My Presidential Endorsement- April 2016

  • Published on Apr 14, 2016
  • I'm sure that some of you are disappointed that I endorsed principles rather than a candidate, but I just want to remind voters that check their irrational expectations. No matter who wins, they are not going to fix, or destroy, your life. The wheels of change turn slowly.
    *Clarification* No cost education is a "good idea", but I am arguing that it is not the BEST idea when it comes to helping people, regardless of their race, get out of poverty. Paying tuition for students that get into college clealry gives an unfair advantage to students that had a high quality primary and secondary education. Students that went to crappy elementary and high schools will have a harder time getting in and won't benefit as much from the policy. In the US, these are disproportionally minority students.
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Comments • 187

  • Junaid Rizvi
    Junaid Rizvi 2 months ago

    Hi Mr. Clifford. Big fan.
    I would love to know your views about sysytem of Zakaat as a method of income distribution.

  • Ben Maurer
    Ben Maurer 10 months ago

    So about that wall

  • Robert Mainville
    Robert Mainville 10 months ago

    Ouf... Bernie Sander's free college education won't happen? Why is it happening in other countries then? Are these other countries living under a different set of economics laws??? Or, is the law of gravity changing from one country to the other? And to say that Trump is no different than Sanders, Clinton or Obama just means that you have not been paying attention.

    • Robert Mainville
      Robert Mainville 10 months ago +1

      @Jacob Clifford Let me bet: free college is a subsidy to the rich?

    • Jacob Clifford
      Jacob Clifford  10 months ago

      I have a video coming out about free college tuition that later today

  • JK
    JK Year ago

    Ron Paul!

  • Bea R
    Bea R Year ago +1

    Still relevant 2 years later.

  • Geronimo32509
    Geronimo32509 Year ago

    "No matter who wins, they are not going to fix, or destroy, your life."
    This comment didn't age well. Plenty of people getting their lives destroyed right now.

    • sm mm
      sm mm Year ago

      @Jacob Clifford cousin(America) now can't see his mother
      she can't come to america because she's in syria and he doesn't know how to take care of her
      2.his trade war has mad life hard for a lot of workers that their industries depends on steal
      3. he's helping populists all over Erope that are really racists

    • Jacob Clifford
      Jacob Clifford  Year ago +1

      Fair enough, but would you agree that the general panic that people feel during elections is a little overblown? Personally, I don't know anyone who's life was "destroyed" by Trump (and that would likley be true for Clinton). I would love to hear a few of your examples of people who's life was destroyed.

  • Ben Jauncey
    Ben Jauncey Year ago +1

    Literally so smart I aspire to your intelligence. I still am certain Hillary would be better in Office though. All of Trumps 'records' involve vacationing, lowest approval ratings, most scandals, most provable lies etc. which never occurred under Obama and if they did it was a rarity, a democratic congress is the safest for America right now after this past year.

  • Claudine T
    Claudine T Year ago

    Pretty good and balanced thoughts.

  • Ayesha Sahim
    Ayesha Sahim 2 years ago

    You're videos are so interesting, it's a good video you got there!! I really thought about it.

  • Tony Hoàng Long
    Tony Hoàng Long 2 years ago

    Hello! Mr. Jacob Clifford, your video is great, but I still wonder WHY a free college/university education ISN'T possible for the USA? Please, I just don't understand why the Nordic European countries can while the U.S. can't (¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

  • Dalton Thompson
    Dalton Thompson 2 years ago

    Lithuania has free collage

  • Marco Meza
    Marco Meza 2 years ago +4

    I commend you for being unbiased, loving capitalism and seeing both sides of the mirror Mr.Clifford. I love your vids

  • Premier
    Premier 2 years ago

    Hb dat wall doe

  • Zackary Silva
    Zackary Silva 2 years ago

    Welp, the wall is going up my friend. Lmao. In all seriousness though, I love your videos.

  • Abi B
    Abi B 2 years ago +1

    "That's just not gonna happen... and neither is trump's giant wall"
    9 months later:

  • thiefoftime101
    thiefoftime101 2 years ago

    God damn I love this channel! Brilliant and honest as always

  • BonusBall2
    BonusBall2 2 years ago

    Far too neoliberal for my tastes. We should be using automation to gradually move away from market mechanisms and invest in more sustainable energy as information technology has been creating corporate monopolies since the 1970s and hence rigs/destroys market mechanisms of supply and demand. We need to create a new global social infrastructure that mirrors the current one but is not dominated by undemocratic interests of transnational finance, business, corporate media and the governments/parties that have been hollowed out to serve their interests.

    • Derek Noyes
      Derek Noyes Year ago


    • BonusBall2
      BonusBall2 2 years ago

      Through this system we can fund better education/ welfare services and tackle economic inequality

  • Noneya Business
    Noneya Business 2 years ago

    I'm only in college now cause the government is paying me to go (taking a macroeconomics course! Which is why I subscribed to you, thanks for keeping things neutral!).
    So, I can see why you see things in a trade-off, I too want children to have a better start in life, but there's also us young adults who struggle to get the education we need and we can't be forgotten either. I wouldn't be in school right now if it wasn't for the government paying me to go.

  • Jacob B
    Jacob B 2 years ago +1

    Well, as of recent, the wall IS happening actually

  • killer14bee
    killer14bee 2 years ago +1

    Liberals and conservatives want a strong country, a thriving economy and help poor people?
    Where did you get that from? All they care about is destroying the economy and creating as many wars as possible!
    And furthermore, laissez-faire economies, which don't currently exist, don't need any regulations whatsoever!

  • linkinduck94
    linkinduck94 2 years ago

    I would really like an update on the now actual possibility of this dumb wall and the repercussions of a trade war.

  • Rachitha Tholasi
    Rachitha Tholasi 3 years ago

    This is an awesome video, I was watching your (very helpful) unit 4 microeconomics videos and I came across this. I really dislike politics because it always sounds like arguments to me, but this video is so creatively made, and has my mind so clarified. I feel like I finally understand why these over the top promises don't work, and not just because they are too far from reach. Thank you!!

  • Kevin Clark
    Kevin Clark 3 years ago

    Politicians want to genuinely help people... pft... pftpft... pftHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! oh wow, that was a good one. If by "people" you mean the corporations that pay for their campaigns and lobbyists then yeah... but the rest of us? I don't really think there is more than a small handful of representatives that really care and are not in it for the money. Our congress is bought and sold to the highest bidder.

  • St S
    St S 3 years ago +1

    Infrastructure for school education should be improved. After all education is the only thing that can solve ALL our problems single handedly. But we should also redesign our education system so that students get more freedom in deciding what, how and when to learn. That's very important.

  • Chitharanjan Sarvesan
    Chitharanjan Sarvesan 3 years ago

    haha... when you shared your decision from torronto it was like 'screw this I'm moving to canada'... 😂😂

  • ytsersius
    ytsersius 3 years ago

    incredibly wise words from a wise man :)

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez 3 years ago

    Nice Blue Jays shirt!

  • Morgan Paulett
    Morgan Paulett 3 years ago +1

    I'm a Social Liberal. Free market capitalism with a fallback state safety net and equality of opportunity in a Swiss style high-skill, high-wage economy where everyone has the social freedoms to take drugs and marry who they want if they so please and worship any religion they like. Those are my principles, who do you think I should support?
    P.S. I'm British so I'm not even voting! 😂 But I would like to hear your opinion on who you believe is a social liberal

  • Kent Shepherd
    Kent Shepherd 3 years ago +1

    I'm guessing this would be a good spot for an obligatory Gary Johnson plug.

  • Loft Music
    Loft Music 3 years ago

    Just bought the review packet, it will be very useful for studying for this exam I have in a few days... Also nice shirt! Go Blue Jays!!

  • Jeffrey Serro
    Jeffrey Serro 3 years ago

    I can appreciate this video. Good stuff!

  • German Carranza
    German Carranza 3 years ago

    I call bull on the free market failing.

  • Ahmad Shaltot
    Ahmad Shaltot 3 years ago

    is bernie good as a choice? like the free college and raising minimum wages, would those have a negative effect on the economy? ( i know it probably wont happen :/)

  • ShaZam
    ShaZam 3 years ago

    Fortune Teller, support Purple... Rain, or he listens to future a lot. Either way enjoyed the intellectual video and the interesting economic POV rather than the democratic or republican POV. Anyway, back to studying Econ.

  • Ice Cream
    Ice Cream 3 years ago

    vote to stop trump!

  • agroeconomist 77
    agroeconomist 77 3 years ago

    Great video, I am an economist myself I got a lot of help from your app in my first years in college, so thank you very much you are amazing.
    I would love to see your ideas regarding the libertarian party we believe in free market, people's freedom and the best thing is that we want to stop illegal immigration by making legal immigration as easy as possible as long as we have demand for that job in America and they have no criminal history.
    Btw I also live in Canada, so welcome

  • wo0t7
    wo0t7 3 years ago +1

    Why haven't you accepted into your heart Ludvig Von Mises and Murray Rothbard yet, Clifford?

  • Julia Detmer
    Julia Detmer 3 years ago

    I completely agree with you! I as well see both sides of the aisle and believe that both parties do try to improve this country. I have watched all of the debates, I have been to campaign rallies and I do agree with both the democratic and republican candidates on some issues. I know that whoever gets elected will need to compromise with the congress if they really want to get important legislation passed

  • marginal propensity to consume

    so basically, not trump and not bernie lmao

  • A String
    A String 3 years ago

    hey Jacob did you see tastytrades adds in vegas? They also provide the wi fi at McCarren, im a tastytrade fanboy/ trader. If you're interested in capital markets you should check them out! Wanted to say I consider you my teacher, my actual teacher is terrible! I learn what he is trying to teach from you in a fraction of the time. Your youtube channel is the ONLY reason I'm doing well in that class. Plus your answer for your endorsement for president is spot on. You spoke well on the issue. thank you!!

  • Taylor Suyeon Im
    Taylor Suyeon Im 3 years ago

    Lame attempt trying to equate Sanders' specific, sound plans to Trump's utter bullshit. Not to mention a horrific misrepresentation of Bernie's ideas. Free *public* college is entirely possible, as well as reforming the under-performing education system in general. I would much rather pledge my support to a candidate who wants to make a significant change for the better over anyone who wants to settle, or let politics compromise their convictions.

  • topgun1792
    topgun1792 3 years ago +8

    another intellectually dishonest association between trump and bernie
    1) Bernie's college plane is not radical. Plenty of countries do it(if not better). It can be done, well that is if people like you didn't keep repeating that same refrain..."we cant do it"..
    2)Comparing trumps non- specific xenophobic "i hate Mexicans" wall proposal to a well fleshed out piece of legislation....hmmmm....
    and lastly, the knock you had on Bernie's plan is silly. Guess what? There are a lot of.... how do i put this... AVERAGE people in college right now because they were blessed with money or a non-corrosive living environment. Point is there is a lot of non-deserving people if college that are drop outs waiting to happen... so whats the problem with some of those average people being black and brown?
    Not a bad video overall, but i hate the "on the one hand he says this, but on the other hand this guy says this" bullshit that's also played in the media. How about you go out on a limb and say who is better. This video makes it seem like Bernie and trump are the same...the last thing i wanna hear from an educated person who trying to teach others

    • Ryan Shannon
      Ryan Shannon Year ago

      I live in Italy where I'm paying about $3,000 per year on education in a private university. This isn't a university that's ranked (unlike many American universities which dominate the "Top Universities" lists consistently). The education isn't that great. One teacher showed up 4 hours (!!!) late to a test and told us we have nothing to complain about since we're going to public university. Then, let's look at the taxes. The tax rate after just 75,000 euro is 45%. FORTY-FIVE PERCENT. Also, it's not xenophobic to want to keep illegals out of a country. It's smart. The US has taken over 1 million people annualy for several years now. It's time to roll that nuber WAY back.

    • Qayyum M.F
      Qayyum M.F 3 years ago

      topgun1792 r

    • A String
      A String 3 years ago

      +topgun1792 look at norway, they have free college literally for everbody. But living expenses there are outrages, therefor, no such thing as free college, you're paying for it one way or another. Bernie imo, is not that economically inclined. Capitalism >>>> Socialism. And nowhere did he say Bernie and Trump are the same. This is pretty much a random walk that is out of our control. Within that are many ways to capitalize off of uncertainty.

  • Joey Gatto
    Joey Gatto 3 years ago +3

    very well said

  • yanush joshua
    yanush joshua 3 years ago

    Honestly, you could not have put this any better, run for office!

  • END Marxism
    END Marxism 3 years ago

    He's a Sanders supporter!!!!! He said he likes "some forms of income redistribution"!!! SOCIALIST!!! I cant even!!!! I'm unsubscribing!!!!!! Jk

  • Bill Dauterive
    Bill Dauterive 3 years ago

    What about yellow?

  • The Knights Of Ren
    The Knights Of Ren 3 years ago

    hahah that ending made me laugh pretty hard

  • Parma Jon
    Parma Jon 3 years ago

    I walked in thinking this would be really controversial or really one sided, but I was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't. Thanks for a good video, and keep being helpful dude!

  • True Music Reviews
    True Music Reviews 3 years ago +1

    I completely agree with everything in this video. Great job!

  • David S
    David S 3 years ago

    UNBELIEVABLE! Probably the best quick lecture on the current state of our nation's politics I have ever heard. Thanks Mr. Clifford. GO COMPETITIVE MARKETS!!!

  • Michael Tran
    Michael Tran 3 years ago

    Whoa, a VLOG.

  • CJE
    CJE 3 years ago

    You say you support free trade, but NAFTA is destroying the manufacturing jobs in the United States since it was founded. I believe in free trade as well, but it needs to be fair, and smart trade. Trump understands the global economy and business internationally better than anyone. Why not put this Billionaire magnate into the highest office in the world for a chance at incredible economic prosperity to all classes.

  • ImChriiis
    ImChriiis 3 years ago

    I always get to watch Mr. Clifford's videos in my economics class because my teacher says it's better to learn it from multiple people and I have to say Mr. Clifford does a great job of making it easier to understand.

  • TheArmy5141
    TheArmy5141 3 years ago

    Are you a Libertarian? If you're not, you should look into the Libertarian Party, they are the only ones that support economic and social freedom. Check them out at

  • TheArmy5141
    TheArmy5141 3 years ago

    I want all of you huys to learn something, TAXATION IS THEFT.

  • Maddie Lockett
    Maddie Lockett 3 years ago

    wow. probably one of the most legit things ive seen/heard regarding the presidential race this year. mr clifford youve blown my mind once again XD

  • Nick DuBois
    Nick DuBois 3 years ago +1

    Indirect endorsment of Shillary

  • Siberia Namja
    Siberia Namja 3 years ago +19

    Mr. Clifford, that'd be great if you start giving the video lectures on political economy and political science, too. I'm not American, but pretty much everything pointed out in the video made tons of sense to me, so I found this video quite informative and interesting.

  • Autumn Leaves
    Autumn Leaves 3 years ago

    I love this! Especially, the part about how we need to be purple to get things done. I was endorsing someone who I felt was purple, at least enough to bring the parties together instead of widen the casm between them. Now I don't really see anybody left whose "endorseable" in my opinion, which is a bit disappointing because I was looking forward to voting for the first time.

  • Ben makowski
    Ben makowski 3 years ago

    I like Trump because he is not part of the establishment. he's not in the Beltway.. I still undecided though lol. Bernie is almost communist! The question was put to him, "Are Bread lines a sign of economic trouble?". Bernie said, "That's a wonderful thing!". Also Bernie is supporting BLM which is a racist propaganda group! just saying... Love the videos!!!!