OnePlus 7 Pro BEAST! Pop-up Camera & 90hz Madness!

  • Published on May 14, 2019
  • OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing & Review In Nebula Blue! Insane hidden camera & 90hz refresh rate display! This phone exceeded ALL expectations.
    iPhone 11 Latest Leaks.
    Perfect Fake AirPods 2.
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  • EverythingApplePro
    EverythingApplePro  Month ago +1916

    1 like = 1 tan for my camera man

    • Lance Nostrum
      Lance Nostrum 2 days ago

      Tragically the camera man died of skin cancer

    • Mr assassin beastboy
      Mr assassin beastboy 15 days ago

      @EverythingApplePro tell me about the monie how much monie abd per month im spending

    • Mr assassin beastboy
      Mr assassin beastboy 15 days ago

      just tell me about the moniee

    • A. S
      A. S 22 days ago

      @Jorge Enriquez don't beg it

  • Abhay B
    Abhay B 27 minutes ago

    No IP certification, No headphone jack, No headphone included in the box. And the price is almost same as Galaxy S10. Excellent

  • Anand Kothari
    Anand Kothari 7 hours ago

    Is your channel name EverythingApplePro or I am reading something, wrong sir?
    No offense, I liked your video though.

  • Ādi-Kartā Dāsa

    Is the glare on the curves of the screen a major issue?

  • Dasrix
    Dasrix Day ago +1

    I'm shocked like OnePlus did such a phenomenal job they could sell this for 1000 dollars if not more and for them to sell it at the price that they do is incredible

  • EverydayCringe EverydayCringe

    Shame it’s running Spydroid

  • Vicky Mhatre
    Vicky Mhatre 2 days ago

    Watching this video on one plus 7 pro 😄

  • belikeike
    belikeike 5 days ago

    Bro, you said there is no excuse for a notch, I have to disagree, where else are you going to house an iPhone's Face ID setup?

    • NaxXoR Powe
      NaxXoR Powe Day ago

      Like OnePlus 7 , he have face id so .

  • Tanay Mehra
    Tanay Mehra 5 days ago

    Can you a rview on MI band 3

  • Mc Oussax
    Mc Oussax 6 days ago

    I have crush on you

  • TheDigitalcrack
    TheDigitalcrack 6 days ago +1

    As an android fan...the Iphone max is way better at that video even close

  • gigaspek
    gigaspek 7 days ago

    Enough with Apple

  • Ron labs
    Ron labs 7 days ago

    Oneplus 7 pro 90hz vs black shark 2 240hz..

  • James Duat
    James Duat 7 days ago

    Airpods sucks 😂

  • Fem Wil
    Fem Wil 8 days ago

    4 Gig RAM vs 12 Gig RAM.
    Nice one Apple.

  • mohammed ismail
    mohammed ismail 8 days ago

    U should try k20 pro

  • green lover
    green lover 8 days ago

    There is no blue colour in market. Not even from their website. No where.

  • TheKiller2498
    TheKiller2498 9 days ago +1

    Do u get the entire box or just the phone

    • Casuality
      Casuality 5 days ago

      When you buy it you only get the "small box" that the phone came in. This is their "reviewer's" kit

  • Rui Miguel Serrano
    Rui Miguel Serrano 10 days ago

    one question, I ordered the OnePlus 7 (normal version), arrived today, however, by mistake I sent the 6Gb RAM version instead of 8Gb RAM, I am a medium user, social networks, calls, messages, notifications , a game or another simple and light, you think I will notice a lot of difference to the 8Gb version? I could return the 6Gb and send the 8Gb, but honestly, I do not want anything to be without Oneplus plus a few days and the 128Gb of internal memory come to me and are left ... thank you very much for your feedback;) Embrace

  • Arduino Workshop
    Arduino Workshop 10 days ago

    You can do the Zoom thing that he was doing at 8:40, and turn the brightness all the way down, then you can go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Reduce White Point, flip the switch on, and slide it all the way to 100%. That’s how you get the iPhone to the lowest brightness possible.

  • SG Fresh Idea
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  • Bruxner
    Bruxner 10 days ago

    If you need a smart battery case on your iPhone Xs Max, to get through one day, then I'm scared as to what your usage and screen time is.

  • ik ram
    ik ram 11 days ago +2

    Everyone: .....
    Trump: ok, next we targeting One Plus

  • arturo martinez
    arturo martinez 11 days ago

    Badera Essence

    JDM CJM 11 days ago

    How can anyone consider an Iphone XR for £100 MORE than the one plus 7 pro. It's just a joke. "not that it's a bad offering"? yes it is. anything sub 1080P screen whys at 750 is a joke.

  • Valdson almeida
    Valdson almeida 11 days ago


  • Valdson almeida
    Valdson almeida 11 days ago

    Um s10

  • Valdson almeida
    Valdson almeida 11 days ago

    Um s10

  • Valdson almeida
    Valdson almeida 11 days ago

    Minda um

  • Valdson almeida
    Valdson almeida 11 days ago

    Quero um desse

  • Marios Anastasiou
    Marios Anastasiou 11 days ago

    speeetest ???

  • Ishai Harel ישי הראל

    I have an old iPhone 6 plus and cannot afort a new one. I would really really really really really really really like to win Oneplus 7 or 7 Pro

    SKM WORLD 11 days ago

    Pro has great video stabilization vs xsm

  • zach films
    zach films 12 days ago

    Garbage phone prefer my phone xr than that pice of shit at least we get updates every year not like android phones have to wait 😂🤦🏻‍♂️😏

  • Naythan Jones
    Naythan Jones 12 days ago

    So happy to have this phone instead of an iPhone. Less than 800 bucks and I got 256 GB of storage!

  • Ilestun
    Ilestun 12 days ago

    I think the OP7pro is typically designed to please Iphone users : increase the price, cut massive corners, looks dope.

  • jaediy baeby
    jaediy baeby 12 days ago

    One plus 7 beat Samsung finally

  • xlivesforevers son
    xlivesforevers son 12 days ago

    try oneplus 7 pro for a week

  • arun subramanian
    arun subramanian 13 days ago

    Dont give false opinions for sake of hits>>>>s10 plus speaker sound better than one plus pro 7---personal check done...

  • arun subramanian
    arun subramanian 13 days ago

    XS Max zooming looks better than OnE Plus Pro 7 in video

  • Slinger
    Slinger 13 days ago +1

    "please apple bring this to the new iphone" ~ ihone users
    sounds like you want an android phone boi.

  • Tudor
    Tudor 13 days ago

    You look like a douche thoose rings could distroy the phone

  • Tudor
    Tudor 13 days ago +1

    I hated s10 screen with that hole , thank you one plus
    You saved us

    • Peter dukess
      Peter dukess 12 days ago

      hi there how would you compare the one plus to s10 as I have the plus version is the screen just as good and speakers cheers

  • Joe Balsamo
    Joe Balsamo 13 days ago

    90hz madness with battery management sadness.

  • Tamer Rame
    Tamer Rame 14 days ago

    What do you think guys do i trade my iphone 8 plus for oneplus 7 pro

  • Nathaniel Barnes
    Nathaniel Barnes 15 days ago

    +1 for cute camera man, whats up with all the ads on your channel now. They literally come two at a time now -_-*

  • rakan Issa
    rakan Issa 15 days ago

    any screen issues ??

  • Mr assassin beastboy
    Mr assassin beastboy 15 days ago

    phone looks fancy but all i want to know is the monieeee tell me about the monieeee

  • Hollow Knight
    Hollow Knight 15 days ago

    Iphones are garbage

  • Ireland R
    Ireland R 15 days ago

    whats that thing on your watch band?

  • Russel Digma
    Russel Digma 16 days ago

    Where can I get it and how much?

  • Tenzing Choeing
    Tenzing Choeing 16 days ago


  • Robert Rob
    Robert Rob 16 days ago

    One plus voucher program is horrible. I sent my old phone in for a trade in voucher. They still have not paid me and it’s day for. Don’t deal with this company there customer support is useless. They still won’t fix this problem with my voucher not being issued. Guess they want you to send in your phone to keep it and never pay you.

  • Luciana C
    Luciana C 16 days ago

    this phone makes me embarrassed to be stuck in the apple ecosystem

  • Poncho Tinoco
    Poncho Tinoco 16 days ago

    Whats that bulky block on your apple watch wrist band?

  • J Cai
    J Cai 16 days ago

    in most of the case, I don't use the frontal camera. this is great, but need a better camera for OnePlus.

  • Allan Sirajam
    Allan Sirajam 16 days ago +1

    Everythingapple trying other devices not named apple. 🤭

  • Prathamesh P
    Prathamesh P 16 days ago

    oneplus should make a colour that changes the way and angle you look at it

  • Ewounet Abiy
    Ewounet Abiy 16 days ago

    Anyone who thinks the one plus footage was better needs eye check up

  • Mr11ESSE111
    Mr11ESSE111 16 days ago

    Samsung and apple start to be behind of chinese companies so no wonder that they start to play dirty with this stories about spying so they could ban Huawei and probably they will go on other too

  • Carlos Vasques
    Carlos Vasques 17 days ago

    I won’t change my jailbroken iPhone 📲

  • bouchlanga
    bouchlanga 17 days ago

    Hi my friend the video was really great but I like your rings can you please send me links where I can buy it from thank you very much

  • Bernardo Gaona
    Bernardo Gaona 17 days ago +21

    You know Apple fell off when a big Apple reviewing channel says "Apple will get here eventually" or "even Samsung doesn't have this". I think it's time for me to switch☹️

  • InfinityASMR
    InfinityASMR 17 days ago

    At 1:00 did anyone else the the box slowly close it self 🤤🤤🤤

  • TE9994
    TE9994 17 days ago

    iPhone XS still captures the nicer looking videos

  • RC Hammer
    RC Hammer 17 days ago +1

    It's not the best value if you get what you paid for; or not get what you don't pay for. Cutting corners such as less than great camera, lack of wireless option, no actual IP rating, etc...Don't get me wrong. It's GREAT for basic use such as gaming, Tweeting, watching Netflix.
    Consider Dex on the S10. It's not just screen mirroring, but it's an actual work station like a pc. Great for meeting presentations and simply getting work done. S10 is a powerful piece of equipment.
    One+ is fair value, nothing more.
    Just review the color more dude. No wonder you're a fruit guy.

  • RC Hammer
    RC Hammer 17 days ago

    It's not the best value if you get what you paid for; or not get what you don't pay for. Cutting corners such as less than great camera, lack of wireless option, no actual IP rating, etc...
    Don't get me wrong. It's GREAT for basic use such as gaming, Tweeting, watching Netflix.
    Consider Dex on the S10. It's not just screen mirroring, but it's an actual work station like a pc. Great for meeting presentations and simply getting work done. S10 is a powerful piece of equipment.
    One+ is fair value, nothing more.
    Just review the color more dude.

    • RC Hammer
      RC Hammer 13 days ago

      @agentcarti No problemo. People use their phones for different reasons. Most use it primary media/entertainment so refresh rate, gaming, watching videos, etc is what's important. For me, it's more for work and listening to music. A communication device. Dex is EXTREMELY useful, 3.5 jack does produce better sound than Bluetooth (S10 puts out good juice via 3.5), wireless charging convenience, taking pictures for work, etc. What I use the phone for, the S10 does better, and One+ doesn't even have lot of the features I use daily. That little bit of extra speed and refresh rate doesn't do shit for me.

    • agentcarti
      agentcarti 15 days ago

      no its just overall better hardware with better software.
      i was lifetime samsung fanboy till i bought my 6t because my whole user experience with samsung was shitty. i just tried to run away from samsung software and features. And the performance was so bad. Im really into android and ik how you have to use android so it does perform well, but i had such strong lags and the devices of my friends do performe exactly as bad, till unusable. And every year i thought they fixed it, but no.
      Never used wirless charging on my s8, never missed it on my 6t especially with dash charge. I dont need an IP logo pn the box when it does cost me up to 30$. I do frequently clean my 6t under floating water. Ive bluetooth hesdphones, never used the jack on my s8. You have to pay a lot for the dex station while you get it free later this year on oneplus, you just need a cheap cable. And im pretty sure that google made a better job than samsung.
      Op 7 pro has advantages you appreciate in daily use. 90hz screen, ufs 3.0(hopefully they get more out of it), better vibration motor, many people prefer the speakers of the 7 pro, 30watt fast charging, software updates(love the new screen recorder with internal audio and especially zen mode. to know that the oneplus 3 got android pie is also great), day one performance for the next years when you use android right, not senseless features that all are senseless or worked bad(bixby button wich is so annoying, edge panels wich just didnt worked as fluid and fast as they should. Super slow and just overall bad iris scanner. I gave it multiple chance, to at the end of the day to have to unlock a 2017 device with a pattern was just annoying and slow. i could continue so. I mean why u buy a punch hole phone when you have in so many apps 1cm black bar at the top. it just looks ugly. ik its not every time the fault of samsung, but for some apps, especially games its really hard to integrate a punchole or like a tripple punch hole like in the s10 5g.
      Now you probably say the s10 is completely diffrent but....
      ive not the time to explain why everything applies to the s10 but for example instead using a good biometric method they us this ultra slow fingerprint where you have to be super precisely wich makes it super unreliable. yeah ultrasonic is a cool technology but how dows this increase your user experience? its also not that much more secure, if you have someones finger you can just use their finger to unlock the devices. who makes this afford of making a copy of your fingerprint doesnt mind if they have to use a 3d printer or glue.
      Still bixby button.
      Shitty animation that just dont feel fluid nor smooth. They just way to linear instead of dynamic.
      People complaining to experience their first lags after setting up the device. (on reddit)
      Software is exactly build up as any other samsung ui before (googles and samsungs ecosystem on one device that just doesnt makes any sense at all, especially because samsung eco system is overall so much worse. so on..)
      yeah they have to improve the camera but they already did with the last update and they want to push out another camera update next week.
      yall samsing fans mean the s10 camera is like a Pixel or iPhone xs haha
      yes its pretty good but it is slighty behind these devices. s10 pictures often reminds me of my s5 camera. way to oversaturated colors, especially green, otherwise just great!
      if they continue work on the camera it hopefully will be on part with the s10, the last software update improved it a lot. but know it has very similar colors to the s10 wich i really dislike.

    • RC Hammer
      RC Hammer 15 days ago

      @agentcarti Ahh there's no reasoning with you. You must be a hater.

    • agentcarti
      agentcarti 16 days ago

      better than the s10 5g for half the price? thats a great value

  • Facts Only
    Facts Only 18 days ago

    Video quality was trash. You could actually see it lagging.

  • giannhs oikonomou
    giannhs oikonomou 18 days ago

    lol even my Huawei p 2019 the phone cost 180$ and has ip68

  • Theo Delaunay
    Theo Delaunay 18 days ago

    You can get 10 $/£/€ of accessories for free if you use this link to buy your OnePlus 7/7 Pro.

  • Adil Gjonbalaj
    Adil Gjonbalaj 18 days ago

    the oneplus earbuds whatever they are called are exactly like the beats x, same case and everything, its like they just gave you the beats x lol

  • Dhruv Bansal
    Dhruv Bansal 18 days ago +3

    samsung is behind that oneplus 7 pro display as well
    samsung is doing all types of displays

  • largon 03
    largon 03 18 days ago

    I know most people like their ecosystem with apple but slowly people will tired of getting nothing but the same iPhones with slightly enhanced cameras. That is exactly what you're getting with the iPhone 11, the notch stays, and now you get 3 lenses in the back. It is beyond me how they can even call it a new phone. I used to use iPhones but noticed they were just taking my money for the same phone with slightly better camera and not even be able to arrange icons the way I wanted it. Unreal. But slowly people will notice they are just not innovative..

  • temujen
    temujen 18 days ago

    Video on the OnePlus looks like trash - way too much judder and the color is noticeably warm when outside.

  • TheAgency
    TheAgency 19 days ago

    cool video!!!

  • Techno_annie
    Techno_annie 19 days ago

    JESUS DUDE stop begging apple for those features and just switch over already.. the amount of brainwash is unbelievable

    • Cazador
      Cazador 18 days ago

      Because if someone doesn’t like what you like they are brainwashed. Stfu there are just better features that would be nice on the iPhone. A lot of people can’t switch from iOS.

  • Matti Schuldt
    Matti Schuldt 19 days ago +12

    I think the image on the 7pro is calibrated little too warm.

  • 1 J
    1 J 19 days ago +2

    Apple benchmarks are fake

  • ya00007
    ya00007 19 days ago

    I really like this phone. I hope samsung copies that camera design!

  • CryBaby Cruz
    CryBaby Cruz 19 days ago

    This is a kewl phone

  • Brian Voll
    Brian Voll 20 days ago

    Didn’t you have a video with the USB killer on the phone? It disappeared before I could watch it :(

    SMLEFGFJB pMan 20 days ago +2

    No more excuses for a notch or a hole punch. Thank you, One plus.

  • Ray ll
    Ray ll 20 days ago

    Why does he keep saying Apple give me this?

  • Hans Dampf
    Hans Dampf 20 days ago +1

    Nice phone, love the screen. But the video quali is nowhere near the XS. Not sure how photos compare.

  • xxpantherxx 383
    xxpantherxx 383 20 days ago +1

    Am I the only one that is always paranoid about having my blinds open at night while having all lights in the house on? They can see in but you can’t see out.

  • Shadow LXD
    Shadow LXD 20 days ago +3

    Bro why!!!!!
    I don't need Nubula Blue I need Gamora Green or Iron-Man red
    Why doesn't oneplus understand that we need more Avengers Colors?

  • Avraham Bouzaglou
    Avraham Bouzaglou 20 days ago

    Switch over to ittt

  • Abhishek Biju
    Abhishek Biju 20 days ago

    Apple nibbas crying😂🤦👌

  • dominicd2011
    dominicd2011 20 days ago paid marketing than review.

  • aidan
    aidan 20 days ago +1

    everything apple pro to everythingandroidpro

  • kidprettykool1
    kidprettykool1 20 days ago +1

    Yea I've always wondered why nobody seems to care about 120hz displays.
    As expensive as iPhones and Galaxy's are, they should have refresh rates higher than 60hz.

    • TE9994
      TE9994 17 days ago

      kidprettykool1 because it wasn’t possible to build it yet. The reason why the iPad Pro still has an LCD display to have 120 hertz

  • Celeste Kat
    Celeste Kat 21 day ago +3

    This phone is almost the perfect phone they just need wireless charging and IP rating but I would still get this if I could
    Love the oneplus phone

    • Emmanuel Rubio
      Emmanuel Rubio 17 days ago

      The phone is water resistant they just simply cut costs of getting it tested to get the official ip rating. There are some videos that show it'll do fine underwater for quite some time so no biggy in my opinion

  • Majed Alajmi
    Majed Alajmi 21 day ago

    Why galaxy looks like cheap Nokia phones? I will never buy Samsung until they change the appearance. Apple for ever.

  • Adrian Tschanz
    Adrian Tschanz 21 day ago

    And the biceps 💪 😍🥰😍

  • Abhay Kumar Official
    Abhay Kumar Official 21 day ago +1

    Which are the features that you would like to be added on an iPhone from the Android industry? Let us know.

  • Der Bär
    Der Bär 21 day ago +1

    I hate it when the bottom is bigger than the top!!! Apple did it better...

  • Andrea Luciano
    Andrea Luciano 21 day ago

    1:27 off

  • Junito Punto Comm
    Junito Punto Comm 21 day ago +7

    9:56 Does this guy reviews Knifes too ?? 🤔He got bandages all over !! Lol

  • Yugal Khanal
    Yugal Khanal 21 day ago +1

    i just don't like how he always compares it o apple or brings apple in everything!! now I know this channel is "everything apple pro"... but still, you don't need to bring Apple on everything!

    RAKIB 21 day ago +65

    And XR is more expensive with a LCD display which is less then 1080p.
    Apparently that's budget

    • fall back
      fall back 9 days ago

      100% true but the i-sheep won't care. they'd pay double the price of the xr for a rock if the rock has an apple logo on it believe me