The Man In The High Castle: Why The Show Is More Timely Than Ever | SDCC 2018 | Entertainment Weekly


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  • GERHard Deusser
    GERHard Deusser Month ago +1

    A woman in love (and a very very very beautiful one too.! (sighs)

  • Alexander
    Alexander Month ago +10

    It really is. The leftist mob is starting to go out of control.

  • Jek Lee
    Jek Lee Month ago +5

    GREAT SERIES!!! After GOT, i finally found a show to keep t ease.

  • John Mirande
    John Mirande Month ago +6

    OMG....don't do the political and piss of 63m Trump voters.....................NO LIBERAL BS HERE PLEASE, SO WE DON'T HAVE TO SHUT THE SHOW OFF

    • Avidan
      Avidan 29 days ago +2

      @cheekyboy that's nothing more than your skewed authoritarian perception this is precisely the type of logic that got us National Socialist Germany and the Soviet Union.

    • Lost BUZZ
      Lost BUZZ 29 days ago

      +Avenger07 I'd love to see where you got those statics from? Must be one of those people who is still trying to color inside the lines. In due time your eyes will be open. Well, I hope lol

    • cheekyboy5000
      cheekyboy5000 Month ago +1

      If something is wrong, you can take a stand against it. Trump represents moral evil, and racial and religious hatred. A stand against him is entirely justified and moral. There were plenty of Germans who supported Hitler. Doesn't make him right, or good.

    • John Mirande
      John Mirande Month ago +2

      +Juan Pablo Consider how Hollywood is hurting (badly) for attendance
      and it is because many people (not all)
      don't want to hear the Liberal PC crap.............
      Same here.....why would lady on left in video
      play that little "resistance" game............
      I was thinking the other actors in video maybe wish she would STFU...........but I could be wrong.
      In other words your comment is off subject,
      in my opinion you missed the point BRO which is only 20% of the Country
      agrees with Big lib in video, 60% is moderate and 20% to the right.

  • Devansh Bole
    Devansh Bole Month ago +3

    the interviewer is pretty terrible.

  • tranche2pain
    tranche2pain Month ago +1

    Wtf is wrong with their mic... can't hear shit half the time

  • Fiona O'Keefe
    Fiona O'Keefe Month ago

    I think🤔Rufus hates Alexa!

    • camarade pierre
      camarade pierre 24 days ago

      Her father's family is Jewish ...

    • Android is #1
      Android is #1 24 days ago

      camarade pierre Rufus hates Alexa ? She's french not a Jew.

    • camarade pierre
      camarade pierre Month ago +1

      cus he hates jews (he knows the truth .... who's behind communism)

    • Android is #1
      Android is #1 Month ago

      Fiona O'Keefe why do you think Rufus hates Alexa ?