Targeted Individual Gang Stalking - Directed Energy Caught with Infrared Camera

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  • Fireteam Omega
    Fireteam Omega 5 days ago

    If it was a real directed energy weapon your electronics would go haywire and anything conductive would resonate or discharge excess electrons. Throw some foil into the microwave or watch a conductor when exposed to strong rf signals and that's what would occur. And furthermore to properly view micro or radio waves you would use a radio telescope or resonance coils tied into a programmed representation of it through a visual display. Both types of waveform are in the far spectrum of IR so what you claim cannot be recorded by this method. Because the method in itself is interference to what you're trying to record... 😐 You have regular dust particulates floating around and reflection of light. My advice get a Honeywell hepa air filter.

  • The Road
    The Road 9 days ago

    So many it looks to be snowing even. Wow

  • janeene browne Blank
    janeene browne Blank 10 days ago

    my security camera picks this 'light show' up also, in my apartment. thought that this is what i was seeing. j.

  • EricaYE6
    EricaYE6 14 days ago

    Looks like you got bugs. You may wanna call an exterminator.

  • UR GAY
    UR GAY 14 days ago

    I dont see anything

  • lalo popoca
    lalo popoca 24 days ago

    Waketh up. They r not human anymore.

  • Moto Nee
    Moto Nee 25 days ago

    you're all basically bunch of lunatics with modern devices that none of you understand. GTFO

  • Moto Nee
    Moto Nee 25 days ago

    those are bugs/mosquitoes.

  • Moto Nee
    Moto Nee 25 days ago

    those are bugs/mosquitoes.

  • Scarred Marquet
    Scarred Marquet Month ago

    I felt like I was waiting for a jump scare.

    No jumping...but still scary. 😓

  • J
    J Month ago

    Do Something With Your Voice Bro, seeing your post here just now is the very first breakthrough I've had in my four years of brutal harrassment from gang stalking. I'm so damn hopeful just from seeing the same video of what I've recorded which I'd love to post and share if there is any interest. You have no idea how awesome I feel knowing I'M NOT MENTAL! I've shown the video to only three individuals, one who dismissed it as dust particles, another who didn't know but paid no interest or attention to, the third was curious and agreed it was very bizarre. The problem is, I can't tell anyone because they treat me as though I've gone mad. I have so many other questions about the tactics I've dealt with that you, or anyone who has also experienced this, that may have some insights on how some of their harrassing "tricks" and "pranks" actually work. I have searched high and low for what has to be a hidden camera and listening device since they are accutely aware of when I'm in a particular room and what I'm doing precisely, letting me know without a doubt that they're right there with me, yet I cannot find ANYTHING! Years now! I've tried RF detection, EMP apps, all of that to no avail. So much to ask and say so I'll await to hear from you or anyone else who can relate to this tactic. Respectfully, J

    • Do Something with Your Voice Bro
      Do Something with Your Voice Bro  Month ago

      J You're welcome

    • J
      J Month ago

      Do Something with Your Voice Bro thank you so much for your reply~

    • Do Something with Your Voice Bro
      Do Something with Your Voice Bro  Month ago

      Hi J, I stopped trying to figure out the technology being used quite some time ago. And have also made the determination that most if not all info online pertaining to the "nonsense" deployed against us is nothing more than disinformation. Advice based on what I've done to not feed it my energy is to actually appreciate how the heck it seems to be everywhere, share the weirdness with my wife if she hasn't witnessed it herself and read the bible. Every Man's Version is fantastic and a real eye opener. My faith and relationship with God is stronger than ever which gives me peace and reduces anxiety quelling fear. Work on being a better version of yourself. And my Most important advice is to stay clean and sober. Cognitive impairment makes it worse, in particular the gas lighting. Contact me any time and just maybe, together we can wake up one person, then another and so on. Otherwise, in my humble opinion, all humanity is in for a rude awakening when 5G becomes fully operational.
      God Bless you,

  • Nicholas Bogosian
    Nicholas Bogosian 2 months ago

    TI is a cult

  • Dave Horst
    Dave Horst 2 months ago

    I think this light is from a DEW device....

  • Eziekle Crafts
    Eziekle Crafts 2 months ago


  • Miss Allen
    Miss Allen 2 months ago

    This is a spiritual warfare. You two are probably light workers and they don't like that.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 2 months ago +1

    What are you talking about the Dust? You trippin

  • jc dova
    jc dova 2 months ago +1

    Bro that's why you have to protect your home with orgone pyramids

  • Shanna Gallagher
    Shanna Gallagher 2 months ago

    I just moved. These ppl are so wierd. I've been A TI for years. I left a job I had to live at. These ppl follow me room to room. I hear loud pitched ringing and last night in my bed I felt something on my stomach with that sound. Sometimes I hear walking very loud. It's crazy the person gets home after me 80% of the time and my job gets me home late random times. If I'm on couch on my phone playing music or watching u tube I hear walks above me loud kind of stomping, in bedroom too. My friend who is gifted said something is very wrong. I took a chance and told her about what has happened in past 10 yrs or so and what just started happening. She completely understands but can't fully understand neighbors but says she can't say much in my house when she came and he was here. Wtf

  • Faithful2Health MyHealthisMyWealth

    Thanks for this Video

  • Dogs Sing
    Dogs Sing 3 months ago +2

    I've seen lights EXACTLY like this late in my room at night. I thought it was a ghost. My dogs also reacted. I hope these shit stains aren't targeting my poor dogs.

  • Charlie Jeans
    Charlie Jeans 3 months ago

    I stood in my drive last night i could hear a high pitch frequency. I could tell iit was coming from the house across the street.
    It was similar to the ear ringing pitch but had a fatter' sound quality. Slightly different.
    I get noises in the walls and roof only when i go to bed.
    Other sounds like a light switch turning on then off again.
    I get electric shocks to the head and false dreams.
    Things touching me and breathing type sounds.
    Hot sweats, burning sensations, hot patches on focussed parts of my body.
    Headaches, feeling sick every two weeks like clock work.
    Wtf is gping on ?

    • Eziekle Crafts
      Eziekle Crafts 2 months ago

      one neighbor has high pitched sound once in a while. really loud in the yard.

  • Nikki Kelley
    Nikki Kelley 3 months ago


  • Diane G
    Diane G 3 months ago +1

    Those are demonic orbs. Thats what gangstalking really is. Demon spirits that make You suspicious of eveything and everyone. Those are spirits of paranoia, distrust, suspicion, conspiracy. You need deliverance prayer and Jesus.

  • jchristiancaldwell
    jchristiancaldwell 3 months ago


  • Dianne Boynton
    Dianne Boynton 3 months ago

    There's a paint hey also use for live projection peek a boo crew!

  • Dianne Boynton
    Dianne Boynton 3 months ago

    Its all over the city's nothing is safe now!

  • Dianne Boynton
    Dianne Boynton 3 months ago

    They even use my trees out as de my door!

  • bones420usa
    bones420usa 3 months ago

    this appears to be dust particles kicked up by the washing/drying machine,if you notice prior to the washer/dryer kicking on there was much less dust particles

  • george rossolatos
    george rossolatos 3 months ago

    2. George Rossolatos vs. Greece ECHR 2011
    3. RECORDING OF 1ST GROUP INTERVIEW WITH PSYCHIATRISTS 3/11/2010 (I do not have the time to transcribe this, and please do not trust a local-yokal in doing so; hopefully you will find an impartial translator, and if in need for cross-checking - about the translator’s intentions - drop me a line, I will be happy to assist)
    4. George Rossolatos vs. Greece ECHR 3/3/2015
    5. A Semiotic Critique of the Scientific Status of Psychiatry and the Contribution of Psychiatric Evaluation in the Formation of Judicial Judgment, George Rossolatos

    "I brought my case to the attention of the United Nations, requesting that it be thoroughly investigated, as I am facing major harassment from the state of Greece that is evinced as a 'killing contract' (premeditated murder)over a 10-year span, involving multiple perpetrating acts in a self-reinforcing and amplifying manner, multiple direct perpetrators and a few omnipresent indirect perpetrators who monitor and direct my harassment behind the scenes (i.e. police, security forces) with the aid of institutional state mechanisms (i.e. police, judiciary, psychiatrists). I explicitly laid claim to state terrorism, given the fact that this form of terrorism has been recognized by the European council, while constituting a standard research stream in the academic literature."

  • ForeverSeekingTruth
    ForeverSeekingTruth 3 months ago

    Nice nd Great Work! yes infrared will pick it up. They are not hidden and not so smart. Keep up the good work to expose these bastards. Pretty soon this will all be over.

  • Northern Cross
    Northern Cross 4 months ago

    what you are filming are demons....nice work....

    • Eziekle Crafts
      Eziekle Crafts 2 months ago


  • gen mainion
    gen mainion 4 months ago

    but shouldn't you cut all power and then film that way there's no other interferance like the washer

  • flex loogie
    flex loogie 4 months ago

    Just little floaties man. Get help.

    • Eziekle Crafts
      Eziekle Crafts 2 months ago


  • Seth Elmore
    Seth Elmore 4 months ago

    ghost orbs..might as well balieve its ghosts at this point too right?

  • Lava Girl
    Lava Girl 4 months ago

    You've got some spirits

  • JLogic
    JLogic 4 months ago

    You answered some questions for me when I got a similar image on my camera by mistake.

  • Out of the dark
    Out of the dark 4 months ago


  • Francesca Valerio Invernizzi

    OMG are u still alive?

    • Do Something with Your Voice Bro
      Do Something with Your Voice Bro  4 months ago

      Francesca Valerio Invernizzi YES! Thanks for asking, are you a victim of this unbelievable cowardly "community harassment / gang stalking" crime as well? Are you a Targeted Individual? I watched a few of your uploads but don't speak...Italian?

  • Georgia Russo
    Georgia Russo 4 months ago

    Maybe your house is haunted.

  • Edward Cooper
    Edward Cooper 4 months ago +1

    I'm going thru this and it's so difficult every 3 to 5 seconds I'm getting hit with this ,I lost a ton of muscle mass ,weight, and my organs and mind are going thru a life ending phase it feels like I'm so sick and don't have much time to beat this ,not many people believe me what our government, cops, neighbors are doing to us but millions are going through it,thanks for your research

    • Edward Cooper
      Edward Cooper Month ago

      Marcy Roy Thank you

    • Marcy Roy
      Marcy Roy Month ago +1 helps some.

    • Edward Cooper
      Edward Cooper 2 months ago

      It's point blank microwave energy,come on don't listen to the bullshit,it's caused by Antigravity drones,look out side and find the fake stars,it's not entities, it's a mazir,come on people this guy has microwave energy going through his home,it works by drones,cable companies, by frequency it goes through all composition ,drywall ,metals ,I been going through this for years and I just found out how to beat it,cell phone towers ,cell phones it's 3 -g 4-g,WiFi, they increase it with your cell phones I bet you are collecting a lot of dust as well ,I know a hundred people going through this ,it isn't good it causes central nervous system damage,please look up this The program,The Handbook,Gangstalking, mazirs,people don't know they say portals ,and Bulls hit its common sense,straight electromagnetism, simple ,funding simple and Radio frequency as well,mazir was created 1950 before a lazer,it's been used ever sense on people,Nano particle technology. Your being GPS as in smartdust,then follows,central nervous system damage,a ton of problems, and Morrell onset disease well follow later,it's fine bet you have 6 drones (Antigravity drones)above your place,(fake stars ) are what there being called

    • Eziekle Crafts
      Eziekle Crafts 2 months ago

      put aluminum foil over window covers. heart them move on their own for a few seconds on the hour from cell/harrp towers. Smart meter and cell signals are zapping me.

  • Truth
    Truth 5 months ago

    *This comment is not validating the claims made in the relevant video. It is addressing the reality of "Gangstalking".*
    MK Ultra, COINTELPRO, Zersetzung, Fair Game, Monarch Programming... these aforementioned terms are all FACTUAL and PROVEN applied programs and they either are exactly the same as "Gangstalking" (which is a disinfo term) or their mechanisms are used in Gangstalking.
    Anything online including a Vice video is going to contain disinfo and most likely have subjects claiming to be gangstalked who actually are not or at least appear so ridiculous that most logical people would not even bother to research and assume targets are Looney tunes. The people who run this international NWO protocol are very wealthy and powerful. They can make you disappear from the face of the earth anytime they please with little proof of you having ever existed but they usually tend to prefer to torture and destroy their targets.
    If you honestly think that Gangstalking is not real despite the numerous programs that have existed that are carbon copies of Gangstalking then you are a complete moron who is probably beyond normal help because you have made a conscious decision to ignore facts and history and be stupid.
    Belief and faith can be a challenge, but to incredulously guffaw at the existence of a program that is based off of previously scientifically and historically proven programs is nothing short of pure ignorance. You will simply look like a fool to the enlightened and intelligent humans who are not as brainwashed and mind-controlled as you have allowed yourself to become.

  • D Sammut
    D Sammut 5 months ago

    Looks like you might have ghosts in there too dude! It also looks like the Northern Lights are appearing in your living room! I'd contact a ghost buster if I was you and send them this video to see what they say to eliminating the possibility of it being something else. I see these white streamer's in a lot of ghost videos! Your house maybe haunted!

  • Kamala Pati
    Kamala Pati 5 months ago

    I get that all the time too. Please watch Servants Research Ministry videos. They say ti's are chosen by God for refining.

  • mike fulcher
    mike fulcher 5 months ago

    look at the orb under the lamp turn into a ring @1:24.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 5 months ago

    I've had those things fly at my head before inside my own house

  • Lincoln7Echo
    Lincoln7Echo 5 months ago +1

    Interesting! Have you tried to see how you could block an infrared camera by placing objects in front of it? What works best? It would make sense for the perps to do the same thing you're doing so that they could actually target easier for an attack. I've seen sweeps like this before as well, they are visible to the naked eye as very, very faint dark shadows.

  • dyprgrlz
    dyprgrlz 6 months ago +4

    my neighbors have bathed my house in infrared light. they used to have actual spotlights fixed on it til i started video taping it. what can they do specifically with such light?

    • Dave Horst
      Dave Horst 5 days ago

      dyprgrlz Dude
      ..same with me...

    • Fireteam Omega
      Fireteam Omega 5 days ago

      Depends on the intensity really. It's odd that they would do that... But not going to pass through your walls it's not like beta or gamma radiation so probably not much.

    • Dave Horst
    • Dave Horst
      Dave Horst 2 months ago

      dyprgrlz Did you see anything like this?? A light like this from other angles to my home do this everynight...and whatever it zapping me.

  • gry kristin lerfald
    gry kristin lerfald 6 months ago +1

    These are orbs. Their bad energy, its as simple as that. Burn sage, the smoke will "burn" them. This i TRUE. Iv been helping People for 20 years With this. Light the sage up, get the smoke in to EVERY room, and EVERY corner of the house. repeat once a week, every 14 day :-). Much Love from Norway

    • Eziekle Crafts
      Eziekle Crafts 2 months ago

      demon spirits are ghosts. russian shungite meteor fullerenes are bioweapon in lyme morgellons. Used in GMO by monsanto/bayer. demonic ancient organisms. at rock shops all over.these could be clear/white fullerenes in shungite. self assembling nanobots, smart dust.

    • Diane G
      Diane G 3 months ago

      Dont burn sage thats witchcraft and will only make it work. Just exactly how burning a plant is going to make a demon leave? Those are not energies...they are demonic spirits and the only way to make them leave is by the spirit of God.

  • AMH Videos
    AMH Videos 6 months ago

    You're not crazy!!

  • Kyle Williams
    Kyle Williams 6 months ago

    They are spiritual orbs....

  • Sean Turpin
    Sean Turpin 6 months ago +10

    You trippin G

    • jazhielcit2
      jazhielcit2 3 months ago

      lol, all these people r nuts.

  • Evie Cardona
    Evie Cardona 6 months ago

    I'll be back. With a channel

  • Old Parts
    Old Parts 7 months ago

    those are orbs

  • Sophia de Avalon
    Sophia de Avalon 7 months ago

    pulses of energy balls, WTF!?!

  • 2iowa Native
    2iowa Native 7 months ago

    It's actually satanism behind it. Zeph Daniel has a live chat on Spreaker where he talks about spiritual matters like this or related topics.

  • moniunlisted
    moniunlisted 7 months ago +2

    not dust bunnies. dust fairies. if you slow down the video, you can see tinkerbell and friends.

    • Jesse Romero
      Jesse Romero 2 months ago

      moniunlisted what's a dust Bunnie?

  • lethalalias
    lethalalias 8 months ago +2

    It's not demons. It is corrupted cowards with tomorrow's technology.
    They want you to think it's demons.
    There is a reason some people hear voices... They want you to think a god or devil/demon is speaking telepathy.
    When in fact it is a strategous placed ear plant.
    Amazing what they can get people to believe using this as a weapon.
    That individual feeling it was real telepathy then would spread the story unknowing they were duped.
    With cloaking and other techniques can you imagine the shit that's pulled by perps to get what they desire.

  • Miss B
    Miss B 8 months ago

    It's dust. If you turn your lights off, get out a flash light you'll be able to see how much dust is actually in the air. It's usually naked to our eyes.

  • Jane Parr
    Jane Parr 8 months ago

    holy crap is right..what shall we whole house is saturated in these frequencies

  • Choku Rei
    Choku Rei 8 months ago

    that's a lot of Orb activity. No doubt brought on by the EMF's.... The small bright one's are intense. Nice video.

  • Societies Byproduct
    Societies Byproduct 8 months ago

    check out NASA and their infrared tether you will see ships flying all around it in space. we can only see less than one percent of the light spectrum. there is so much more going on all around us. we are like ants and can't think or see past our little hill. imagine a highway to an ant...they cant see it because it's too big for them but we can still travel them. that's how interdimensional beings work we can't grasp it. NASA and the ten Mile tether check it out

  • IamSweetCharlotte
    IamSweetCharlotte 8 months ago

    The white little energy ballsis orbs...demons going "undercover" as ghosts! Take care God bless

  • greaterisheinyouthen then

    The crazy gangstalker that lives upstairs from me is beaming directed weapons down on us while we are sleeping.

  • Nils H.
    Nils H. 8 months ago

    That is just dust ....

  • Stardust Dreams
    Stardust Dreams 8 months ago

    Shit looks crazy

  • That Won Guy
    That Won Guy 8 months ago

    This isn't infrared...

  • Barbie D.
    Barbie D. 8 months ago +1

    What about the 2 faces on the bottom shelf of the coffee table?

  • James Harken
    James Harken 9 months ago +1

    GangStalking and organized terrorism is the biggest conspiracy known today. It is so well hidden it is buried in google search. The masons, jesuits, eastern stars, and shiners put you on a proverbial shit list and slander you professionally in the community. They blacklist you and stalk you by paying people to monitor " dangerous people". They vandalize your property or vehicles or home. They break in and take insignificant items that make it appear that your crazy. The goal is take the person down and force them into the system (mental health institution) , or jail or prison. But the ultimate goal is suicide. These horrible acts of domestic terrorism are so hidden with the Masonic lie protocol that it's hard to almost believe it. But it's very real and I've been a victim since September 2016. Watch my channel for more information on this horrible global atrocity.

  • Lee Stanley
    Lee Stanley 9 months ago

    that looks like orbs if you here voices if there good its angelic if there bad there demonic

    • Para Bolton
      Para Bolton 8 months ago

      Actually, Lucifer is the great deceiver who will come as an angel and turn into a monster. He is like a Jekyll and Hyde person, literally. He is well veiled with light behind which hides the truth of his monstrous nature. He is here in a form as well as pervasive. Do not be sure good voices are angels. Sometimes they are the deception of Devils.

  • T.I_M.K
    T.I_M.K 9 months ago

    Lucifer is said to be an alien of the invisible light, probably?

  • Shirley Rose Andrade
    Shirley Rose Andrade 9 months ago +1

    what is that noise sounds like the dryer every night at the same time it sounds like my dryer is on but it isn't I can even feel through the walls like my washer is stuck on spin cycle what is it my washer was never used

    • Joanne Edmonds
      Joanne Edmonds 5 months ago

      Shirley Rose Andrade I can hear a frequency like that from approx 1am onwards. It's so aggravating.

  • mweber777
    mweber777 9 months ago +4

    Sorry this is orbs. Spiritual entities positive or negative entities that are protecting you or hurting you and yes they emit electromagnetic radiation. You are targeted because you possess something they don't want you to have or know. Spiritual warfare has begone. The electromagnetic weapons being used against you are attempts to kill or stop these orb entities.

  • Sharon Oconnor
    Sharon Oconnor 9 months ago +6

    That's not energy beams it's demonic presences,your home is a portal,I video when I'm doing exorcisms and they flie off or out of my dog,however they are zapping your energy it's a worldwide phenomenon, this is how these beings travel until they latch on and host,Howard pittmans Placebo explains pretty accurately,we are being invaded and hosted,the town I live in is totally taken over,they have no soul and feed off energy,no one knows exactly how to deal with em.But I'm shocked your house has as many as mine,I'm England.

    • Desert Foxx
      Desert Foxx 26 days ago

      I recently cleaned my master bedroom closet out and decided to do a vlog. While I was recording with my tablet and played the footage I noticed this exact same phenomena. My dogs don't seem to want to hang out in there when I am not in there too. It's really weird.

    • Culture Couture
      Culture Couture Month ago

      Sharon Oconnor , you are right no one knows how to effectively deal with them.

    • Dogs Sing
      Dogs Sing 3 months ago +2

      Dude I have seen this shit in my room at night. I don't know what it is but it freaks me out. And it freaks my dogs out too.

  • Salvatorus Maximus
    Salvatorus Maximus 9 months ago

    Holy shit!

  • The Realist
    The Realist 9 months ago +17


    • The Realist
      The Realist 7 months ago +1

      Its just dusy being blown towards the camera giving the appearance that its moving in all different directions. There could be a window fan behind him causing the air flow. He has an unbalanced washing machine that can be covering the sound of a fan. Dust is not energy. If you want to see energy, go grab a powerline. You will see energy and you will learn the truth about after life and if there are actual spirits that really exist.

    • Evie Cardona
      Evie Cardona 7 months ago

      Puff Bal. that's. real. if it was dust bunnies. I CAN imagine. The degenerate "gs" themselves to. post stupid retardo explanations. I'm serious and fearless as hheckk, I'll wait to start my own channel

    • JustAGuy
      JustAGuy 7 months ago +1

      It is dust. I'm trying my best to not be condescending. But, yeah... this is dust. I bet this guy would freak out if he saw what FOG looks like through an infrared camera. I have a lot of cameras for home security, inside and out, that use infrared. So, yeah, I've seen dust floating. Fog, on the other hand, looks way more intense.

    • Jack_1223
      Jack_1223 7 months ago

      how about explaining what is "energy"

    • Puff Ball
      Puff Ball 8 months ago +3

      lol thats some pretty fast moving, reflective "dust"...

  • mike jones
    mike jones 9 months ago +14

    Dust bunnies. Sounds like your dryer is on? Static electricity is a bitch.

  • exsxpx1
    exsxpx1 9 months ago

    are those flying things what used to be called "rods".

  • Fred Smith
    Fred Smith 9 months ago

    Very interesting...I was going to suggest they were plasma fields and am astonished to see that was the conclusion already. But is plasma dangerous?

  • 131kimber
    131kimber 9 months ago

    4/26/17 The following is a link to a Google hard drive file.This Word document contains everything I have researched and posted on YT about these Serious Crimes, Weapons & Perpetrators. *Anyone is welcome to use this document as Evidence in a Court of Law when the chance arises* (377 or 382 pgs print Or copy to disposable small usb to turn in and make notes from info to hand in court as evidence. Make this info part of the court records when ANY one of us can!!!).
    Inform and Warn Others what's been running unchecked and out of control in Our Communities - Suburban, Urban & Rural.

  • Iaman Empoweredone
    Iaman Empoweredone 10 months ago +9

    it looks like reflections off small particles floating through the air.

  • Brandy Quick
    Brandy Quick 10 months ago +6


    • slap twin
      slap twin 3 months ago

      get who? i dont get it im trying to understand this my auntie tells me shes a TI.. i guess i dont see it

    • Evie Cardona
      Evie Cardona 6 months ago

      Brandy Quick what. Evidence do we have?

  • glittermama0203
    glittermama0203 10 months ago +3

    nano technology is way more advanced than we know. Tiny machines is all it is. Used for various purposes.

  • Martijn Vuylsteke
    Martijn Vuylsteke 11 months ago

    Pauze at 1:45 and look on the tv. Also there seem to be "some movement" on the wooden floor in front of the tv.. You see?

  • sonny stalking
    sonny stalking 11 months ago

    Can Joe from monahans contact me

  • ThePoisoned Goth
    ThePoisoned Goth 11 months ago

    Somebody give me INFERED RAY vision eyes please?

    • Elmundo
      Elmundo 9 months ago

      it s really cheap , just find a regular camera open it remove the infrared blocker , now you a have a full spectrum camera now get and infrared filter( a paper which.block all light which isn't infrared) and for maybe 30dollars you have an infrared camera , I am nog a native english but you have some tutorial on this

  • Joseph Gelb
    Joseph Gelb 11 months ago +1

    Good work

  • TheSpecialK45
    TheSpecialK45 Year ago +23

    Yes, it is Plasma Projectiles-the projectile is a charge of electrons, that travel down a Amplified Magnified Microwave beam. The microwave superheats the air, creating the Plasma, which has then become a conductor for the charge of electrons. The device is called a Free electron steerable MASER, it is also noted as "through wall technology". I have videos, of projectiles coming out of the wall, up through the floor, through basement wall concrete .
    This technology operates in the infrared light range and is invisible to the human eye. Bright LED lighting, such as on newer vehicles, the right conditions , I have seen projectiles curve at me while night driving-not bugs either.....No carnage on windshield......invisible until entering the condensed beam of head lamps .Night vision home security cameras can see projectiles clearly too.....940nm is the light frequency ......Smartphone camera sees it as a purplish white mix of light.....Equivalent to a dim night light that we can see.....Nonetheless, our smartphones and night vision security cameras uncover million or billion dollar technology.
    Another bit of info I learned reading about light, all lights we use today, give off light above and below what our eyes can see. Smartphone camera can see to near infrared, and can pick up the projectiles while using the bright white camera light. Set camcorder settings to HQ, it's usually 30 frames per second, so it provides a good view of the characteristics of the beam riding projectiles.
    This isn't spirits, ghosts, not extra dimensional beings-this is technology, that is far advanced, being used to cause harm and worse, to innocent unknowing people.
    Want to see more, from other basic camera operating people? Search ORB's here on You Tube. Im no one special, I liked science in school like I do today- I didn't even want a smart phone- im glad I changed my mind- oTheSpecialK45 on You Tube,
    more vids of projectiles, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee......It's unfortunate that this is happening worldwide.

    • Fireteam Omega
      Fireteam Omega 5 days ago

      You realize how much energy it takes to create a short range stable plasma channel in the air... ? And yes it's possible to create superconductivity by ionization of air molecules usually provided a very powerful short pulse laser (which is a more refined version of the "maser" created in the 50s). The US army has such a directed energy weapon dubbed the lightning gun. It uses a 1000kw laser and an additional 50 billion watts to produce the lightning and has an effective range of conductive surfaces less than 100 ft. This type of technology is more than it's worth just to harass someone.

    • Desert Foxx
      Desert Foxx 26 days ago +1

      Charlie Jeans
      So scary, disgusting and true!

    • Charlie Jeans
      Charlie Jeans 2 months ago +1

      TheSpecialK45 it is the church. The pope last thesis spells it out in black and white.
      Recruit family member to spy on family. The primary target is the widow to have her cut children out of the will and donate her property to the church.
      Any benevolent family members are Ti's.
      This goes on to recruit police lawyers doctors magistrates business owners and finally freinds co workers and neighbours.
      An entire network at the ready year round. Operating as a co' ordinated group to systematically target individuals.
      If you want to know who these people are they are the ones who spread rumours and lies about you. Humiliate you in front of others. Tell you that your crazy everytime you talk.
      The program now includes phones. Internet. Energy weapons.
      But remember the others all working together all the time.
      This program appeals to narcissists. Low self esteem. Those wanting power over others, wanting to belong to a group, those who think they are doing good and the guilty.
      The guilty are told go to jail or do this thing.
      Why do you think so many pedaphiles are not in jail ?
      A drug addict will do what there told to stay high.
      The wealthy want to remain wealthy.
      It is just too easy for a man with a family and mortgage to be threatened unless they comply.
      The church goers are indoctrinated and peer pressured.
      The gossipers are the information gathers and reporters.
      Stay strong people.
      God speed.

    • Mr.Nonsense
      Mr.Nonsense 4 months ago

      I have captured orbs on camera and I guess they are stalking the targeted individuals watch my video footage of them.

    • Evie Cardona
      Evie Cardona 6 months ago

      I get sick when I talk or think about it. (EMOTIONAL) But, let me pray, and I'll be back...GOD alone has protected me..

  • Phil Tiemf
    Phil Tiemf Year ago

    slt jai exactement la meme avec ma camera IR,je suis cible par arme a micro onde,jai donc pris des video comme la votre,les meme spectre sont present,etes vous un individu cible?

  • Tamara Posloski
    Tamara Posloski Year ago +4

    pretty sure those are flying rods, invisible to the naked eye. Inter dimensional beings?

  • Mike Kretmar
    Mike Kretmar Year ago +1

    that's insane

  • sarah patterson
    sarah patterson Year ago +1

    Wow.. that's insane! :/

  • larry cable
    larry cable Year ago +6

    I got hit with microwaves pretty bad last night it felt as if my entire skin was on fire yet my hands and feet were cold and a little numb.