Indonesian STREET FOOD Tour in Jakarta, Indonesia! BEST + CHEAPEST Street Food Around The World!

  • Published on Aug 31, 2017
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    Street Food in Indonesia is insane! Indonesian Street Food in Jakarta is some of the BEST and CHEAPEST in Asia! Street Food around the world is what we travel to eat, and you can come with us for a full on street food tour of Jakarta in Indonesia!
    I hope you find this to be the BEST Street Food tour video, I (Trevor James, The Food Ranger) and Ting Ting came to eat and explore the deep back streets of Jakarta, Indonesia, and we found a ton of delicious street food in Indonesia! This is just part 1!
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    We are going on an Indonesian street food tour and a full on street food adventure into Jakarta's busiest street food markets, street food alleyways, and deep food streets.
    We found a lot of cheap (NOT EXPENSIVE) and delicious street food, and a lot of local street food that you'll definitely want to travel here for.
    Asian street food is definitely some of the BEST street food in the world, and since we live in China, eating Chinese street food all the time, it's not hard for us to travel overland or fly to anywhere in Southeast Asia or India (Places like Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia) to eat the best street food whenever we like.
    In this street food tour video, we ate a lot of delicious Indonesian street foods. Here are the addresses for the street foods, for your next visit to Jakarta, Indonesia:
    -Deep Back Alley Street Rice Congee (Bubur Ayam)
    This is located in Glodok, Jakarta’s Chinatown. Go in the morning to the intersection of Jalan Pancoran and Jalan Kemenangan. Start out on Pancoran and turn into the morning market and you will find a ton of delicious street food, including this Bubur Ayam.
    -Deep Street Food Nasi Rames (Mixed rice and seafood + vegetables, SUPER SPICY!)
    -Amazing lamb fried rice (Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih):
    Jalan Kebon Sirih Barat Dalam I, Gambir, Kebon Sirih, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10110, Indonesia. Come after 4pm!
    -AMAZING and SPICY dishes and curries from heaven, Nasi Padang@ Sari Bundo Nasi Padang
    Jl. Ir Juanda No. 27, RT.1/RW.3, Kb. Klp., Gambir, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10120, Indonesia
    -Super delicious and creamy fish head curry @ Rumah Makan Medan Baru:
    Jalan Krekot Bunder No.65, RT.1/RW.6, Pasar Baru, Sawah Besar, Jakarta Pusat, 10710, Indonesia
    -SUPER sweet and heavy sweet stuffed pancake Indonesian Martabak @ Martabak 65A:
    Jl.Pecenongan Raya No.65A, RT.2/RW.4, Kb. Klp., Gambir, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10120, Indonesia
    -HUGE Grilled Fish Dinner Feast IKAN Bakar @ ikan bakar tsb kemayoran
    Jl. Puma Raya, RT.13/RW.6, Kb. Kosong, Kemayoran, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10630, Indonesia
    My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, eating up as much delicious street food that I can!
    I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge.
    Thanks for watching, and please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or critique in the comments below!
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  • The Food Ranger
    The Food Ranger  Year ago +659

    Follow my Insta for behind the scenes:
    I hope you guys enjoy this huge Jakarta street food tour, we found a lot of super delicious street food! Please let me know what you thought in the comments below, I would love to hear from you! Thanks so much for watching and please make sure to click that little bell icon beside the subscribe button so you can get notifications whenever we upload these street food tour videos!

    • Lana Susantyo
      Lana Susantyo 29 days ago

      Kecap mani is sweet soya sauce , not sweet manis. Sweet = manis.

    • Klinteyy M.
      Klinteyy M. Month ago

      Is it just me or you really did use Filipino words to call their food tasty?

    • Husnul Khotimah
      Husnul Khotimah Month ago

      That u eat Bubur ayam..
      My favorite breakfast😘😘

    • Rizki Ferdian
      Rizki Ferdian Month ago

      Yes, they are our typical Minangkabau/West Sumatra. or known as "Padang food". The best food in the world ;)
      Rich food of spices and herbs.

  • Johari Jakaria
    Johari Jakaria Day ago

    nyobain SOP kaki kambing mister mantap lezat

  • ris dianto
    ris dianto 2 days ago


  • Reka Belinda
    Reka Belinda 2 days ago

    Gw gatau sih ini lidah gw yang norak apa gimana..
    pernah keliling asia dulu salah satunya thailand. kata orang2 kan makanan thailand itu enak2 semua.
    tp gatau kenapa masih enakan masakan indo sih apalagi yg jual mamank2 yg dipinggir jalan :v
    ada sih yg emang enak tp masih ga srek juga di lidah gw hahaaha.
    emang norak sih 😂😂😂😂 payah kalo udah lidah lokal mah😂

  • Heng Oudom
    Heng Oudom 3 days ago

    Cambodia please brother

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  • aby baraya
    aby baraya 4 days ago

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  • Crystalactic
    Crystalactic 4 days ago

    My Mouth Is Not Watering Cause I Live In Indonesia

  • Domber Last
    Domber Last 4 days ago

    Man I want to eat it too

  • Yula Tina
    Yula Tina 5 days ago

    but why the head fish curry so expensif

  • Elyas Yusuf
    Elyas Yusuf 6 days ago

    Mau makan nasi padang tapi tanggal tua, ya nntn ini dah

  • Ramon Gamboa
    Ramon Gamboa 6 days ago


  • Quency Hadisubroto
    Quency Hadisubroto 7 days ago

    dude, you're totally getting ripped off. You don't pay 130,000 for terang bulan/ martabak manis

  • Shinta Irbee
    Shinta Irbee 7 days ago

    Bule makan pake tangan lucu ya... Gemes gemes gmna gitu... Ahhahaha mantuulllll 😍

  • Diani Fauziah
    Diani Fauziah 9 days ago

    omg it's so expensive ))):

  • Paska Iswanto
    Paska Iswanto 15 days ago

    This truly captured the character of Jakarta native Betawian population. They are really funny & spontaneous

  • Renato Pisanelli
    Renato Pisanelli 15 days ago

    Thankyou for the best street food video . It is like dreaming and being one in love with life . I can’t wait to come and try to eat all theses plates of the best prepared elegantly served food .

  • Fitri Ati
    Fitri Ati 16 days ago

    GuaNgakak ama Ibu2Nya😂

  • Nona Youbiznes
    Nona Youbiznes 19 days ago

    The "crackers" are various sorts of KRUPUK.

  • Muhammad Jumaizar Rahman

    Padang pak bukan pedang :v

  • dhany maharani
    dhany maharani 20 days ago

    Ngakak banget ada back sound "jangan kasih saos ntar men..."

  • Ray Ramdhan
    Ray Ramdhan 21 day ago +1

    Are you dont have a translator? Because in indonesia have a barbar human.....

  • Desmond Gorchinsky
    Desmond Gorchinsky 21 day ago

    Trevor, I love your show but when you eat balls and brains, i want to wretch... sorry....

  • CL W
    CL W 22 days ago

    And by the way, it is most likely no butter what they use. Probably butter blend but usually margarine made from palm oil with just butter flavour. Hydrogenated fats welcome!

  • CL W
    CL W 22 days ago

    470.000 IDR or 35$ for that fish head curry???

  • Nine Twelve
    Nine Twelve 23 days ago

    I think You need guide gate way if want buy food in indonesia bro

  • Bagus Aryanto
    Bagus Aryanto 24 days ago

    2:09 hahahahahahahaha Jangan pakai saos entar mencret lol I'm dying

  • Moh. Adi Atma Sumarman

    Martabak= Joyfull heat attack😂🤣😂🤣

  • naufal b
    naufal b 27 days ago

    Asu tuh orang yg ngomong "jngn pake saos" ngegas mulu 😂

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    Elsa&lisa 27 days ago

    Trevor James must eat brains! Where’s the Ketoprak?

  • 2xtream
    2xtream 29 days ago

    IS it also ok to eat with a spoon knife and fork?

  • R p
    R p 29 days ago

    Makan Nasi Padang untuk sekelas Sari Bundo Juanda, harga segitu sudah standar.....

  • R p
    R p 29 days ago

    By the way, you miss traditional Betawi food, kerak telor, Kerak telor has been around for centuries

  • Suryadi Tjandra
    Suryadi Tjandra Month ago

    Greeting from Jakarta,Indonesia.
    i hope you enjoy this city,and please come back again.

  • yudha anggara
    yudha anggara Month ago

    That was overprice honesly i feel bad for you:(

  • erickogrowt
    erickogrowt Month ago

    PS:martabak is only around 30.000-70.000 rupiah, idk why yours is so expensive :v

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    E Sastrowiardjo Month ago

    Can I get a SPOON???? Its more hygienic

  • Prima Ramadhan
    Prima Ramadhan Month ago

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    :9... in my opinion

  • Sukandi Gunawan
    Sukandi Gunawan Month ago

    Beef Rendang Number 1 food in the World

  • Laukimsui Mongtai
    Laukimsui Mongtai Month ago

    Perutnya kok ga kenyang2 ya

  • Ananda rahmani
    Ananda rahmani Month ago

    8:07 it's sweet soybean sauce
    sweet = manis .... in indonesian ..

  • Rendy Aulia33
    Rendy Aulia33 Month ago

    mmg bagus om lampu , casing ronaldo . twweet . later dibeli all later om lampu casing palak 3 . om itu fb mario kalo mau bantu bantulah 8 . mario mau kota lagi om

  • Michael Andersson
    Michael Andersson Month ago

    Great vid👍

  • Bot- Sy
    Bot- Sy Month ago

    O yeah that’s the best “Kakap” fish ever.

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    Feddy blade Month ago

    This video makes me sweat. It's very mouthwatering......

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    Feddy blade Month ago

    I like the fact that you smile a lot. So much appreciation and positive energy.

  • Feddy blade
    Feddy blade Month ago

    Hi, do all kinds of food you travel far away for make western food tasteless?

  • Feddy blade
    Feddy blade Month ago

    Udah "good good... Sedap sedap" dapet skornya cuma 7.2 haha.

  • Berty Valentia Ziein

    go to Indonesia again, i will take you unregretful tour

  • Chic Butterfly
    Chic Butterfly Month ago

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  • CornerGD & More!
    CornerGD & More! Month ago

    Kambing is goat

  • Maulana Musa
    Maulana Musa Month ago

    You know the beef rendang is legit, authentic, and spicy when the sauce's colour is a lot darker than usual

  • Achmad Faisal
    Achmad Faisal Month ago

    20:42 This looks like a definite heart attack.

  • danzcell
    danzcell Month ago

    Lumayan kan harga di indonesia.. tp mantap sesuai rasa

  • Raymond
    Raymond Month ago

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    stevan surya Month ago

    470,000 rups for one peace of curry head fish its so expensive for locals people

  • Husna Hanifah
    Husna Hanifah Month ago

    'jangan pake sambel, nanti mencret' she said at scene bubur ayam wkwk

  • Rizki Ferdian
    Rizki Ferdian Month ago

    Yes, they are our typical Minangkabau/West Sumatra. or known as "Padang food". The best food in the world ;)
    Rich food of spices and herbs.

  • Herdika Praga
    Herdika Praga Month ago

    Try street food ini Bekasi city, sir.. Its suburban city of Jakarta

  • Evita Damayanti Paul

    Just fyi, kambing is goat, not lamb!

  • Peter Erick
    Peter Erick Month ago

    if you come to Indonesia to review the type of food you should look for Mr.Atta Hallilintar to work together because he is the best youtuber in indonesia you can work together thank you

  • Anunaki atlantis
    Anunaki atlantis 2 months ago

    that fish head is 4 times exspensive than normal price.

  • Anunaki atlantis
    Anunaki atlantis 2 months ago

    that bubur ayam is not delicous and not mach to eat if use sweat soy sauce it s should use salty soy sauce.

  • Wina Yulinar
    Wina Yulinar 2 months ago

    12:21 ko aku kaya ngedenger suara orang nelen ludah ya xD

  • Ricard o
    Ricard o 2 months ago

    That headfish? Are you sure that price ia true? I think it's too expensive. I am Indonesian and i think that too expensive just for it.

  • Endri Austin
    Endri Austin 2 months ago

    Why you not order jengkol at nasi rames😂😂😂

  • Zuwanda Then
    Zuwanda Then 2 months ago

    Food ranger should arrange Culinary Trip to Makassar.. so many authentic delicious food

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    mirah al gold 2 months ago

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    Really wanna be your guide in indonesia so you can experience all the type of indonesia food. Please, you need to take at least 1 indonesia friend so you will be understand with everything that you eat and for the bills. Because i think you pay too much for all the food that you eat. If you bring some indonesia friend maybe you can save money more because they will give you suggestion for everyfood that you eat.
    Thanks for the briliant video trevor, really enjoy all of your video in heree. Let's travel more. Cant wait for your next video😉😉😉

    FAIZ ROCK 2 months ago

    you need a translator ...

  • S T
    S T 2 months ago +2

    again - how Indonesian are these foods? looks more Chinese....

    • Mochamad Romadhoni
      Mochamad Romadhoni 2 months ago

      Yes, Traditional Chinese food have a lot of invluence to Indonesian food... and we have no problem with that because they are tasty ..👍👍👍👍

  • Economist Ways -
    Economist Ways - 2 months ago

    these foods are really expensive. cause of you just took it in the jakarta, if you will go to more urban places u will get more delecious and cheaper.

  • jodi sinaga
    jodi sinaga 2 months ago

    You come to indonesia, meet your friend, and she's speak madarin?
    I think you are wrong man, you should meet indonesian and she or he speak indonesian, that's correct
    Sorry, just my opinion.

  • Gamebotigi
    Gamebotigi 2 months ago +1

    Is Choo Choo Indonesian? is Indonesian speak Chinese? .. nevermind.

  • Rick Powell
    Rick Powell 2 months ago +1

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  • Ted Tseng
    Ted Tseng 2 months ago

    13:37 18:32 so we are going to have someone's untouched dishes? that is not very nice :)))

  • Armando van Haaren
    Armando van Haaren 2 months ago

    That was not salsa that was a different kind of sambal

  • Faisal Ibrahim Hakim
    Faisal Ibrahim Hakim 2 months ago

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  • Faisal Ibrahim Hakim
    Faisal Ibrahim Hakim 2 months ago

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    Hariyanto Theng 2 months ago

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    choi iska 2 months ago

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      YOUTUBE ANJING 2 months ago

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