    thank you. they claim the software will be updated soon.

  • Delightful
    Delightful 22 days ago

    Is your middle name Keith???!!!

  • bucwolf
    bucwolf 22 days ago

    Yep. I am tech enthusiast... but there is no smart speaker there to make me give money. Also this one is underwhelming

  • Vexory Gaming
    Vexory Gaming 23 days ago

    music at the start pleaseee

  • kaitlyn chapman
    kaitlyn chapman 24 days ago

    I didn’t even know this existed

  • Rodrell Green
    Rodrell Green 26 days ago

    This entire product category is just a pretentious money grab.

  • Scott Karrasch
    Scott Karrasch 27 days ago

    I think I would like the homepod if it was the size of the Google Home, and if I can play spotify.

  • Shubham Keshri
    Shubham Keshri 27 days ago

    With the new update you can make calls!

  • Ellis Tschoepe
    Ellis Tschoepe 27 days ago

    get google home

  • James Lentsoane
    James Lentsoane 28 days ago

    Man, you're such a great reviewer...this is great stuff...awesome!!!

  • Robert
    Robert 28 days ago

    Great review--intelligent and thorough. Thanks for taking the time and making the effort.

  • William Leary
    William Leary 28 days ago

    They look like a tire to me. Ugliest Apple product ever.

  • Laurens L
    Laurens L 29 days ago

    Also, when are you going to include privacy into your reviews?

  • Laurens L
    Laurens L 29 days ago

    He Marques, can you do another review about the homepod, since it has improved....

  • Zildjian Reynante
    Zildjian Reynante 29 days ago


  • Pixelles
    Pixelles Month ago

    Hm l foresee privacy issues🤓

  • Massivespeedy
    Massivespeedy Month ago

    looks like a marshmallow

  • Entity 437
    Entity 437 Month ago

    Apple is blind to competition

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus Month ago

    I want google home abilities in home pod because I think home pod looks the best

  • Kevin
    Kevin Month ago +1

    To Apple’s defense, do people really ask their “smart” speakers for restaurant reviews, food recipes, and calendar events? These info seem much easier to obtain from a screen. While I’m surprised you can’t connect to it via Bluetooth with a non-Apple device, I definitely tend to value overall sound quality (which this speaker has in spades apparently) over how “smart” Siri is, vs Alexa.

    • Itzpayday 123
      Itzpayday 123 Day ago

      This is why the Google home hub and echo show exist. I have a home hub and it's awesome

  • Dank Mior
    Dank Mior Month ago

    Dude my HomePod kept going off every time you asked a question it was like right on

  • Clarence Bridges
    Clarence Bridges Month ago

    Sounded amazing in store. Found one online for $150 used watched your review, heard I can't use with my Android phone as a Bluetooth speaker. I'll pass

  • Philip Ayiku Dzagbletey

    So you mean HomePod is a great device but Siri sucks, right?

  • Doglover4life
    Doglover4life Month ago

    you activated my amazon alexa twice lol

  • Igor Petrovic
    Igor Petrovic Month ago

    You can't use it as a speaker for iMac? not true, you can use it as a speaker for any Apple device.

  • Olivia Edmonds
    Olivia Edmonds Month ago

    Alexa doesn’t listen for a distinguished voice either tho

  • Firas Syahin
    Firas Syahin Month ago

    Never know apple made tampon now

  • Casey Khashayar Bayandor

    Thanks for the objective review- any plans of an update since a few things have changed since your Feb. review?

  • Michael Bridge
    Michael Bridge Month ago


  • Aki Giladi
    Aki Giladi Month ago

    Waiting for my $25 Amazon echo dog

  • Olivier Chauvignat Perso

    The problem is not HomePod, but Siri and the internal software of the HomePod
    Apple wants first a very good sound quality (now in stereo) and a good design as usual
    Siri is a priority for Apple now

  • Coolio
    Coolio Month ago

    This is why mkbhd is the best tech reviewer on the internet 3:17. Holy

  • Solar Mass
    Solar Mass Month ago


  • Eap2468
    Eap2468 Month ago

    People go on and on about how good google home is and stuff, and yay it works but not as well so screw the 50 more dollars to get a decent google speaker that can do what a HomePod can do but is to big to be practical for a smart speaker and can’t even look up “I Got a Feeling” by the black eyed peas, basically they are both amazing and it’s just personal preference all of you apple haters

  • JD G
    JD G Month ago

    I dont use siri much. I dont like talking to devices. I appreciate high quality sound. I think maybe the homepod would be right for me?

  • ricky v
    ricky v Month ago +1

    Have you made an update video showing the stereo feature. I would like to see if they perform better as a pair?

  • Pako Tone
    Pako Tone Month ago

    What are emojis doing on your tv? What is that you are watching.

  • Reyes
    Reyes Month ago

    brother if you don’t have google home...

  • Bleach Dome
    Bleach Dome Month ago

    Apple turns to shit when Steve Jobs isn't CEO.

  • Lil Pumpkin
    Lil Pumpkin Month ago +1

    I'm sorry but....


  • AGT tech & motivation
    AGT tech & motivation Month ago +1

    You said hey Siri any my Siri woke up....................

  • MrTacoPug
    MrTacoPug Month ago

    U triggered my HomePod.. oh wait I’m to poor to own one
    It’s just my brother screaming

  • David Vega
    David Vega Month ago

    Honestly I like Apple but like no other smart speakers should exist besides Alexa there’s killing it

  • Aarush Shandil
    Aarush Shandil Month ago

    when he said "hey siri, who's James Harden" my siri activate and scared the shit outta me

  • Ajel Laqe
    Ajel Laqe Month ago

    I have a Google hub which was $100 on black Friday which has been pretty amazing for my family

  • SWG
    SWG Month ago

    Theres a lot of can'ts and not a lot of cans especially when it looks like a can....

  • 9 hundred
    9 hundred Month ago +11

    It's too locked into the apple ecosystem and too expensive.

  • 9 hundred
    9 hundred Month ago

    If it was just a bluetooth speaker it at a lower price, i would buy it because the sound and design are top!

  • Frankie Cuellar
    Frankie Cuellar Month ago

    I just got the megaboom 3 heads down best BT speaker!

  • Frankie Cuellar
    Frankie Cuellar Month ago

    Wow there's a lot of you CANT DO lol?

  • psychobilly
    psychobilly Month ago +2

    I think it would make a great doorstops.. 👍

  • Michael Frasca
    Michael Frasca Month ago +1

    HomePod review one year later

  • Meric Sert
    Meric Sert Month ago

    A 400 dolar mesh slinder that is "smart speaker" apple has a problem

  • Madi Hermens
    Madi Hermens Month ago

    Thanks for the review, very informative!

  • Magnus Hokland Hegdahl

    That alltta song in the intro is amazing

  • Jeroen S
    Jeroen S Month ago

    So what does it do? Nah I don't care mine is already on its way

  • o memes
    o memes Month ago

    it is a high tech trash can

  • FJ
    FJ Month ago

    I would get it if it was $200 then I would pick it up right now but that $350 price point is just to high. I can get a iPhone 7 Plus 128gb for the price of this “speaker”.

  • Ivanov Preslav
    Ivanov Preslav Month ago

    Much better than amazon alexa and google home apple is the best

  • anita dervishi
    anita dervishi Month ago

    Finally... a smart marshmellow... or is it toilet paper...idc 🤣😅

    EDIT: oh its a more expensive siri lol 🤣😂

  • Raúl Joaquin
    Raúl Joaquin Month ago

    *searches Jerry Rig everything HomePod tear down* 😂

  • Yiannis Gaming
    Yiannis Gaming Month ago

    Alexa is the best!

  • Frawtarius
    Frawtarius Month ago

    I like how even Marques calls it "Amazon Alexa", not "Amazon Echo", when he's talking about the device. I have literally heard one person call it the Echo - which is what it's actually called - for like every 10 people who call it "Alexa", even though Echo is the device, and Alexa is the software.

  • Red Creepers Play Minecraft

    1:13 I just wanted to say that that is literally my wallpaper XD

  • Eddie Reis
    Eddie Reis Month ago

    So many speakers and its not bluetooth...smh....

  • Shekhar Moona
    Shekhar Moona Month ago

    Your sound quality on this video is amazing.

  • Joel Kahn
    Joel Kahn Month ago

    At the end of the conclusion- Why should a $350 Apple speaker have a headphone jack? What, I’m going to plug my headphones into a speaker, and then...what? Would the headphones or the speaker play music? That would be a very confusing design choice

  • Chandrajit Satapathy

    Can I get the PDF of the wallpaper behind

  • Jorge L.A
    Jorge L.A Month ago

    Yes... I totally agree .. it's the dumbest "smart speaker on the market" I watched the comparison from Google, Alexa .. is useless ... Plus I'm a MacBook pro user and like you said you can't paired it!!😒

  • SomeNerdTv
    SomeNerdTv Month ago

    Mark ass brownie