Carla Makes BA Smashburgers | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit


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  • Carla Music
    Carla Music 9 days ago +4043

    Guys: I didn't burn the buns.

    • Spencer Gundersen
      Spencer Gundersen Day ago

      Snarky "just like my marriage" just like my marriage

    • Bill Angelos
      Bill Angelos 4 days ago

      She can do a video heating water if you'd like something without any flavor at all.

    • SAAR3KT
      SAAR3KT 4 days ago


  • Nathaniel Beven
    Nathaniel Beven 31 minute ago

    remove that PW! get at me if you need assistance! ill charge the recipe ;-)

  • A Malm
    A Malm 3 hours ago

    Adam, Carla’s time is better spent at shack shack. Fire her and hire someone who knows how to cook.

  • LordTurrel
    LordTurrel 5 hours ago

    This is what I'd consider a really easy simple burger. I didn't realise that they any good to anyone else nor did i know they had a name

  • Alex Kim
    Alex Kim 5 hours ago +1

    Carla, I made these and everyone loved it. "best burger i've ever had" is what i kept hearing. I always worry about recipes from food channels or youtubers because 9 out of 10 times they don't taste that great, but these are amazing and now i'm gonna make every recipe you've ever posted.

  • Fabio Pelizaro
    Fabio Pelizaro 7 hours ago

    Unfortunately I couldn't concentrate on the recipe with Andy on the background. Thirsty

  • MrRoyElroy
    MrRoyElroy 8 hours ago

    No no no no. She didn't rest the burgers, the buns were a bit dark, the burgers were still too thick, you should smash two patties even thinner and form a crust on the first side, then stack, then rest, then on to your bun. Pickles go on the mayo, so it's bun, mayo, pickles, burger, cheese. No lettuce, no tomato, no onion, no avo, no whatever else unless you want a slippery mess and don't want to taste delicious beef. But the American cheese, yes. Gotta use government cheese on a smash burger. Also potato bun is unnecessary. Brioche buns are perfect.

  • BlameItOnJoe
    BlameItOnJoe 15 hours ago

    I love Carla! She's just so real! And everything always turns out amazing. She gives me LIFE :0

  • Hugo Lundin
    Hugo Lundin 15 hours ago

    Did burn the buns and really didnt smash the burgers

  • vega s
    vega s 21 hour ago

    U said shake shack a million times. Could not even watch 2 minutes of this.

  • Ryan Porter
    Ryan Porter 21 hour ago

    Cool honest video, looks tasty

  • longfinger
    longfinger Day ago

    Mouth Watering!

  • terry waller
    terry waller Day ago

    People actually eat those? Their disgusting looking. Just looking at it makes me want to throw up!

  • Kristin Zatwarnicki

    Could Carla show us how to make the "Shroom Burger" from Shake Shack?

  • Alexia Alejandrez


  • Matteo Zanibellato

    So, she burned the buns and also flipped the first burger almost out of the grill. Not impressed.

  • Chuck Fristian
    Chuck Fristian Day ago

    Listen up Carla grilled onions are where its at babe

  • Blueberry
    Blueberry 2 days ago


  • Anata no Besuto
    Anata no Besuto 2 days ago

    i though 30 to 40% fat and 50 too 60% meat ?

  • bobwatters
    bobwatters 2 days ago

    I hate iceberg lettuce on burgers, and pretty much everything else in the world.

  • Tom Bravo
    Tom Bravo 2 days ago

    That burger on the thumb...i aint sayin id make love to it or anything but it wouldnt be left alone know what i mean?

  • Brandon Gerringer
    Brandon Gerringer 2 days ago

    Greg over at ballistic barbecue will cook anybody in this kitchen under the table.

  • Bas Maertzdorf
    Bas Maertzdorf 2 days ago

    Carla,..... if you dont mind me asking.... are you married? 'Cause I'll marry you...

  • JonTerp
    JonTerp 2 days ago

    By the way, you can crack the password on a word document by just opening it in a raw text editor and removing the password field lol.

  • logosloki
    logosloki 2 days ago

    A burger that almost has the right amount of pickles on it.

  • Charlie Meer
    Charlie Meer 2 days ago


  • outlaw
    outlaw 2 days ago

    In n out is way better

  • Live Life and Eat Cake
    Live Life and Eat Cake 3 days ago +2

    Makes me cringe seeing the cross contamination with touching the meat and pepper grinder

  • Neceros
    Neceros 3 days ago

    No... no onion? GTFO

  • Neceros
    Neceros 3 days ago

    I've never been a fan of seared buns. It's unnecessary.

  • Roomy
    Roomy 3 days ago

    You don't like American, but you sound like you like American but don't want to feel embarrassed. American cheese is simply a joy on burgers, ESPECIALLY smash burgers like those gorgeous ones you made. My god do they look incredible. I feel like Pavlov's dog right now staring at them....

  • Nick Sacco
    Nick Sacco 3 days ago

    I thought it was called the smashburger because you usually order it when you're smashed as opposed to just not flattening it out before its on the grill

  • Matt Lothe
    Matt Lothe 3 days ago

    Y'all don't like burnt buns? Welp, more for me, then. :D

  • Omneel Wadkar
    Omneel Wadkar 3 days ago

    yeah u dint....!!! the pan did...!!

  • Masha Mitchell
    Masha Mitchell 3 days ago

    Martin's potato buns are the best.

  • Brad Robb
    Brad Robb 3 days ago

    Vegetables on a hamburger should not touch the cheese. They belong underneath the hamburger not on top

  • smelge
    smelge 3 days ago

    The cross-contamination is worrying me.
    *Caresses the raw meat*
    "Oh no! The buns!"
    *Smears meatjuices on cooked buns*

  • citronen k
    citronen k 3 days ago

    smash it up

  • HackPatrol
    HackPatrol 3 days ago

    I tried making smash burgers once but I didn’t use chuck and they ended up really dry, chewy and awful

  • R k
    R k 3 days ago

    Just getting grossed out more and more when she's contaminating the buns and the salt and pepper shaker with unwashed hands...Whenever I see something like this, it reminds me why I avoid fast food/eating out in general. Also she started the buns way too early. Nobody wants a cold bun. The idea is to quickly toast the buns (both for warmth and crunch) and by doing them so early, it will produce the opposite, a cold and hard bun.

  • Zonda
    Zonda 3 days ago

    everything is burnt!

  • Antonio Reyes
    Antonio Reyes 4 days ago +1

    Habla más que una vieja sin tabaco en el río.

  • Ashidan Thorne
    Ashidan Thorne 4 days ago

    Mananing to burn 5 buns is quite impressive

  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi 4 days ago +3

    She is way funnier than any comedian!

  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi 4 days ago +3

    Is this cabbage in the burgers?

    • PsychoStreak
      PsychoStreak Day ago

      No. Just looks like horribly thick iceberg lettuce from way too close to the base. Perfect for getting that crunch sound on the recording, horrid for actually eating it. To me it's either flavorless (if you're lucky) or bitter (usually).
      Boston/Butter/Bibb lettuce is a far better looking and tasting choice and doesn't need to be shredded.

  • Ben Rinehart
    Ben Rinehart 4 days ago

    Thank you for the spatula technique tip! Ive started using it and it's made such a difference!

  • Lucy Merrett
    Lucy Merrett 4 days ago

    I love the apron!

  • Ron Simons
    Ron Simons 4 days ago

    OH!!! BTW Carla, my wife eats buffalo, beef makes her stomach upset. I did find 85/15 fat Buffalo, it cooked much faster, but they came out almost equally as good. My wife loved them so just a heads up for those who like buffalo over beef.

  • Ron Simons
    Ron Simons 4 days ago

    Ok; so I let people know I was going to making these burgers and I ended up with enough people to go through 18 cobs of corn and an equal amount of burgers. I have a large griddle that I put on my grill. I love grilling so making the burgers for family and friends was a true gift to me. I followed these instructions completely. I made a mountain of bacon 1st for the burgers, but then the paddies and buns went on. To the very last person, no exaggeration, we all agree these are the very best burgers we've ever had! Thank you Carla so very much. These burgers are drop dead, melt in your mouth amazing. Happy fathers day to all the other dads out there.

  • Ashley Ramjattan
    Ashley Ramjattan 4 days ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I made it for fathers day and was a favorite. Thanks!

  • MrFindX
    MrFindX 4 days ago +3

    Congrats on Trending

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith 4 days ago

    skip all ads!!!

  • Alex Kim
    Alex Kim 4 days ago +1

    Carla, Andy and Brad eat burgers while sad Claire is in the background :(

  • Crystal Macaroni
    Crystal Macaroni 4 days ago +1

    I feel like she just gave us the secret krabby patty formula

  • Nigel Cummings
    Nigel Cummings 4 days ago

    Where’s the salt and pepper..

  • Blue roses 54
    Blue roses 54 4 days ago

    That looks so yummy. Now I’m craving a Burger:(

  • Mike Bunero
    Mike Bunero 4 days ago

    mmmmm sawce

  • Superman MVP
    Superman MVP 4 days ago

    I like her saying smash while making a burger am I weird ?

    SAAR3KT 4 days ago

    Did they fire her cuz she burned all the buns?

  • Dafuq
    Dafuq 4 days ago

    Serouslyo delicuous?

  • Patrick McSwain
    Patrick McSwain 4 days ago +1

    Those are turners (specifically: slotted turners), not spatulas. I worked a grill for many years, that bugs the piss outta me.

  • Toaster Boy
    Toaster Boy 4 days ago

    You kept saying you were making a SmashBurger but mentioned Shake Shack.... are you stupid?
    Do you know the difference?
    Also “don’t burn the bun.” Every bun you made was burned. You pathetic failure.

    • Jordan Jones
      Jordan Jones 4 days ago

      Smashburger doesn't just refer to the chain called "SmashBurger". It also means the style of burger where you literally smash the meat on the griddle to form very thin and crispy patties. Shake Shack uses that method as well.

  • Annabel Lee
    Annabel Lee 4 days ago

    i like her attitude

  • Preston Thugman
    Preston Thugman 5 days ago

    Could have mashed it before putting it on griddle. 😑

  • glowsticksuit
    glowsticksuit 5 days ago

    Carla seems like the cool aunt of her family

  • Matthew Anderson
    Matthew Anderson 5 days ago

    This is terrible

  • Jimmy Nguyen
    Jimmy Nguyen 5 days ago

    Are we in the presence of a Burger Legend? 🤩 Side note: I’m not a fan of cheeseburgers BUT I love eating singles by themselves.

  • matchatae
    matchatae 5 days ago +1

    carla is such a mood, please make more videos with her in them

  • Martha Mendoza
    Martha Mendoza 5 days ago

    You burned the buns!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bill Angelos
    Bill Angelos 5 days ago +2

    Is there ANYTHING she wont touch after handling meat? So many different things were contaminated because of the raw meat she touched and then touched something else.

  • The Matt
    The Matt 5 days ago

    Toasted burger buns rule n stuff but wtf.

  • Pascual Sanchez
    Pascual Sanchez 5 days ago

    This lady doesn't know how to make a burger to save her life.

  • Danny Brown
    Danny Brown 5 days ago +1

    Those patties are waaaay too thick. A smash burger patty is like a third of the thickness of these patties... Plus, you didnt even smash them on the griddle. Look up the Binging with Babish video about smash burgers and compare them to this.

  • Stephanie Kim
    Stephanie Kim 5 days ago

    You’re supposed to toast the buns, not take them to the crematorium.

  • Phil Takken
    Phil Takken 5 days ago

    This is easily the top youtube food channel.

  • Kings & Priests
    Kings & Priests 5 days ago

    Trash AF. The reason people go to SS is because of the burger blend. You did not address that at all.

  • Sam Lillis
    Sam Lillis 5 days ago

    You are so cool

  • Tonka DRIVER
    Tonka DRIVER 5 days ago

    How can you trust someone to cook you a burger if they can't toast a dang bun?

  • demo3456
    demo3456 5 days ago

    Like literally i just fell in love.....omg anyone that can make a burger like that is str8 killing...
    In a good way ;)

  • Kentershaw pcm
    Kentershaw pcm 5 days ago

    NICE I would eat this burger and be happy,,, as this is how I always cook my burger in winter and I never heard of a smash burger(in fn canada), a thick burger and thinly sliced topping and dressing(not mayo or big mac suace though)... But the best for me is to always pan fry it first, then bring it too the bbq grill...also I tell this to everyone and don't make a meat loaf burger or overly foam/handle as it toughens the burger too. (Don't get me started on people who boiled ribs???)In our family the salt is a no go for health reason so we use a combination or dry thyme(or summer savory), sage, celery seed and cumin mix sprinkled on the burger. I personally like a crispy burnt burger/bun but not the rest of the family sadly, and we can't use butter. I flip my burgers to seal in the juices constantly at first and to harden them up before moving theme to the grill in summer(winter pan fry all the way) and then microwave them if they are tooo thick on 60% power for heat through(no pink burgers here, health risks)(I wish I could set the mircowave at 60% power all the time.. I can't stand mayo or cheese on my burger it subdues the flavours for me, but smash avocado spread is good Bread wise I'm ok with that bread. But there is an olive oil bread here that is so soft and crisps nicely here. Lettuce no we prefer thin boston type lettuce or spring mix... Sorry we love crisp fried onion and raw thinly sliced red onion or shallot Pickles yes, relish no. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, all thinly slice(use a /serrated knife n peeler for cucumbers instead of pickles). Basically Canadian mustard(there is one place here that has dozens of weird flavours), and ketchup and horesradish are on hand for basic burgers(we lik ketchup up here insteasd of mayo. I don't like processed cheese either, but shredded mix cheese blend is great and melt nicely. It's bbq season and I'm hungry.

  • Kono hetare yaro
    Kono hetare yaro 5 days ago


  • Ahmed Irfan
    Ahmed Irfan 5 days ago

    I hope nobody that had your burgers, ended up with salmonella or something, handling raw beef and then cheese slices simultaneously? I don’t know but you guys seriously need an HSE department in your office/kitchen/company.

    KAMO FLAG 5 days ago

    She’s like a awkward hot teacher mom
    (Not my mom)

  • Michelle Duong
    Michelle Duong 5 days ago +1

    Made me so uncomfortable when she handled raw meat then used the pepper mill without washing her hands haha :O

  • spankmeister
    spankmeister 5 days ago

    SEnd me the doc I'll crack it

  • PurpleOJ
    PurpleOJ 5 days ago

    Smash Burgers, but are they....Ultimate?

  • Invisible Invisible
    Invisible Invisible 5 days ago

    Is that special sauce a secret?

  • Itsme Jaden
    Itsme Jaden 6 days ago

    Douse anybody know what fry sauce is

  • wolf pack
    wolf pack 6 days ago

    Oh my God she is the worst poser

  • # Awesome
    # Awesome 6 days ago

    If you can't handle buns and patties aka multitasking how did you even get you job

  • AngryKhan
    AngryKhan 6 days ago

    i wouldnt mind smashing her patty

  • Dannika Sajban
    Dannika Sajban 6 days ago

    666k views.... spooky

  • Manch0vy
    Manch0vy 6 days ago

    How do you people not weigh 400lbs at that job?

  • Gordon Music
    Gordon Music 6 days ago

    I would eat your burgers

  • Mateo Gomez Carrillo
    Mateo Gomez Carrillo 6 days ago +1

    I want carla to be my mom, so every meal is delicious af, Brad to be my husband so I feel protected and have a laugh when I need it (and cause he's hot), Andy can be my lover cause he is also hot af

  • Abigail GYBJOMD
    Abigail GYBJOMD 6 days ago

    Does anyone else find her annoying

  • Roen
    Roen 6 days ago

    nice smashburngers

  • printed tea
    printed tea 6 days ago

    My anxiety of Carla touching raw chuck then touching a potato roll.

  • Giuseppe Bassolino
    Giuseppe Bassolino 6 days ago

    Awesome Carla!

  • biobele william-west

    Heavy onions on my burger