Class of 2019 Graduation Parade

  • Published on May 25, 2019
  • “I see the Cows who are going to be leading USMA Class of 2020 and I know West Point is in good hands.”
    Cadet David Rapp, USMA Class of 2019, reflects on the last parade he will participate in before he commissions as a 2nd lieutenant in the U.S. Army.
    U.S. Army Video by Cadet Kaden Carroll

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  • Mike Btrfld
    Mike Btrfld 4 months ago

    My uncle joined the army in 1938, he was 16 years old. Before Pearl Harbor he was in Burma flying with the Flying Tigers, a captain at 19 years old. He flew throughout the war, and after that the Berlin Air Lift. When he came home no airline would hire him, not even Flying Tiger Air Freight. He didn't even have a highschool education. Try and honor him.

  • Stanley Draper
    Stanley Draper 4 months ago +2

    Today's military have 1000 more opportunties than when I served. My nephew went from E1 to lcdr with time off to get a degree. He now double dips in retirement at 40. Good for him but the military was not like that for Vietnam guys. We were dumped.

    • Salti Dawg
      Salti Dawg Day ago

      Oh nonsense. I'm of your era. I went from E-1 to CDR (O-5) with Time Off for *four* Degrees - three from MIT. I retired from the Navy at age 44 and I am now fully retired and quite wealthy!
      You were not dumped... you....
      *s/ Retired 24 Year US Navy Retired Submariner - USNA Class of 1965 - Former Enlisted Man*

  • Peter Wall
    Peter Wall 4 months ago +2

    Congratulations to the Class of 2019. And as always, beat NAVY!

  • Manon Dumouchel
    Manon Dumouchel 4 months ago +5

    Wonderful to hear it Cadet Kaden Carroll.. West Point is very great, Congrats to you and thank you for your beautiful service God Bless You

  • Goldendino14
    Goldendino14 4 months ago +1

    Congrats and good luck on your future endeavors

  • Francisco GM
    Francisco GM 4 months ago