Jim Boeheim: Coaching Carmelo Anthony


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  • Clutch7
    Clutch7 28 days ago

    Thought he didnt care about winning?

    FORC3OFX F3AR Year ago +1

    2011 but uploaded in 2k17?

  • Jamalt Chestnutt
    Jamalt Chestnutt Year ago +4

    Graham always seems scared to ask questions. Like he's trying to suck up while asking it to avoid any conflict. Stumbles and talks real slow.

    • myic90
      myic90 9 months ago

      it's a technique.

    • Mr $wag master flex
      Mr $wag master flex Year ago +13

      FattyWnnaCookie it's very effective to not offend anyone because that's not his goal, he's just asking questions.

  • himmie1
    himmie1 Year ago +12

    Oprah doesn't get this many good interviews.

  • Bubba1224
    Bubba1224 Year ago +21

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, you deserve at least a million subs.

    NS PACKATTACK Year ago +8

    I like how he threw in the fact that there's no parking and people still come. Would definitely keep me from coming haha