2 Chefs Review French Classic Cookbook from 1914!!

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • Two chefs, one French cookbook from 1914. It's the ultimate bible to classic French cooking, so how are they going to get on?
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Comments • 2 331

  • Els Verwilgen
    Els Verwilgen 3 days ago

    Yup, loved them working with this book.
    Make it a chef's battle. Same recipe, each delivers their own interpretation.

  • Llewella Mini
    Llewella Mini 4 days ago

    I'm late watching this, and it was great fun, but I'm really surprised at the seemingly general ignorance of what "pommes noisettes" are in England.

  • NotContinuum
    NotContinuum 5 days ago

    I hate how they pronounce "filet". It drives me nuts.

  • Devin Villa
    Devin Villa 6 days ago

    Next one, a recipe from one of your own cook books but they only get the name

  • Dylan DiGuistini
    Dylan DiGuistini 6 days ago

    you should cook from Robert Kemp"s The Family save all

  • Shannon Walls
    Shannon Walls 7 days ago

    My husband is a chef & he still has his Le Repertoire De La Cuisine from school. This video filled him with evil glee, but he was also on your side & thought you did a solid job of interpreting.

  • TigroTasia
    TigroTasia 7 days ago

    You should review Julia Childs cookbook! :)

  • Amanda Mayoli Alayon

    A Tudor cook book

  • JaySay63
    JaySay63 9 days ago

    4:36 Thank you to whomever edited this. That little snippet was golden!

  • LinzBelle
    LinzBelle 9 days ago

    Next book - Milk Street: Tuesday Nights by Christopher Kimball. It won the James Beard Award for best General Cookbook this year.

  • glow in the dark star stickers

    According to google, bens potatoes were actually the right ones.

  • Øyvind Tonheim
    Øyvind Tonheim 15 days ago

    F. T. Marinette The futurist cookbook

  • Tivaala1
    Tivaala1 16 days ago

    I've had that book from my early cheffing days and honestly all i actually do with it is make sure it's always discreetly obviously displayed in my recipe grab books without ever being grabbed.

    I mean i have read it, it's just not useful for much except when you can't remember the super fancy name for something. Mostly my kitchen terminology is more " oh just...mnh...* flappy spider finger gesture*" (note: this only works with chefs you know well or for freaking out the commis)

  • Mary Ma
    Mary Ma 18 days ago

    I’m thinking Harry Potter cook book from Binging with banish

  • Siti Rosli
    Siti Rosli Month ago

    binging with babish cookbook

  • Alyssa T
    Alyssa T Month ago

    Try an Alton Brown cookbook!!!!!

  • Canine Gaming
    Canine Gaming Month ago

    Chef battle only using recipes from the spam cookbook.

  • Ana Sancho
    Ana Sancho Month ago

    Make them do the really weird julia child recipes!

  • Charlie O
    Charlie O Month ago

    does it really count as mise en place cauliflower if you've done no prep and are not prepping

  • SyntaxTerr0r
    SyntaxTerr0r Month ago

    "Pommes noisettes" are actually mashed potatoes mixed with eggs and potato starch, fried in a pan in little balls.
    "Fleurons" are baked.

  • Derion Anderun
    Derion Anderun Month ago

    More of French Classics!! Love it

  • seriomarkj
    seriomarkj Month ago

    More of the chefs doing this book!!

  • Jazz Taylor
    Jazz Taylor Month ago

    Do mastering the art of french cooking by julia child.

  • Jake Marsden
    Jake Marsden Month ago

    This is a great idea. I would love to see more dishes made from this book. Perhaps a head to head battle rather than a combined effort would be a cool twist.

  • Irma
    Irma Month ago +1

    I actually think Ben is right about the nut shaped potatoes. He said it in a weird way but they are like mini potatoes. In Dutch we call them 'kriel'. I bet there is a British name too. Isnt it like baby potato or new potato?

  • Melody Lee
    Melody Lee Month ago

    "This is a co-op dish but I'm still winning!" - James, probably.

  • Apple GFX
    Apple GFX Month ago +1

    Idea: Get two people to memorize a similar recipe but with very different instructions. Tell them they were given the same recipe and have to work together to create it.

  • cartouche
    cartouche Month ago +3

    Funny how many "cheffy" french words they say and yet they pronounce every single one of them completely wrong.

  • Rebecca Woodward
    Rebecca Woodward Month ago

    Ben speaking French is so attractive.

  • Peter Smafield
    Peter Smafield Month ago

    I think you should find some recipes from the famous English 18th Century cookbook by Eliza Smith "The Complete Housewife" First published around 1730 and is still published today.

  • ghostbirdofprey
    ghostbirdofprey Month ago

    dear god, not tounees. I'm having nightmares now.

  • Danielle Hibbard
    Danielle Hibbard Month ago

    The Harry Potter cookbook! I have it and it's got some good recipes.

  • Natalee Torres
    Natalee Torres Month ago

    Mean girls cookbook

  • Eve Cleroux
    Eve Cleroux Month ago

    Do page 191
    Line 4
    (1914 the year of the book)

  • CrazyJumpingBean
    CrazyJumpingBean Month ago

    I would really love a whole series of ben v james with this book. Just to see their different interpretations of each recipe. YEARS OF ENTERTAINMENT

  • Wizborg
    Wizborg Month ago

    Interpretated yeah? lol

  • Mykl Carlton
    Mykl Carlton Month ago

    Really late to the party. The Momofuku cookbook by David Chang.

  • Chris Bryant
    Chris Bryant 2 months ago

    You should really make a regular segment out of teaming up to cook a recipe from this book.

  • gerynar
    gerynar 2 months ago

    I think it would be interesting if they used a Kids' Cookbook (maybe even bring children in to cook with them.

  • Bradley Bailey
    Bradley Bailey 2 months ago

    Now I'd like to see the same video with the three normals

  • Kasai Arashi
    Kasai Arashi 2 months ago

    Do a gluten free week plz

  • Sarah Shae
    Sarah Shae 2 months ago

    I need MORE OF THESE PLEASE!!!! There are so many bizarre cook book authors DONT BE AFRAID

  • Angie Gomez
    Angie Gomez 2 months ago

    Please try recipes from the Tim Burton cookbook, Vincent Price’s cookbook(s), Salvador Dali’s cookbook, the HP Lovecraft cookbook& the Hannibal cookbook!

  • Ellie Marie
    Ellie Marie 2 months ago

    tell me this wouldnt be a great battle series

  • Marine Chatelanat
    Marine Chatelanat 2 months ago

    Ben, you were right about the potatoes!Pommes noisettes designate small potato balls fried in butter or oil. Great looking dish as always boys !

  • Herby Bored
    Herby Bored 2 months ago +1

    James was so proud. Never seen him smile like that before 🤣

  • Adam Pullar
    Adam Pullar 2 months ago

    Eat what you watch cook book!

  • Chefal
    Chefal 2 months ago

    do this review with chef vs normals

  • sarah webster
    sarah webster 2 months ago

    This is a great idea for a series. I'd love to see a chef and a normal tackle another recipe together

  • Greg Poppin
    Greg Poppin 2 months ago

    overwatch and world of warcraft cook books

  • Dawn Chesbro
    Dawn Chesbro 2 months ago

    Make them cook from Thug Kitchen, Eat Like You Give A F*ck.

  • Ronette Pulaski
    Ronette Pulaski 2 months ago

    the sycophantic comments here are nauseating - get a life, losers!

  • mgb961
    mgb961 2 months ago

    Cook from the moosewood....I dare u

  • Francesca Parent
    Francesca Parent 2 months ago

    Next cookbook: Flavor Bible

  • Caitlin Hoagland
    Caitlin Hoagland 2 months ago

    Ben speaking bad French is my new sexual orientation 😂

  • Jenna
    Jenna 2 months ago +5

    "Cheers, Mate" - Jamie 2019
    Nothing has ever resonated with me more.

  • Rébekka Beauchamp
    Rébekka Beauchamp 2 months ago

    I'm thriving off of Ben's butchered French

  • Nano Identity
    Nano Identity 2 months ago

    XD the worst and most awkward French I've ever heard lol
    Still pretty good video keep up the good work and thank you

  • Britt Free
    Britt Free 2 months ago +7

    "And for our next disagreement...". I feel you, James LMFAO

  • Pauli Haarnimo
    Pauli Haarnimo 2 months ago

    There already have been some suggestions of getting a non-English cooking book.
    But I think this title deserves its own post
    (although someone might have suggested this already; I blame not being able to search this comment section):
    ( published by "Otava" and most recently revised by "Kaisa Isotalo" & "Raija Kuittinen" )
    is pretty much the "bible" of Finnish-kitchen.
    Not only it contains recipes. But it also contains technique-guides for various cooking methods and some "etiquette" things
    ( like how to set-up the table and so on ).
    Also this book predates "Le Répertoire De La Cuisine" by six years
    ( "Kotiruoka" was first published in 1908 ).

    As hinted, this book at the moment is only available in Finnish.
    But the recipes itself are quite simple and translating them shouldn't be an over-complex process.