The BEST Buffet in Las Vegas! Caesars Palace Bacchanal Buffet Dinner Edition

  • Published on Jul 18, 2016
  • caesars palace bacchanal buffet in Las Vegas is hands down my favorite buffet in the world. Here's what they have for dinner...
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  • fucian j
    fucian j 10 days ago +1

    Feet and organ meat good to go. Sushi no go. Lol.....

  • Monica Montanez
    Monica Montanez 11 days ago

    That look amazing love your videos

  • Rick Hoffman
    Rick Hoffman 15 days ago

    $60 in 2016 is more like $100 today and I don't give a rip what is on the menu for that price, they would NOT get my money

  • Felix Juwono
    Felix Juwono 16 days ago

    Mike looks really young here...

  • Guillermo Padilla
    Guillermo Padilla 21 day ago

    You can really ask them to warm you up crab legs?? I need to try that next time I go.

  • Lia Perez
    Lia Perez 26 days ago

    Published 3 years ago but going to Vegas 2020 just for this buffet.
    Thanks a lot Mr. Dumpling 😉😅

  • Vince Nguyen
    Vince Nguyen Month ago

    What is the music playing the background of your video?

  • Julia Hamilton
    Julia Hamilton Month ago

    Food does the BoDy GooD! All that food looks delicious!😊😉🍗🍠🥧🥘🥗🍲

  • Steve Main
    Steve Main Month ago

    Is this jackie chan

  • Antwan Nealy
    Antwan Nealy Month ago

    Back here to compare against the Wynn

  • Patriotic Asian Populist

    When I went there I thought that a lot of the 'Asian stuff' ranged from average to garbage.🤷‍♂️
    The Seafood and carving station though was👍👍

  • Ambient Walking
    Ambient Walking Month ago +1


  • Melissa Dunton
    Melissa Dunton Month ago

    New Mikey watcher...anyone know if he still doesn’t eat raw foods??? Cause if so that is a shame. He’s missing out on some of the best food. Beef tartare, ceviche, sashimi...omg. My mouth is watering.

    HOLLOW HILL Month ago

    12:57 WENT HAM!!! on dessert...

  • Jonathan Jacques
    Jonathan Jacques Month ago

    How can you not eat anything raw! Boy are you missing out.

  • Grn Bn
    Grn Bn 2 months ago

    Great video!

  • Terri Ellis
    Terri Ellis 2 months ago

    Everything looked hard and dry to me. Not much turn over.

  • John C
    John C 2 months ago

    Pizza, Rigatoni, Meatball, burger, and Pho are no-no for an expensive buffet

  • travis myers
    travis myers 2 months ago

    my secret dessert chamber is broken i never eat sweet not even my own birthday cake

  • Don720
    Don720 2 months ago

    The buffe, should give u a referral link.. How many people wanna come because of u.. maybe a e-coupon??

  • Tu Tr
    Tu Tr 2 months ago

    Please do make a video of how pigs and cows r being slaughtered mercilessly,their screams and pain going unheard off,maybe such video might even enhance ur bloodthirsty appetite.Of course not to forget numerous other animals

    • Grn Bn
      Grn Bn 2 months ago

      Next time you eat a vegetable that was boiled alive think of it's screams.

    • Grn Bn
      Grn Bn 2 months ago

      Vegetables are living breathing feeling things too.

  • Lynn B.
    Lynn B. 2 months ago

    I was there last week. The food was good, not so good as to justify the price. They also need to pay attention to the entire experience, for example, my chair was cloth and had food stains on it. Not cool.

  • Orbii Lyn
    Orbii Lyn 2 months ago

    I went last week and it was honestly not that great. Food was just okay and service was kinda slow.

  • Tamas Borbely
    Tamas Borbely 2 months ago

    Ever got kicked out of a buffet because you ate too much? LOL

  • EliteGeeks
    EliteGeeks 3 months ago

    on their website says $98 per person... Fuck that...

  • Benjamin Chin
    Benjamin Chin 3 months ago

    Please do a video trying the Wynn Encore in Boston

  • hotneo7
    hotneo7 3 months ago

    Was in Vegas for a convention, worked the whole day w/o a meal, then by the time the convention day was over, there's an hour left before all the buffets closed at 9pm. So I found out from experience is that if you do somehow get there there's maybe an hour wait and then they tell you to quickly grab stuff from the buffet because they are pulling food away from the buffet to close up and clean, and there's only so much plates you can fit on your table, and it gets cold fast, and the desserts are all gone. So I can't believe they charge the full price for dinner at Bacchanal for arriving an hour before closing. This is a lesson about Vegas buffets, get there before 7pm to get the full buffet experience without getting rushed by the employees. It wasn't much fun, and the next convention, we just skipped the buffets for reserved fine dining and there was no rush. The buffets need to stay open later for when there's a convention in town, there's no way people can leave a convention for 2 hours for lunch during the convention hours!

  • Renee Williams
    Renee Williams 3 months ago

    Me: just drinking q glass of water... stains on my shirt
    Mikey: eating over four plates of food... clothing clean as a whistle!😲😁

  • Mountain Girl
    Mountain Girl 3 months ago

    It’s 4:00 on a Thursday here too! but three years later. 😆

  • Moopheus
    Moopheus 4 months ago

    13:10 Annoyed White Lady.
    No, Mike said 'hot oil'.

  • Bob A
    Bob A 4 months ago

    Gettin the ole stink eye from the blonde woman behind you (twice).
    Your presentation is really well done indeed. Enjoy the great selections. One of the favorites!

  • Adam Almy
    Adam Almy 4 months ago


  • Karin5461
    Karin5461 4 months ago

    Could never ever make it to them buffet because of the lines 😡

    FJRGD 4 months ago

    Looks a lot better than Mandalay & Luxor. (Golden Corral). Twice the price.

  • Jan R
    Jan R 4 months ago +1

    Whoa! You are so RIGHT ON!

  • Annie B
    Annie B 4 months ago

    You had me until "anytime you see the head of an animal." 🤢🤮

  • crack noir
    crack noir 4 months ago

    noises from the toilet later

  • LM Jo
    LM Jo 4 months ago

    I ate so much lamb when I was there I felt like little Bo peep 😭😂

  • LM Jo
    LM Jo 4 months ago

    Omg those Vietnamese coffee deserts were so good I could’ve eaten each and every last one off the buffet table lol along with the rest of the food options! Absolutely delicious scrumptious all that good stuff!

  • rick wallace
    rick wallace 5 months ago

    I make a mean duck with currant jelly and pork ,vegetable stuffing.

  • Seline B
    Seline B 5 months ago

    This place is on my bucket list now

  • John
    John 5 months ago

    "Skip the floury stuff"... eats a pizza

  • Randy Butternubs
    Randy Butternubs 5 months ago

    The lady at 13:12 wanted to speak to your manager

  • Shaun Stokes
    Shaun Stokes 5 months ago

    Fresh in Manila at top class hotel will beat this hands down on choices and price.
    Also another is in Macau at Venetian hotel, can't remember name but fantastic.

  • Lucy N
    Lucy N 5 months ago

    I believe that’s the Elk slider. It’s really delicious.

  • Mitchell A
    Mitchell A 6 months ago +3

    God Bless Your Heart Mike.

  • MonsterMetalManiac
    MonsterMetalManiac 6 months ago

    Do any of the “high end” Vegas buffets serve King Crab legs ??? Every review I see they look like “Snow Crab”. A few years ago Bellagio offered them on the dinner buffet , but I don’t see them anywhere anymore..

  • letaylor96
    letaylor96 6 months ago

    do you get permission from all those people you film as part of your videos

  • My Stock
    My Stock 6 months ago

    i gave dislike bc he needs to lose's not good for his health to eat that much... health is the most important, not money

  • happyjolly77able
    happyjolly77able 6 months ago

    I've been here, it's not that good.

  • Bob Billings
    Bob Billings 6 months ago

    I never understood the attraction of vegas buffets. Other then eating some good food at some nice high end places for survival, whenever I"m in vegas, eating all I want until my stomach sticks out is not on my list of things to do. Sightseeing, gambling, and attractions I like to do not feeling stuffed with food everyday.

  • LaNoir
    LaNoir 6 months ago

    Everything just looks completely overdone. Withered salad, brown bananas, dry meat...

  • Lolita Holiday
    Lolita Holiday 6 months ago

    Love your shirt 👍🏼

  • J. Eti
    J. Eti 6 months ago

    Lol not ugh to broccoli 🥦 😂. That was funny. Mmm the food looks yummy. The mushroom soup I’d definitely try. This make me hungry 😋

  • apriltheghost2009
    apriltheghost2009 6 months ago

    I just watched an interview on this place, I believe she's the head chef of that buffet and she actually works extremely hard, pulling 16 hour days, starting at 4:30 to 5:00 am.
    And she is really strict with food quality, and nothing gets set out before she taste it, and if it doesn't taste good she makes them redue it.
    She said she challenges any buffet to go up against her 😂😂 I was like daaaang girl. 😂

  • gamer waymer
    gamer waymer 6 months ago

    I’ve had brunch there and am pretty sure I’ve seen all of that stuff plus breakfast stuff. I can’t tell the difference between their brunch and what you showed for dinner other than the no breakfast items like eggs.

  • Rick Parker
    Rick Parker 6 months ago

    Over eat, over pay, throw up, then crap in the desert --- where all toilets go nowhere.
    The beauty of a pricey buffet.

  • dutyandhumanity
    dutyandhumanity 6 months ago

    Tell the Eve's dropping woman to get her own show and stop mugging the camera.

  • Benny ThaMac
    Benny ThaMac 6 months ago

    Who else finishes the vid once desert starts, yup me too 🏋️‍♀️

  • Psych Girl
    Psych Girl 6 months ago

    What’s with the nosey lady? Woman turn around and worry about yourself with your angry face.