Apple HomePod Review: The Dumbest Smart Speaker?


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  • ii_Beast77 Gaming
    ii_Beast77 Gaming 2 hours ago

    Overpriced peice of shit

  • Paul Keating
    Paul Keating 3 hours ago

    Jeeze! I watched this vid when it was released, got it into my head that I wanted one yesterday, looked up the HomePod on YT, came here and changed my mind, again. Apple royally fucked this up. Guaranteed this whole Apple Sales Event is to try and sell a few of the thousands of these they have piled up.

  • Kalifa Howard
    Kalifa Howard 13 hours ago

    Do you think they will be making a mini?

  • daphni duck
    daphni duck Day ago

    I can't stop watching your videos. They are just so good.

  • Andrew Troshin
    Andrew Troshin Day ago

    Terrible multi-band over compressed sound.

  • Steven K
    Steven K Day ago

    Not touching until they support Spotify and making calls.

  • Guedo Games
    Guedo Games 2 days ago

    The audio from your videos always blows my mind makes my brain hurt lol

  • Leigh Jarman
    Leigh Jarman 3 days ago

    You triggered my Alexa! 😂

  • Paul Lu
    Paul Lu 3 days ago

    when i clicked i thought it was a marshmallow

  • Noah Thompson
    Noah Thompson 3 days ago

    this video looks incredible. the placement of everything in this video is perfect. the clarity and sharpness of the image is incredible. the editing is engaging and seamless. BEAUTIFUL.

  • snehit vaddi
    snehit vaddi 4 days ago

    If sound is best then buy a bluetooth speaker.. ..why this toilet paper box..

  • Ro Foss *
    Ro Foss * 4 days ago

    From my personal experience, Google assistant is just as bad if not worse than Siri for what I want it to do. Most of the time, I say to it: hey Google, search the web for *blank* and it says something dumb like "I'm sorry, I can't answer that" GOOGLE IS LITERALLY A SEARCH ENGINE!!!!! But to be fair, it's probably not as good for things that I don't want it for, and it may have something to do with my google home.

  • Adam Clark
    Adam Clark 5 days ago

    Classic apple ripping u off for a poor product

  • Benramin Prarmin
    Benramin Prarmin 5 days ago

    So I couldn’t use my HomePod to watch TVclip?

  • Prentis Williams
    Prentis Williams 7 days ago

    I like Apple products but I’m glad I seen your review of this HomePod that I was going to get so I can keep on adding to my Apple ecosystem products but your review definitely just saved me some cash

  • Ghokivi Jr Chishi
    Ghokivi Jr Chishi 7 days ago

    Apple fan boy 😒😏

  • Midnight Mist
    Midnight Mist 8 days ago

    It is much better now. It has find my phone, phone calls, and Siri Shortcut support, so for example, I use the Overcast podcast app which supports Siri Shortcuts, meaning I can now use Overcast with my HomePod. Hopefully Spotify and other companies add Siri Shortcut support.

  • dessnom
    dessnom 8 days ago

    apple created 2 trashcans
    apple homepod and mac pro 2013

  • Ytsejam Ytsejam
    Ytsejam Ytsejam 9 days ago

    That’s fine. I don’t want it to be live and sharing my information. I’d rather it be kept anon through apple servers. I’m fine with getting up or stopping what I’m doing to order pizza through my phone or computer. This thing has amazing quality to it too. The only reason apple is hated on is because you can’t upgrade the hardware each year and there isn’t a lot of customisations to it. Please realise this is made to be shown around the world. You may have haters simply because they are frustrated with a company that does fairly well with their security and private info protocols.

  • cody munoz
    cody munoz 10 days ago

    You triggered my Apple Watch Siri

    KJER ERRT 10 days ago


    KJER ERRT 10 days ago


  • TheJosiahTurner
    TheJosiahTurner 10 days ago

    So it’s a good speaker but it’s dumb af

  • Biel Sansano
    Biel Sansano 10 days ago

    Just returned mine before washing this video

  • kushy v10
    kushy v10 10 days ago

    What was the song he was listening to called where he asked the homepod to play

  • Ashton Ariel
    Ashton Ariel 11 days ago

    Don't call it smart speaker.

  • Ashton Ariel
    Ashton Ariel 11 days ago

    Can't, Can't, Can't, Can't, Can't, Can't, Can't, Can't, Can't, Can't, Can't, Can't, Can't, Can't, Can't,
    Rip off? Can, Can, Can,

    I wonder how come they didn't put camera in this one.

  • K Edmodson
    K Edmodson 11 days ago

    I have a Mac by Apple, I use iTunes by Apple, I’ve catalogued my record collection within iTunes since it began. Apple make the HomePod. Will it find my record collection over the network. Naaaaahhhh will it fuck. A totally useless Apple product. Well not totally useless, it would make a splendid doorstop. The iStop.

  • ConLee
    ConLee 12 days ago

    you can totally use it with a macbook

  • Teemo
    Teemo 12 days ago

    i still love my sharkk boombox. its the best. :)

  • Jonathan Chinamasa
    Jonathan Chinamasa 12 days ago

    Can we get a homepod with a detatchable USB-C cord please...

  • Jaz Luthra
    Jaz Luthra 12 days ago

    The worst assistant got the best speaker

  • Alex Radu
    Alex Radu 13 days ago

    Nice tastes stoney is a great album 1:44

  • ItsKris
    ItsKris 13 days ago +1

    350$ for a toilet paper roll?

  • Jenna Sheikha
    Jenna Sheikha 14 days ago +1

    Does it work with an iPad?

  • John Nulf
    John Nulf 14 days ago

    Honestly, Apple needs to partner with or buy up another AI company.

  • William Brown
    William Brown 14 days ago


  • Kiel Enrique
    Kiel Enrique 16 days ago

    Marques be making Apple ads now.

  • Zary Photography
    Zary Photography 16 days ago

    a speaker with a headphone jack...?

  • Dan G
    Dan G 16 days ago +1

    Ffs Apple not allowing the same capabilities with Spotify is the most ridiculous thing ever. Not being able to ask to play a song on Spotify... WTF?!

  • Ulaş Oktay
    Ulaş Oktay 16 days ago

    Don’t watch the video, it basically can't do anything

  • M O'K
    M O'K 17 days ago

    What kind of shelving unit is that...the white one? Nice

  • TagusMan
    TagusMan 17 days ago

    These things are nothing but spies for the AIs that will kill us all. Big brother doesn't have to spy on us anymore. We're spying on ourselves. Why are we so stupid?

  • Muhammad Junaid Ashraf

    Hey siri tell me a joke
    Siri : sure, I’m a joke

  • Ahmad Alasfar
    Ahmad Alasfar 17 days ago

    What a dreadful painting behind you

  • m vl
    m vl 18 days ago

    What is it with all you guy “nerdies that always have to be immediately in your face as soon as you download a techie 👨🏼‍💻 vid. Girls sometimes too 👩‍💻. Your info may be important. Your face never is ..

  • Mark Flatt
    Mark Flatt 18 days ago

    $350? For that...typical Apple price and typical Apple performance...looks nice...performs like shite...great job Apple...I’m sure the fanboys will rush out to buy one...🤔😊😳🙄😂

  • Alex Park
    Alex Park 18 days ago

    Until it can levitate itself around without a wire, I will continue to be unimpressed.

  • Niall Martin
    Niall Martin 20 days ago

    Siri needs a buff

  • lulubelle1239
    lulubelle1239 21 day ago

    point on . LOVE your smarts. Thank you for your help. 65 still into all things you talk about. keep up the information. you are so real. love you MARQUES .

  • Michael Chen
    Michael Chen 21 day ago

    2 hours till keynote october 2018 🤗🤗🤗

  • Shoobie's Modern Life
    Shoobie's Modern Life 22 days ago

    I.D. on light brown/tan zip up wallet please?

  • who8myfish
    who8myfish 22 days ago

    lol Apple will have AI when Linux gets AI and they can steal it, re-brand it, and copyright it.
    Apple innovate it's too expensive

  • #TeamDodoBird CPNI
    #TeamDodoBird CPNI 23 days ago

    Google assistant is getting dumber though.

  • Maryj
    Maryj 24 days ago

    I have the HomePod and Alexa dot..My HomePod has a male voice and because Alexa and Siri sit next to each other I find if I ask them the same question, my home pod is listening to Alexa and is getting smarter and more clever in responses...before I adopted Alexa, when I’d get home from work Siri would respond to “Hey Siri, I’m home” with, so you are” I will greet Alexa first with “Alexa, I’m home” Alexa says, “Welcome home, I hope you’re having a good day.” Now Siri has started to say, “Home is where the HomePod is.” Well, it is better than that smart remark, “..and so you are.” 😂.

  • David Jamison
    David Jamison 26 days ago

    I know this is an older video but the bass omg it made my ears rumble with my headphones!!!

  • preacher
    preacher 26 days ago

    whaT Homepod cant do and what homepod Cant do???

  • Alan G
    Alan G 27 days ago

    Hollowed out the inside and made it into an expensive vase for my plants! Thanks, Apple!

  • samuel rappaport
    samuel rappaport 29 days ago

    i like how he played the logan paul suicide forest song

  • Geet Trivedi
    Geet Trivedi 29 days ago

    Yeah, you triggered "Hey Siri" on my iPad. Damn.

  • ARS
    ARS Month ago

    Can you ask Siri to order a Google Home from Amazon?

  • Crazy Tech
    Crazy Tech Month ago

    This video is as long as my shower it’s proven

  • Jose The Rover
    Jose The Rover Month ago

    Apple doesn’t market it as a smart speaker brah...

  • apexxy
    apexxy Month ago

    Still loving my HomePod.

  • Ravi Kumar Singh
    Ravi Kumar Singh Month ago +2

    Why does Tim Cook hate Apple!! 😅

  • 张自立
    张自立 Month ago

    sony TV remote

  • 张自立
    张自立 Month ago

    why can't the HomePod used to iMac as speaker?

  • Sterling Hyde
    Sterling Hyde Month ago

    garbage. cant even connect to my mac for movies

  • chinmay walinjkar
    chinmay walinjkar Month ago

    Apple sucks!

  • billygowhoop
    billygowhoop Month ago

    The homepod does sound really good. I'm comparing this to the echo as that's the only other smart speaker I've heard but it totally blows it out of the water. But I'm fairly certain you could buy better bookshelf speakers or a sound bar that would outperform the homepod.

  • martinOnTheWeb
    martinOnTheWeb Month ago

    Love always you honest videos! Greetings from The Netherlands 🇳🇱

  • Ali zain
    Ali zain Month ago

    brownlee I want this

  • A_Hopeful
    A_Hopeful Month ago

    Steve Jobs would never tolerate this level of mediocrity from a mainstream product.

  • DatAviation 340
    DatAviation 340 Month ago

    At 8:16 what the hell is going on in the background?

  • Lolipopvincent Theodore

    Hardware pretty good, software sucks so bad

  • Suhail Murtaza
    Suhail Murtaza Month ago


  • Daniel Joseph
    Daniel Joseph Month ago

    Okay . . . that's a lot of what it can't do, what's the point of this??

  • Jonathan Liew
    Jonathan Liew Month ago

    JerryRigEverything is yet to tear down the Apple Homepod -_-

  • Shaba Laba Ding Dong
    Shaba Laba Ding Dong Month ago +2

    I can’t stand using Siri! The dumbest AI system, I swear they have not updated it since Steve Jobs died.

  • robert wyrembelski
    robert wyrembelski Month ago

    you can use it with your macbook

  • Simple Kinoactivites

    The Dumbest White Generation.

  • Renzoh’s Club
    Renzoh’s Club Month ago +2

     Is Very Disappointed ☹️

  • Jon cool
    Jon cool Month ago +1

    Apple’s smart speakers has a touch screen but their laptops don’t

  • #TeamDodoBird CPNI
    #TeamDodoBird CPNI Month ago

    It’s the only Apple Music compatible smart speaker, Google assistant is getting dumber, it sounds great.
    Worth it

  • Aadi Sahni
    Aadi Sahni Month ago

    Buy the HomePod for decoration oh wait it looks like ****

  • JJ Montgomery
    JJ Montgomery Month ago

    So it’s basically a $350 “smart” speaker that’s a piece of GARBAGE.

  • Fabio Guidi
    Fabio Guidi Month ago

    Just buy a google home mini or an echo dot and connect a good speaker and you’ll probably be around 200$
    I‘m usually recommending apple products, but this one.... eh

  • Nelson Cabico Jr
    Nelson Cabico Jr Month ago

    What is the purpose of smart speaker?

    SHKO MAGDID Month ago

    Oh another you mean "gatepod"

    SHKO MAGDID Month ago

    Oh another you mean "gatepod"

  • Debra Dukes
    Debra Dukes Month ago

    MKB Awesome Video and everyone that I have watched really Love it.I also watched some that actually bought for around their home.I heard it really has pretty good sound now this was done many Months ago I wonder what the thought and feelings are about it now.I have the Bose Revolve and I Love it and you be surprised even though it's small really sounds pretty nice.Thanks for sharing Deb 👍👌✌

  • 2SaucyUtuber Vlogs
    2SaucyUtuber Vlogs Month ago +2

    But Siri on iPhones does not know anyone’s voice either. I was watching a video on my iPhone and the person said hey Siri your stupid and it triggered my Siri. She then said it was not nice to say that even though I actually said nothing.

  • letlhogonolo sithole

    Bloody useless!!! Why do we even buy these apple products 😑

  • Daniel Mihalko
    Daniel Mihalko Month ago

    I just can't get the toilet paper roll comparisons out of my head when looking at this thing.

  • glefy
    glefy Month ago

    your mic is so good its trippy

  • Nisarg Patel
    Nisarg Patel Month ago

    Matt Black looks sick.

  • oiralire
    oiralire Month ago

    "I don't know why you'd ever pick up a speaker..."
    Because it's SQUISHY Marques. God you're one of those monsters who doesn't pop bubble wrap too, aren't you?

  • Guillaume Gaudreault

    A simple AUX input would've been perfect. I'm keeping my Pioneer X-SMA-1, it's not smart, but plays music from everything.

  • Rob827
    Rob827 Month ago

    I want one

  • Eduardo Camacho
    Eduardo Camacho Month ago

    Your dumb.