Is Luka Doncic arguably the best player in the NBA right now? | The Jump

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Paul Pierce play "BS or Real Talk," reacting to Minnesota Timberwolves guard Jeff Teague saying Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic is arguably the best player in the NBA right now, and (3:09) Kevin Garnett saying Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant should have chosen the New York Knicks instead of the Brooklyn Nets.
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Comments • 1 563

  • QC Jay
    QC Jay Day ago

    Luka Doncic period.

  • Jhon Paul Pido
    Jhon Paul Pido 3 days ago

    The question thou. Please. Please.. arguarbly or right now. . Oh my god.

  • Javier Gutiérrez Leiva

    Durant, curry and harden are not in the conversation, shut up

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 5 days ago

    Paul’s jealous a white boys hoopin is all lol

  • Mister Boogah
    Mister Boogah 5 days ago

    Windhorst is the worst. He’s the type of nerd that gets his rocks off from mocking jocks because he lacked the ability/desire to participate in contact sports as an adolescent. Give Paul a break. He struggles to articulate his point and what does Windy do? He goes for the jugular 🤦🏽‍♂️. Windhorst thinks he’s smarter than he actually is. He had a lucky break with knowing LeBron and he thinks that gives him the right to condescend. Smdh

  • Zeljko Spoljaric
    Zeljko Spoljaric 6 days ago

    The mistake in thinking on Paul's side is that he is comparing individual contributions and abilities of the players. However, basketball is the TEAM GAME. Harden or James would probably beat Luka in one on one, but that is not the point. The point is that Luka is giving structure to his team. Watch the game Mavs are playing with Luka on court or when Luka is resting. You can't compare it. Luka makes everyone perform better, the whole team has the structure and attacks are paced and executed with obvious strategy. When he is out Mavericks are just run and gun team with no structure with every player doing his own thing. That is NOT what basketball is all about. That is why I believe he is probably the best player in the league at the moment.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 days ago

    Does anyone watch this show? This is horrible, I feel dumber for having watched it.

  • Jai Murray
    Jai Murray 8 days ago

    Brooklyn’s jersey color adds to it

  • Lloyd John Sobiono
    Lloyd John Sobiono 9 days ago

    paul pierce ego make him stupid. he dont know what he say

  • afrocx
    afrocx 12 days ago

    come on, "right now" is there

  • Gerald Wong
    Gerald Wong 12 days ago

    Right now. You cant put Kd and Curry in there... coz they are not playing right now.

  • Luke Robinson
    Luke Robinson 20 days ago

    Why is the hole in charge of this set up?
    Who is she, why would she be there besides diversity?
    If she was a dime piece then sure, put the script reading hole there for us, but whyyyyy is she there?

  • Clip Clop
    Clip Clop 25 days ago

    Look at her shoes!!!!! She LOVES BBC AND ALLEN IVERSON

  • Exenzo
    Exenzo 28 days ago

    He is.

  • Horace Grant
    Horace Grant Month ago +1

    Well, if he is American, than he would be. But, he is European and thats the problem.

  • Davíð Tómasson
    Davíð Tómasson Month ago +1

    He’s has the best statistics right now and his best season but we are arguing about him being the best player right know. Guys are you dumb if Curry would be healthy he would properly be better gosh.

  • tacosR1 Gaming
    tacosR1 Gaming Month ago +1

    The black guys ALWAYS side with the black guys.
    You guys keep racism alive in the sports world.

  • Tyyberius
    Tyyberius Month ago +1

    This is sooooo ignorant.. she freaking said Kevin Durant? Sorry Brian. Pierce makes no freaking sense

  • KinGAdil019
    KinGAdil019 Month ago

    It’s not an argument lol. Not even top 3 in the conversation

  • Roberto Davila
    Roberto Davila Month ago

    💩 to Paul

  • Tee Vee
    Tee Vee Month ago

    As soon as pierce disagreed... Bruh get him out of here

  • Nick Kringen
    Nick Kringen Month ago

    Paul has the worse takes than Skip Bayless

  • Austin
    Austin Month ago +1

    Why was Paul Pierce even called the truth, cause he can't speak any of it.

  • Arthur Kuo
    Arthur Kuo Month ago

    Wow... just amazed at how they argued whether doncic is the best right now and had a disagreement and couldn’t admit luka is arguably the best right now.

  • LaZy 3x
    LaZy 3x Month ago

    Jeff Teague is arguably the best player in the league lamaoaoaoa

  • Timothy W
    Timothy W Month ago

    Comment section filled with followers. Rachel and Paul Pierce are right on the money. Brian is wrong. It's not literally talking about best season, they're talking about best player. You can have the best season without being the best player. And yes it says "Right now", but that still equates to best player and not best season. It's either LeBron, KD, or Giannis, shoot u can sort of argue harden in a sense.

  • Pee Noise
    Pee Noise Month ago

    Curry's era ended so soon lol we are at Doncic era now bitches....

  • Christian J Puig
    Christian J Puig Month ago

    Paul Pierce is arguably one of the stupidest guys I’ve ever heard Jesus Christ 🤦‍♂️

  • William Gee
    William Gee Month ago


  • Brennan Cumberbatch

    Wowwwww, the english langauge 😑. Sorry about this Brian....I'm working to get him off.

  • Mr.E
    Mr.E Month ago

    Yea luka is arguably the best player. Anyone can argue anything

  • Thomas Zouki
    Thomas Zouki Month ago

    People just keep sleeping on Luka, until he wins the championship

  • Digital Gravity
    Digital Gravity Month ago

    Bruh he pretty much compared Luka to Jeff Teague. This dude really need to retire one more time in his life smh.

  • borfried
    borfried Month ago

    Paul Pierce is so painful to listen to, God, why is he on TV? It's like a punishment watching him.

  • Basil Carpenter jr
    Basil Carpenter jr Month ago

    Luka my fav player but he's not top 5 yet he will be soon buy give him time hrs having top 5 season but not top 5 player right know giannias LeBron kawhi AD harden there's 5 there not counting KD HE'S he's hurt or curry or klay but luka is coming fast real fast he will past all them i named but giannias giannias is a beast and Paul George

  • Will Kalas
    Will Kalas Month ago

    Paul is actually right for once

  • Thelionbearali Channel

    LeBron is. All way and will always be

  • La'Cameron Joseph
    La'Cameron Joseph Month ago

    Luka not all that people just excited to c a European that can hoop lik a Blackman Whoopi

  • asterisk911
    asterisk911 Month ago

    I don't think he's the best player in the NBA right now, but the key word is "arguably". If you want to say it's, oh, I dunno, Kyrie Irving or LaMarcus Aldridge, then I'm not going to argue with you because in that case you're just being silly. But anyone who wants to say Luka... well, yeah, I'll argue with you because you actually HAVE an argument.

  • noah maroto
    noah maroto Month ago

    Paul pierce sounds like an idiot

  • Fund-broker Trade
    Fund-broker Trade Month ago

    OKay, let the WHITE boys get out...sure Luka is arguably the best player.....NOT. And Pierce is biased and says he ain't because he's not black, sure.....Luka maybe in' Top 5...This ain't Football you dickheads.

  • devon adney
    devon adney Month ago

    If i had a choice of having to convince somebody that Pierce had a better career than Wade or Luka being the best player in the league, Id pick the latter any day lol

  • Random Hobbies
    Random Hobbies Month ago

    the truth is fos

  • hunter Phillips
    hunter Phillips Month ago

    Brian was right, u can argue that Luka is the best right now, it doesn’t mean he is, but u can definitely argue it

  • pratik
    pratik Month ago

    Imagine playing years of basketball to be where you are and suddenly Luka is being talked about being better then you in 2-3 years.

    BAMBO Month ago

    the chick and paul are exhausting to listen to...

  • Mituki Omori
    Mituki Omori Month ago

    I feel like BW everytime PP lolol opens his mouth

  • Charles Lindberg
    Charles Lindberg Month ago

    "Idiocracy" wasn't a fiction.

  • Mahathi Bhargavapuri

    Rachel and Paul need to let Brian talk cuz he's the only one using his brain for more than 2 seconds.

  • Zarias
    Zarias Month ago

    Paul “I’m inarguably the best player” Pierce

  • fake news
    fake news Month ago

    Paul pierce is stupid dawg

  • Niles Cooper
    Niles Cooper Month ago

    Ik it’s cap but that will never prove a point if Teague’s name is mentioned in it

  • JT Itsme
    JT Itsme Month ago


  • 2nd EZRA
    2nd EZRA Month ago

    He defense sucks

  • khalid Saleh
    khalid Saleh Month ago

    never pair petty paul and winded windhorst together

  • Naoki Kihata
    Naoki Kihata Month ago

    get Paul Pierce off the show

  • Blaž Lučić
    Blaž Lučić Month ago

    0:29 Jonah Hill really got old man

  • Id St
    Id St Month ago

    Paul Pierce is a professional troll :)

  • K B
    K B Month ago

    Paul is right. People are Luka Drunk. Straight up.

  • Joseph Bowen
    Joseph Bowen Month ago

    No such thing has aliens, satan and demons are deceiving these people, Jesus Christ is Coming Back, It's sad because when the Rapture happens , they will believe it was the aliens, just like so many, People need to Realize The Only Absolute Truth is Jesus Christ , The One and Only True God of Abraham Isaac Jacob