MINIMALIST TIDY HACKS | 10 habits for a clean + organized space

  • Published on May 23, 2018
  • I've been doing quite a lot of decluttering recently so here are my top 10 tidy hacks and habits for a clean and organized space! SUBSCRIBE for weekly videos:
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    Meghan Livingstone, CNP
    Certified Holistic Nutritionist
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Comments • 209

  • Jo Ann Eastham
    Jo Ann Eastham 8 days ago

    Thank you soo much for keeping your hands from covering your face or the screen ... your soft-spoken voice and facial expressions are endearing and encouraging as well ... you don't need your hands to express yourself (which can be distracting). Your face can express your meaning to your explanations. Thank you! I'm enjoying learning from you , even if you ARE my grandchildren's age ... I'm organized better now, down-sizing. and avoiding those shopping sprees ... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Your Mom must be proud of you ... I AM!

  • Monalisa7119
    Monalisa7119 21 day ago

    Love that I already do all of these but hate that my husband doesn’t...

  • Sabiha B
    Sabiha B 23 days ago

    I noticed that the people who do minimalism videos all keep a lot of plants..

  • Master Something
    Master Something Month ago

    Who else thinks she lives in Kathryn from DoItOnADime’s old house??

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 2 months ago

    Beautiful eyes

  • Natasha Eve
    Natasha Eve 2 months ago

    When she starts talking about computer, I feel like I'm being scolded by my mom...

  • Meghna Agrawal
    Meghna Agrawal 2 months ago

    Loved it dear thank you ..😄😄😄

  • B.W. Campbell
    B.W. Campbell 3 months ago

    My mom always told me ‘make your bed first thing in the morning and you will have a well made day”. Silly , I know, but it has stuck with me throughout the years and I passed it on to my children, who are passing it on to theirs. Happy to see it is not an “old fashioned” idea.

  • 이신아
    이신아 3 months ago +1

    Love ur video!! It's clear it's soothing and makes me wanna create a much tidy and simple room of my own! I'm aldy decluttering bit by bit 🙊

  • Janey Williams
    Janey Williams 3 months ago

    Sometimes I come back from work and I’m not up to anything. Having a schedule does not work for me. Although I will set a timer and give myself fifteen minutes and no more on s particular room let’s it be bite size and not overwhelming. Also amazing what can be done. In the time. I often don’t see mess but giving it fifteen minutes I also find myself using my time much better.

  • The Normal Life
    The Normal Life 3 months ago

    I gotta clean everyday cause my toddler is a storm. I walk around cleaning all day then do a big clean at night. I also have a messy teenage boy and a husband who won't take advantage of that if it takes less than a min tip. Lol!

  • Beth Barclay
    Beth Barclay 3 months ago +1

    The best cleaning day I find is the last day of work. Come home from work, clean, that way you don’t have to lift a finger on your days off. You should relax on your days off. In fact, buy 🍕 on your cleaning day then you have one less thing to worry about (no making dinner that night).

  • Soko G
    Soko G 4 months ago

    so btfl simple and tidy girl! love you :)

  • Mia 2018
    Mia 2018 4 months ago

    Japanese minimalist one in two out. So when u buy things very seriously.

  • Olivia A.
    Olivia A. 4 months ago

    So helpful, thank you! ❤️

  • John Christensen
    John Christensen 4 months ago +1

    Great Tips, And your accent is adorable. TY - My journey is underway and it’s been amazing.

  • Colin Nolan
    Colin Nolan 5 months ago +5

    Holy cow. This is *thee* most likeable face on youtube..

  • Nicola Grogan
    Nicola Grogan 5 months ago +3

    A great tip I've found is that when tidying you'll be more productive doing 20mins of a quick tidy rather than setting a day to do everything. X

    • Luísa Bortoli
      Luísa Bortoli 4 months ago

      It seems that you like this productive/minimalist way of life. I think maybe you could like this channel that I discovered some time ago:

  • Lobna Amer
    Lobna Amer 5 months ago +2

    Extremely useful!! Thank you!!!

  • Keyla Lipo
    Keyla Lipo 6 months ago +1

    #9 - I love this tip! Great video Meghan 🙂

    SHIRYON 6 months ago

    Folding clothes while watching TVclips. :) I don't have scheduled cleaning days. As a kid, Friday's were the obligated cleaning I hated Friday's. Having less just makes everything faster, easier and less tedious. It's a great way to live. So does anyone else have a hard time being in other people's cluttered homes, or with watching decor TVclips that are too cluttered?

  • Madnifestah09
    Madnifestah09 6 months ago +77

    1. Clean as you go
    2. Minute or less rule
    3. Have a spot for everything
    4. One in, one out
    5. Set a schedule
    6. Assess your belongings
    7. Have a donate bag
    8. Make use of your time (when you are cleaning): podcast, music
    9. Creat a blank slate
    10. Unsubscribe from mailing lists

  • Marion Fiedler Music
    Marion Fiedler Music 6 months ago

    Very helpful ... thanks!

  • Wania00
    Wania00 7 months ago

    Xxthat explains why she doesn't need a vacuum

  • Mary Vega
    Mary Vega 7 months ago

    I came across your Chanel ! And I just love it

  • Leah Gavin
    Leah Gavin 7 months ago

    I LOVE your bedspread it is so elegant looks great with a throw pillow. where did you get it?

    I Love UNBOXING 7 months ago


  • May Yang
    May Yang 7 months ago

    I love the practical tips. Thank you!

  • Elizabeth Garcia
    Elizabeth Garcia 8 months ago

    Hi is true use time cleaning while u do something else. I do more cleaning on Sunday I wash my hair put conditioner leave it on while I clean. Some time add music to it.

  • Annie
    Annie 8 months ago

    I'm surprised that you have 6 makeup brushes! I thought you'd have like...3.

    • Meghan Livingstone
      Meghan Livingstone  7 months ago +1

      I really only use 1 or 2, but the set came with a bunch and I guess I never disposed of them!

  • Brittany Gonzalez
    Brittany Gonzalez 8 months ago +1

    1. Clean as you go
    2. One-minute task (just do it then & there)
    3. Have a designated spot/home for everything
    4. 1 in, 1 out
    5. Set a schedule
    6. Assess your belongings often
    7. Keep a donate bag/bin handy
    8. Make use of your time
    9. Create a blank slate
    10. Unsubscribe from your mailing lists

  • Shiharaariel
    Shiharaariel 8 months ago

    Tip no.7 works amazingly for me!

  • Isabella Swanson
    Isabella Swanson 8 months ago

    I'm going to move over the summer to

  • Nel Balitaon
    Nel Balitaon 8 months ago

    you ate so pretty...

  • Ems Roche
    Ems Roche 8 months ago

    Since I started minimalism a couple of years ago, I unfollowed all those TVcliprs that are into hauls, shopping, collections, etc! And started following minimalists influencers and it made my life easier and happier!

  • KIKI
    KIKI 8 months ago +2

    omg you inspired me so much and u look so cute and soft💜hope u happiness for 2019

  • Jorge H Mosquera
    Jorge H Mosquera 9 months ago +1

    Tnks for Vid :D -> you are SOOO beautiful :3; keep the good work!

  • Ms Tabby
    Ms Tabby 9 months ago

    I use unrollme. Check it out very helpful

  • Autumn Frazer
    Autumn Frazer 9 months ago

    I have been on TVclip watching similar videos to this for the past hour, knowing very well I need to get up and tidy (queen of procrastination!) but something about having a childhood friend speak on this has urged me to get up and put on my current favourite podcast 'Happier in Hollywood', set a timer for an hour and JUST GET TO IT! ;) love your life and your tips! xox

  • Rakhi Mittal
    Rakhi Mittal 10 months ago

    Amazing ideas

  • Kenia Vilcapaza
    Kenia Vilcapaza 10 months ago

    Cool video 😺😻 Thanks

  • Dianne Frend
    Dianne Frend 10 months ago

    Love your videos..😍

    FLORENCIA MACHADO 10 months ago

    Great tips, thanks!!

  • Turmeric
    Turmeric 10 months ago

    Interestingly we have the same two things together , spider plant & salt lamp lol,

  • TheHappyAtheist
    TheHappyAtheist 11 months ago

    I started listening to podcasts during my runs (jogging). Always thought I wouldn't be able follow the conversation but to my surprise I quite enjoy it. My place can be deafeningly quiet sometimes, so I like listening to lectures or podcasts while I cook or clean... I find it very therapeutic.

  • Johnny Salter
    Johnny Salter 11 months ago +18

    One of the most difficult, probably the most difficult thing I have ever undertaken is to simplify.

  • Jeremy B
    Jeremy B 11 months ago

    what camera do you use girl

  • Rick Martin
    Rick Martin Year ago

    all good tips, many I'm happy to say I do ---still have some decluttering to do...

  • Irene Chooi
    Irene Chooi Year ago

    Loving tip 7!

  • Juanita Ellingson

    Love love love your videos

  • Catherine Levison

    One, new, useful, tip, only=keeping a bag or bin ready for donations. Now you can skip this unless you think she’s cute and like her vibe.

    • Mika Mathers
      Mika Mathers 8 months ago

      Catherine Levison I actually learned a lot from this video :-)

  • Urban Vegan
    Urban Vegan Year ago

    Could you do a Minimalist vacation packing video! Thanks

  • walkabout
    walkabout Year ago

    thx 4 the video! these tips are actually all common sense :)

  • sophisticatedtw
    sophisticatedtw Year ago

    Nice to see/hear other like-minded minimalists as ourselves! I, personally assess my items seasonally rather than weekly ... Your suggestion with weekly assessments seems quite intriguing minimizing the overwhelming feeling of looking at bulk as a whole. Your other tips I already execute ... great minds think alike!! :)

  • bouchra chieb
    bouchra chieb Year ago

    interesting topic,
    i mean we all wish we are more organised and it's amazing to realise that it 's all about small actions that we do every day! and with such an impact in our lives
    as we say: "a clear space means a clear mind '

  • donald mcgreggor
    donald mcgreggor Year ago

    my wife had hacks for everthing but she was never looking to change her bulky wallet and since i bought her this cascade wallet by Mani Wonders. her life is totally Minimal.

  • Sarah Fenlon Falk

    I was cleaning as I listened to your video :)
    Great tips-thank you!

  • Paige Marie
    Paige Marie Year ago

    Omg i listen to hidden brain when I clean/cook too. 😬

  • GalaxyDreaming
    GalaxyDreaming Year ago

    I’ve been doing One in one out for a couple of months and it does make a difference. Audible books have been also keeping me interested whilst cleaning too 😊

    • Meghan Livingstone
      Meghan Livingstone  Year ago +1

      Oh yeah it makes huge difference! And audiobooks are fantastic :)

  • Nellie Lesa
    Nellie Lesa Year ago

    i'm in the middle of decluttering my bedroom, some really helpful tips here